The Virtue of Chastity: Part One

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“I don’t even fucking know how you could do this to me!” Marie, my wife, screeched at me, her eyes red and her brown, shoulder length hair disheveled. “Do I mean so little to you? Is our life together so unimportant to you?” I looked drunkenly in her direction, swaying on my feet. She was wearing one of my old sweatshirts, which combined with her angry face made her look adorable. Part of me wished that she wasn’t angry with me so we could fuck

“No, Babe, I love you. It was…” I pleaded, trying to keep my voice calm. Sure, I felt a little guilty, but I knew yelling back would end things for sure. Even drunk, I knew she had the high ground.

“Don’t you fucking ‘babe’ me, you cheating son of a bitch,” she cut me off. She had been sitting up in bed, waiting for me to get home, her evidence on the screen. I was supposed to have been at my friend Rob’s house. Unfortunately, the bitch that had been blowing me tonight had put a picture from us at dinner on her facebook page.

“Marie… I swear, I…” It was getting harder not to yell, and I could tell my speech was slurring a little, probably from those last few shots of tequila.

“I don’t even want to hear it, Joseph. Get out, go sleep on the fucking couch.” Her face was red; she was furious. I searched my mind frantically, trying to come up with anything to get me out of this situation.

“Babe,” I pleaded. Water flew through the air as she picked up her cup from the nightstand and threw it at me. I left the room, slamming the door behind me, which was probably a mistake. She’s going to make me regret that tomorrow, I thought.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. I had always been so careful, before. She had suspected a few times, but I was always able to get her to think she was imagining things, or being jealous. She had always eventually chalked it up as me just being a flirty guy. She never believed I’d actually do anything…

That bitch just had to put a picture on facebook, even knowing I was married, even after I told her not to.

I’d tried to talk my way out of it, but she wasn’t buying it this time. I stomped down the stairs to the living room and threw a blanket on the couch. At least it was comfortable. I pulled off my shirt and jeans and laid back in my boxers. Tomorrow. I would find a way to fix this tomorrow. I loved her, she just couldn’t keep up with my sex drive. It’s her own goddamn fault for not putting out more. What did she expect? With that last thought, I drifted off to sleep.

The next morning I woke up with a splitting headache. I opened my eyes and was confused for a minute. Why am I in the living room? Then it hit me, she’d caught me. I sat up and looked at the front door, realizing that the sound of it slamming shut is what woke me up. I heard Marie’s car start, and wondered where she was going. At least I didn’t have to deal with her screaming at me again until later.

I got up and walked into the kitchen, opening the cabinet where we kept the medicine and pulling out some excedrin and vitamin b-12. I poured myself a glass of water and popped a couple of pills before squeezing some of the raspberry liquid under my tongue. I had to clear my head if I was going to figure out how to get out of this. I looked at the clock, nine AM. I had no idea when Marie would get back, so I pulled some eggs and bacon from the fridge and cooked myself some breakfast.

I ate on the couch, turning on a sports channel but not really paying attention. These eggs taste like shit, I thought. I sucked at cooking. I finished them anyway, and washed the flavor out of my mouth with the bacon. I sat there for hours, staring at the TV, unseeing, trying to think of ways to get out of this situation. I still hadn’t figured out how I was going to get out of it when I heard her car pull up. I looked at the clock, and was surprised that it was after one already.


She came back in, glaring at me as she walked into the living room. She stood between me and the TV, a black plastic shopping bag in her hand. She just kept staring, waiting for me to say something.

“Uh… Afternoon,” I said. She rolled her eyes, looking even more pissed. My cock twitched as I thought about how adorable she looked when she was angry.

“You know what, Joseph? Don’t talk, don’t even open your fucking mouth.” She dropped the black bag on the coffee table with a dull thunk, reaching up to sweep a few strands of her hair back out of her face.

“I…” I started, my voice cut off by her icy glare.

“You fucked up. Clearly our marriage means more to me than it does to you.” I was biting my tongue to keep from talking. “Everyone is saying I should divorce you right now.” I felt a rush of panic, but I knew talking would only piss her off more. She hadn’t said she was going to, yet. “Things have to change. Our relationship has to change. I’m giving you one chance, Joseph. One fucking chance, but my terms are not negotiable. You are going to do what I say, or you can leave today.”

