The Graduation Present: Part Three

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…

Part Three

I paused outside the door to my class. Mr. Sparrow had caught us, and he had seen me with Adam’s cum all over my face. And what if Adam told anyone else? How many people were going to know I was a faggot when I opened that door? I let out a moan that echoed down the empty hallway as I realized that I’d gotten hard again in my pants. There was nothing to do about it. If I waited any longer, Mr. Sparrow might get angry.

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

I stopped inside the door, dimly aware of the heavy thump as it closed behind me. Most of the class was gone. My eyes met Adam’s, and he smirked at me. I blushed and looked at everyone else scattered around the room.









My eyes met Colby’s for a moment, and I flashed back to the bathroom, to Adam jerking off in front of my face while I admitted to him that I wanted Colby to put his penis up my butt… Since Adam’s dad wouldn’t do it again.

“Ahh, good of you to finally show up. Since you couldn’t be here on time, you’ve volunteered to help me demonstrate today’s lesson,” Mr. Sparrow said, waving me over to stand with him next to the cold, black lab table.

“What do I have to do?” I asked him softly. He ignored me.

“Now, as this is an abstinence only education district, we haven’t been able to give you a thorough lesson on, well, sex. However, now that all of you have turned eighteen, you can consent for yourselves,” he lectured. My mind swam and my cock throbbed. How could I help with a sex education demonstration? “Everyone underage as been sent home early, and everyone who wants to leave has been given the chance, so let’s get started. Mark,” he addressed me, turning to face me. “Take off your clothes.”

“What?” I gasped, very aware of how hard I was.

“Remove your clothing,” he rephrased.

“Uh, what if I want to go?” I tried.

“You’ll fail. This isn’t optional for you.” I groaned at his words and pulled off my shirt. I’d known most of these guys since middle school. I was so hard, and taking off my clothes was making me harder. They were all going to see. I pushed my pants down, and at that moment realized that I had somehow forgotten to put my underwear back on at the doctors office.

Laughter erupted.

“Mark’s got a boner!” Colby jeered, and I felt it throb.

“Freeballin’,” Jake commented. I kicked off my pants and shoes, standing there hard and naked beside Mr. Sparrow.

“Oh, you’re hard already,” he said. “Good boy, that makes things easier.” He grabbed me by the hips and re-positioned me slightly, tapping my feet wider apart. “Move on up, boys. Make sure you can see.” They gathered around us, all staring at my penis. I was so hard. I glanced at Adam again and started panting, the taste of his cum still fresh on my tongue.

“Mr. Sparrow, I shouldn’t… I…” I tried to protest. He ignored me.

“Now, I know you all learned basic anatomy by this point,” Mr. Sparrow said, moving up behind me and pressing his pelvis against my ass. I could feel his cock, and my own let out a gush of precum. “You’ve probably all figured this out on your own, but I’ll go over it just in case. When you get horny and hard, like Mark here, you can masturbate.” With this, he reached around and grabbed my erection. I gasped, and then moaned as he started slowly stroking my cock in front of all of my friends.

“Mr. Sparrow!” I cried out, my eyes going from face to face. All my friends, watching our teacher jerking me off. And me, moaning and pressing back against him.

Like a bitch.

Like a slut.

Like a faggot.

“Now, some boys are straight, some boys are gay, and most are somewhere in-between. But every now and then,” he lectured, “a special kind of boy comes along.”

My eyes settled on Adam’s face, and I moaned as he smirked and winked at me.

“The kind of boy,” he continued,” that gets hard when he’s around other boys. The kind of boy that would just let himself be jerked off in front of his friends. The kind of boy who desperately wants to make other boys feel good.” He’s talking about me! He’s saying these things about me! I moaned and glanced at Colby, trying to imagine what his penis would look like. Knowing what Mr. Sparrow had overheard. I squeezed my eyes closed, trying to hold back. I couldn’t cum in front of them. I had to fight it.

