The Graduation Present: Part Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…

Part Two

I was back on my knees, on Adam’s bed. Only, this time, someone else was there. This time, my brother Anthony was there. This time, Mr Rite wasn’t just fucking my ass, he was teaching Anthony how to do it to me.

I laid there, getting fucked by Mr Rite and sucking his son’s cock, all while my brother watched, waited, learned, and got ready for his turn. I wanted it. I was excited that my brother was going to do it to me.

Then, dad burst into the room, and as he stared down at me, I came.

I woke up, naked, and covered with cum on top of my sheets. I was so confused. I had no idea why, all of a sudden, all this faggot stuff was turning me on so much. I had no idea why it was all making me feel so good.

It never had before.

There was, however, absolutely no doubt in my mind that it was all making me horny as hell. Even thinking about dad catching us yesterday was turning me on now. In fact, I’d never even gotten soft after my wet dream. I gripped my erection, cum squishing through my fingers, and moaned in surprise at how good it felt to touch my cock, and at how little it would take to make me cum again.

Usually, after cumming, it took at least a little while before I got horny again. But, now…

I started stroking, and an image of my brother, naked and hard, popped into my head. I was bending over for him, and he was going to…

“Can’t even keep from getting covered in cum when you’re alone, can you, faggot?” Anthony asked from my suddenly open door. I jumped and reflexively reached for the sheet, tugging it to cover my body. Unfortunately, the sheet was pinned under me, so only a couple of inches fell over me. The force of my tug ended up jerking the sheet from my grip, and my arm kept moving. Instead of covering myself, I ended up naked, exposed, and horny as I smeared my cum all over my body, all while my big brother stared derisively down at me… My big brother, who I sucked off the night before. He laughed, and my cock throbbed.

“Get out of bed, faggot. You have to go to the doctor before school,” he said. “I have to take you.” He reached down and rubbed his crotch. My eyes followed the movements, and I could see the half sneer on his face in my peripheral vision,

“Wh-why do I need to go to the doctor? And why can’t mom or dad take me?” I asked, trying to cover my erection with my hands.

“Mom left last night when dad told her what he saw you do, and dad is too to pissed off at you to give you a ride.”

“Pissed off at me? What about you?” I demanded.

“What about me? I’m just a guy who was getting his dick sucked. Dad understands that. But you…” He left it hanging, giving a little, sharp tilt of his head.

I rode in silence. Horny. Terrified. Confused.

“Get out. I’m not going in with you. I’ll be here when you’re done,” he said, leaning back in the driver’s seat and fiddling around on his phone. I got out of the car and headed into the building. I hit the call button for one of the four elevators and waited.

Why was I going to the doctor? It seemed so random.

The elevator to my left opened, so I stepped inside and hit the button for the fifth floor. The old lift chugged upward with little jerks as it passed each floor. It stopped on five, and I waited for the doors to open. I was almost worried that they were stuck when they finally slid sluggishly to the sides. I stepped out and made my way down the hallway, past the frosted windows of various doctors’ offices. At the end of the hall I found the door for Doctor Trent. I’d been seeing him since I was a kid, so I was familiar with his office. I signed in, and waited.

“Mark Townsend,” a nurse called from the door leading back to the examination rooms. I had never seen him here before, and I knew he had to be new, because he couldn’t be that many years older than me. I got up and walked over to him, blushing a little when I noticed the bulge in his scrubs.

Immediately, my mind flashed back to my dreams the night before. I could feel myself start to get hard and fought to keep it from happening. Without a word, and looking down at my feet, I followed him back.

“Step onto the scale, please,” he said when we stopped at the old fashioned scales that had been in the office for as long as I could remember. He wrote down my height and weight on a clipboard, and then ushered me into an examination room. He moved around the room getting things ready, and started entering information on a computer. I was just concentrating on not getting hard, and not staring at his bulge.

“Open your mouth,” He said, and I felt my dick lurch. I went red, and looked at him in panic. How did he know? He was holding a thermometer.

How could I have thought that he wanted me to… to…

And why was I disappointed?

I let my lips part, and he slipped the thermometer into my mouth. I closed my lips, and found myself unconsciously sucking, gently, and caressing it with my tongue. I realized what I was doing, but I couldn’t stop myself. Finally, it beeped, and he slipped it from my lips and walked over to the computer to type in my temperature.

