A Game of Dragons and Domination

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter One: In which Pete and friends set out on a bargain of an adventure.

“I’m taking Faldor, the Half-Dragon Knight,” I announced, plucking the sheet from the pile in the middle of the table before anyone else could take it.

“Hey, I was looking at that one, Pete,” Keith complained, his cheeks going red when he realized how whingey he sounded.

“You snooze you loose,” I shot back. “Besides, I bought the damn thing.”

“Yeah, for like two bucks,” Keith muttered under his breath.

“What was that?” I asked, raising my eyebrow.

“All these sheets are dudes,” Heather complained, her annoyance focused at her boyfriend, Ray.

“Babe, does it really matter?” He asked, draping his arm over her shoulders. “The game is all in your head, so you can just imagine the character is whatever you want.” With his free hand he leaned in and grabbed one of the sheets, passing it to her. “What about that one?”

“Oruk the Half-Orc Barbarian?” She read with a raised eyebrow and an offended expression. Fortunately, Ray seemed to know how thin the ice was.

“You’ve never played a tabletop RPG before, and Barbarians are straightforward to play. We can all just agree that you’re character is a woman, right, guys?” He sought our aid.

“Yeah, I have no problem with that,” I helped my friend out.

“Me neither,” Keith joined in.

“See? All good?” He asked her nervously. Finally she cracked a smile.

“Alright, I guess you’re out of trouble,” she conceded. While they were talking, I watched Keith pick up Cedar the Human Druid, so when Ray turned back to the table, only Talos the Halfling Rogue and Othomon the Elf Healer remained.

“Shit,” Ray muttered. “I really don’t want to be healer.”

“It’s cool,” I pointed out, “Whichever one isn’t taken is going to be an NPC.

“In that case, I’m going rogue,” he grinned. “Babe, I’m a Halfling, your character can carry me.”

“Okay, everyone ready?” I asked. “Got your drinks, got your snacks?” Everyone nodded.

“So how does this work, Pete?” Ray asked. “Are you the game master?”

“No, it says that there isn’t one, and not to read ahead in the adventure book so that everyone can experience it together. To start we just roll turn order with the dice from the kit.”

We all took one of the many-sided, symbol covered dice and tossed them onto the table.

Clackackackackackackackackackackackackackack, the dice rattled loud—and I could see everyone covering their ears like I had—and then there was a blinding flash of light.

Chapter Two: In which adventurers meet in a tavern.

I was blind.

I was deaf.

I had no idea what was going on, or how much time had passed. The deafness was replaced by a ringing, that then started to fade into a myriad of sounds—raucous conversations, dishes clinking, cheers, some sort of medieval sounding band in the background. Then the blinding light started to fade away, and I was sitting at a table in an old-timey tavern, strange, confused faces blinking back at me.

“What’s going on?” I asked, jumping at the gruff sound of my voice, the wood legs of my chair squeaking as it slid back a few inches on the straw-strewn stone. I looked down at myself and saw… I was wearing a full suit of armor, but the gauntlets were off, and my hands… They were covered with shining silver scales and tipped with claws.

I was Faldor the fucking Half-Dragon Knight!

“Holy fuck…” I muttered in awe.

“I…” Another deep voice began speaking, and I looked up to see a horrified looking Half-Orc with pale green skin and short tusks looking down at himself in panic. “I HAVE A PENIS!” The Half-Orc yelled.

“Heather?” I asked, and he… She looked up at me.

“Who are you?” The voice asked, pitch and tone in disagreement.

“It’s Pete,” I answered.

“Pete?” The most normal person at the table spoke up—a man with tousled brown hair with bits of leaves and twigs that had apparently gotten stuck at some point, and that he didn’t seem bothered to remove.

“Keith?” I asked, remembering his sheet being the only Human.

“Um, guys?” A voice asked, and I looked over at a chair that I thought had been empty only to notice the wide eyed face of a tiny, though proportional, person… A Halfling.