“This special kind of boy is called a faggot,” he ground his crotch into my ass as he spoke, using the force of his strokes to bounce my ass back against him again and again and again. “A faggot isn’t a faggot because he’s gay. A faggot is a faggot because of the dirty, nasty things he will let anyone with a penis do to him.

He’s calling me a faggot!

I’m going to cum!

I started moaning like a whore, his strokes unrelenting. I looked down and watched as he held his other hand in front of my cock and caught the first blast of my cum in his palm.

“Uhhhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnngggggggggggggg!” I cried out stupidly, my eyes crossing as my teacher milked me in front of the class.

“Now, since you are lucky enough to have a faggot in your class,” he was saying as my orgasm came to an end, speaking loudly so that he could be heard over the laughter. “I think we should focus on how you can take advantage of a faggot.” My eyes were locked on his palm, full to spilling over with my cum. He was raising it higher with each word. Closer and closer to my mouth. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me. “Faggots are desperate for two things. Penises, and cum. They will eagerly lick up any cum offered to them,” with this, his hand reached my mouth. I closed my eyes, pretending that nobody was there to watch me, and started to lick my cum from his palm.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” I growled in pleasure, and more laughter erupted. As I licked my own cum from my teacher’s hand, my cock surged back to life.

Why did cum have to be so delicious?

“Faggots, as you can see, can cum as many times as they want. It doesn’t matter how many times a faggot cums, there is no such thing as too much penis to them.” He removed his hand from my mouth, only remnants of cum remaining, and ruffled my hair, wiping his fingers clean in the process. I could hear Jake’s deep guffaw over everyone’s laughter. Mr. Sparrow walked away from me, leaving me standing in place, and leaned against his desk.

It was quiet, save for the sound of my panting as I stood there with my own cum dripping from my face and clumping my hair, my cock rock hard even though my teacher had just jerked me off.

My mind went back to that night, to Mr. Rite fucking me with that huge cock while I sucked on his sons only-slightly-smaller penis.

Nothing but cock had mattered since then.

I looked around at my classmates, this time daring to glance down at their crotches. When my eyes settled on Adam’s crotch, he was clearly hard in his pants. He gave the long bulge a few slow strokes, my eyes following the movement.

“Now, I don’t want to embarrass anyone, Mr. Sparrow began, “so I’ll leave names out, but earlier I caught Mark sucking on another boy’s penis.”

I moaned in embarrassment, my cock bouncing between my legs. He didn’t leave my name out!

“Haha, Mark’s a fag,” Colby commented.

“That’s right, and faggots love to suck on penises. Isn’t that right, Mark?” Mr. Sparrow asked. I couldn’t answer. I just squeezed my eyes tightly closed as my cock bounced, my naked body on display for my classmates. “So, would anyone like to volunteer for the next part of the demonstration, in exchange for an automatic A?” My eyes snapped open at this and started darting from face to face again.

Was anyone going to do it?

Was one of my friends going to let me suck his cock in front of all my other friends?


“I’ll do it.” I looked over to see Tory standing up. “Fuck it, a mouth is a mouth, right?”

“Excellent. Step right up so everyone can see,” Mr. Sparrow instructed. I watched Tory walk up to stand next to me, angling himself so that everyone could see as he reached down and opened up his fly.

His cock flopped out, uncut, slightly chubby, and my eyes locked onto it.

I can’t suck Tory in front of everyone, can I?

Suddenly his cock was closer to my face, and I realized a split second later that I had gotten on my knees. I watched it swelling with each pump of his heart, getting bigger, getting harder.

“Suck his penis, Mark,” Mr. Sparrow urged me on. “Show them all how a real faggot does it.”

“Suck it,” Adam started chanting. “Suck it. Suck it. Suck it.”

“Suck it! Suck it!” Another voice joined in.

“Suck it! Suck it! Suck it!” More voices.

I moaned and dived forward, taking Tory’s cock down my throat. It was bigger than mine, but not as big as Adam’s

“Yeeeaaaahhhhh!” Cheering erupted.

