The End of Infinity, Part Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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Part Two

The once mighty hero Infinity lay on a metal table, restrained, his mighty erection standing rigid from the torn crotch of his cum-soaked uniform. He blinked and licked his lips as cum dripped down his face, struggling to process what had just happened.

He’d asked his faithful sidekick, Nine, to help him out… There was that damn ring on his cock, filled with glowing, bubbling pink liquid. He knew it was changing him, and… He shook his head and mustered a feeble resistance as he realized that he was starting to like it.

“No, no, Nine, you must have misunderstood, buddy! I need you to get THE RING off my penis. Aww, buddy, it’s changing me! You’ve gotta get it off!” The hero found himself begging, unable to meet the super-dog’s eyes.

Nine leaned in, sniffing right at the base of Infinity’s erection, where the ring was fixed in place by the hero’s own bloated cock. He looked up at his master, who looked away when their eyes met, and then gave the hero’s penis another long, slow lick from root to tip.

“Niiiinnnneeeeeeeee, nooooohhhhhhh!” Infinity squealed as he came again, showering himself with more cum. When he came back to his senses, but before he could blink the cum free from his eyelids, he realized that he could feel hot, panting breaths against his cock.

He was still hard.

He was still horny.

Nine gave his penis a third lick, sending a third fountain of cum flying into the air to blind the moaning hero.

“Good boy, Nine,” my longtime anonymous arch nemesis, The Architect, who turned out to be the same scientist who had created me, said as he walked back into the lab.

–Thank you, Master.– I heard a voice in my head, a voice that was strangely familiar.

“N—Nine!” I cried out, stuttering as I swallowed the cum that dripped into my mouth when I parted my lips to speak. “You can… Speak?”

“Subject Nine is telepathic,” Doctor Rocco Richmond said, his words slow like honey.

“Subject… Sub… Nine?” The hero whined, staring at his dog, wide eyed.

–You didn’t think it was a little too convenient, a dog for you to rescue from The Architect with the same powers you have? And more.– The dog tilted his head, his tongue hanging out in a derisive doggy grin.

“And it’s thanks to you that Subject Nine exists. If you hadn’t murdered him, then he would have never gotten stuck in a dog’s body.” The Architect explained, and Infinity struggled to fight for understanding through the fog of arousal that was growing denser by the moment.


That couldn’t be, the hero thought. He’d only killed once, and he’d had no choice—the minion of The Architect he’d been fighting had taken lives, and he had many more in thrall. Killing him was the only way to free them, it was the only way to stop him… To stop…


–I was, but you murdered him. Now I’m Nine.– The dog replied.

“I didn’t murder anyone! You killed all those children! You used your mind control powers to make that poor caretaker do it!” Infinity screamed.

–Didn’t do it. Never killed anyone, I was innocent.– The dog sat up straight, looking dignified.

“You… You’re lying!” He squealed.

–Dogs don’t lie.– Nine said as he returned to his bed and lay down, watching.

“Noooo,” the hero moaned.

“Don’t despair, Danny,” The Architect said, deliberately using the name Infinity, Daniel Davenport, had gone by during the experiment that gave him his powers. “You don’t need to think about it. Focus on something pleasant, here.” There was a buzzing sound, and the restraints gave way.

“Ohh,” the hero moaned in excitement, “Thank you, Sir!” He slipped sideways off the table, falling to his knees in front of The Architect. He couldn’t think about that, though. Freed, all he could think about was getting that ring off his cock.

He fumbled at it, moaning whoreishly to the doctor’s delight as the activity brought him dangerously close to a fourth orgasm, but it wasn’t his fingers that ultimately sent him over the edge.

It was the realization that the ring was stuck in place, his cock so swollen that there was zero chance of being able to remove it. He tried to look up at the doctor’s face and found himself staring at the man’s cock instead.

It was rigid.

It was huge.

It was leaking.

The Architect tangled his fingers in Infinity’s hair and pulled him in. The hero meekly opened his mouth and let the villain’s penis in. It was about halfway in when Infinity started gagging. The doctor backed off for a few seconds, and then started pulling again.

Again, the hero gagged.

It’s not that it’s gross, the hero realized as the doctor’s erection slid over his tongue; it’s just a reflex.

Again, the hero gagged. And again. And again.

The Architect realized that he was failing to get any further into the crumbling hero’s mouth and snorted in disgust as he pulled the hero off and pushed Infinity over onto his back.

