The Volunteer

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“Well, Mr. Westbrook, you certainly got our attention,” a stern looking woman in a lab coat walked into the interrogation room, her glossy black hair pulled back into a tight bun. She made a flicking motion from a tablet she was carrying toward the wall, and a screen lit up with security camera footage of security cornering me in a hallway.

“Please, I just want them to do it to me, too,” I had begged as the guards searched me and zip-tied my hands behind my back. They didn’t say anything. “Please, do it to me!” I’d cried out frantically as they dragged me away.

“What exactly is it you would like us to ‘do to you,’ Mr. Westbrook?” She asked as she took a seat across the table from me. “This is a private research company; you would have no way of knowing if we do anything to anyone here, let alone what we do to them.”

“I…” I struggled to figure out how to explain myself. I hadn’t thought this part through when I’d overheard my roommate talking about what he’d seen to someone on the phone. He’d sounded disgusted, but it hadn’t disgusted me.

“I can’t say where I heard it, but I know what you do to guys, in the tanks!” I knew how insane I sounded, but I also knew that I was here talking to them instead of on my way to the police station.

Besides, I didn’t have anything to lose anymore.

“The guys in the tanks,” she said dryly. “How do you know that we don’t have many different kinds of guys in tanks? Can you be more specific?” I hadn’t expected that.

“The ones you hook up to machines and keep…” I took a deep breath. “And keep giving them orgasms.”

“Why would we possibly be keeping men in tanks and giving them orgasms?” She asked with a half grin and a raised eyebrow. “Have you heard yourself?”

“I know how I sound!” I snapped. “But you’re talking to me instead of calling the police, so I also know I’m onto something. Maybe the pleasure is a byproduct of some other purpose, or whatever, I don’t know; I just want you to do it to me.”

“Mr. Westbrook be reasonable. If anything so nefarious was going on, there is no way we could get away with it. Say we could do what you’re saying: People would talk, missing person reports would be filed.”

“I’ve thought of that! I moved out, quit my job, and nobody is expecting me anywhere, ever. I don’t care how you got away with it with them, I just want it!”

“You want to be experimented on, suspended in a tank, and kept in a perpetual state of orgasm?”

“Yes, now you’re getting it!” I cried out in exasperation, wishing my hands were free so that I could throw them up into the air.

“If we could do such a thing, you seem unnaturally eager to volunteer, and your circumstances sound a little too convenient. If we were such a nefarious organization, this would look like an obvious trap.”

“I… It’s not! I really want it!” I protested.

“Suuuure, you do. I think we’re about done here.” She moved like she was going to get up.

“Nooo, wait, please! I’ll do anything, whatever it takes to make you safe! I’ll sign anything! Please!” I begged.

“You would sign contracts and release forms without knowing if we could even do what you want? Maybe the rumor you heard was wrong? You played telephone in school, right? Maybe the details got garbled,” she warned. “And you’d still sign?”

“Yes!” I gasped, wishing my hands could reach the erection trapped in my jeans.

“We’ll see,” she said, getting to her feet and walking out the door, leaving me throbbing in silence. I closed my eyes and imagined what it would be like and how amazing it would feel. I drifted, drifting back and forth between a fantasy and a doze. I don’t know how long they left me like that, but I jumped when the door opened again. The woman walked back in carrying a thick stack of papers, and an armed guard followed her, giving me a menacing look before moving behind me and cutting my hands free.

“Time to put your convictions to the test,” she said as she took a seat. I rubbed my wrists and massaged my shoulders as she organized papers in front of her. “We are not confirming that we have any programs like you are describing, or that we will put you to the use you desire. With that in mind, do you still want to sign?” Total silence fell while she waited for me to answer.

“Yes!” I gasped, reaching down to press my erection into a more comfortable position.

“Then I have marked all the places you need to sign.” She slid the stack of documents in front of me and placed a pen on top of them. With trembling fingers, I reached out and picked up the pen. The first paper was full of small, finely packed text.

There was no way I was going to be able to read it all, so it was a good thing that it didn’t matter what it said.

Little colorful arrow stickers were pointing to each place I needed to sign or initial, so I just went from one to the next, handing each completed sheet of paper to her.

“Well, as it turns out, Mr. Westbrook, today is your lucky day. We do have a program very similar to what you wish to participate in. This gentleman will take you to get ready,” she said, waving her hand toward the guard, “and then I will give you peek at what’s to come.” She gathered her papers and left me with the guard.

