The Graduation Present: Part Four

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…

Part Four

I walked home in a daze, the path so familiar that I didn’t even have to think about where I was going. My cock remained hard in my pants as I flashed back to the depraved events of the past few days. I lifted my left foot to take the next step, and I was back in Dr. Trent’s office, his entire hand stuffed up my pussy, examining my prostate while I babbled about sucking off my own brother.

“I sucked Anthony! Ohhh, yeah! I sucked Anthony’s cock! Unh, Anthony’s cock! So good! So! Unffff, so good, so good. Ohhhh, Dr. Trent!”

The world came into focus for a moment, and then I took the next step.

“Did you enjoy sucking on your brother’s penis?” Dr Trent was asking, his hand moving inside me. Me, confessing that I did, and that I wanted my brother to fuck me, too.

Back to the present, another step.

“What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?” Dr. Trent was asking again, tugging back against my pussy, making it feel so good. Me, babbling how much I wanted my own dad to fuck me as my cock pathetically spilled a second load of cum onto my belly.

“D-dad fuck me? Dad… Fuck… Fuck me. Fuck! Fuck me! Dad! Yes! I want it! Fuck me! Dad, fuck me! Ohhhhhhhh, I want it, I, wunh, unh, unh, uhhhnnn, unnnnnnnhhhhhhhhh, ooohhh, nnnnnnnn!”

Back to the present, another step.

“What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?”

Back to the present, another step.

“Do you want to suck my cock, little bro?” My brother asked, his cock hanging out of his pants, my eyes glued to it.

“Yes!” Me confessing before taking my own big brother’s dick into my mouth for the first time.

Back to the present, another step.

“Awww, here it is, little bro, swallow it all!” Anthony, filling my mouth with his cum, and my own cock jerking and squirting into my sweats as a result of the depraved pleasure I was taking from blowing my big brother.

Back to the present, another step.

“What’s going on here?” Dad’s voice booming behind me as I swallowed the last of Anthony’s cum, my own orgasm not yet finished. Anthony, pushing me back, and me falling onto my ass at Dad’s feet, my erection obvious in my cum-soaked sweat pants.

“What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?”

Another step.

“What about your dad?”


“What about your dad?”

“YES!” I screamed, stopping on the sidewalk as my cock squirted in my pants. When it had finished, I blushed and looked around. I didn’t see anyone. I kept walking.

“What about your dad?”

My cock surged back to life as I walked on, bouncing back and forth between past and present.

“Did you enjoy sucking on your brother’s penis?”

“Yes!” I gasped, each step taking me closer and closer to the men I was fantasizing about submitting to.

My dad.

My brother.

“Do you want him to fuck you?”

“Yes!” I gasped, my cock throbbing as I turned onto my block.

“What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?”

“Yes!” I panted, getting a funny look from a neighbor. I didn’t care. I was so horny, I needed to get home.

To Anthony.

To Dad.

“Dad… Fuck… Fuck me!” My own words echoed in my head. “Ohhh, yeah, I sucked Anthony’s cock!”

I reached out with trembling fingers and turned the front doorknob.

“Dad fuck me! Ohhhhhhh, I want it!” My mind cried out. I stepped inside, walked into the living room, and froze. There they were, sitting together on the couch. Both of their eyes dropped to my cum soaked pants, and Anthony laughed.

“We need to talk, Son,” Dad said, crossing his arms. My cock jerked in my pants.

“Y-yes, Sir?” I said meekly, feeling like I could cum again at any moment, right in front of Dad. In front of Anthony. My knees trembled. Anthony gave me a wicked smirk and moved his hand down to his lap. My eyes followed the movement as he started running his fingertips back and forth along…

His… His…

In his basketball shorts, it…

It… It was hard, it was…

I licked my lips without meaning to, watching my brother gently tease himself sitting right next to our dad on the couch. I knew Dad was watching me, I knew he was going to notice, but I couldn’t look away.

My brother’s dick.

It had tasted so good, felt so good in my mouth, and now he had me watching as he ran his fingertips up and down the length of that beautiful cock.





All in silence.