“Yeah, it’s me,” he confirmed.

“I really can carry you,” Heather rumbled, a lopsided grin on his… her face.

“Ahh, you’re all here,” a calm voice observed, and we all looked over to see a tall, graceful Elf in white robes striding towards us, a younger looking man following behind him. He didn’t look quite like the Elf, I thought, so maybe a Half-Elf?

“I’m Othomon, from the Temple of Light, and this is Andrix, the man so in need of your aid.”

“Truly, I have heard of thee, each and all,” Andrix said, bowing his head. “Noble Faldor,” he greeted me. “Fearsome Oruk,” He nodded to Heather. “Nimble Talos, a jewel among thieves,” He nodded to Ray. “And Cedar of the green-wood,” He bowed to Keith. “Truly, it is thy reputations that led me to entreat thy aid. A most fearsome monster hath defiled the very holy sanctum that has been the source of my family’s power for generations—a Dragon. I beg thee, help me end this beast’s reign of terror.”

“We will help you, Andrix,” I accepted the quest, and everything went abruptly white.

Chapter Three: In which the forces of Heaven and Hell reach an accommodation.

The light faded and we were all suddenly standing outside the mouth of an enormous cave—it would have to be, to fit a dragon. I could see the others looking as confused as I was.

“At last, our weeks of travel are at an end, noble adventurers. We have arrived,” Andrix was saying. “There is no time to lose, we must venture on,”

“That’s really jarring,” the hulking Oruk commented, and it took me a second to remind myself that the Half-Orc was actually Heather.

“This whole experience is jarring,” Talos… Ray agreed, leaning against Oruk’s leg. “What did you get us into, Faldor?” He stiffened, realizing what he’d done. “Pete,” He added softly.

“I don’t know,” I admitted, “But I think the only way out is to complete our quest.” It made sense to me, at least.

“Like the willow, we must bend to the situation, lest we break,” Cedar said cryptically, and then his eyes went wide as he realized what he said. “That was weird,” he added.

“We’re our characters,” I reminded them. “Just go with it. Let’s go.” I started moving forward into the cave, ending the discussion. We had to help Andrix reach his sanctuary and kill the dragon.

I could just focus on that.

We rounded a corner and entered a large cavern carved from shiny, black rock.

“Stop!” A voice bellowed, and I saw the red-skinned devil lounging on a black throne, legs crossed. We froze, wary. “Only one may face me. Choose your champion; choose your sacrifice.”

“This is my fight,” Othomon said, drawing his ceremonial dagger from beneath his pristine white robes. “The light will prevail, devil,” the Elf added, striding forward across the chamber. As soon as he moved, I felt like I had been frozen. I could watch, but not act.

As Othomon approached the grinning devil, the monster uncrossed his legs. He missed a step in surprise, thrown off balance by the sight of two enormous red penises hanging between the devil’s thighs. Casually, he reached down and began to stroke them, one in each hand. They swelled rapidly, twin pillars of flesh rising.

“I see the truth, priest,” the devil chuckled. “And I know what desires swim in your mind. Give into them, and I will let your friends pass. Sacrifice yourself for pleasure and passage.”

“Othomon, stay strong!” I shouted, struggling with the force that immobilized me.

“I…” Othomon muttered, standing in place, clearly fighting whatever was happening to him. “Ohhhhhh,” he sighed, falling to his knees, his white robes defiled by the grime of the cavern floor. “I… I submit…” He started crawling forward, tearing his robes free as they got in his way, and by the time he reached the throne he was naked and covered with filth.

We all watched in shock as the Elf pressed his face against the devil’s low-hanging balls, huffing in breath after breath as the devil laughed and brought his twin erections down to slap against both sides of the Elf’s head at once.

The force holding me in place vanished.

“The sacrifice was made, you may proceed,” the devil dismissed us, turning his full attention to the broken elf.

“Quick,” I muttered in panic, “Before he changes his mind!”

Everything went white.

