The Virtue of Humility

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“In the fight against sexual impurity, the greatest weapon is humility.” Rev. Alexander Huntington

I knew that everything had just changed.

I was lying there, panting on the floor, having collapsed after Jack finished pumped his load into me, sending another extreme orgasm exploding from my pussy. I was already missing the feeling of Jack’s cock inside me. I rolled my head to the side, looking over at Marie and my best friend, Rob. She was panting, a content expression on her face. Rob got to his feet, and our eyes met.

He grinned at me.

I blushed as I felt the emptiness inside me grow.

I wanted to get fucked again!

He turned his head and looked down at Marie. She was still breathing heavy, and she smiled mischievously up at him. Their eyes locked for a few moments that passed in silence before Rob spoke.

“How’d that feel?” Rob asked Marie. She let out a content chuckle.

“You clearly know what you’re doing. Joseph can’t fuck me anywhere near that good.” They both turned their heads to look at me, staring me intently in the eyes. “Can you, babe?” She asked. I felt my face go red. I’d like to be able to argue, but I’d just watched Rob fuck her, and she was right.

“Ohh, fuck, nooooo,” I confessed, looking down to the floor as they laughed. As if in reaction to my words, I felt the throbbing sensation in my pussy increase, driving my need to get a cock back in there to new heights.

“Of course you can’t.” She said. I was burning with shame, but more than that, I wanted more cock… I needed more cock. Fingers tangled in my hair, and Jack pulled me to my knees. And stepped in front of me. His cock filled my view, softening, but still mostly hard. I noticed a little cum clinging to his shaft.

“Clean my dick, man,” he instructed, softly. I knew I shouldn’t do it—you’re never supposed to go ass to mouth…

Never supposed to…


A drop of cum fell from his cock to the carpet, lost, gone forever. I groaned and leaned forward, accepting his dick into my mouth and tenderly running my tongue over it while he laughed at me.

I moaned, my face burning.

It tasted as good as I had hoped it would… Maybe even better. I was getting into it, and then he pulled back, leaving me gasping, my jaw hanging, a string of drool falling to the floor, and my eyes glued to his shaft.

“Fuck, Joseph. I never knew you were such a nasty faggot,” he marveled, sending another rush of heat to my cheeks.

“Go have some dinner, Jack,” Marie said, still breathing a little heavier than normal.

“Thanks, Marie. Later, Rob,” Jack said, bumping fists with Rob before heading into the kitchen.

“Well, well, well,” Rob commented, stepping up to me. I tried to look at his face, but my eyes were stuck on his dick. “Fuck, Joseph, you can’t even look me in the eye, can you?” To my credit, I tried. There was an attempt, but…

“No!” I gasped, shame and arousal waging war throughout my body.

“You want to suck it clean, don’t you?” Rob continued.

“Y-yes!” I confessed, watching a drop of cum fall to the floor, lost, gone forever. Rob let out a grunt of mild amusement and tangled his fingers in my hair. He pulled me forward, and I opened my mouth so I could take his cock.

Rob’s cock.

I’m about to suck Rob’s cock.

Rob’s cock, in my mouth.

My pussy felt like it was humming.

His cock passed my lips, and my tongue rose up to meet it. I closed my eyes and let him pull my face against his pelvis, his deflating cock filling my mouth.

Rob’s cum was incredible! I started sucking for all it was worth, getting into it.

“Oh my god, Marie, look at this! He’s humping the air, but he’s going backwards, like he’s trying to get a dick in his ass!”

“He wants another cock in his pussy,” Marie said casually. Rob pulled my head off his cock, leaving his cock swinging, clean but for the faint sheen of spit that coated it.

“Is that true, Joseph?” Rob asked me, shifting his hips from side to side subtly to make his cock swing back and forth.


“He doesn’t have the ability to pass up a chance to take a cock in his pussy, do you, babe?” Marie asked.

“No,” I groaned, ashamed by my answer. But it was true.

“Of course you don’t,” Marie said. I let out a loud moan of desperation, sending Rob and Marie into fits of laughter. “You can’t resist swallowing every drop you can, either, can you?”

“No!” I answered, licking my lips. Rob started to walk back over to Marie, dragging me along by my hair.