“I can’t believe you’re volunteering for this shit,” the guard said in a snide tone, sneering down at me as he stepped up to my side.

I didn’t say anything; he would never understand.

“You a faggot?” He asked. I blushed and looked down. “Heheh, yeah, thought so. Come on, let’s go.” He pulled me up and started marching me down a twisting series of hallways. There weren’t any windows, so it seemed that we were underground. He led me into a sterile looking room with a polished, steel table in the middle, a shower on one side, and some cabinets to the other. “Wait here.” He left, closing the door behind him. There wasn’t a chair, so I just stood where he left me. It wasn’t long before the door opened again and a couple of guys in scrubs walked in.

“You aren’t showered yet?” One of them asked me in disgust. “Come on, we don’t have all day,” he clapped his hands at me. I started pulling off my clothes, placing them on the steel table. I was a little embarrassed but realized how stupid that was given what I was asking them to do to me. As I moved to the shower and started washing, using the dispensers screwed into the wall for soap, they started removing items from the cabinets and placing them on the table. One of them noticed as I turned off the water and handed me a hospital towel. I dried off with it as best I could. They waved me over and had me stand still while they started attaching little electrodes and pads to my body.

“You, uh, have much anal experience?” One of them asked. I looked over to see him holding up a very large butt plug with wires running from the end.

“I… Uhhh….” I started.

“Just put it in, man, look at his dick,” the other said, slapping a lubed-up hand against my ass and sliding a few fingers right into me.

“When you’re right, you’re right,” the first said, moving behind me and pressing the plug against me.

I knew that I could take it, that wasn’t in doubt.

What I wasn’t sure of was if I could take it as fast as they wanted me to.

It wasn’t a tiny plug. I was kind of excited by the idea of how much it would fill me up, but there was still the matter of getting it into me. Even the base of it had looked thicker than many dildos.

But he was pushing.

And I was relaxing, trying to open up for it. It was stretching me wider, and the intensity was building, but I just had to make it a little further.

A little more…

A little more!

It lodged into place and my asshole clamped around the base, still held as wide as it would be for a normal penis. I was thrilled at my success, but I wasn’t prepared for how good it felt pressing against my insides and stretching my hole.

“I’m cummingggg!” I trailed off into a gurgle as my penis started to bounce around and squirt. The guys both jumped back to preserve their scrubs and waited for me to finish. Silently, they handed me a hospital gown and then guided me out of the room and to an elevator.

The woman was waiting inside when the doors slid open.

“Excited to begin, Mr. Westbrook?”

“Yes, thank you,” I said politely, deliberately containing my excitement.

“Good.” The doors opened and she stepped out, leading me into a long, multi-level room lined with row upon row of high-tech looking doors. “Now, we are going to be using you for a program that matches most of your requests.” She led me over to one of the doors and hit a few buttons on a keypad.

The metal panel surged upward with a whoosh, and I could finally see it for myself.

A man, my age, with some sort of apparatus around his head, suspended in a tank of some faintly blue liquid. His body was twitching and jerking, his penis stuffed into a tube that kept giving little pumps and jerks.

“Yessssssssss,” I sighed, watching with a contented smile.

“There is only one major difference,” she continued, her voice starting to warble strangely. I looked over at her, and it was like my head was faster than my vision or something. “These men aren’t having orgasms. Not any at all. We are keeping them on the edge indefinitely, but it is counter to the purpose of our study if we were to actually allow them to ejaculate.

“No… No cumming?” I slurred. Had they drugged me? When? How?

“None at all. Don’t worry, though. That makes things feel even better, in the long run. Or so I’m told.” I was laying down when she finished speaking, which was strange. I didn’t remember laying down.

I thrashed and struggled, feeling little tugs from around me. I was floating, weightless, and the leads all around me were keeping me suspended in the middle of the tank. I couldn’t see anything and started to struggle again.

“Relax, Mr. Westbrook,” a familiar voice droned in my ear. “Your installation is complete, just try and relax until we begin. You won’t have a care in the world after that.” I tried to calm my breathing and focus on the fact that I was getting what I wanted… Almost.

Sure, I wasn’t going to get to cum, but I’d be almost cumming most of the time.

A droning sound was slowly growing louder, and little bursts of light were starting to pop in my field of vision. I jerked when I felt suction start on my erection and moaned as the plug in my ass started to slam me with waves of pleasure like nothing I’d ever felt before.

It was already better than I’d dreamed! Each moment, each flash of light, each burst of sound, just filled me with even more pleasure.

This wasn’t what I wanted; this was better!

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