The Ring: Chapter One

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I pushed my front door closed with my foot, too exhausted to bother with using my arms. I walked over to a table and unceremoniously tossed my briefcase onto it… Another long, hard day of teaching undergraduate astronomy, and another visit to the gym after, despite how tired I already was.

I was done.

I started to pull off my clothes, and paused when I noticed the name-tag still stuck to my shirt from the conference I’d gone to that morning: Cameron Jones. I tore it off the shirt and tossed both items to the floor before moving on to the rest of my clothes, making a pile. It was Friday, so I’d be able to both sleep in and clean up tomorrow. Naked, I walked down the hall, the stained wood floor creaking beneath my bare feet. I flipped the switch as I stepped into the bathroom, and the row of bright bulbs over the sink and mirror came to life with a faint humming sound. I paused and took a look at myself in the mirror. My determination to go to the gym, regardless of how tired I was, was paying off. My deep mahogany skin shone with a sheen of sweat, lingering from my trip to the gym. It seemed pulled tight, stretched across the contours of the muscles beneath. I leaned in and looked into my dark brown eyes for a moment. I smiled at my reflection, my mouth spreading across my smooth cheeks, my wide nose wrinkling as my white, straight teeth were exposed. I ran my tongue across their smooth surface and turned away from the mirror to climb into the tub.

This was no time for a shower. This shit show of a day warranted a nice long soak in a bath tub of boil-a-lobster water. When the tub was finally full, I leaned back with a shudder and a sigh as the heat washed over me. I let my arms float, my eyes closed, and heard a faint clicking sound as my hand bumped against the white porcelain of the bathtub. I raised my left hand and opened my eyes, looking at the ring I forgot I was wearing…

I had been walking back from lunch when I noticed an antique store that I could swear hadn’t been there before. I looked down at my watch—I still had plenty of time to mess around a little. I stepped into the shop, looking around at the collection of random items that filled the dusty establishment. This place looked like it had been here for decades, how had I never noticed it before? I wandered through the shop, taking in the assortment of random, and sometimes strange, items, and then my attention was caught by a single ring sitting on a crimson velvet cushion. I picked the item up and held it up to examine it. The stone was an obsidian rectangle filling the face of the ring, and it was so dark that I could only see its facets when I deliberately sought out the right angle. Otherwise, it was black as a void. The ring itself seemed to be made of silver, a lattice work of textures showing the tarnish that comes with age, contrasting with the shining silver surfaces that tarnish was framing. I looked inside the ring only to discover an intricate latticework on the inside of the band, the underside of the dark stone just visible through the cracks. I slipped it onto my finger, and it fit perfectly. It felt right, like it belonged.

I needed this ring.

I sought out the clerk, an elderly Japanese man who was sitting behind the counter.

“Excuse me, sir, how much is this ring?” I asked, holding it out for him to see. He leaned in, the legs of his chair creaking, and squinted at the ring for a moment before recognition spread across his face.

“Ah, that would be ten dollars, sir,” he said politely, leaning back with another creak.

“Just ten? Are you sure?” It seemed too good a deal to be true.

“Yes, sir, I am certain,” he replied.

“Wow, I’ll take it,” I said, slipping the ring onto my left ring finger and fishing out my wallet…

I pulled off the ring and watched a few drops of water fall from it. Running my fingers across it, I realized that it felt… slimy. Hit by a sudden urge to clean it, I lowered it back under the water, watching bubbles rise up as the space between the latticework on the inside and the stone filled with water. I began running my fingers over the ring, my digits sliding effortlessly across the slimy, silky substance that was clearly coating it. I kept working at it, feeling the slippery sensation start to fade away.

Like a sudden waking dream, my mind was filled with an image of an old padlock holding a collection of chains in place around… Something. The lock dissolved, vanishing from existence, and the chains fell away. I shook my head and looked down at the ring, watching as the silver seemed to shine more and more beneath the surface of the bathwater. I could feel the slippery feeling fading away as it got close to being cleaned off. As my finger passed over the stone, the friction made it vibrate, and it seemed to hum through the water and penetrate my body down to the bone. Satisfied with the cleanness of the ring, I pulled it from the water, watching it drain, and slipped it back onto my finger. I held my hand in front of my face, looking the ring over again. Once again, I noticed how the ring seemed to reflect nothing, appearing to be nothing more than a deep, dark void in the face of the ring. The darkness seemed fathomless, and I couldn’t help but to stare into it, captivated.