“Wha…” I cleared my throat. “What do you want me to do?” I asked quietly. She reached down into the plastic bag and dug around for a minute, eventually pulling out a small, red velvet bag. She sat on the couch next to me, leaving a few feet between us, and opened the pouch. When she turned it over, a bunch of metal parts fell onto the cushion.

“This is a chastity device. If you want to save our marriage, you will start wearing it right away. I will lock it on you, and take it off only when I want. You won’t be able to cheat again as long as you wear it.” I looked down at the confusing jumble of metal in horror.

“Ch… chastity? What the fu…” I began in a horrified tone, me eyes wide.

“Hey!” She yelled, cutting me off. “You heard my terms. Agree, or get the fuck out.” I had no choice. Once I knew how it worked I was sure I’d be able to find a way to sneak it off myself without her knowing. Actually, this might be a blessing in disguise. I eyed the lock that was sitting in the middle of the pile. I should be able to pick that, easy, and then I’d have a solid alibi. How could I cheat if it was still on. Yeah, this could be a blessing.

“How do I do this?” I asked, shifting on the couch. My chubby had gone away as we discussed the device.

“You don’t. I do. Stand up and take your boxers off,” she commanded. I did, stepping in front of her. She pulled a bottle of lube from her pocket and applied a little bit to my dick before she started to pick up pieces of the device and slide them around my cock and balls. I couldn’t help but get hard, looking down at my wife, feeling her touch me. “Uh uh,” she said, disapprovingly, “none of that.” She took her shiny red nails and gave my penis a hard thump.

“Fuuuck, Marie! Jesus…” I objected, but I went soft almost right away, as she had intended. She slid my lubed up dick into the tube, and then fastened it all together with that little lock.

“There. Put your shorts back on,” she said in a disgusted tone. I did, and was immediately embarrassed by how bulky the thing looked in my boxers Between pulling my balls up and the metal device itself, my package was much more obvious than ever before. She took the key and slid it onto a chain, fastening it around her neck before standing up and grabbing the black bag from the coffee table.

“What else did you buy?” I asked, nervously, eyeing the bag. Something told me that wearing this device was not the only thing she had in mind for me, and I was worried about what else might be coming.

“None of your fucking business. You aren’t out of hot water, yet, Joseph. You took the first step, don’t make me regret giving you this chance,” she replied before storming back upstairs. I watched a little more TV, the whole time very aware of the weight on my junk. A couple of commercials came on that would normally have made me chubby, if not hard, but my cock was squeezed by the device, so I just felt tightness each time. I was getting frustrated. I already wanted to fuck someone, or at least beat off. Finally I gave up and pulled on the same clothes from the day before, calling my friends to see if they wanted to hang out.

I spent most of the day at my buddy Rob’s house, with our friends Jack, Ryan, and Daniel. We were grilling some steaks for dinner when I told them about how I got caught.

“Damn, dude. And she didn’t leave you?” Rob asked, incredulous.

“Nah, bro,” I said confidently. I had to keep up my macho image. If they ever found out I let Marie lock up my dick I would never hear the end of it.

“How the fuck did you pull that off?” Ryan asked. “Jess would divorce me on the spot if I ever got caught cheating.”

“What can I say?” I said smugly. “She’s just hooked on the D.” I grabbed my crotch suggestively, feeling my dick struggle against the metal device as I shook it. I felt my face flush with embarrassed at the feeling of the device, but none of them seemed to notice.

“Fucking legend, man” Daniel added. We ate dinner, joking and sharing stories about our various side bitches. Finally, when it was dark, I decided to brave things and go home.

When I got there, I was so horny I went right up stairs and found Marie laying on top of the covers in the lingerie I’d bought her for Valentine’s Day. Yeah, she wanted it. She wouldn’t be wearing that if she didn’t.

“Damn, babe. You look amazing.” I stared at her, my eyes drinking her in, my cock struggling against the cage.

“I know.” Her expression was a bit off, like she was trying to cover up how she really felt. She must still be angry, I thought, but she definitely wants the D. “Where have you been all day?” She asked.