Chapter Four: In which our barbarian guards the rear and encounters an impostor.

“Oruk,” Faldor whispered to me, wait here for a minute and make sure that devil isn’t trying to follow us.

“Good idea,” I muttered, thankful to finally get a moment alone.

I had a penis…

They rounded the corner, and I reached down to lift my kilt, letting the cramped thing flop free. It had been fine at first, but when that devil had… A chill ran up my spine as I wondered what it would feel like to be with a guy who had two penises.

“Shit,” I muttered as it went completely rigid again. I squeezed it, and made my lip bleed from biting it to hold in my moan.

“Hey,” a voice made me jump. I stuffed my penis away and looked down to see Talos… Ray… My boyfriend…

“Don’t do that,” I rumbled.

“Sorry,” he muttered. “But I found something! Come and see!” I followed him down the tunnel and around a rock that had been hiding a side passage from view. It opened into a small chamber of plan, gray stone. I noticed what he wanted me to see right away. Sitting on a pedestal, on the other side of the room, was what looked like a skull with huge, deep red gems for eyes, and a rainbow of gems where teeth should have been. “I need your help, it’s heavy.”

I didn’t really need his encouragement, though.

Something about that skull was so… Fascinating. I knew that the gems would be valuable, that we could sell them when we got back to town, but that’s not what I wanted to do… I wanted it for… Me. I lifted the skull and stared at my reflection on the large, flat surface of the eyes. I saw a look of shock wash over my face as I felt…

It was the strangest thing…

It was like a pulling, but inside my head…

Like the skull was reaching in and taking something…

I felt a little rush of panic and started to put it down, but strong arms came around and braced mine, holding the skull in front of my face. In the reflection, I saw myself—my short, dark hair, my tusks, my pale green skin—only there were too many of me, and my faces had different expressions.

One was shocked, confused…

The other looked pleased, and hungry for something…

“That’s it,” my voice rumbled in my ear. “Just keep staring at it.” Two, short tusks, dragged across the skin of my neck, hot breath and a lashing tongue erupting between them. “Stare deep into its eyes, let it make you feel good; let it have your intelligence.” Hands like my own slid back up my arms, caressing my neck and shoulders before moving down to my waist, unfastening my kilt.

“Ah!” A gasp escaped me as my own penis slapped up against my belly. “Ahhhhhhhhh,” I cooed as fingers wrapped around it. Without thinking about it, my arms shifted and I raised the skull so that I could see not only my face, but my penis in the reflection.

I was standing behind myself, one hand on my waist and the other on my penis… Stroking it up and down… So good… So unfamiliar.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” I moaned wantonly, and came, watching him catch it in his other hand.

And all the while I felt the skull pulling at me… Taking from me…

And it felt good to let it happen.

My hands shifted again, bringing the skull closer so that I could stare more deeply into the eyes. At the same time, I felt a warm, wet mess slap against my ass, fingers spreading it through the crack of my ass until.

“Ah!” I gasped, a thick finger swiping across my hole. It had felt good when he made my penis cum, but this felt different… More familiar… I have a penis now, but, I’m a woman…

It was so hard to think. My penis was still hard.

I felt burning blunt pressure at my hole, and then he thrust forward. Pleasure tore through me, and my eyes crossed, locking onto the opposite eyes of the skull that was now inches from my face and getting stuck there.

“You’re fucking yourself,” I whispered in my ear, and without touching it, my penis started to cum again.

Chapter Five: In which our rogue fails a roll.

“Stop,” Talos warned us, eyeing the apparently empty cavern ahead. “It’s got booby traps!”

“How do you know?” I asked. He struck a dignified pose and brushed some nonexistent dust from his shoulder.

“It’s what I do.”

“Well, is knowing how to get past it also what you do?” I asked with forced patience.

“I thought you’d never asked. Either one of us needs to make it across to pull that lever,” he pointed across the room. “Or we can try and set off all the traps before we go through.”