But the longer I stared into it, the more I realized that it wasn’t really empty. There was something in that darkness. I felt like my vision was being pulled forward into the ring, the dark void filling my vision as if I had my face pressed against the glass of a window. As I stared into the darkness, I finally realized what I was seeing. There was a star burning away, solar flares boiling up from its surface. The strange part was that the star shone with a brilliant green light.

There’s no such thing as green stars, I thought absently, yet I stared on.

As I continued to focus my captivated attention on the green star, I realized that I could feel my other three limbs floating, spreading outward as if the sides of the tub had vanished. I felt myself sink a little, and my own buoyancy took over as the bottom of the tub seemed to vanish, leaving me floating in what felt like a deep, wide, hot spring pool.

And then I felt something press against me from behind, something hotter than the steaming water in which I was now floating. I felt arms wrap around my middle, making me gasp as they pulled me back against the burning body. My other limbs flailed in the wide waters, uncoordinated, and then a deep voice spoke directly into my left ear.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it?” I nodded my head, unable to speak, though my mouth hung open, as I stared onward into the ring, my eyes locked on that burning ball of green fire. It was so compelling, and I realized that it was filling me with… Something. It was like the light was carrying something into me. It felt good, and I knew that it was something I really liked. That was when I realized that my cock had gotten hard, a pillar of dark flesh rising up to float with its own weight, its own buoyancy. I was breathing heavy, panting, horny as hell. I watched as a large flare boiled up from the green sun’s surface, and felt a wave of lust wash over me. The more I stared into its shining surface, the more I felt its heat shining out to wash over my skin, the hornier I became.

I gasped as I felt the figure behind me shift, pulling me tighter against his hard body as his hands caressed my middle. I gasped again, still staring at the star, as I realized that I could feel a thick tube of flesh running along the length of my ass crack and continuing half way up my back. There was no mistaking that I was feeling a penis press against me. I can tell that it’s massive, just from the way it presses against my flesh. I could feel the girth of it, the weight of it, the heft of it, the heat of it.

Am I going crazy?

It felt so good. I wasn’t gay, so I’d never even considered that another man’s penis could feel good like this, but it did. I was so relaxed, so horny, and I just stared onward into the light of the green sun. I sighed and relaxed deeper into the dark embrace. I felt one of the arms uncoil from around my middle, and a dark hand came up between my eyes and the stone of the ring. My focus shifted to it. His skin was dark, much darker than mine, almost as dark as the stone. It was smooth and glossy, shining from the water it had just risen out of, and I could see drops dripping back to the surface of the waters I was floating in. His nails were long and thick, nearly claws, and they glistened as if oiled. The hand covered mine and guided it back down beneath the surface of the water, and I gasped as my cleared field of vision revealed the green star burning above me, brighter and closer than ever before, brilliant and huge. I felt the fire of it, the radiation, so much closer now, pouring into my flesh, exciting it and driving me to heights of lust I didn’t know I could reach. I panted and stared into the turbulent surface of it.

The feelings it filled me with were better, more fulfilling, than anything I’d ever experienced or accomplished in my entire life. I realized that I would give anything to continue feeling like this. I wanted nothing more than to be overcome by the lust that was burning its way into my body. I wanted to be a slave to it, to be driven by this lust and by nothing else. I could feel civilization slipping away, leaving me with nothing but my body and the sensations that overwhelmed it. I was a vessel for lust to fill. I felt lips meet my right earlobe, followed by a faint bite that made me moan, and a lick that made that moan devolve into incoherent babbling.

“What would you give to feel this pleasure all the time?” He rumbled in my ear. Floating there, held tight against him, I realized that I knew exactly what I would give.

“I’d give my soul to feel like this forever!” I cried out. A deep laugh vibrated throughout my body.

“Done,” he said. I felt his arms loosen and his hands grasped my hips. He held tight, and started to pull away from me. I felt the tip of his massive cock slide down my spine, pausing at the cleft of my ass for a moment before continuing downward until I could feel it pause, poised over my hole. It thrust forward, and I felt the pressure of the massive slab of meat trying to stretch open my asshole. I cried out in an inane babble of ecstasy as pressure overcame resistance and his cock started to slide into me. He pressed his hips forward, and pulled mine back, sliding deeper into me, unrelenting. There was pain, but in my lust crazed state even that felt good. It kept sliding forward, impossibly thick, impossibly long, impossibly deep. It occurred to me that this shouldn’t be physically possible, taking that much cock into my ass, but the thought quickly faded as I realized I couldn’t see the star anymore. My vision was filled with a roiling field of green, and I realize that I couldn’t see the star anymore because I was now inside it.