All making me harder, and harder.

All while Dad was watching.

“You’re getting in trouble for sucking your own brother off, Dad began, “and you have the audacity to stand in front of me and stare at his crotch?” He demanded. I pulled my eyes from Anthony’s cock, noticing his pleased smirk on the way to Dad’s face.

My eyes met Dad’s, and I felt my cock lurch again before I could drop them. Without meaning to do it, my eyes settled on Dad’s crotch.

I can see the outline! I realized with excitement.

But he’ll get mad at me if he catches me staring at it!

I jerked my eyes away from Dad’s dick, and they landed back on Anthony’s.





I groaned and squeezed my eyes closed.

“Fine, you know what, if you want to act like a faggot, I’ll let you be one. Take your fucking clothes off, faggot.” Hearing Dad call me a faggot made it hit me with an impact like never before. The word rang through my brain, and each echo in my skull seemed to bring me closer and closer to just jizzing myself in front of my Dad and my big brother.




“Awwww, daaaaad, pleeeeeeeez,” I pleaded, gripping my shirt tightly and bunching it up as I automatically started to obey, not even needed to make the decision.

“No, if you’re going to act like a faggot, I’m going to treat you like one.”

“D-dad!” I protested, my hands already fisting the fabric of my shirt as I nervously fought the urge to just obey and get naked in front of my dad and brother.

“Shut up and take those fucking clothes off, now,” he commanded. I groaned, my vision blacking out as I tugged my t-shirt off over my head. I paused for a moment, my arms still raised, knowing something they didn’t.

Shoes aside, all I had left to take off was my pants, since I’d left my underwear at the doctor’s office.

I’m hard!

They’re going to see!

Ohhhh, fuuuck! I want Dad to fuck me!

I felt my hands brush against my stomach on the way to the front of my pants. I felt the button snap open, my head tilted back as I panted and tried not to cum just from getting naked for Dad.

Why does this feel so good?

I shoved my pants down, and my cock popped free to slap up against my belly. I kicked my shoes off as I stepped free from my pants, completely naked and exposed before my dad and my big brother.

Anthony pointed at my erection and started laughing. I felt my face go red, and pathetically tried to hide my cock behind my hands, moaning accidentally from the pleasure the contact gave me.

“Oh, so now you’re just going to stand there touching yourself?” Dad demanded.

“Dad! No, I… I was just trying…” I tried to explain.

“I don’t want to hear your excuses, faggot. You want to touch yourself, fine, I’ll let you jerk it like a pathetic faggot. Is that what you want?”

“Ohhh, Dad, noooo, I…”

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. Stroke yourself, faggot,” he said, and my arm trembled as I tried to keep from just giving in and wrapping my fingers around my dripping erection. I was panting, the tension of the struggle just making me feel more and more like I could cum any second.

“Here, bro, it’s easy,” Anthony said, and I watched as he fished his erection out from his pants. I stared at it for a second, my mouth hanging open, my own erection momentarily forgotten. “You do it like this,” he said, grasping his cock and starting to stroke it.

I moaned, and my hand flew down to grasp my own shaft and start stroking it frantically, standing there naked, on display, in front of my dad and my brother.

“There you go, Mark. Now, how long have you been a faggot?” Dad asked me, watching as I stroked myself. I slowed down, so close to the edge, about to jizz myself while Dad watched, while my brother watched…

I gasped and jerked my hand away from my cock.

“J-just a f-few days,” I said.

“Just a few days?” Anthony scoffed, making me blush. Making my dick bounce.

“Unhhh, yeah! I… I’ve only been a faggot for a few days.” Both Dad and Anthony laughed as I called myself a faggot.

“What happened? You tripped onto a dick and realized you liked it?”

“Ohhhh, fuuck, noooo, it was… It was…”

“Dr. Trent told me what you let him do to you,” Dad interrupted us. I gasped and started stroking again. My ass throbbed as I remembered the sensations of Dr. Trent working his whole hand into my pussy.

In my head I could see Dr. Trent again, standing over me with his fist buried inside me as he asked, “What about your dad? Do you want him to fuck you, too?”