“Now, you can see how eager he is for it,” Mr. Sparrow commented as I guided myself up and down Tory’s erection. “But one of the real beauties of letting a faggot suck your dick is that you can do whatever you want. Grab his hair, Tory, on each side of his head.” I felt hands tangle in my hair. “Very good. Now, hold on tight and just fuck his face however feels good. Tory held my head still and started thrusting down my throat in hard, fast motions.

“Fuuuuuuuuck!” He groaned “I’m getting close already!”

“That’s okay, go ahead and give him your cum. He’ll do this for you whenever you like, so you can take your time later.”

“Yeah, gonna give you my cum faggot! Give! You! My! Cummmm!” His cock exploded in my mouth, and I moaned as I went back and forth between swallowing the cum he was pumping into my mouth, and letting him squirt it directly down my throat as he thrust deeper.

Finally spent, he pulled out and tucked his cock away.

I just stayed there on my knees, dazed, looking up at Mr. Sparrow to see what was next.

“Now, I have one more thing to teach you. Faggots don’t just like to suck on penises and get cum in their mouths.” He walked over to me and grabbed me by the hair and the hips, positioning me on all fours. “Faggots, you see, are special. They don’t have asses. They have pussies, and once a faggot’s pussy gets a taste of cum, they’ll do anything to get more.”

My pusssssssy!

Was Mr. Sparrow going to fuck my pussy?

His fingers slid down my crack, and I arched my back as he teased my hole.

“Before I ask for volunteers, I overheard Mark saying that he wanted one of you boys in particular, to, and I quote, ‘stick his penis up my butt.’ Isn’t that right, faggot?”

“Ohhhh, yesss Sir!” I admitted in front of them, fighting to keep myself from looking at Colby.

“Why don’t you ask him, then?”

“I c-can’t!”

“Why not?”

“I… I… I…”

“That’s what I thought. Ask him, faggot. The worst he can say is no.” Mr. Sparrow ordered. I groaned and looked over at Colby.

“C-Colby… I… W-would you… Please, put your penis up my butt!” I groaned and my face sank to the floor, my knees spreading wider as I held my pussy in the air for Colby to fuck.

I want Colby’s cock in my pussy!

I’m a faggot!

I need to get fucked!

Fuck me, Colby!

Fuck me, Colby!

Fuck me, Colby!

“Well, Colby, what do you say? Want to demonstrate how to fuck a faggot’s pussy for an A?”

“Sure,” Colby answered, getting to his feet. I could see his bulge… In fact, I couldn’t see anything else. “A hole is a hole.” I watched him unfasten his belt, and then the button on his jeans, and then the zipper. He fished out his cock, tucking his underwear under his nuts, and I gasped.

It was beautiful.

“Yeah, faggot,” he sneered to me, walking around out of my field of vision. “I know.”

“With regular gay guys, you usually need lube, but with faggots you can just spit on their pussy and start fucking it,” Mr. Sparrow instructed.

Spit on my pussy.

He’s gonna fuck it!

Colby’s going to fuck my pussy!

I wiggled my hips more, shifting my weight back and forth as I worked my legs wider. I wanted it. I wanted Colby’s cock in my pussy. I flinched and then moaned when he spat on me, and then I felt the pressure meet my hole.

His cock.

That beautiful cock.

Gonna put it inside!

I felt myself relax, and he slipped inside me, like a hot knife through room temperature butter. And all I could do was moan like a whore as it slipped deeper, and deeper, and deeper inside me.

“Wow!” He gasped. “It’s so loose!” I moaned in humiliation, my cock throbbing, and felt my ass relax even more, welcoming him inside.

He stopped, pausing, with his cock half inside me.

Not going deeper.

Not pulling out.

I wiggled on his dick, trying to get him to move it, dimly aware of my other friends talking about what was going on.

What they were saying wasn’t important.

Getting fucked by Colby was.

“Colby! Please! Fuck me! Awwww, I need it, please! Please fuck me!” I begged. He chuckled and then obliged me, slamming his cock all the way into my pussy.

“Awwwwwww, yeeeeeeeah!” I drooled onto the floor as he started using my pussy.

Fucking it.

Tearing it up.

