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Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I leaned back in my desk chair, my eyes glued to my monitor as I watched my idol, some unnamed dude my own age, leaning in with that vacant, ecstatic expression on his face.

My fingers tapped slid slowly up and down my shaft as I watched, letting the pleasure build with no urgency—I had all day.

My idol opened his mouth and reverently took a penis into his mouth, heedless of which of the many men surrounding him it belonged to.

Did it really matter whose penis it was?

He’s going to suck them all, anyway.

He wanted to, just like I did.

I licked my lips and kept stroking, slow, smooth, deliberate. Everything around me vanished. All that existed was porn, pleasure, and penis. All I wanted was to make it last as long as I could, to drive the pleasure to levels of intensity that few men had ever experienced.

“So, you’re telling me that instead of going out and getting a job now that you’ve graduated, you just want to be a free loader so that you can watch fag porn and play with your penis?” Dad’s voice rumbled from directly behind me. I flinched and looked up, seeing him towering over me, watching as I jacked off.

“D-dad! Kn-n-nock!” I whined, my face burning and my hands slamming down on my crotch to hide my boner.

“You aren’t paying rent, you do not get to make commands; I do. In fact, keep playing with your penis,” he ordered, reaching down and turning my chair to face him.

“My penis?” I asked stupidly, understanding but desperate to delay.

“Keep. Playing. With it.”

I’d gone soft from the embarrassment of being caught, but as he spoke to me with such authority I found myself grabbing my dick again. It flopped about as I started stroking, but the sensations quickly returned and sent it surging back to life in my fist while my dad watched.

“There you go,” he said condescendingly. “It’s long past time for you to get a job, Patrick, and learn what it means to be a real man,” he started lecturing me as if I wasn’t masturbating in front of him. “You’re not good at much, but at least you can follow orders,” he gestured toward my crotch.

It felt so good.

Too good.

I had to slow down!

I fought against the urges driving my fist, focusing instead on the fact that my dad was standing over me making me jack off in front of him.

“You know, all the men at my construction sites know what it means to be a real man. You could learn a lot from them,” he droned over my whimpers. My thighs were squeezing together in the struggle to keep from cumming. “They aren’t afraid to get dirty and sweaty. They aren’t afraid to take their shirts off and get a little sun,” he said in a familiar jab, mocking my pale flesh. He could tan, but I took after Mom, so I just avoided the sun.

My head was filling with faceless, sweaty men, their flesh ranging from golden to dark chocolate, glistening with sweat…

“Daaaaaad,” I whined, moving my fist as slow as possible. “Pleeze, can I stop?”

“No,” he barked without skipping a beat. “That’s all you wanted to do a few minutes ago. You know, you could learn a lot from my men. They’re strong, tough, and know how to get work done.”

I whimpered as the mental images came back, making it even more difficult to hold back.

“My men, they don’t even stop working to piss anymore; they just whip out their dicks and piss wherever they want,” he elucidated.

That image was too much for me. Sweat, muscles, musk, and men whipping out their penises whenever they wanted, wherever they wanted, and letting it flow.

“Daaaaad!” I squeaked as my eyes rolled back in my head and I started showering myself with jizz.

“Now, get cleaned up and dressed for work,” he ordered when my orgasm finally came to an end.

“Morning, Mr. O’Brien,” men greeted my dad from all directions as he marched me through one of his worksites to the trailer that was his office. We went inside, and I took a seat in front of Dad’s desk in silence.

“Here, drink this,” he said, passing me a steaming cup of coffee.

“No thanks, I don’t like cof—” I started to turn it down.

“I didn’t ask if you liked it, I said to drink it,” he growled, staring me down until I gulped some of the hot liquid down. It wasn’t as bad as I expected; way better than any other coffee I’d tried.

“So, what am I supposed to do?” I asked between sips, taking comfort from how the coffee warmed my insides.

“Whatever they tell you to. You’re bottom of the totem pole here, Pat.”

“Don’t call me Pa—” I argued, my face burning red.

“Don’t tell your BOSS what to do. Down the rest of that and get the fuck out of here.”

Hands shaking, I obeyed.

I spent the next few hours running small errands, passing out bottles of water, and passing messages between the men. Any time something came up that would require some lifting, they would look me up and down, grin, and do the lifting on their own as they sent me off with an unimportant message.

“Hey, new kid, get over here!” I heard one of them yell in a deep drawl from around a corner. I rushed around to help with whatever it was he needed and froze. I wasn’t sure if I’d learned this man’s name yet, but it was especially hard to tell when I couldn’t bring myself to look up at his face. He was standing there, shirtless, his skin kissed by the sun beneath the grime of dust and sweat. His jeans and boots were even dirtier, looking almost red from the thick coating of local soil.

All of that wasn’t what caught my attention, though.

The front of his dirty jeans was unzipped, and he had pulled his cock through, letting it hang there in the air. He looked so solid, powerful, and virile. The more I stared at his cock, the weaker I felt.

His huge cock.

His uncut cock.

His beautiful cock.

“Please, Sir,” I protested, surprising even myself with how weak I sounded, my voice cracking like it had once upon a time when I was going through puberty. At the same time, I couldn’t pull my eyes away from his penis. I could feel my own dick go rigid in my pants, a pale imitation of his monster. “I’m supposed to be… I’m supposed to be working, Sir!”

“What exactly do you think your job is?” He scoffed. “There’s only one reason someone like you comes to work at a job like this, and you’re staring at it.” I felt my face burn hotter, but I still didn’t look away.

