Ultra Perfectly Normal

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I need to masturbate! Oh, god, I need to masturbate!

I writhed, naked, on my older brother’s couch, staring unseeing into the dark. I was beyond horny, and the only thought that remained in my sleep-addled brain was simple: Masturbate.

“Awwwww,” I groaned, struggling to wiggle my hand down through the twisted blankets so that I could masturbate myself. I reached for my penis, victory at hand, and… My fingers closed over hard metal. “Ohnooooo!” I rolled sideways, falling to the floor with a thump muffled by both the carpet, and by the rug laying over it.

I still couldn’t see, but it didn’t matter; I knew where I was going.

I struggled forward, crawling with the blanket still wrapped around me, foot by foot, until I finally pulled myself free. Liberated, exposed, I dragged myself across the carpet toward the ajar door to my big brother’s bedroom.

I don’t need to see, I know where he is.

I just need to masturbate.

Masturbating is normal!

I just need to masturbate my brother.

Masturbating my brother is normal!

The thoughts looped in my head as I crawled, replaying again and again, while I made my into his room and dragged myself up onto his bed. My mouth was watering, spittle dripping from my hanging tongue as I made my way up and across the sheets. I tugged them free, revealing Jared’s naked body, and reached out with trembling fingers to clutch at his penis.


Jared’s penis!

I wanna be normal!

I wanna masturbate my brother’s penis!

My fist tried to close around it, squeezing, caressing, and I felt it immediately respond. I knew that Jared was asleep, but I also knew how normal it was to masturbate his penis, so I had nothing to worry about.

It was swelling.

My fingertips were forced wider apart as the thick shaft expanded between my digits. At the same time, I started to slide my hand up and down his engorged shaft. This was what I needed! I don’t know how much time I spent squishing my fist up and down my big brother’s erection, but I remembered every detail as it swelled even thicker, harder, the veins standing out rigid against its surface. I could remember every slick sensation as Jared’s pens slid back and forth through my fist.

It’s perfectly normal.

He was moaning. I glanced up at his face, but his eyes were still closed. I kept jacking his dick, frantically moving my fist up and down its engorged length. He was going to cum soon, and I wanted it.

Won’t he notice?

My mind immediately tossed the fleeting thought aside; what could compare to the pleasure of coaxing him into cumming? I kept going, driving him closer and closer to what I wanted; driving him closer to cumming.






I got stuck in the loop, increasingly aroused and aware of the potential consequences of my big brother catching me jacking him off.

Even though it’s perfectly normal, my brain reminded me. I sighed in comfort, recommitting myself to extracting every possible iota of pleasure from his erect penis. I knew that it would not take long. I could feel it start to happen, his shaft swelling just the tiniest bit more as the pressure built…

And then it exploded.

His penis sprayed cum into the air, sending fountains of creamy white flying in all directions as my fist flew up and down. I felt it, when it was over, and let go of his cock as I brought my hand up to my lips.

I licked it clean, and then started sliding my tongue around my big brother’s flesh, seeking the rest of it.

“You know, little bro, if you’re going to jack me off in my sleep, you might as well do it with your mouth so that you don’t make a mess,” he chastised me. “I think you need more practice, anyway.” I groaned and frantically finished licking up his cum.

He was right, I did need more practice!

I brought my mouth to the head of his erection and gave it a single, chaste kiss before I parted my lips and too it all the way down my throat. My eyes rolled into the back of my head, lids closed, as I held my breath and pressed my nose into his scratchy pubic hair. I had spent so many years letting our parents shame me for every natural impulse that I refused to be shamed down.

Masturbating my brother was normal.

Masturbating him with my mouth was normal.

All I wanted was to be a good, normal brother!

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” I moaned around his shaft, quietly, hoping that he felt it and enjoyed it.

“There you go, bro! Keep doing that!” He encouraged me.

“Mmmmmmhmmmmmm!” I agreed, his cock still buried in my throat.

“Aww, fuck!” He cried out, gripping my head in his hands and pressing my face into his pelvis. He didn’t have to tell me what was about to happen, I already knew; he’s cumming again, and this time I was going to be able to catch it right in my mouth!

“Haha! Here you go! Take it! Take! It!” He encouraged me, pressing my head into his crotch as he pumped one of his huge loads directly into my stomach. Finally, he let go of my head, and I fell back, gasping for air.

“You did a good job, little bro!” He congratulated me. “Climb up here, you get to sleep with me tonight.” I crawled up and pressed my back against his body. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close. As we fell asleep, I felt his penis swelling against my ass.

I was thinking about what I could do to get him to fuck me again, and I fell asleep.

A few days later, we found ourselves sitting together, naked, on Doctor Wellington’s couch. We had both automatically removed our clothes as we’d entered the office, and by the time the doctor took his usual seat, I was leaking from my cage, and Jared was leaking over my hand as I pumped his erection.

“You boys look like you’ve had a good week,” he commented, making notes on his clipboard.