The fires of lust burned all around me, and I could feel them pouring into my flesh with an intensity that was so overwhelming that I expected to be reduced to ash. That impossible cock was still sliding into me, carrying the burning green starlight into me with each inch that slid through my stretched hole. After what felt like an eternity, my ass bounced off his pelvis. He pulled me tight against him, and I realize that the entirety of that impossible dick was inside me, making my insides sing with pleasure. At the same time, the fire pouring in through my skin had every inch of my body feeling like a sexual organ. I was pretty sure I could have cum from stroking my finger at that point.

I moaned, deep and primal, and I found myself trying to buck my hips back onto his cock, trying to drive my own pleasure onward. He laughed, holding me powerless in his arms, quivering with anticipation of the fucking I knew was coming.

And it came, and with an intensity I did not think possible. He withdrew his impossible dick until just the tip rested inside my stretched hole, his hands gripping my hips, using me like a fleshlight. My limbs flailed about, uncoordinated, as he drilled that dick deep into me again, and again, and again. The intensity of the pleasure that was overwhelming me from head to toe was beyond anything I had believed myself capable of tolerating. I had no idea what it would take to make me cum, because we were far past the point it would have usually happened before today. I knew it could happen at any moment, and I desperately wanted it.

“Say my name, and forfeit your soul to me,” he growled sweetly into my ear. I was so confused. I could feel an orgasm, right there, but something was holding it back—a dam that would not break. At the same time, I knew that doing what he said, saying his name, was what would send me over the edge.

But I didn’t know it! How could I say his name if I didn’t know what it was? I was so beyond the edge, standing on an invisible surface that just would not let me fall into bliss. He was fucking me with a force that should have made me cum already, but it just kept coming, the pleasure kept surging onward. I tried, frantically, to think of what his name would be. I could hear myself moaning, yelling, screaming, begging… I must have yelled out every name that I knew.

And still it did not come.

My eyes rolled into the back of my head, and words failed me. I babbled gibberish, and I felt the last vestiges of culture, of civilization, sluff away. It was at that moment that I heard it for the first time, his name, as my lips parted and I screamed it out.


As the single word passed my lips, I felt the massive dick that was still drilling into me swell even more, and then I felt burning cum start to gush into me, filling my insides with more fire. At the same time, my own cock seemed to explode, and my own cum started to flow out into the burning star that surrounded me. It was like pouring gasoline on a fire, and I watched through a haze of pleasure as the star burned ten times brighter, fueled by my spilled seed. Fueled by my soul. Pouring that fire back into me with an even greater magnitude. Razalel was the star, and now I was becoming part of it, too. Becoming part of Razalel. It went on and on, in a vicious loop of lust. Razalel pumped the fires of lust into my guts, causing me to continue ejaculating my soul, which intensified the fires that were soaking into my skin, making me cum even harder.

I was beyond words.

I was beyond thought.

I was pleasure.

It went on and on, and while my sense of time was heavily skewed, it must have gone on for hours. I felt my flesh start to cool, and the boundaries of my bathtub reformed around me, cradling me. My vision came back into focus, and I saw myself laying in the tub, in my bathroom, once more. I was still so hard, and so horny, yet I felt spent from the hours of orgasm. I held up my hand again and looked into the ring.

It was still there, the green star, burning brighter than ever before within the void of the stone. I had already been trying to reject what had just happened, to write it off as a dream, or a fantasy, but seeing the star, right there, and feeling its fire pouring into my flesh through the latticework that separated the stone from the flesh of my finger, I had no choice but to accept that it was real.

My soul belongs to Razalel.

I moaned and reached down to grip my cock, the band of the ring making contact with the sensitive, swollen shaft, the fires pouring into my tender flesh. I started stroking myself, oblivious to the now tepid water my heated flesh floated in. I could feel an orgasm coming almost immediately.

“RAZALEL!” I cried out again as it tore through me, my cum gushing out in powerful streams to coat my face and upper torso, the rest of it splashing into the water. When the orgasm finished, I didn’t. I kept stroking, milking another orgasm out of my cock. And another. And another.




I kept going for hours, never running out of cum, and it wasn’t long before the entire tub was milky with it. I took delight from knowing that I was floating in a sea of cum. I belonged to Razalel now, and I couldn’t wait to learn how he was going to put me to use.

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