The First Dive: Chapter Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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“Bro, get up!” A hand was shaking me. I didn’t even have to open my eyes to know that I hadn’t been sleeping long. “Terry, you’re supposed to take me to my game today. I’m going to be late.” Fuck, little brothers are so annoying. James was old enough to drive himself, but he was such a shitty driver that he wasn’t even allowed to borrow my car.

“Fine, I’m awake.” My voice had that morning gruffness to it, sounding far deeper than it usually did.

“Awake is good, but why don’t you actually get up so I don’t have to go through this whole thing again in two minutes?” I could tell he wasn’t going to leave.

“Dude, I just went to bed.” I rolled over to face him, but kept my arm over my face so that the light wouldn’t hurt my eyes.

“That’s your fault. Mom’s been telling you about this all week, come on!” I moved my arm to glare at him, but I was immediately distracted. There he was, wearing his baseball uniform. We were only a year apart, but he looked even younger than he was. The uniform looked different, and it took me a little while to figure out what it was—my brother, my little brother, was looking fucking sexy in his baseball uniform. My eyes went to his crotch; His package looked huge. When had that happened? I pulled my eyes back up to his face, panicking momentarily that he’d seen me staring at his package, but he had been looking out the window.

“Well?” He looked back at me, shifting his body and crossing his arms. Somehow this made him look even sexier.

“Uh, yeah. I’m up.” I sat up in bed, but I couldn’t get up until he left; my cock was too hard. “Meet you downstairs in five.” He rushed out the door, and I stood up. My boxers were tented obscenely. I was hard over my little brother in his baseball uniform. I shook my head and started getting dressed.

We didn’t talk much on the drive back up to school. I was busy trying not to get hard over him again, and he obviously had something on his mind. I kept stealing glances at my sexy little brother, and then mentally admonishing myself for getting that much closer to an embarrassing hard-on in my jeans.

“You want to stay and watch the game, bro?” It was a question, I knew that, but somehow his tone made it feel more like a command. I felt it sink into my mind, and couldn’t disobey

“Yes, I want to stay and watch your game.”

“Cool.” The rest of the drive was silent. I parked, and he went off to join his team. I sat in the bleachers, watching my brother play. I wasn’t following the game at all, just keeping my eyes on my little brother in his sexy uniform. Half way through the game, I watched my brother walk over to the side of the bleachers, catching my eye and waving me over to him. I followed him under the bleachers until it was mostly dark.

“I’m really stressed bro. I need your help, or I might lose the game.” He looked serious, but he also looked like he had a secret and was trying not to smile over it.

“My help? What can I do?” He was staring right at me. I fought so hard to keep my eyes from dropping to his crotch.

“I need you to suck my cock.” I was so busy trying not to look at his crotch that it took me a minute to catch his words.

“Wait, you what?” My eyes dropped against my will, and I could see the outline of his shaft running across his leg.

“You want to suck my cock, bro.” He pulled out his cock. “You need to have it in your mouth. You want to make it feel really good. It’s true. Isn’t it? I’ve been able to tell for a while now. I can see it in your eyes.” My eyes were glued to his cock, my ability to resist was gone. It was huge. My little brother’s cock was bigger than mine. Fuck… I needed it. I needed my little brother’s cock. I needed to please any cock that was offered to me, and my little brother was offering me his cock. I had gone rock hard in my pants, and he knew it. “Suck my cock, bro.” I sank to my knees in front of my little brother, his huge cock hanging out of his baseball uniform. “Better get to it. You don’t want someone to come looking for one of us and find you blowing your little brother, do you?” I moaned, and took his huge cock into my mouth, getting half of it in before I started to gag.

“Too late for that,” a voice came from deeper under the bleachers. I knew that voice. Fuck, fuck, fuck, it was my best friend.

“Hey, Mike,” James greeted my friend, still shoving his cock deep into my throat. He kept making me gag, but I also noticed he was managing to get deeper and deeper into me. But the fun didn’t end there. “Adam,” he addressed my other best friend. Double fuck! I was screwed. I could see them as they moved up beside us, their eyes glued to my mouth on Jason’s shaft.

“Terry,” Mike stared at me, his eyes wide. “Dude, you’re blowing your own fucking little brother.” His eyes went wider as he heard me moan in response to his words.

“He’s a fucking bitch,” Adam said, leaning in to watch me accommodate my little brother’s huge cock.

“He’ll blow you guys too, if you want. All you have to do is offer him your cock, and he can’t help himself, isn’t that right, big bro?” I just moaned around his cock and closed my eyes. My two best friends were watching me suck my little brother’s cock, and I was fucking horny as hell. Fuck, I wanted them to offer their cocks. I wanted to taste my best friends’ cum. My gag reflex was gone, and I felt my nose press into my little brother’s pubes. He stayed there, and I kept swallowing around his cock. “Here you go, bro.” His cock swelled in my throat, and then my brother started moaning, shooting cum deep inside my throat. He started to pull out, stopping to shoot the last of his cum into my mouth. I kept swallowing, my own cock jerking painfully in my pants as I thought about my little brother’s hard cock. Suddenly he pulled out. “Got to get back to the game. You guys have fun,” he laughed, tucked his cock back into his uniform, and ran back to the game. I actually felt sad that his cock was gone. I was still so horny.