“He also told me,” Dad continued, “What you want me to do to you.” I let go of my cock again, throwing both my hands back to keep from cumming. Anthony chuckled, watching my dick bounce, still casually stroking his own. “But I want to hear you say it.”

I panted and stared at Dad in horror.

I can’t say that to him!

Ohhh, fuck, I want him to do it!

“Please, Dad, I can’t!” I objected, the words hovering on the edge of my lips.

“Tell me what you want, faggot.” He barked.

“Ohhhhhh!” I moaned. “Daddy! I want you to fuck me!” Untouched, my cock started to jerk and spew cum all over the living room floor. “Unnnnhhh, fuck! Fuck! Fuck me Daddy!”

It had been almost a decade since I’d last called my father “Daddy,” but nothing else felt right now. My knees went weak from the pleasure, and I fell to all fours, my cock still jerking and dribbling out the last of my load.

“Holy fuck, Dad!” Anthony cried out in glee, grinning. “I knew he was a faggot, but daaaamn!” Dad stood up from the couch and casually pulled his shirt off over his head, reaching toward the front of his jeans as he stepped closer to me.

My eyes were fixed on his hands, and I felt my cock surge back to life.

I’m horny again already!

Fuck me Daddy!

My mind raced as I stayed on all fours, panting.

“Mark, I want you to scoop up some of your cum and rub it on my dick,” he instructed, his cock swelling, stiffening, bouncing with his heartbeat.

The cock that made me.

I reached down and felt around for my puddle of cum. All the while he stood before me, looking down at me with his arm crossed and his stiff cock pointed right at my face. I surrendered with a groan and reached out to grasp his cock, feeling my own cum squish slickly between his flesh and mine as I did. I gave him a couple of strokes, smearing my cum over the length of his shaft, making it glisten as it bobbed in the air.

“Good boy. Now scoop up a little more.” He instructed. I obeyed, reaching beneath me to scoop up more of my cum from the floor. “Now rub it on your pussy, faggot.”

“Daaaaddddy! My pusssssy!” I cried out as my hand moved back to start rubbing my own cum all around my asshole.

My finger slipped in without me meaning for it to.

I was so horny that my pussy was… It was loose… Like it wanted it, like it was ready to be stuffed again. I shoved four of my fingers inside, moaning in pleasure as I did.

“Stop playing with your pussy, faggot,” Dad ordered, and I jerked my hand free, letting out a groan of disappointment. “That’s my job.”

His job?

My pussy?

Daddy’s job?

He stepped around behind me, and I braced myself, arching my back and throwing my head back, a stupid grin on my face.

Fuck, this was so good!

Daddy’s going to fuck me!

I gasped when I felt the head of his cock meet my hole, my own cum letting it slide around effortlessly.

“Daddy! Fuck me! Fuck me Daddy!” I begged, quivering on the spot. I heard Anthony laugh, but I didn’t care anymore.

Daddy’s going to fuck me with my own cum!

He kept teasing my hole, sliding his cock along the length of my crack.

“Hey, son, go to my room and get the little brown bottle from the third drawer on my nightstand,” Dad said to Anthony.

Little brown bottle? I thought excitedly, remembering the little bottle Adam had held under my nose, and how horny it had made me.

“Here you go, Dad,” Anthony said a few moments later, handing the little bottle to Dad when he got back into the room.

“Do you want to suck your brother off again while I fuck you?” Dad leaned forward to growl into my ear, the head of his cock sliding into me as he did.

“Fuck! Yes!” I cried out. I didn’t care what they wanted me to do. Everything felt so good. Anthony laughed and stepped in front of me, his dripping erection inches from my face. At the same time, Dad brought the little bottle up under my nose.

I huffed it in eagerly without him having to tell me to.

“Scoop up more cum, Mark. Rub it on your brother’s penis,” he instructed, holding the head of his cock still, teasing me.

Rub my cum on my brother’s penis? I can’t do that, I’m about to suck it!

Still, I fumbled beneath me until I got another palm full of my cum and reached forward to grasp Anthony’s erection, squishing cum along his rigid shaft just like I had just done for Dad.