He came back over with a blood pressure cuff, but didn’t even bother saying anything. He just moved me how he needed me and got his reading. The whole time, I kept stealing glances at his bulge, and I noticed that he was smiling.

Finally, he left me alone to wait for the doctor.

I used the time to compose myself and cool down. I was still embarrassed by how I’d acted in front of the nurse, but I’d just gotten so horny when I saw that bulge of his. Finally, Dr. Trent stepped into the room and closed the door behind himself.

“Good morning, Mark,” he greeted me. I looked up at him and… it was like seeing him for the first time. He and my dad were the same age and had been friends when they were in school. I’d been coming here forever, and I’d somehow never noticed that Dr. Trent was… Sexy? I’d certainly never noticed the bulge in his khaki pants, framed by the white fabric of his lab coat to each side.

“Good m-morning,” I replied, holding my eyes away from his crotch.

“How are you doing?” He asked, walking over to stand beside where I sat on the examination table.

“I’m good… I don’t really know why I’m here…” I struggled to explain, distracted by my senses. I could smell him. I could feel his heat, his presence, like gravity.

“Don’t worry about it, Mark. Your dad has some concerns about your health he wants me to check out. No big deal,” he assured me.

“Oh, okay.” I let out a deep breath.

“Now, just remove your clothes and lay back on the table,” he instructed. He’d never started an appointment like this before, so I was thrown off guard.

Another man telling me to take off my clothes.

I blushed, and struggled to keep myself from thinking about how that had turned out last time. Still, he was my doctor, so I got off the table and pulled off my clothes, feeling exposed like I never had before in front of my him before.

Naked, I laid back on the table.

“Have you noticed any abnormalities? Any lumps?” he asked, stepping forward and unceremoniously reaching down to start examining my balls. He forced my thighs a little wider to give himself access, and gently manipulated my sack. My face was red, and I was struggling with everything I had in me not to throw a bone.

“Uh, no,” I answered, my head thrashing from side to side, breathing heavy.

“Any pain or discomfort?” He asked, massaging my nuts.

“No, sir,” I panted.

“Any problems when you masturbate?” He asked with a firm little squeeze.

“I, no, I don’t… I, uh… No, sir.” I’d never talked to my doctor about things like this before.

“Don’t worry, Mark, it’s perfectly natural.” He moved up from my balls and gave a firm squeeze at the base of my cock. I hissed in a breath and panicked as I felt the blood start to rush.

‘M-maybe I’m a little sensitive,” I cried out.

“That’s okay, just relax.” He moved his fingers up my shaft about an inch and gave another squeeze. I could feel myself swelling between the pressure of his fingers. Another inch, another squeeze. An inch, a squeeze.

He was nearly half way up my shaft, and I was already as hard as I could get.

“Uhhhh!” I let out a moan of protest, and warning.

“Shh, just relax. I’m going to feel your penis for a moment.” He squeezed his way higher, and higher, and higher. I writhed, and panted, and…

He squeezed, firmly, right below the head of my cock, and I knew I was about to cum.

“I’m just going to look here, he said, taking the head of my cock gently in the fingers of both hands and lightly tugging apart.

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhnnnnnnng!” I moaned in humiliated defeat as I came in my doctor’s hands. The angle he was holding my shaft at sent my cum flying right up into my face. I kept cumming, and he didn’t let go. He kept aiming, and I could swear he was giving little squeezes to make it feel better. I showered my face and torso in cum, and, finally, he let my cock slap down into the pool of cum on my belly. He rolled it back and forth with the palm of his hand a couple of times, and I could feel myself getting hard all over again.

“It’s okay, Mark, it’s perfectly normal.” He patted my cock affectionately, and I moaned and bucked into his hand.

“I’m sorry,” I whined.

“Think nothing of it. We’ll get you cleaned up before you go, but we still need to give you a prostate exam.” He moved to the foot of the table and slid in the section my legs were resting on, leaving them dangling in the air. I looked up at him.

“I n-never needed one before,” I objected, terrified by what would happen if my doctor’s finger stirred up the emptiness inside me.

“That’s okay. You’re a man now, it’s time.” He grasped my calves and lifted my legs up onto his shoulders. “Rest your legs here, and just relax.”

“Yes, sir.” I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. He moved his hand up to my stomach, and slid two fingers around in the pool of my cum that was slowly, lazily dripping its way down my sides. “I-I thought it was just supposed to be one finger,” I tried to object.