“In that case, buddy, I put some cum in there for you.” He maneuvered me between Marie’s legs and let go of my hair. My eyes settled onto the stream of cum that was leaking out of Marie, and I leaned forward. My tongue made contact, and I licked up the cum, my body shuddering from the pleasure of the taste. I paused. I’d eaten Marie out before, but… Something was different this time. I didn’t want to do it, but Rob was right, he’d put his cum in there. I succumbed to my urges, letting out a low groan of submission as I pressed my head forward and started to try and get as much cum as I could out of my wife’s pussy.

I had eaten Marie out before. I knew what she tasted like. So it was easy to taste the cum as I moaned and lapped. She laughed.

“He’s never been so enthusiastic before.” She noted. I moaned, but I didn’t slow down. I realized that I had no interest in my wife’s pussy, only my best friend’s cum, and I was burning with shame over that realization, but I kept getting more cum, so I wasn’t about to stop.

“What can I say, faggot loves him some cum,” Rob said, and I could hear the sneer in his voice. I knew I was a faggot now, but to hear him say it…

“Did you, ah, bring the thing we talked about?” She asked, carrying on a casual conversation while I rooted around for cum in her vagina, like some sort of depraved pig looking for truffles.

“Yeah, I left it out in the garage.”

“Great. Will you take it upstairs for me? There’s a spot for it in the corner. There should be some food left for you, too, in the kitchen.”

“Sure thing,” he said, walking away.

“You can’t turn down a chance to get at that cum, can you, babe?” She asked, casually.

“Nmmmph,” I tried to answer, but I was tasting more cum and I didn’t want to lose it, so my answer was muffled by her vagina. She laughed again, and I could feel her body shaking.

“Of course you can’t,” she purred, sounding almost affectionate. She let me go on for a few minutes, and then shoved me away from her. “I’m keeping the rest,” she said, getting to her feet. “Now, go have your dinner.” She went upstairs, leaving me breathing heavy. I got up and walked into the kitchen to have my own dinner.

The kitchen was a mess!

There were plates, and bowls, and silverware, and cups all over the counter, and bits of chicken and rice on the floor. I stared, in horror. They had to have done it on purpose. These were my friends, I knew they couldn’t make a mess like that on accident. I looked at the dish on the stove, and it was empty, practically scraped clean.

What was I going to eat?

Then I saw it, the only bowl that was on the floor. I walked over to it and saw the few spoons of rice and a couple of chicken scraps that they had left me. For the first time in a while, I felt… a little angry? It was a weak emotion, but I recognized it. I bent over to pick it up, and that’s when I noticed what was special about my dinner.

There was cum on top of it! At least one of the guys had cum on my dinner! Instead of picking it up, I found myself sinking onto all fours, crouched over the bowl. I leaned in and started to eat from the bowl, moaning as I tasted more cum. I could hear the bowl rattling against the floor as I ate, and licked, and did everything I could to clean it.

I was just glad nobody was in the kitchen to see what I was doing.

I climbed back to my feet and took another look around the kitchen. I decided to clean it in the morning, while Marie was at work, and left to go upstairs and get into bed. I know I’d already been fucked a lot, but part of me still hoped Marie would use the strap-on on me again.

She was already in bed, laying back comfortably as she read a book. She didn’t glance up as I came in, but when I walked over to my side of the bed she clicked her tongue.

“Nuh uh. That’s your bed.” She pointed to the corner, and I looked to see a large, cushy dog bed had been put there. “But I don’t think you were in the kitchen long enough to have finished cleaning it, were you?”

“No,” I admitted, hanging my head.

“Of course you weren’t. I want to see a spotless kitchen when I leave for work in the morning.” She ordered. I nodded my head in resigned obedience and headed downstairs to clean up the mess my friends had made after fucking me. As I worked, I just kept replaying the events of that evening in my head over, and over, and over, and over. If I weren’t wearing the cage, I knew I’d be hard as a fucking rock.

“Joseph, get up!” Marie’s voice tore through my dreams, sending them retreating. I opened my eyes and looked up at her from the dog bed. She was already dressed for work. “Come on, you’re going to make me late.” She waved for me to follow her, so I climbed off the bed and got to my feet, following her to the living room. It was still out of order from the night before. I noticed that she had set up a laptop with a camera facing the area I had gotten fucked in last night, and I noticed one of the big dildos and a bottle of lube sitting there, reflected on the computer screen. There was also a 0 in the corner of the screen.

“Do I get to…” I started, blushing and cutting off half way.

“Of course you do,” she said. “And I set up a nice camera so some guys can watch you doing it, too.”

“On camera?”