“At Rob’s, just hanging out with the guys.” I told her, making sure I projected sincerity.

“Hmm. Take off your clothes and lay down,” She said in a seductive tone. I did what she said, beyond ready to get this thing off my dick and give her the fuck of a lifetime. Once I was laying down, I looked over at her and noticed the key wasn’t on her neck anymore.

“Where’s the key, babe? Let’s get this thing off me.” I said confidently. She wouldn’t have dressed up if she didn’t want it, I thought again.

“Uh uh,” she said in that deep, seductive tone. “Just lay back and close your eyes.” I did. She probably wanted to tease me before she took it off. She started to run her hands all over my body. “I bet you wish you could stroke your cock right now, don’t you?”

“Yeah,” I said breathily. I was feeling strange, almost drunk, and ridiculously horny.

“Of course you do. And it’s a nice dick, huh?”

“Yeahhh,” I hissed. She had me so horny it was getting hard to even think. I gasped as she twisted my right nipple with one hand, rubbing my inner thigh with the other.

“Yeah, you love stroking that cock. It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, I love my cock.”

“Stroking your cock feels so good. Your cock gives you so much pleasure. What’s better than stroking your cock?”

“Uh, nothing!” I answered, writhing beneath her ministrations.

“That’s right, nothing feels better than stroking your cock. You love to stroke your cock and make it feel good. It makes you so happy to please your cock.” I was out of it with lust, my dick straining against the confines of the cage, precum leaking out. “Your cock is your world. Your cock is what matters. You love your cock. You love pleasing your cock. It feels so good in your hand, all hard and soft at the same time. You love how it feels to have your cock in your hand, don’t you?”

“Yeah…” I gaped as she ran her tongue around my right nipple, pinching the left at the same time. “I love how it feel to have my cock in my hand.”

“Of course you do. All that matters is your cock, making it feel good, and how good it feels to stroke it. Nothing is better than stroking your cock.

“Yeah, nothing better.” She went on and on, leading me into a frenzy, the whole time talking about how much I loved stroking my cock, how good it felt to stroke my cock. I couldn’t deny it, she was right. I couldn’t wait for her to take the cage off so I could stroke my cock.

“Good night,” she said abruptly, giving me a brief kiss before rolling over and pulling up the blanket. She switched off the lamp and left me laying in the dark, thinking about stroking my cock. I was so out of it that it took me a few minutes to realize that she was done for the night. I was still locked up, so I couldn’t beat off, even though I really wanted to. I wanted to feel my cock in my hand. I just lay there, thinking about how good it would feel to get out of this cage and stroke my cock. Finally, I fell asleep.

My alarm went off at six the next morning. Fucking Monday, I thought as I turned it off. I got out of bed and went into the bathroom to take a shower. I stopped and looked in the mirror, my eyes drawn to the shiny metal encasing my cock. I love my cock, I thought, staring at the cage for a few minutes. I realized I had to pee and walked over to the toilet. I flipped up the seat, and reached for my dick… only how was I supposed to pee with this thing on? I walked out and gave Marie a gentle shake.

“I’m sorry to wake you, babe, but I have to pee. I need the key.” Her hair was tangled, her face relaxed from sleep. She was still wearing her lingerie, and had my cock been free it would have gotten rock hard at the sight of her.

“Hmm?” She said groggily. “Oh, no, you can pee with it on. There’s a slit for it.” She rolled over and went right back to sleep. I sighed and went back into the bathroom. I stood over the toilet and started to pee. It sprayed everywhere, but I couldn’t stop. I flipped the seat down as fast as I could and spun to sit down. I emptied the rest of my bladder, embarrassed. I was humiliated that I was having to sit down to pee, like a bitch, but there was nothing I could do until I got this thing off. I used some toilet paper to clean up the mess, and flushed the toilet before climbing into the shower.

At work, I was even more aware of the device than I had been the day before. It seemed so obvious to me through my khaki pants, but none of the other guys seemed to notice. Plus I was assistant manager, so it’s not like they could say anything anyway. Throughout the day, I couldn’t stop thinking about my cock. I’d need her to let me out tonight so I could stroke it.