“Do you think you can get across?” I asked, feeling Cedar’s and Andrix’s eyes on us as they followed the conversation.

“Piece of cake,” he answered confidently. “Hold my gear.” He pulled off his cloak and pack, passing them to me, and started tiptoing around the room, avoiding traps that apparently only he could see.


Silence fell as the tile Talos stepped on sank down a fraction of an inch. There was a rumbling sound, and Talos jumped back just in time as a thick rod shot out of a hole in the wall at the level of his ankles with such force that it probably would have broken bones. The split second of relief after he jumped back was quickly replaced by horror as the projectile froze in mid air and then swung around to knock Talos’s feet out from under him.

“Oof,” the Halfling grunted as he went down face first. He started to get up, and the rod slapped down against his ass, keeping him prone.

“That’s a sentient weapon!” Andrix warned me with a hand on my shoulder. “We have to be very careful. It will likely kill him if we try to intervene, and there may be other traps… We could kill him ourselves by stepping on the wrong stone.”

“What’s going on?” A deep voice asked, and they turned to see Oruk coming out of the shadows. “That devil isn’t following us, by the way, I made sure.” A distant, very quiet part of my brain reminded me that Oruk was Heather, and Talos was her boyfriend Ray… How would she take this?

“Stay calm, Oruk. Talos is caught in a trap and we’re trying to figure out what to do. If you go rushing in you could kill him.” Panic and concern as she stepped forward to see what was going on.

“Talos!” He shouted with a whimper, struggling to hold himself back as he watched the rod work it’s way into the waist of his breeches, tearing the back of them open until the Halfling’s pale ass was exposed.

“N-no! Oruk, stay back!” He called out “Don’t try to… Ahhhhhh!” He shrieked as the crystal ball on one end of the rod pressed against his ass, pinning him hard against the stones and continuing to press. “Oh no, oh n-n-noooo!” Talos whimpered as he felt himself opening up to the unrelenting rod. It felt slippery against him, which wasn’t making things any easier, and then… “Aaaaiiiieeeeeeee!” He screamed as the crystal popped into him.

“We have to help him!” Oruk insisted, tears in his eyes.

“We can’t. I’m sorry,” I comforted the Half-Orc.

Already penetrated, Talos struggled to quiet himself and ignore the rod that was now moving around inside him. It didn’t seem concerned with keeping him pressed against the ground anymore, so Talos got onto all fours once again and began crawling toward the lever.

There was still a chance, if he could just get there.

At least it wasn’t hurting anymore.

“Ohhhhhhhhh,” Talos moaned with that realization, feeling his rigid cock struggle in the shredded tangle of his breeches. He paused a moment, working the scraps free while the rod kept working his insides over. Freed of the scraps, he made it a few feet farther before stopping again, thighs spreading wider and back arching as the rod jab, jab, jabbed. “Oh. Ohhhh. Ohhhhhhhh! Guuuuuhhhhhhh,” he groaned as he sprayed the stones below with cum.

The rod didn’t stop, but after cumming Talos managed to pull himself together enough to crawl a little farther, so close… He froze again, almost within reach of the lever, blasting another load onto the stones. He stumbled a few final inches, fingertips just grasping the lever, and pulled it in a final, heroic act before submitting to the rod entirely.

“Ohhh, ohhhhh, goooooood, huuuuuhhhhhhnnnngggggg, guuuuhhhhhhh,” the impaled Halfling vocalized as his head and torso lowered to the grimy, cum-slick stone floor, his spread knees keeping his ass raised for the rod that was still working it over.

“’Tis safe to go now,” Andrix pulled them back to the present. “He achieved his task.”

“We can’t leave him like this,” Oruk said softly as we stepped across the stone chamber.

“We have but to defeat the dragon, and all the rod’s powers shall be lost, thy companion freed,” Andrix explained.

“Let’s go,” I said. “Cedar, can you scout ahead this time since our rogue is…” I cleared my throat. “Indisposed.”