“Fuck, little bro, that’s nasty!” Anthony commented, rocking his hips as I slicked up his shaft with the remnants of my own load, all the while waiting, eager, for Dad to start fucking me.

Using my own cum for lube, I thought excitedly.

When I was finished slicking up my brother’s cock, and my hand was once again on the floor to help me brace myself, Dad put the bottle back under my nose.

“Breathe deep, faggot, and look at your brother’s penis. Yeah, it looks good, doesn’t it, all hard and dripping with cum?” I huffed in, letting each breath out in a moan as I got hornier and hornier, as my mind got foggier and foggier.

I watched a drop of my cum drip from his erection, falling to splash onto the floor, and before I knew what I was doing I had moaned in disappointment.

I huffed, and licked my lips, and stared eagerly at my big brother’s dick.

“Yeah, can’t wait to taste your own cum, can you?” Dad hissed in my ear. I gasped, filling my lungs with fumes again, and he took the bottle away.

I was flying.

I couldn’t think.

I couldn’t object.

I couldn’t do anything except be a nasty faggot.

And, fuck, did it feel good to be a faggot! I was rocking my hips back, trying to get Dad deeper inside me. At the same time, I stretched forward to lick some of my cum from my brother’s cock.

“You want it, faggot?” He asked, rocking his hips in unison with mine to keep me from being able to gain any control over what was happening.

“Daddy! Yessssss,” I hissed. “Pleeeze, fuck me! Awwww, fuck, I need it! Please, Daddy!” I was hunching back, out of control.

Then, it happened.

Everything I wanted.

Everything I’d been waiting for.

Dad thrust his cock into my pussy, violently, effortlessly, and as he did, I gasped in a breath, the air hissing between my teeth. He withdrew part way, and I groaned deeply.

“Uhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn,” I purred when he slid forward again, smoothly, stuffing his cock fully inside me, and he chuckled.

“Yeah, faggot, don’t think, just react,” he said, rocking his hips.

“Fuuuuuuhhhhhhhnnnnnnnnn,” I groaned, and then he withdrew again until just the tip was inside me. “Haaah! Huhhhoooooooo,” I cried out, my thighs quivering as I struggled to press back and take his cock back inside me.

Then he plunged forward again, smooth, deep, forceful.

“Uhhhhhhnnnnnnnn!” I heard him laugh again and realized that he was laughing at the sounds he was making me make.

Daddy’s playing me like an instrument, I thought deliriously.

My face went red, and I struggled to stop making so much noise, but my concentration broke as soon as Dad started talking again.

“Look at your brother’s penis, Mark. It’s dripping with your cum—don’t you want to get a taste of your own cum so that you can compare it to Anthony’s? He’ll be cumming in your mouth in just a minute.” I couldn’t believe what he was saying, but there was no denying how hot his words were making me.

He placed the bottle under my nose again, and I breathed deep, my eyes glued to my brother’s dick as I moaned and rode my Dad’s cock.

Like a slut.

Like a whore.

Like a faggot!

“Taste your cum, then get your brothers so you can find out which is better,” he instructed, and with a groan I opened my mouth and leaned forward. Anthony rocked his hips forward at the same time, and his cum-dripping cock was suddenly filling my mouth, sliding down my throat.

I moaned as my tongue sought out every drop of my cum, licking his swollen shaft clean. Finally, I’d gotten every drop. All I was tasting now was penis, and I found myself sucking frantically so I could get another taste of my brother’s cum, too.

What would Dad’s cum taste like?

I groaned in disappointment, realizing that I wouldn’t get to taste it today. And then I realized something that sent my mind spiraling out of control.

Dad’s going to cum in my pussy.

“Mmmmmmmmmm!” I cried out around my brother’s dick as this truth hit me.

Dad’s going to cum in my pussy!

“Fuck, Dad, this is crazy!” Anthony panted, fucking my face without any concern for me. Fucking my face exactly how I wanted it. “Ohhh, fuck, I can’t make it much longer,” he admitted.