He thrust both fingers into me, and I could feel the rest of his hand pressing firmly against my ass. Immediately, it felt like my ass started to throb around his fingers, and each throb felt better, and better, and better.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhooohhhhhh,” I let out an obvious moan of pleasure without meaning to. He started to move his fingers around inside me, sending torrents of pleasure through my body. I had intended to just leave my legs resting on his shoulders, but I couldn’t keep them from squeezing and pulling myself onto his fingers.

“That’s for regular exams, Mark. Your father requested I give you a more thorough examination,” he finally explained. I’d heard jokes about prostate exams forever, but I had no idea they were supposed to feel good like this!

He pulled his fingers out, and I let out a groan of disappointment.

“Are you sexually active, Mark?” He asked as he ran three fingers through the cum on my chest, down to my torso, giving my cock a little caress before he withdrew his hand and…

“Ohhhhhhnnnnnn!” I moaned as he thrust three fingers into me.

“Come on, Mark, I’m your doctor, I need to know these things.” He was petting my insides, caressing them with his three fingers.

“I w-wasn’t,” I said.

“Wasn’t. But you are now?” He pressed.

“I don’t know. It was… It was just a couple of times,” I squirmed, getting hornier as I remembered.

“Tell me about them. What did you do?”

“Ohhhh, do I have to?” I whined

“Yes,” he said simply, spreading and swirling his fingers inside me, stretching my hole wider.

“At Adam’s graduation party… I…” My face was burning, my cock was bouncing, my hole was humming. My words failed me.

“Go on.”

“Ohhhh, I got fuuuucked!” I cried out. He started to pull his fingers out, and then slid them back in. Over, and over, he fucked me with his three fingers.

“How many times?”

“J-just one.” He pulled his fingers out and laid his hand flat on my winking hole, rubbing it.

“This doesn’t feel like it was just one time.” He moved his hand up and smeared all four of his fingers through my cum. He thrust them into me, making me moan and see stars.

“Ohhh, it was, he was… Really big. A-and it went on for a while.”

“What else did you do?”

“Oh, I, I sucked Adam’s cock.”

“Adam is your friend?”


“Did you suck his cock while you were getting fucked?”


“And who was fucking you?”

“It was… it was….”

“Come on,” he pressed, half his hand buried inside me, “Tell me.”

“It was Adam’s dad,” I admitted.

“That’s interesting,” he said, pulling out of my ass again. He slapped his whole hand into the cum on my chest. “Anything else?”

My eyes were wide. I knew what was about to happen. And I knew what I was about to tell him.

“When I got home,” I gasped as he started to push his entire hand into me. “OHHHHHHHH!” I cried out as I felt my ass clench around his wrist. “When I got home, I, ohhhhh, I sucked Anthony! Ohhh, yeah! I sucked Anthony’s cock! Unh, Anthony’s cock! So good! So! Unffff, so good, so good. Ohhhh, Dr. Trent!”

“Did you enjoy sucking on your brother’s penis?” Dr Trent asked, stuffing me, filling me with sensations I didn’t know were possible, even after what I’d already experienced.

“Ohhh, yeeesssssss!”

“Do you want him to fuck you?”


“What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?” He asked, pulling back, my hole spreading as his hand tugged against it.

“D-dad fuck me? Dad… Fuck… Fuck me. Fuck! Fuck me! Dad! Yes! I want it! Fuck me! Dad, fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh, I want it, I, wunh, unh, unh, uhhhnnn, unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh, ooohhh, nnnnnnnn!” Cum started to gush from my cock, leaking onto my belly pathetically as I came from having my doctor’s hand up my ass.

His hand popped free, and the removal of pressure released another flood of cum from my rigid, untouched cock. I moaned, and panted, cum dripping from my face to crotch. He walked over to the sink and washed his hands.

“Well,” he said as he tossed me a stack of paper towels, “Your prostate is healthy. Get cleaned up and get dressed, you can go.” Usually he would ask to say a prayer with me after the exam, but this time he just walked out and pulled the door shut.

I went red, shocked by the things I’d told him.

I started scooping cum from my face and torso, licking it off my fingers. When I’d gotten most of it, I used the paper towels to finish cleaning up, and got dressed.

“Dude… Is that cum in your hair?” Anthony asked as I climbed back into the car. I blushed, but didn’t deny it. He let out a little snort and pulled out. My school was only a few minutes away. He stopped, and I got out without a word. I took my note from Dr Trent to the office, and set out for my class.