“You a fucking fag now, Terry? You a fucking bitch for your own little brother?” A tear ran down my cheek as I moaned, my eyes glued to his crotch. “Fuck, you’re even fagging out on me, aren’t you? You’re staring at my cock. He grabbed his package, and I moaned.

“Damn, Terry. You’re fucking boned and drooling over your friend’s cock,” I looked over to Adam as he spoke. I could see his cock, swelling in his jeans. I licked my lips.

“I bet you’d just start sucking me if I pulled it out right now, wouldn’t you? You’re that much of a fag slut.” Mike groped his package again, and this time I could see that his cock was huge and hard. He started to slide off his pants. His hard cock was slowly revealed. Before I knew it I was crawling over to him and taking his cock into my mouth. My best friend’s cock huge, hard, and as I took it into my mouth I felt a small spurt of pre-cum as my tongue played it’s way down his shaft.

“I can’t believe what a fucking fag slut you are. I can’t believe you’ve been able to restrain yourself all these years.” I buried my face in his pubes, his cock all the way down my throat. “You’re loving your best friends cock, aren’t you?” I could only moan.

“Bet he likes getting fucked like a woman, too,” I heard Adam say as he slid his hand into the back of my jeans to brush against my ass hole. I moaned louder, thrusting back on his hand and taking more of Mike’s cock into my mouth.

“That’s a yes,” Mike laughed. “Do it, man. Fag sluts love getting their pussies pounded.” Hands reached around my waist and started to unbutton my jeans. I couldn’t believe it—my two best friends were about to use me for their pleasure, just like the men in the video. I shifted around, trying to help Adam get my pants off and keep Mike’s cock in my mouth at the same time. My cock bounced up and slapped against my belly.

“Damn, he’s lovin’ it,” Adam commented. “About to be lovin’ it even more, aren’t you?” I moaned as he licked his fingers, covering them with saliva and moving them back to my hole. I moaned and sucked Mike’s cock harder.

“Shit! You’re the best cock-sucker I’ve ever met, slut. You can’t fucking get enough, can you?” I moaned. It was true, I couldn’t. “I can’t believe I was your best friend for all these years and you were holding out on me. Shit, I can’t believe you didn’t try to do something sooner; you’re such a slut.”

“Get up on all fours,” Adam commanded me. “Mike, you have to get down on your knees so I can fuck him while he blows you.” Our bodies shifted, and I managed to keep Mike buried in my throat the whole time. I was on all fours now, still sucking Mike like an eager whore. My legs were spread, like the boy in the video, and I felt Adam settle in between them. His cock was hard, lubed with his own saliva, and he pressed it against my hole. I moaned and relaxed. He started to slide inside. Soon my two best friends were using me for their respective pleasures, grabbing and pulling me onto their cocks. I loved it. It felt so good. They were pounding me rough, and I wanted more. I was going to cum. Both my friends were balls deep inside me, pressing me between them, and I was going over the edge. My cock started shooting between my legs. I moaned louder and sucked harder as my ass contracted, spurt after spurt of cum spraying the ground beneath us.

“Fucking bitch is cumming without touching himself!” Adam said just a little too loud. “Oh, shit. I’m cumming too.” He started to pump his cream into my ass, and then my mouth was filling with cum too.

“Take it, Terry,” Mike had his hands on my head, holding my head all the way down on his cock. I was being filled with cum from both ends.

I hid in the car for the rest of the game, half terrified that more men would get me to pleasure them if I stayed, and half hoping that they would. I couldn’t understand why this was happening to me, and I couldn’t understand why I enjoyed it all so much. There was a knock at the window. It was James. I unlocked the door and he climbed in.

“We won. It’s all thanks to that stress relief you gave me.” He winked, I blushed. I started driving home in silence.

“Pull over here,” he told me when we were half way home. I obeyed and then looked over at him. “I feel like celebrating. He unfastened his pants and pulled out his cock again. “Why don’t you help me celebrate?” Shit! I was about to suck off my little brother for the second time in one morning. I couldn’t help myself. I leaned over and started taking him deep into my throat…”

He kept making me blow him all weekend. Sometimes he would just walk up to me and pull out his cock. I started trying to hide from him, but he kept finding me.

“Bro, if I have to look too hard to find you, I might decide that a blowjob isn’t a good enough reward for my efforts. Do you want to get fucked by your little brother?” The idea simultaneously repulsed and aroused me. I couldn’t wait for Monday. Maybe I’d stay late after school so that he wouldn’t have as many hours to corner me.

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