I couldn’t look away.

“N-no! My dad, he made me… He said I needed to learn what it means to be a real man.” I whined, still fixated on his dick. It had been huge from the start, but it was getting even bigger as it got harder.

So hard now…

I could feel my own erection pressing pathetically against the crotch of my pants, barely managing to make the material bulge outward.

“Well it must be your lucky day, because that is exactly what I’m about to teach you, faggot; what it means to be a real man.” He gripped the base of his erection and swung it back and forth. “For you, it means getting down on your knees and getting a taste of what you know you’ve always needed, deep down. For me, it means pumping a load down your throat.” I groaned and squeezed my eyes shut in shame and excitement. When I finally opened them again, I realized that I’d fallen to my knees without meaning to, and his erect penis was towering over me, the foreskin tugging at the glans.

“I… I don’t… I should… I, my dad!” I babbled, drool dripping down my face to fall from my chin.

“Your daddy’s been in this business a long time, kid. He knows what you are; you ain’t the first faggot to come around a construction site lookin’ for dick,” he said, reaching down and squeezed his cock, providing me with a demonstration of precisely how hard it had become. “Now crawl over here and get to work, faggot. I’ll teach you all you need to know about real men.”

There was never any question over whether I was going to obey; I had no illusions about that. I crawled forward, my stiff penis leaking into my pants, throbbing with each pathetic movement. It didn’t even require conscious choice; I’d already accepted my fate.

I stopped right in front of him and looked up at his face for the first time. He was looking down at me, a crooked smirk standing out beneath his large, mirrored sunglasses.

I could see myself reflected there, kneeling pathetically, like a bitch, and I could see his massive penis from another angle, pointed at my face. What shocked me the most was the expression on my face. I couldn’t pretend to look that happy if I wanted to.

I looked like I was in heaven, like I was high. I was breathing deep, enjoying new smells, and it took me a moment to realize what was going on. I lowered my gaze back down to his erection, my eyes crossing.

I could smell his penis.

“Haaahhhh,” I heard myself sigh contentedly as I stared at this man’s penis and took deep breaths. Hands met the small of my back and started tugging at my shirt. The material tore and I broke into gooseflesh as he jerked it free and my pale flesh was exposed to the cool air and the hot sun. “Ooooohh, Sir! Ohhhh, wow. Sir, I… I wanna… Please… Can I play with your penis, Sir?” Something snapped and I started begging, sniffing my dad’s employee’s dick between phrases.

A hand slapped against my back, stinging my flesh, and I arched my spine.

“Your skin is so pale, boy. Let’s get you over in the shade so your whole back doesn’t turn pink.” He gripped my hair and started leading me under an area where the roof had been finished, into the cool and dark. He positioned me on all fours and then let go of my hair. “Stay.”

“Yes, Sir,” I mewed as he started tugging my jeans and boxers off, tugging my shoes and socks off with them, making me prance my legs free and leaving me naked. He reached up and turned on a lamp, the artificial light leeching what little color existed in my flesh and leaving me glowing.

I knew that that light would make me stand out to any of the men who looked under here, and my freed erection bounced and leaked onto the concrete under me.

“Ready for your first lesson?” He asked as he moved back around in front of me. I went cross-eyed again, staring at the head of his engorged cock right next to my nose.

“Yesssss!” I sighed and parted my lips. He gripped my hair and started sliding relentlessly forward. “Mmmmmmmmmhhhh!” I moaned around his shaft as the taste delighted me. I never imagined that I would be able to swallow a cock that big, but before I realized what was going on I could feel his pubes tickling the tip of my nose.

“Good boy, you’re a natural,” he purred, pulling his cock free. “Born to be a cocksucker, faggot, aww yeah,” he said, drilling back into my mouth.

“Damn, that boy glows in the dark!” Someone laughed, and I could hear footsteps coming up behind me. “Who is this?”

“New fag boy, O’Brien’s son, the first man panted, holding the sides of my head and pounding my face.

“Tried his ass yet?” The second man asked, and a large hand slapped down across both my ass cheeks. I arched my back and my throat relaxed even more, my nose squishing against his pelvis.

“Nope, feel free, I already promised to feed him,” the first man panted.

“Hot damn.” The second man spat onto my hole, and then large, calloused digits began pressing and prodding around my hole

“Ooh, he likes that,” number one said as my throat relaxed around his dick.

“Yeah?” The man spat on my hole again. “Then I bet he’ll love this.” Something large, hard, blunt, and soft pressed against my spit-slicked hole, and I knew what it was.

Another man’s penis.

He was going to put his penis up my butt while his coworker fucked my face. The thought had me close to cumming. The pressure increased, and the second man’s penis started to stretch my hole open.

It was intense, but it didn’t hurt, and I really wanted it, so I wouldn’t have minded if it did hurt.

But it definitely didn’t hurt.

With increasing momentum, the penis squished its way up my ass. The guy fucking my face adjusted his pace so that he pressed against my face as I felt the second man press against my ass.

I started to convulse, and they held me tight. There was a brief flash of fear as I tried to figure out what was happening, and then it caught up to me.

I’m cumming!

They laughed and held me tight as my much smaller penis squirted down onto the concrete.

“Jesus! He’s making me cum already!” The guy in my ass growled, bouncing his hips against my ass as he gave me my first load of cum.

“Here’s lunch, faggot!” The first man cried out, gripping my ears and filling my mouth with his load. I swallowed and writhed between them, my own penis still rigid.

And I heard more footsteps coming…

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