I got home a few hours before her, as usual, so I just sat on the couch, thinking about how good it was going to feel to stroke my cock tonight. I fucking love my cock.

“Good evening, Joe,” she said as she walked through the door. “How was your day?”

“It was fine,” I answered, staring at the key around her neck. “Can you unlock me now so I can stroke my cock?” She laughed at my question and gave my crotch a few pats.

“No. We haven’t even had dinner, yet.” She walked into the kitchen without another word. After dinner, she told me to wash the dishes while she went upstairs to get ready. I did it without even noticing what I was doing, my mind still focused on how good it was going to feel to stroke my cock. When I was done, I rushed upstairs, throwing off my clothes on the way so that I was already naked except for the chastity device when I walked into our bedroom. She was laying there in a t-shirt and her panties.

“Please, babe, unlock this thing so I can stroke it,” I pleaded.

“No…” She said slowly. “I don’t feel like letting you out yet. I’ve got a better idea.” She had a mischievous look in her eye as she climbed out of bed and walked into the closet. I heard some rustling and she came back out with something held behind her back. “Close your eyes, no peeking.” I obliged, and felt her fastening something around my hips. A weight settled over my cock, making the chastity device feel even heavier. “Open your eyes.”

“Whaaaat?” I exclaimed as I saw the giant, slicked-up dildo sticking out from my crotch. She had put a strap-on dildo on me. “This is weird, just unlock me!” I pleaded.

“No, you have to earn it. It’ll be just like stroking your own cock, and we both know how much you love doing that. Just close your eyes and imagine it’s yours.” She walked back over to the bed. “Here, turn around so I can watch you.” She had me in a corner. If I wanted to get past this whole thing, I had to make her happy. I just did what she said and pretended it was my own cock. Goosebumps rose on my skin as I wrapped my right hand around the dildo.

“This feels weird,” I complained.

“Just close your eyes and stroke it, babe.” She instructed. I let my lids fall, and my hand started moving up and down the dildo. “See, it feels good. Just pretend it’s yours and think about how good that cock feels in your hand.” Each stroke changed the pressure the dildo was putting on the chastity device, and my cock was trying to get hard inside it again. “That’s it, babe. Up, and down. Up, and down. You love stroking that cock, don’t you?

“Ye…yeah,” I stammered.

“Of course you do. Stroking cock feels good. You love to stroke cock. You love the way cock feels in your hand. Feel every inch of it. Feel every vein, every curve. That’s it.” I was getting into it. I felt almost drunk again, I was so horny. I just kept my eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the cock running back and forth under my fingers, across my palm. I squeezed a little harder and started stroking faster. I was breathing hard, my head tilted back, lips parted. “Yeah, you love stroking cock.”

“Love, unh, stroking cock. Yeah, I, uh, I love stroking cock.”

“Just imagine how it would feel to have that cock start cumming as you stroke it. You love stroking cock until it cums. You love making cock cum, don’t you?

“Yeah. I love making cock cum!”

“Of course you do. That’s what you’re made for. You’re so good at making cock feel good. Keep stroking, babe. I bet you wish that cock could cum. I bet you’d love to feel it jerk as it shot a nice big load, wouldn’t you, babe?”

“Yeah. I’d love to feel it cum!”

“Of course you would. All that matters is stroking a cock and making it feel good. Cock makes you so happy, right?”

“Yeah,” I said, feeling my face spread into a silly grin. “Cock makes me happy.”

“Imagine that cock is close to cumming. Imagine it throbbing in your fist. Yeah, go faster babe. Yeah, it’s almost… almost… imagine it cumming now, getting that juice all over your hand.” I groaned out loud and felt something I’d never experienced before. I wasn’t cumming, but I could feel my cock jerking as gushes of precum erupted, making a sticky mess between the strap-on and the chastity device. I jumped when I felt hands start unfastening the strap-on, and looked down as she pulled it away.