“Of course. You want men to see how much you enjoy pleasing cock, don’t you?”

“Ohhh, fuck, yes!”

“Of course you do. It’ll show you how many guys are watching. The better a show you put on, the more guys will come watch you. They can hear you, too, so be sure to tell them all about what you want.” Without another word, she left for work. I sat on the floor with the dildo and lube sitting in front of me. I glanced up at the screen and did a double take.

I looked so… Fuck, I looked slutty! There was a vacant expression on my face that I’d never seen before, but I also looked happy. Fuck, I looked so much happier than I looked before. I squirted some lube into my hand and started to stroke the dildo. It felt so good and right to have a cock sliding through my fist again. I sighed, relaxed, and let myself just sit there and stroke the cock.

And then I glanced at the screen: 1.

I moaned and stroked the dildo a little faster, my breath picking up.

“Oh,” I gasped. “I don’t know who you are, but you can see me. Ohhh, fuuuuck,” I purred. It was like I could feel the eyes on me. I melted onto my back, my pussy facing the webcam. I moved the dildo down, down, down, and thrust it into myself with a long, deep moan.

“You’re watching me fuck my pussy, ohhhh, I fucking love cock in my pussy,” I said to the screen, raising my head to look. 3. There were more men watching! “You’re all watching!” I cried out, pulling the dildo out slowly and then thrusting it firmly back in. Over and over and over. “Oh, fuck, I’m a faggot.”

I lost myself, just laying there, writhing on the floor as I used the dildo to make my pussy feel good, all the while aware that, if it could feel, my pussy would be making it feel good to.

“Ohhh, fuck, yeah! I’m such a fucking faggot! I love getting fucked!” Remembering that I was being watched, I looked up at the screen: 15. “Awww, fuck, dudes, there’s so many of you! Watching me fuck my pussy!” I shifted position so that I was crouching over the dildo, using my legs to raise myself up before letting go and letting gravity slam me back down onto the dildo.

There were no more words. I put everything I had into riding the dildo for the men who were watching me, and let time pass. When I remembered that I was being recorded and looked at the screen again, the number had changed: 47.

“Ooooooooh!” My moan began. “So many of you are watching!” I slammed myself up and down on the dildo. My thighs were burning, and sweat was dripping down my skin, leaving gooseflesh in the wake of each droplet. I was going to cum again. My pussy felt so good, I couldn’t stop it. Not that I wanted to.

“Oooooooooh! Fuck fuck fuck! I’m a faggot! I’m a faggot! I’m a faggot! Faggot! Faggot! Faggot!” I cried out as pleasure exploded through my body. I shook, practically vibrating, and cum started to leak pathetically from my cage, pooling on the carpet.


I stayed still for a few moments, the dildo buried inside me, breathing heavy. Aware that there were still so many men watching me, my legs pushed, and I rose from the dildo. I reached down to grab it, crawling backwards a few steps with it still inside me, before I placed it on the floor again and resumed riding it. I bent forward, and started to lick and suck my cum from the carpet. I glanced up to see: 57. “I’m a faggot, guys!” I cried out, my face wet with my own cum, sucked from the carpet. I lost myself again, arching my back and driving myself onto the dildo

“Here you go, babe. Drink this.” Marie’s voice brought me back into the regular flow of time. I glanced up at her, panting, and reached out with both, trembling hands to take the glass of water she offered. I hadn’t even realized how thirsty I was.

“Th-thank you,” I said, regaining my ability to use words. I started to drink, and Marie leaned down to address the camera.

“Sorry, boys, that’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed the show.” With that, she walked forward and closed the laptop. When I finished drinking the water, I noticed that I had resumed riding the dildo without even thinking about it. Marie turned to see me carefully holding an empty glass and moving myself up and down. “You just can’t help yourself, can you, babe?”

“Ohhh, no!” I confessed, thankful that the men who had been watching me didn’t get to see my confession. I braced myself, knowing what came next.

“Of course you can’t. Now, go upstairs and get dressed. I’m taking you somewhere special,” she ordered. Legs exhausted and trembling, I climbed to my feet and staggered upstairs to get dressed. When I opened my drawer to grab some clothes, I froze for a moment. My clothes were gone, and had been replaced with… I moaned. These clothes were so slutty. I grabbed a dark purple jock strap and looked at it for a moment before pulling it on. It fit over the cage perfectly, and I looked down at myself to see how I looked.