“Yeah, we have, doc!” Jared answered, running his fingers through my hair as I continued pumping away at his erect penis.

“How do you like masturbating your brother, Jacob?” He asked me.

“I know it’s all perfectly normal, but I like it a lot!” I answered.

“Have you been doing it with your mouth?” He pressed on.

“Yeah!” I gasped. “I like doing it with my mouth!”

“I’m glad to hear it. How about you, Jared? Do you like it when your brother uses his mouth to masturbate your penis?”

“Fuck, doc, he’s so fuckin’ good at it!” Jared chuckled.

“That doesn’t answer my question,” Doctor Wellington pointed out.

“Oh, shit… Yeah, I fuckin love it when my little bro uses his mouth. Who the fuck wouldn’t?” He added.

“Of course, Jared. It is perfectly normal, after all,” the doctor said, and Jared’s fingers tightened in my hair.

“Yeah, it is!” He gasped.

“Now, boys, you are both perfectly normal as it is, but there is one more thing I can teach you to make you even more normal. Would you like that?” He asked.

“Yeah, doc, what can we do?” he asked, rocking his hips against my face.

“Let him masturbate you with his butt.”

We both froze in place as the impact of his words sank in, and then Jared shoved me back off his dick.

“Well, I’m intrigued,” he said, leaving me drooling and panting to his side. I was still struggling to understand how I could masturbate my brother with my butt.

I’d masturbated him with my hand… I pictured what that was like, what it looked like, and how it felt with his penis sliding back and forth through my fist.

I’d masturbated him with my mouth… I pictured what it was like, what it looked like, and how it felt with his penis sliding back and forth through my mouth.

But, to masturbate him with my butt? I tried to picture how that would look, and I tried to imagine how it would feel… But I couldn’t.

“With… With my butt?” I asked, still struggling to understand. “I… I don’t….”

“Shhh, you don’t need to worry about it,” Doctor Wellington reassured me. “Just relax. Your big brother will take care of you.” Hands—Jared’s? The doctor’s?—guided me into a new position on the couch, head resting against the back, legs spread… I could feel cool air tickling my exposed asshole.

“Ohhhhhh,” I groaned as slick fingers slid across my hole.

“There you go, just relax and wrap your asshole around your brother’s dick; masturbate him with your ass,” the doctor encouraged me as I felt an unfamiliar, burning pressure meet my freshly slicked hole.

“Masturbate… With my… Ah!” I gasped as Jared’s penis started to slide through my asshole; the first stroke. “Ohhhhh!” I moaned. “I’m masturbating you with my ass!” I shoved back and felt my ass slap against his pelvis, my asshole at the base of his cock.

I needed to jack him off.

I needed to jack him off with my butt!

I leaned forward, and then back again, slapping into his pelvis and taking delight in his moans.

“I’m jacking you off with my butt!” I cried out eagerly, repeating the movements. “Awww, my buttttt!” His hands gripped my hips, the cushions sagging beneath our combined weight, and he took control.

He slammed forward, driving his dick deep into me with a slap, and then withdrew until my loose asshole was desperately grasping at the head.


And again.

He took control, and I let him have it, sinking into the back cushions of the couch with a delighted sigh. I had no idea it would feel this good to jack off my brother with my butt, but now that I was feeling it…

“Jesus, Jacob, your ass is tight!” He gasped into my ear as he repeatedly drove himself deep into me.

“You boys are doing such a good job at being normal!” Doctor Wellington encouraged us between fits of laughter. “Keep it up! It’s all perfectly normal, just like it’s normal to cum while you masturbate your brother with your butt, Jacob.”

I hadn’t even been thinking about it. Cumming hadn’t concerned me in the least. But hearing him say it, as my big brother’s dick was stretching my asshole wide open…

“Ohhhh!” I suddenly squealed, out of control. My thighs quivered pathetically around my big brother’s as he took control. “Jared! Jared! Awww, fuuuck, Jared!”

I wasn’t masturbating him anymore.

He was masturbating himself, and he was using my butt to do it.

“It’s time for your final breakthrough, Jacob,” Doctor Wellington said, forcing me to concentrate so that I could understand his words. “It’s the most perfectly normal thing ever for your big brother to cum in your butt.”

“Cum… Innnn,” I groaned in confusion.

“Cum. In. Your. Butt. You want him to cum in your butt; it’s the most perfectly normal thing you could do,” he explained.

“Awww, Jared! Cum in my butt! Cum in my butt!” I begged, pressing back into his thrusts. I was vaguely aware of laughter, and I thought maybe the doctor was saying something else, but I couldn’t focus on it.

Jared’s penis felt too good up my butt!

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhnnnhhhh, guhhhhh!” I groaned as I went over the edge. Cum started to spray from the cage and onto the doctor’s couch again.

“Fuck, doc, I’m cumming up his butt!” I heard Jared cry out.

“Of course you are!” The doctor cried out in glee. “It’s perfectly normal.”

The End.

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