“You really liked stroking that cock, babe. Look at the mess you made!” There was a string of precum linking the base of the strap-on with the tip of the chastity device, and more dripping down onto the carpet. I blushed, still so horny. She took the strap-on back into her closet and climbed back into bed. “Night, babe,” she said, switching off her lamp, leaving me standing there, breathing heavy, precum dripping down my legs. Confused, I climbed into bed next to her and closed my eyes, imagining how that cock had felt in my hand as I drifted off to sleep.

My alarm went off again the next morning, and I climbed out of bed to get ready. When I looked in the mirror, I could see the dried remains of all that precum from the night before on my thighs. I was already thinking of how good it felt, imagining myself stroking the dildo again. I sat down on the toilet to pee, and realized that while I was locked up I wouldn’t have to fight morning wood.

That whole day at work I couldn’t take my mind off how much I loved stroking that cock. My coworkers kept giving me odd looks, and I realized that I had been standing around, staring off into space as I daydreamed. At one point I had been sliding my hand up and down the broom handle. I wasn’t able to finish my paperwork before my shift ended, but I figured I’d get it the next morning.

As soon as my shift was over I rushed home from work and ran into the closet to find the dildo. I looked everywhere, even in the empty shoe boxes Marie had to keep for some reason, but it was nowhere to be found. I walked out of the closet and started searching the bedroom. I checked her drawers, under the bed, and everywhere else I could think of. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

When I had searched the whole house with no luck, I gave up and sat on the couch. I left the TV off and just sat there, imagining the feeling of a cock sliding through my fingers, of cum splashing across my hand. I got excited when I heard her car pull up.

“Hi, babe,” she greeted me, a smirk on her face. “How was your day?”

“Uh, it was good. I… can I play with that toy again?” I asked

“Eager boy,” she commented. “Well, I suppose I can let you get started while I make dinner. You just wait there.” She went upstair, and a few minutes later came back down with the dildo. It wasn’t in the harness this time. She walked over to me and plopped it down on the coffee table, the suction cup on its base holding it in place. It was slicked up again, and it waved there invitingly. I leaned forward on the couch and wrapped my fingers around it.

“Love stroking cock..” I muttered under my breath. Marie walked into the kitchen to make dinner, leaving me to stroke it. Soon my back was getting sore from leaning forward, so I slipped off the couch and got on my knees right against the coffee table. I kept stroking, alternating my pace, my grip, trying everything I could think of to please a cock.

“How does that feel, babe?” Marie asked, coming out of the kitchen.

“Stroking cock feels so good,” I said.

“Of course it does. I can tell you love stroking that cock. You know stroking your cock feels good. Stroking another cock probably feels good, too, right?”

“Yeah,” I agreed.

“Cock feels so good in your hand. It’s like your hand was made just to stroke cock, isn’t it?”

“Yeah. My hand was made to stroke cock.”

“You’re so good at stroking cock, you should stroke any cock you can. You love stroking cock so much. Think about how good it would feel to stroke another guys cock. Think about how good it would feel to stroke another guys cock until he cums all over your hand. It would be really hot if another guy came on you. You want to stroke another guys cock until he cums on you, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I want to make another guy cum on me,” I confessed.

“Of course you do. Because you are a cock lover. Pleasing cock is your purpose. Nothing is more important to you than having a dick in your hand and making it feel so good. You need to stroke any cock you can get your hands on. Stroking cock is all that matters to you. Stroking cock is all you can think about.”

I just stayed there on my knees, staring at the beautiful cock I was running my hand up and down. Marie knew me so well, it was like she was speaking my mind. Precum was dripping down my thighs, but I didn’t pay it much attention. I wanted to give all of my attention to the cock. I don’t know how long she let me stay there on my knees stroking the cock, but eventually she took it away and went up to bed. I was so dazed, I just stayed there for a while before I went up and crawled in beside her.

Wednesday morning I woke up and went straight to the bathroom to pee. I sat down on the seat without giving it any thought. All I could think about was how good it had felt to stroke that cock last night, and how good it would feel to stroke another guy’s cock. I showered, got dressed, and drove to work to open the store.

I knew that I needed to finish my paperwork from the day before, but I kept putting it off. Today I was working with my subordinate, Joshua, and I couldn’t stop imagining stroking his cock for him. He caught me staring at his crotch a couple of times, and seemed a bit weirded out, so I went to the office and started running my hand up and down various items instead. I barely got any work done.