It was so sexy, the way the cage stuffed the basket of the jockstrap, filling it perfectly, and supporting it so that the bulge was even more obvious. I smoothed out the straps, working out a couple of twists, and shivered as the contact brought awareness to my exposed ass, the implications of that giving me a little burst of pleasure.

It’d be so easy to fuck my pussy when I wear this.

The first pair of shorts I pulled out were a lime green mesh, and I realized you’d easily be able to see the jock through them. Virtually panting, I pulled them on over the jockstrap.

I dug around in the shirts. I had never been too concerned with matching, but when I saw more lime green I pulled it free. It was a tank top with sides that dipped low, leaving only a couple of inches of cloth connecting it at the bottom. I pulled it on and walked over to the mirror, taking a look at myself. My skin was pale peach in contrast to the vibrant lime green of my short and shirt. I turned to take in the back, and could clearly see the purple straps framing my ass through the mesh.

That was when I noticed the words on the back of the shirt I’d put on. I struggled to read their reflection, muttering the words out loud. “’Tis better to be pissed on than pissed off.” I groaned. I couldn’t wear this out in public!

“Come on, now!” Marie yelled from downstairs. I quickly slipped my feet into some flip-flops and rushed back downstairs, the red of my cheeks accentuated by the green of my clothes.

“Good choice, babe,” Marie said, obviously trying not to laugh. When I walked past her, she brought her hand down on my ass in a sharp slap. The sting tore through my body, causing my back to arch and my nipples to stiffen, before it left my mouth in a wanton moan.

When I climbed into the passenger seat, Marie stopped me before I could close the door.

“Why don’t you work the back of your shorts down and sit on this while we ride?” She said, one of the dildos glistening in her hand. I wiggled my hips, pushing the back of my shorts down. I took the dildo from her and shoved it into my pussy with a contented moan, the sound mixing with Marie’s contemptful laughter. She closed the door and walked around to get into the driver’s side.

I wasn’t paying much attention as she drove. The seatbelt limited my ability to move, so I just sat there with the dildo planted silicone-balls-deep in my pussy, the vibrations driving me wild. Marie just smiled and listened to me pant and moan.

The white-noise of the road was shattered by a siren, and both of us looked into the mirrors to see flashing red and blue lights glued to our bumper.

“Well, shit,” Marie said, pulling over to the side. My eyes were wide in horror.

A cop is going to see me like this!

That didn’t stop me from rocking my hips to keep the feelings the dildo was giving me going.

“License and registration, ma’am,” a deep voice rumbled. I looked over to see a huge, black cop standing there, arms crossed over his barrel like chest.

“What’s the problem, officer?” Marie asked, her voice dripping with innocence.

“You were doing 53 in a 45,” he responded, taking the offered documentation. He started to walk back to his car, and then stopped, turning back to the window.

Nervous, I started rocking my hips even faster.

He bent forward and looked over at me, our eyes meeting for a moment before I dropped my gaze, my face flushing. I froze in place, waiting, feeling his eyes slide up and down my body.

“What is going on here?” He asked. He wasn’t smiling, but I heard amusement in his voice.

“Oh,” Marie began, “This is my husband. He recently learned that he’s a total faggot.” The conversational way in which she said it made my face get even redder, which I didn’t even think was possible at this point. Without meaning to, I started rocking my hips back and forth again, and a light moan escaped my lips.

“Damn,” he commented, watching me make a whore of myself under his gaze.

“You know, officer,” Marie said conversationally, “I’d really rather not deal with a ticket right now. Maybe we can come to some sort of arrangement. My husband is a total cock slut, and you might even get some ideas from the back of his shirt.” My eyes went wide at her words, and I trembled in my seat.

“Are you sure he wants to?” The cop asked, reaching down to grope his package.

“Absolutely. He has no objections, do you, babe?”

“Unh, no!” I practically yelled out.

“Of course you don’t,” she said, turning off the engine and stepping out of the car. I watched the two of them come around to my door, and Marie pulled it open. I knew what was about to happen, or maybe just some of it, and I wanted it. I REALLY fucking wanted it. I unfastened my seat belt and pushed myself up so that I could slip the dildo free and pull up the back of my shorts.

“Daaaaamn,” the cop rumbled, groping his package again. It was swelling, filling out, and it looked big. I’d always been somewhat intimidated by black men, and Marie knew it. She stood behind him, grinning at me smugly as I slid out of the car, ready to get Marie out of her ticket…

To be continued…

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