The Graduation Present: Part One

Nicky Noxville

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And now, our feature presentation…

Part One

I rubbed the sleep out of the corners of my eyes as I stumbled drunkenly down the upstairs hallway of my best friend Adam’s house, making my way back to his room. A soft beam f moonlight fell across the face of a clock hanging on the hall-wall. It was nearly four in the morning. I still felt drunk, but I had been drunk before, and it was somehow different this time. I felt like I was floating, and I know I should be concerned about it, but it was hard to think right.

Flashes of memories from our pre-graduation party crawled across my intoxicated brain, dragging a lazy smile onto my lips in their wake. Adam was lucky to have a dad who was so open minded. My parents would have never let me have a party with alcohol. Adam had been eighteen since just before the start of our senior year, and I had joined him in adulthood a couple of months later. Adam’s dad, Mr Rite, had said that we could have the party, with beer, as long as everyone present was a legal adult, surrendered their keys, and stayed until morning.

The other guys had all crashed on couches and air mattresses downstairs, but Adam and I had been friends for so long that I was used to staying in his room with him.

The door was nearly all the way closed when I got back. I paused, looking at the door in confusion. I was sure I left it wide open when I left for the bathroom. I pushed it open and stood in the doorway, staring into the room with my mouth hanging open.

Adam was on his bed, as might be expected given that it was his room, but he wasn’t alone, and he wasn’t lying down. He was crouched on all fours, and the erection bobbing between his legs was bigger than I… Well, I guess I’d never really thought about it before. My gaze moved to the man who was crouched over my best friend, it was Mr Rite, his father. I stared, wide-eyed, at the place where Mr Rite’s apparently massive cock was slipping in and out of his son’s ass.

Whuhhhh,” I heard myself begin, stupidly. I tried to fight the fog that was filling my brain. I just couldn’t understand what I was seeing, or why my own cock was getting hard in my sweatpants. Mr Rite pressed his hips against Adam, his cock buried all the way inside him, and Adam moaned. I watched Adam’s cock bounce. Then he looked over at me.

“It’s so good, Mark!” Adam panted to me. “He’s making me feel so good!” He threw his head back and moaned, and I watched as his cock started to jerk and spew rivers of cum across the sheets. Mr Rite pulled out of him, and Adam crawled off the bed and out of sight. I just stared at Mr Rite, at his huge cock, slick and glistening as it bobbed in the air. I could swear I was seeing it throb, the veins pulsing gently with his heartbeat.

“Come here, Mark,” he said slowly, calmly, staring into my eyes. “No need to be shy, it’s your turn now.” My turn? He wanted to fuck me? My best friend’s dad wanted to fuck me?

“Yeah, let him do it to you! It’ll feel so good, you’ll love it,” Adam said softly from the shadows. I had started to step forward without consciously meaning to. My shin bumped against the side of the bed, and I looked down, shocked that I had moved so much closer without meaning to.

“Take off your clothes, Mark,” Mr Rite instructed, waiting for me. “Leave your clothes on the floor, you don’t need them.” It seemed like such a strange thing to do, to take off my clothes in front of Adam and his dad. Why would I do that? It’s not normal, and besides, what if any of the guys downstairs woke up? They might see me. I felt my knees press into the soft surface of the bed. The soft sheets felt good against my skin.

Wait, when had I taken off my clothes?

“Good boy,” Mr Rite hissed softly. I was so close to him now, and all I could do was stare at his slick cock, at the way it pulsed, at the way it bobbed in the air, glistening in the small amount of light that filled the room. It looked ready. Ready to… to do… to do I don’t know what.

“I don’t… Why am I… Someone might see… I…” Slurred words tumbled weakly from my lips, and all the while I stared at Mr Rite’s massive cock in fascination, drinking in every detail. And still my knees carried me forward.

“Just relax and have fun, Mark,” Adam encouraged me from somewhere over my shoulder. “Just enjoy it.” He gave me a little push. I lost my balance and fell right into Mr Rite. His body felt so warm, and so… so sturdy. I gasped, and then moaned when his scent hit me for the first time. “It feels so good, it doesn’t matter if the guys see. Maybe they’ll make you feel good, too.”

His words sent a shudder through me, and I started to slide weakly down Mr Rite’s chest, huffing in his scent as I descended, his body heat sending fever into my brain that grew stronger as his cock came into clear view. It was right there, right in front of me, glistening, hard, ready… My tongue slid past my lips, reaching, closer, ready to taste…

Mr Rite laughed and grabbed me by the hair, and by the hips. He pushed, and he pulled, and the world spun before I found myself in the exact same position I had found Adam in, down to the rigid cock bouncing between my legs. I could even feel the sticky wetness of Adam’s cum on the sheets beneath me.