Before I knew it, it was time to go, and not only had I not caught up on the previous day’s paperwork, I hadn’t done today’s either. I had to go, though, so I decided to get it all finished in the morning.

At home, I went looking for Marie’s toy again. I knew she went upstairs to get it, but I looked everywhere I could think with no luck. I gave up, ditching my clothes in the bedroom and walking down to the couch naked. I looked at the table, staring at the spot that the dildo had been on the night before. I wanted to stroke it so fucking much. I looked up when I heard a throat clear, and there was Marie, smiling down at me.

“Hi Marie. Can I play with that toy again?” I said in greeting.

“Sure, babe, I’ll let you stroke that cock again.” She walked into the kitchen, and I got on my knees in front of the table, staring at the spot, waiting… She slammed it down, and I watched it swing back and forth before reaching out to grasp it.

“That feels so good in your hand, doesn’t it?”

“Ohhhh, yeeeah,” I exclaimed eagerly. “Feels so good to have a cock in my hand.”

“Do you know what would feel even better than stroking that cock?” She asked. I looked up at her, noticing that she had a hand behind her back.

“Better? I… No, what?” I asked, working hard to think.

“Stroking two cocks, silly.” She plopped another dildo down onto the table, and without thinking I let my left hand grip it and start sliding up and down, too.

“Fuuck,” I said, feeling a squirt of precum escape my caged cock.

“Oh, yeah, you love to stroke cocks. Stroking cocks makes you feel good. If stroking one cock makes you feel really good, then how does stroking two cocks make you feel?”

“Oh,” I gasped. “Stroking two cocks feels twice as good!” I cried out.

“Of course it does. Keep stroking those cocks, baby. You love cocks. You love stroking cocks. Pleasing cocks is what makes you feel good. You need to stroke cocks, that’s what your hands are for. You’ll stroke any cock you can, won’t you, babe?”

“Yeah!” I agreed, panting as I rested on my knees, my eyes going back and forth between the two cocks I was stroking. She was grinning as she watched me.

“Because you love cocks. You love to please cocks. You love to make cocks feel good until they cum. Nothing is more important than making cocks cum. You love to make cocks cum, don’t you?”

“Ohhhh,” I growled as I felt another gush of precum escape me. “I love making cocks cum!”

“Of course you do.” She kept going for what must have been hours, just talking about how much I loved to stroke cocks. It was like she was in my head again, speaking my thoughts out loud. Something started to happen that I’d never experienced before. I could feel precum dripping down my leg, but I was starting to experience this strange pleasure that sent my legs together, quivering, as spurts of precum gushed from the device. I wasn’t cumming, but the feeling was a close second to it. She reached over and pulled both of the dildoes off of the coffee table and out of my hands, taking them upstairs. I stayed there on my knees for a few minutes, my hands still curved as if I was grasping phantom cocks. Eventually, I climbed to my feet and went upstairs. Marie was already asleep, so I crawled into bed next to her and drifted off to the thought of having a cock in each hand.

Thursday morning I woke with a smile on my face. In my dreams, I had been hanging out with the guys again, stroking Rob’s cock with one hand, and Daniel’s with the other. It had felt so good, and I was disappointed that I woke up before I could make them cum. I climbed out of bed and got ready for work again. I couldn’t wait for Marie to let me play with the toys again tonight. As I was walking out the door, my boss stopped me.

“Joseph, I don’t know what is going on, or why you haven’t been finishing your work this week, but get yourself together. Other employees are reporting strange behavior. This is your only warning; catch up tomorrow.”

“Yes, sir,” I said, my eyes down. They ended up settling on his crotch, and I found myself wondering what it would be like to stroke his cock. He walked away, and I left to drive home.

I tried to find the toys again, but when I couldn’t I decided I had to improvise. I took a candlestick off the mantle and started to stroke it instead, waiting for my wife to come home.

“Couldn’t wait for me, huh babe?” Marie said as she walked into the room and saw me stroking a candlestick.

“No, please, can I stroke them again?” I pleaded, staring up at her.