“Faggot,” he barked, breathing heavy, adjusting his angle to slam against my prostate.

“Ohhhhh, dude! Oh dude! Ohhhh YES. YEEEEAH! YES! FUCK, YES!” I was driving myself back against him, feeling so good. Getting fucked.

So good.

So fucking good.

Gonna cum!

“Cooooolbyyyyyyyy!” I cried out, shrilly, as my cock jerked and started to squirt my second load of the class onto the floor. “My pussy! Fuck yeah, my pussy!”

“Ohhh, I’m cumming in your pussy, faggot! Awwww, yeah! Uhhhhn, unnnh, unnnnh,” he cried out, slamming his pelvis against me, spewing cum deep inside my guts. When it was over, he pulled out and I just stayed where I was. He stepped around, and I could hear him pause. “Don’t waste all that cum on the floor, faggot,” he added before continuing on to his seat.


I pushed myself to all fours again and looked down between my legs at my second load of cum. I crawled around and leaned forward, licking it from the floor without thinking, my cock getting hard all over again. Mr. Sparrow led in the laughter this time. Friendly, good natured laughter at the faggot being a faggot.

“Well, I’d let you guys work on the lesson a bit more, but class is about to end,” he began.

“Uh, Mr. Sparrow,” Adam spoke up. “I think there is one more thing he can do for us that you haven’t covered. May I?”

“Feel free, Mr. Rite,” he answered, waving Adam up to the front of the class. As he walked up to where I knelt, he reached down and started unzipping his fly, reaching into his pants to fish out his cock. He stopped in front of me with it hanging out, and I stared up at him in horror.

“Adam, please, not in front of everyone!” I cried out, moaning as my cock throbbed between my legs.

“Open up, faggot. You know you like it,” he said, stepping forward. With a groan of defeat, I leaned forward and took his flaccid cock into my mouth, swallowing around it in anticipation, my own erection lewdly swollen between my thighs.

He’s going to do it.

Just like his dad.

Everyone’s going to see.

Everyone’s going to know.

Adam let out an exaggerated sigh of relief, and his cock started spraying piss into my mouth. I moaned and swallowed eagerly, desperately working to keep from spilling a single drop.

“Oh my god,” Colby said.

“Is he?” Marcus asked.

“He is!” Daniel yelled in glee.

“I’ve been saving it all day for you, faggot,” Adam said nonchalantly.

I squealed, my eyes crossing, still swallowing as my cock squirted out my third load of the lesson. Even as I came, I desperately kept swallowing Adam’s pee until he pulled out and sent the final few spurts splashing across my face and hair to drip down my naked body.

“Wow.” Mr. Sparrow’s astonished voice broke the silence, moments before the bell rang. My friends all left, composing themselves before walking out of the room. I gathered my clothes and started pulling them back on. “How’d you enjoy the lesson, Mark?” He asked, sitting at his desk and calmly sipping a cup of coffee.

My mind spiraled back through the events of the past few days.

Jizzing myself while swallowing Adam’s piss.

Jizzing myself getting fucked by Colby.

Sucking Tory’s cock.

Mr. Sparrow, masturbating me in front of all of my friends while he talked about me being a faggot.

Adam, cumming on my face as I admitted to him that I wanted Colby to put his penis up my butt.

Dr. Trent, getting me to tell him everything that had happened as he worked his fist into my pussy, and cumming as I cried out that I wanted to get fucked by my own dad.

Jizzing myself as he examined my penis.

My own brother treating me like a total faggot after I jizzed myself while sucking his dick.

Adam and Mr. Rite, doing all of it to me, making me into a faggot, making me want it, making me love it. I could feel myself getting hard in my pants, and from the look on his face he knew that.

“I… Oh, Sir, I loved it,” I confessed. “Oh, fuck, Sir, they all know now. They’re going to fuck me so much!”

“You’re welcome. Now go home.” He shifted his attention back to his computer, and I gathered the last of my possessions and left.

It was a long walk home, and for once I was thankful that I would have the time to get it together.

Before I had to face my brother.

Before I had to face Dad.

To be continued...

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