I let out a confused moan.

“I’ll let you give it a taste here in a little while,” Mr Rite promised. I stayed where I was, my body quivering, my muscles tight. I was wound tight, like a spring, waiting. I feared it. I craved it. Adam stepped in front of me, and I was distracted by my friend’s cock. It was still hard. I’d always thought my cock would be bigger than Adam’s, but he had me beat, no doubt. Still, it wasn’t as big as his dad’s cock. We had been best friends for years, and I’d even seen him naked before, but never hard. If I had known, I would have… I… What would I have done? My mind, and my body, were so overwhelmed. I just let myself explore his cock with my eyes. Adam’s hand came into view, holding a small, brown bottle. He moved it under my nose.

“Take a deep breath, you’ll like it, it feels good, too.” Adam instructed. It was like I was under some sort of spell. I obeyed without even thinking about it. My nose burned as harsh fumes flooded into my lungs, filling them with whatever was in that bottle. My head exploded, and I felt my cock get even harder, painfully hard. I let my breath out in a moan. Suddenly I wanted nothing more than for Mr Rite to make me feel good. I remembered how Adam had looked. I wanted that to be me.

“Do it again,” Adam instructed, still holding the bottle in place. I groaned with the last of my breath, and then obeyed. I huffed in more of the fumes, snorting them eagerly from the bottle, and felt even better than before. At the same time, I felt a weight settle into place behind me, and something pressed against my asshole. Adam took the bottle away.

“What doing to meeeeeeeee?” I groaned as I let out my breath. THe pressure against my asshole increased slightly, and I felt my ass relax against my will, allowing Mr Rite’s cock to being sliding into me, slick, frictionless, stretching me wider than I thought was humanly possible.

“We’re just trying to make you feel really good, buddy,” Adam answered me, as his dad slid in deeper.

“Oofh,”I grunted as Mr Rite pushed his pelvis against me. He settled against my back, wrapping an arm around me, and then started to rock his hips back and forth, gently at first, but in ever longer strokes, driving involuntary gasps and moans from me.

“Relax and enjoy this, Mark,” Mr Rite hissed into my ear before running his tongue up my lobe. I shuddered, and gasped, a shiver running up my spine. “You need this. You’ve always needed this.” He nibbled my lobe. “You’ll always need this.” He continued to chant sweet obscenities into my ear as he fucked me faster and harder, picking up the pace so slowly that I hadn’t even noticed. I was just suddenly being gloriously fucked, his cock giving me feelings I never even knew myself capable of having. My mind just soaked up his words, my eyes staring vacantly at Adam’s cock the whole time.

I didn’t know what they were doing to me, but I did know that I didn’t want them to stop. They had me.

“It looks like he’s about to shoot, dad,” Adam said wickedly, and he was right. I didn’t think it was possible, but Mr Rite was about to fuck the cum out of me. I hadn’t so much as touched my cock, not even once, and now I was going to cum like… like a faggot.

I’m going to cum like a faggot!

“Yeah,” Mr Rite cooed in my ear,” I want you to enjoy it. I want to make you feel good. That’s the whole point of this, I’m showing you how good being a faggot feels. Let yourself feel good.” I was bucking my hips back into his thrusts, taking it deeper, taking it harder. It felt so good, just like they promised it would. I wanted to do what he said. I wanted to just let go. I wanted to let myself feel good.

“Uuuuhhhnnnnnnnnnnnnnggggghhhhhhhhh,” my moans started deep, primal, guttural, broken by sporadic gasps for air. It rose in pitch until I was squealing like a bitch. My cock… My ass… It felt like they were… They were going to… Explode? It was too much! Too much! I continued to squeal and buck into the thrusts as an orgasm like nothing I’d ever experienced before hit me. Mr Rite was fucking the cum out of me, right onto the same sheets that his son had so recently soaked in his own seed.

When my vision finally came back into focus, I was still staring at Adam’s hard cock. The orgasm was fading, and getting fucked was starting to feel more and more intense. It was too intense, I was too full!

“Mr Rite, please, it’s too big!”I cried out. He just laughed and kept fucking me. I groaned and struggled weakly until Adam put the bottle back under my nose. I breathed deep without being encouraged. I knew that it was going to make all the good feelings come back.

And it did.

“Ohhhhh, Mr Rite, It’s so big!” I cried out in an entirely different tone, already pushing back again. “Adam laughed so hard that I could hear him snort. I realized how humiliating it was to have my best friend watching his dad fuck me, and that any of the guys could wake up and see this, but it didn’t matter. Getting fucked felt better than anything I’d ever done before. A string of drool ran from the corner of my slack mouth as I eagerly submitted to Mr Rite.