Cedar nodded.

Chapter Six: In which a Druid goes wild.

I reached out and felt the familiar magic—natural, part of me—waiting for me. I grabbed it and pulled myself into a new shape. A mouse. I wish I’d thought of it for the last room, I mused, scratching my way along the tunnel. I might have been able to save Talos, if I had.

Best not dwell on that.

I rounded the corner and entered the next cavern—a large, mossy chamber with a spring pool to one side. I froze, I wasn’t alone. Ahead of me I could see four hooves standing on the moss, and I looked up to see a centaur towering above me. If mice could blush, I would have been blushing, because from my low angle I could see his huge, horse cock hanging down, many times the length of my body at the moment.

I met his eyes, and he grinned right at me!

He noticed me!

A little flutter of panic threw me off balance, and I lost control, reverting to my human form.

“Ahh, that’s better,” he said before letting loose a stream of piss that washed across the mossy stone, filling the air with a scent that was… I didn’t really know what to make of it, and then I noticed that I’d gotten hard.

“I… I’m sorry, I…” I stammered.

“Better, but not quite right,” he added as if I hadn’t spoken. “A man is bigger than a mouse, but still too small to get fucked by a centaur. I felt that rush of panic again, but instead of reverting to my native form, I suddenly found myself standing there as a horse...

Chapter Seven: In which one and a half dragons are present.

“I assure thee,” Andrix was assuring me, “All thy companions shall be safe and well the moment the dragon is defeated. There is but one chamber more!”

“I don’t like this,” I said. “Oruk?”

“I don’t either,” the Half-Orc said. “But the best way to save Talos and Cedar is to win.”

“Prepare thyselves!” Andrix whispered. “The final chamber is near, just around the bend.” I moved up to the corner, drawing my sword silently.

“Ready?” They both nodded. “Three, two, one,” I spun around the corner and burst into the large cavern. The walls were decked with gold and gems, but it was otherwise empty. “He… He isn’t here!” I cried in chagrin.

“No.” A voice rumbled, both familiar and alien. “The dragon is here.” I watched Andrix step forward into the center of the cavern, turning to face us with a hungry grin. “I am Orandralatheramonadrix.”

As the dragon uttered his own name, a storm of magic swirled through the cave, momentarily blinding me. When my eyes cleared, a gleaming, silver dragon stood proudly before us.

“Oruk! Quick, we can take him together!” I tried to inspire my companion, but the Half-Orc just chuckled.

“Yeah,” he said, walking up to stand beside the dragon. “About that. Oruk has been gone for quite some time.” His form shimmered, and suddenly I was facing myself.

“Doppelganger,” I hissed.

“Your companions have fallen, one and all,” the dragon laughed, and I felt his hot, spicy breath wash over me, making me momentarily dizzy. “Fallen to such delights as they never imagined. And now, my sireling, your time has come.” He stood up and took two graceful steps, turning slightly so that I could see…

I could see…

His penis…

The dragon’s penis…

It shone, like molten silver…

“Sireling?” I questioned, struggling to try and pull my eyes away from his erection.

“Yesssss,” he hissed, more spicy breath washing over me in a wave of euphoric disorientation.

“Ahhh,” I whimpered.

“Yessssss,” he said again. “I’ve seen this day coming since the moment I put you in your mother’s belly. It was your fate to come here, to submit to me. It’s the purpose for which you were born.” He was all around me, swirling, caressing scales, lifting me from my feet, flipping me until I didn’t know up from down. “It’s why I allowed you to be born.”

Stone materialized beneath my hands and knees, and I felt the heavy weight of the dragon looming over me, his cock poised at my hole, meeting little resistance, my own cock rigid and leaking already.

“Do you want it, sireling?” He asked, spicy breath swirling around me.

“Yessssssssssssssss,” I hissed, giving up the fight.

There was no winning.

There was no escaping this.

Orandralatheramonadrix was right, this is why I was born.

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