Adam was going to be there.

I don’t think any of the other guys saw me, but Adam knew… Could I face him? And what if he told them? I realized that I had gotten hard in my pants again, so I stopped at the bathroom and stepped into a stall. I dropped my pants and sat down on the toilet, gripping my erection and trying to figure out how things had gotten so out of control.

Before Mr Rite fucked me, I never wanted anything like this. But now? If it were possible to undo it, to take everything back, I’m not sure that I would.

The slapping sound of me jerking off echoed throughout the bathroom. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling coming from my aching hole. Dr Trent had put his whole hand in there, to feel my prostate.

I bet Adam could slip in there with no problem.

“Sounds like there’s a faggot in there,” I heard Adam’s voice break the relative quiet of the bathroom. “Must be Mark. Open the door, Buddy.” I slowed down, but couldn’t stop stroking. My ass throbbed harder. It wanted to be fucked.

I watched my right hand reach out, slowly, my left still pumping my cock, slowly. I flipped the latch open, and the door swung in, slowly, revealing my smiling best friend.

He had a huge bulge in his jeans. My eyes locked onto it as he stepped in, leaving the door open.

“Thinking about sucking my cock, buddy?” He asked, rubbing his crotch. I felt my own fist speed up, stroking harder. “Yeah, you liked that, didn’t you?” I licked my lips.

“Adam, p-please, someone might see!” I tried to object, but the words sounded hollow, even to me.

“So what? They’ll all know you’re a faggot soon anyway. If they catch us, maybe you can get some more dick. Speaking of dick,” he reached down and opened his jeans, letting his huge erection burst free… Right there, in front of my face. I breathed deep. I could smell it again. “I know you’ve been thinking about it and beating off, Mark. Go ahead, let yourself enjoy it again.”

I groaned and plunged myself onto my best buddy’s dick. Before I knew it, I was taking it all the way down my throat again.

“Aww, you miss it, buddy? Sorry, I’ll be sure you get to suck it a few times a day from now on. I bet you’ve been wanting dad to fuck you again, too, haven’t you?” He pulled his cock from my mouth with a wet slurp and waited.

“Ohhh, yeeeeah, I want him to do it again.” My hole and my cock were both throbbing. “W-when will he fuck me again?”

“Never.” Adam said, cruelly.

“Nooo, never?”

“Never,” Adam confirmed. “Dad was just showing you how much you liked it. If you want to get fucked again, you’ll have to get one of our friends to do it.” He was rubbing his cock around my face as he spoke. Every time he’d pass my mouth, I’d open it and stick out my tongue to taste it.

“I c-can’t do that.”

“Aww, come on, buddy, don’t be shy. You’ve seen all the guys in the shower. I know a faggot like you looked. So, who will it be? Who do you want to stick his penis up your butt? Tory? Daniel? Colby? Jake? Todd? John? Marcus? Come on, tell me, buddy.” He slapped my face with his dick.

“Ohhh,” I moaned in defeat. “C-C-C-Colby!”

“What about him?” Adam asked. He was holding his cock over my face and pumping it. I watched, transfixed, for a moment before I answered.

“Ohhhhhh, I want Colby to put his penis up my butt!” I cried out, my wanton words echoing through the bathroom.

“Haha, faggot,” Adam said as he started to cum on my face. I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much of it as I could.

“I think it’s time for both of you to get to class,” a deep voice rumbled from behind Adam. He stuffed his cock back into his pants and turned around, leaving me exposed. Mr Sparrow, our teacher, was staring down at me where I sat on the toilet, my cock hard and leaking, my face dripping with teenage cum I could see it clinging to my eyelashes as I stared up at him in shock.

“Sorry, sir,” Adam said casually, and walked past him, out of the bathroom. Mr Sparrow sneered down at me. “Get yourself cleaned up, Mr Townsend, and get to class.” He walked out, leaving me alone in the stall. I absentmindedly started to scoop up Adam’s cum and lick it off my fingers. It was too good to let it go to waste.

I knew that, in a minute, I was going to have to face my classmates. And Mr Sparrow. What if Adam tells them? I was terrified, and excited, and still so horny. I pulled up my pants, finished arranging myself in front of the mirror, and set off down the hall to face my doom.

To be continued...

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