“You know what else feels good, Mark?” Mr Rite asked in a matter of fact tone. “Sucking on another boy’s penis. Faggots really love to do that. Why don’t you give it a try? Open your mouth and suck on Adam’s penis.” I had been staring at it blankly, but as Mr Rite spoke my gaze came back into focus on my best friend’s swollen dick.

Suck on it? Did I really want to do that?

Adam held the bottle under my nose again, and I took a long, deep breath. He kept the bottle there, so I breathed out and immediately filled my lungs again. Mr Rite changed his pace, pulling out at an agonizingly slow pace, letting a feeling of emptiness build in his wake, before he slid silkily back inside me. My bead was a soup of lust, but Adam still didn’t take the bottle away. I took a third breath, and Adam took away the bottle as I held it. I couldn’t think any more. No thoughts, only cocks. Adam stepped forwarward, and his cock was right there. I could smell it, and feel the radiant heat his body was putting off.

“Suck on my son’s penis, Mark. Do it for me. Let yourself enjoy it. Suck his penis for me,” Mr RIte chanted, withdrawing slowly until he eventually pulled out all the way, resting the head of his cock against the rim of my gaping hole. I waited. I wanted it. I opened my mouth. I needed cock inside me. Adam leaned his hips forward, and the head of his cock crossed the threshold of my lips. I let my tongue rise up to cradle it, taking delight in the soft, silky flesh that covered it, and in the hardness of it, and in the heat that radiated from it, warming my tongue. I’d never had a penis in my mouth before. I never thought anything could be so hard, and yet so soft. It tasted so good, so clean, so right. Adam kept pressing forward, sliding more of his cock into my mouth, as his dad started to press his cock back into my unresisting ass.

Adam’s cock.

Mr Rite’s cock.

Getting fucked.

Sucking cock.

I moaned, pinned between them. Adam pressed his pelvis against my face, his cock stuffed down my throat, and Mr Rite pressed his pelvis against my ass. They were both so deep inside me. As deep as it was possible to go. I couldn’t breathe, but it didn’t matter. Sucking Adam’s cock was more important than breathing.

“You were right, son,” Mr Rite said to Adam. “He’s a natural.” He started fucking me again, pounding away at me as Adam pulled out. I gasped in a breath and kept exploring his cock with my tongue. He slid forward again, and I just held my breath and swallowed around his shaft. They were both fucking me, father and son, each adjusting his pace independent of the other. My cock jerked between my legs, going rigid. My eyes rolled back into my head, and I started to cum again, pinned between them.

“I’m cumming!” Adam cried out, and his cock exploded in my mouth, filling every bit of available space with cum until a spurt burst forth from the corner of my lips. I started to swallow, moaning, and kept cumming, the orgasm going on and on. I knew that this was it, we had found it, the height of pleasure, the most a human person was capable of feeling. I was certain, this was it.

I was wrong.

Mr Rite moaned and pressed himself deep into me. I could feel his massive cock swell, and then start pumping his cum into me. It was like being hit with an orgasm while I was already having an orgasm. The pleasure that overtook me was as significant in magnitude when compared to the orgasm I had been having, as that orgasm had been to my normal state of being. Adam pulled out of my mouth, laughing breathlessly as he sent a few spurts of cum splashing across my face. I just kept cumming, squealing, and convulsing, impaled on Mr Rite’s cock.

Finally, Mr Rite started to pull out, leaving that same empty feeling behind. As his massive cock vacated my ass, it stayed relaxed, a gaping hole between my legs. I felt his cum start to gush out, running down my ball sack to drip to the sticky sheets. I stayed in place, panting, not sure what I was waiting for, concentrating on the drip drip drip, and the ache in my gaping hole. I could still taste Adam’s cum. It had all felt so good.

“You know,” Mr Rite began in a conversational tone, “Only a fucking dirty and depraved faggot would suck a man’s penis after getting fucked with it, before it even gets wiped off.” I crawled around in a little half circle, facing the cock that had just turned me into a bitch. I was mesmerized by how it glistened, by the way his cum clang to it’s length. I could still taste his son’s cum, I wondered if his tasted the same. “But I do remember promising you could give it a taste. Do you want to, Mark? Do you want to suck my cock clean?”

I already knew the answer. I opened my mouth and took it in, pressing myself all the way down its length, taking delight in the taste of his cum. It was getting softer, shrinking in my mouth, but it still felt good to suck on it. His cum was different from Adam’s, but still really good. He grabbed me by the hair and chuckled, holding my head in place as I kept swallowing his flaccid cock. Then, with no warning, it exploded in my mouth, again!