I moaned knowing that my next mouthful of cum was that much closer.

“I’m going to cum soon, too,” Dad said, breathing heavy. “You ready for me to pump some of your little brothers up your butt, Mark?” He asked, shifting his hips before he started punch fucking me.

“Mmm–” I started to cry out, the sound escaping around my brother’s shaft, but he thrust himself balls deep into my throat and cut off my ability to speak.

Or breathe.

Or do anything but swallow, and lick, and suck, and be a faggot.

Fuck, I love being a faggot!

They were fucking me with no caution, no mercy, and I didn’t want any. Being spit-roasted by my own Dad and big brother was the best thing that ever happened to me.

“Aww, Dad, I’m cumming!” Anthony cried out.

“Be sure to pull back and cum in his mouth so he can taste it,” he said, panting, and Anthony slid back as cum burst across my tongue.

“Ohhhhhnnnnnggggggggg!” he cried out dramatically as he pumped my mouth full.

“Fuuuuuck, faggot!” Dad cried out suddenly, burying his cock inside me. I could feel it, swelling, swelling, swelling, and then it started to pump cum into my guts.

Daddy’s cum!

Big brother’s cum!

Oh, fuck, yeah!

I groaned and started to cum, my cock bouncing between my legs, untouched, as it squirted out a pathetically tiny load, the overwhelming pleasure filling my field of vision with dancing stars.

It feels so good to be a faggot!

My orgasm came to an end, and both cocks withdrew, leaving me panting on all fours, a stream of my Dad’s cum snaking it’s way down my taint, and balls, tickling the hairs it clung to on the way.

Dad and Anthony started to get dressed, but I just stayed there, watching them. I realized that something was different now. I felt different. I felt… At peace? Good? Horny? More than ever before, I realized that I felt like a faggot.

Sure, I’d already been a faggot when I let Mr. Sparrow humiliate and expose me to my friends.

And I’d already been a faggot when I let Adam jizz on my face in the bathroom.

I’d already been a faggot when I not only let my doctor fist me but creamed myself from the sensations of having his whole hand up my pussy.

I’d already been a faggot when I’d sucked off my brother the first time.

And it all began when Adam and his dad had fucked me into a faggot. I didn’t know any other way to describe it. I’d been straight the day before the graduation party, but there was no denying it.

But now, now that I’d been used, abused, and pumped full of cum by both Dad and my brother, I knew that I was a faggot like I had never been before, even when swallowing Adam’s pee in front of my teacher and friends.

My cock went rigid again.

I stayed there, panting, so horny, such a faggot.

“Just what I thought,” Dad said, taking a seat on the couch again now that he was dressed. Anthony joined him, not bothering to put his shirt back on. “Someone broke you, didn’t they faggot?”

“B-broke me?” I questioned, but he ignored me, turning to face Anthony. He started talking to Anthony, and even though I was watching them as I knelt there, I was too busy remembering what they looked like under their clothes to pay much attention to their words.

“…practice on your brother,” I shook my head and tried to pay attention. “…keep breaking him… more of a faggot each time…” My mouth dropped open and I started to drool.

Anthony was getting hard again, in his pants.

My eyes were fixated on my brother’s crotch, again.

“Mark… Hey, mark… Hey, FAGGOT!” Dad’s voice brought me out of my stupor. “Go wait in your brother’s room and he’ll be up to fuck you in a minute. Doesn’t that sound nice?” I struggled to answer, croaking and babbling. The idea of my big brother getting Dad’s sloppy seconds almost made me cum again. I tried to stand to walk upstairs to Anthony’s room, but it was hard to coordinate.

So I just crawled.

To the stairs, and up, not caring about scraping my knees. As I crawled up, I could hear Dad and Anthony laughing, but I didn’t care. Dad had fucked me, and it was everything I’d dreamed it would be. Now my brother was going to fuck me too!

I crawled up onto his bed and waited, my ears ringing in the silence. I was ready to get fucked by my brother, and if I was lucky, Dad might let me give him a blowjob at the same time!

With that thought, I blasted my third load of the evening onto my brother’s sheets.

The End.

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