“Sure, I’ll let you get some more practice,” she said, walking out of the room.

“Thank you,” I said, relieved that she hadn’t said no.

“Here you go, babe,” Marie said, once again placing the two lubed up dildoes on the coffee table in front of me. I wrapped both my hands around them and, with a moan, started to stroke them again. It felt so right. Nothing had ever felt more right. “Yeah, you love stroking those cocks, babe. You’re so good at it. You’re a natural when it comes to making cocks feel good. I know you always loved stroking your own cock. What’s something else that made your cock feel good?”

“Unh,” I began, thinking back. I remembered the very thing that had gotten me into this mess. “Getting my dick sucked,” I answered her question.

“That’s right,” she said, plopping down a third dildo, right at the edge of the coffee table between the other two. It was slicked up, just like the other two, and bobbing back and forth in my direction. My eyes were locked on it, tracing the path of the veins up and down the silicone shaft. I wanted to stroke it, but I already had a cock in each hand. “Getting your cock sucked feels good, just like stroking your cock feels good, only better. Isn’t that right, babe?”

“Y-yeah!” That funny feeling was rising up again, causing precum to start running from my caged dick.

“So if stroking cocks also feels good, don’t you think that sucking them would feel even better?” Out of the corner of my eye, I could see that she was smiling, but I refused to take my eyes off of the third dildo. For a second I thought that sucking cock just didn’t sound right, but… but…

“I… I…” Another gush of precum ran from the cage as I stroked the two cocks, staring at the third. The part of me that wanted to deny it was fading fast. Marie had been right about everything so far. Stroking cocks did feel fucking incredible. She had to be right about this, too. “Fuck, yeah! Sucking cocks would feel even better than stroking them!” She laughed, and affectionately rubbed the back of my head. She closed her fingers in my hair and started to push me forward. I didn’t fight.

“Go ahead and try it out. See if that cock feels good in your mouth.” My lips parted, and I dove down the shaft. Whatever she had lubed it with tasted really good, and I started bobbing my head up and down in no time at all.

“Does that feel good, babe?” She asked, letting go of my hair and moving around in front of the coffee table to watch. “Does sucking cock make you feel good?”

“Yeth,” I slurred around the dildo. “Thucking cock feelth good.”

“Of course it does. Because you were meant to suck cock, babe. Just like your hands were made to stroke cocks, your mouth was made to suck them. You need to suck cock. You love to suck cock. Nothing is more important than getting cock in your mouth. You want to suck every cock you can, don’t you?”

“Yeth,” I slurred, drool bursting from my lips to drip down over the silicone balls and pool on the coffee table. Both my hands were frantically stroing the other dildoes, and I could feel the precum dripping down my thighs.

“Of course you do. Because you’re a cock slut. You love cock. Nothing feels better than having a cock go as deep into your mouth as you can get it.” I pushed myself farther down onto the dildo, my chin eventually touching the balls. I couldn’t breathe, but it didn’t matter. Cock was more important than breathing. “Yeah, that’s it, babe. Embrace your love of cock. You want to suck any cock you can. You want to suck another man’s cock until it cums in your mouth. You love the taste of cum.”

“O fuhth,” I cried out, backing off only far enough to empty my lungs and take a new breath. That feeling inside me was more intense than ever, my thighs wetter than ever. I drove myself back down, closing my eyes and growling around the shaft.

“Yeah, babe. You need cum in your mouth. Nothing tastes better than cum. You love sucking the cum out of cocks. You love how cocks feel when they shoot that hot cum right into your mouth and down your throat. You won’t waste a drop of that delicious cum. You’re a cum addict. Sucking cock and swallowing cum makes you high. The more cocks you suck, the more you want to suck cock. The more cum you swallow, the more you want to swallow cum. You’re addicted to cum, aren’t you?” I pulled back, more drool bursting from my mouth as I answered her.

“I’m addithed to thum!” I dove back down.

“Of course you are. Just keep pleasing those cocks all you want, babe. I’m going to bed.” She turned the lights off and left the room, leaving me moaning and slobbering on one dildo, and stroking two others. I just kept going, loving how these cocks were making me feel.

To be continued...

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