I felt my cock go rigid all over again, and started frantically sucking, swallowing, gulping, eager to taste more of Mr. Rite’s cum. By the time I realized what was actually happening, it was too late to stop it, even if I wasn’t already so worked up again that I didn’t want to.

I kept swallowing, my body tingling, so horny, so embarrassed that Adam was watching me swallow his dad’s pee. I knew that I would do this for Adam, too. I knew it was true, without a doubt, because I was about to…

I moaned, and swallowed, and hunched my hips, and came again onto Adam’s sheets.

“Happy graduation, son. I hope you and your friends enjoy your present.” Mr Rite said as, finally finished, he pulled me off his cock. I collapsed onto the cum soaked sheets.

Graduation present? You and your friends? Used, and spent, I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. I let them close, my exhaustion dragging me closer and closer to unconsciousness.

“I can’t believe he did that, dad,” I heard Adam saying, but it was so far away.

“If he’ll do that, he’ll do anything you guys want,” Mr Rite said. I couldn’t hold on any longer, and finally passed out.

When I woke up the next morning, I was still naked on Adam’s bed, and I could feel warm sunlight streaming in through the open window to fall across my body in a warm caress. I looked around groggily. Nobody was there. I looked down at my body and my face went red. I could see places where dried cum crusted my skin and matted my body hair. I got up and found my clothes in a pile next to the bed, except… My underwear was gone. I pulled on my sweatpants, stuffing my cock to the side; I had more underwear at home. I pulled on my shirt as I padded down the hall to the bathroom. I stepped inside, flicking on the light so I could look in the mirror.

I stared at my reflection in shock.

My face had dried cum all over it, and my hair was a clumped mess. I looked like I had blown the football team, I thought absentmindedly, scratching at the base of my cock through my sweatpants. I had to pee, so I went over to the toilet and tried to get my morning wood to go down a little bit.

Then I thought about what Mr Rite had done, and my cock got harder. I contorted myself so that I could empty my bladder, finally tucking my cock into as unobvious a position as I could manage. I stepped softly on the stairs. I didn’t want anybody to see me like this. The living room was a mess, but it looked like all the guys were gone. It was like everyone was gone. I pulled on my shoes and grabbed my keys.

When I got home, both my parents’ cars were gone, so I had dodged that bullet. I snuck upstairs, but right as I darted into the bathroom I ran into my older brother, Anthony.

“Whoa, asshole, slow down,” he said, and then paused, still blocking my way to the shower, staring at me. “Dude, you look like you got gangbanged.

“I didn’t get gangbanged!” I protested, remembering what I had done. My face went red, and I felt my cock getting hard again, sliding around in my sweatpants.

“Dude, there’s cum all over your face and hair… and your arms… Dude! You’ve got a fucking hardon!”

“Nooo, I…”

“My little brother’s a faggot!” He jeered, and I struggled to protest, confused by how horny I was all of a sudden.

“No, it’s not… It’s… I…” It was hard to think, like last night, I was just hard, and horny, but I couldn’t be like this in front of Anthony!

“Bro, look at this,” he said, looking down. I looked to see what he was talking about, and found myself staring at my brother’s cock. He had slipped it out the fly of his pants while we were talking, and it looked like he had a chubby.

“I… I… I…” I stared at his cock. I couldn’t look away.

“Fuck, you ARE a faggot!” He said, and his cock started to get hard as I watched. He started to tease it, moving it this way and that, trailing his fingertips up and down its length, all while I watched.

“Do you want to suck my cock, little bro?” He asked me, and I knew I did. I knew it was wrong, but I did. I fell onto my knees, bringing my face that much closer to his cock, and let out a single word in total humiliation.


I opened my mouth, and he leaned forward, and my brothers cock slid into my mouth. I could feel my own erection struggling against the soft, stretchy fabric of my sweatpants.

Then I heard a car door slam.

“That’s mom or dad. You better get my cum before they come in and catch us, Mark,” he egged me on breathlessly. “Yeah, get that cum little bro.” I was out of my mind, sucking him frantically. I wanted his cum, and I didn’t want to get caught, and it felt so good that I was going to… “Awww, here it is, little bro, swallow it all!” He cried out, and my mouth filled with his cum. At the same time, I started to cream my sweatpants, feeling the hot sticky cum running down my thighs and legs.

“What’s going on here?” A voice boomed behind me. Anthony pushed me back, and I fell on my ass, my erection still obvious in my sweatpants. He tucked away his cock. “Both of you,” he said softly. “Go to your rooms. We’ll talk about this later.”

I was fucked.

To be continued…

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