The cold concrete did nothing to cool the fire spreading through Infinity’s mind and body. He looked down at his erection, swollen so rigid that he couldn’t remove the very ring that was making him so horny in the first place.

“You might want to leave for this next part, Nine,” the doctor warned the watching canine villain.

–Can’t I watch?– The dog asked psychically, tilting his head.

“Sorry, but I’m going to be introducing more radiation than your collar can filter. If you stay in the room, you’ll suffer the full effects. I’ll call you back in when it’s safe.” Nine got to his feet, stretched, and padded lazily out of sight.

“We have a problem, Danny,” The Architect said as he knelt next to the prone hero. “This isn’t going fast enough.” He reached down, grabbed the material of Infinity’s suit near the neck, and tore it open. As cold air washed over his cum-damp skin, his cock started to bounce and jerk.

He was a hair away from cumming again.

The doctor kept removing the ruined scraps of Infinity’s super suit, tossing them to the side as he watched the hero stare at his own cock and struggle not to cum. When he tugged the legs off, Infinity’s erection brushed against his abs, and he started to let out a squeak that started too faint to be heard and gradually grew.

His penis stood rigid.

He lay there, staring at his cock, muscles tight. He gasped and drew in a shuddering breath, ready to…

“Unhhhhhhhhh!” He cried out as cum fountained from his erection, splashing down across his bare skin.

“I know, Danny, it feels good to be naked, doesn’t it?”

“Aww, gooooooood!” He droned, still cumming, the glowing, bubbling, pink liquid in the ring keeping his penis too hard to remove it. It was changing him, his genes, and not just the being horny part.

He could feel it.

He licked his lips, tasting some of his own cum again as he remembered the taste of Doctor Richmond’s cock; The Architect’s cock.

It’s making me gay, the horny hero thought, and his cock throbbed even more.

“Take a look at this, Danny!” The Architect said, holding a bulbous object over the prone, cum-dripping hero. Infinity looked up, and his eyes went wide as he took in the large, tapered bulb and flared base. He’d never seen anything like it before, but he could already guess where it would go.

That was scary enough.

But what really frightened the trembling hero was the glowing pink liquid that was filling the transparent plug. There had to be at least twenty times the pink compound in the plug as there was in the ring!

“You can’t do this to me,” the trembling hero squeaked, both exhilarated and terrified by the thought of The Architect bringing that object close enough to him for the boiling to start. He remembered how the ring first felt, and that was just a little of the pink stuff; he could only imagine what that much would do to him, especially if they put it inside him. “I’m…” He began, struggling to put a little authority back in his voice. “I’m Infinity!”

“No you’re not,” the villain said, clicking his tongue. “You were Infinity, but not anymore.”


“You’re not Daniel Davenport, either; you’re just Danny now. I’ll find a new name for you later, if you turn out useful for anything but fucking.” He crouched beside the fallen hero and his hand moved the plug down to hover over his glistening chest. The pink fluid inside it began boiling furiously inside the container as it came near to Danny’s skin, and he felt the heat it was radiating slam down into him.

He moaned, and felt his nipples stiffening, so hard that it hurt; like buttons about to pop free of a shirt under too much strain.

“Nooo, Sir, please!” The fallen hero whined as The Architect moved the plug down his body, an inch away from his skin, sending waves of heat radiating through his body. A hand lifted Danny’s leg and he felt the plug getting closer and closer until it came into contact with the former hero’s hole. “Ohhhhhhhh,” he cooed. “Wooooowwwooooahhhh!” Doctor Richmond was pressing the plug forward. Danny knew that he should resist, but he felt himself just relaxing and letting it in.

“Theeeeere you go,” the villain said with glee as he watched the former hero’s ass snap around the base of the plug. “That feels good, doesn’t it?”

Danny lay panting in silence for a few moments as he tried to sort out the unfamiliar sensations that were overwhelming him. It was so hard to think, and he could feel that thing inside him radiating in addition to the unfamiliar feeling of fullness and pressure.

And his cock was still so hard. His body felt so strange, unfamiliar, and… Good. It felt good. He writhed in a puddle of his own cum, feeling his body as if for the first time.

He felt good inside his skin.

“Ready to try again?” The Architect said. Danny looked over and immediately fixated back on the doctor’s erection, licking his lips. Slipping and sliding in his own cum, Danny fought his way onto all fours and started to crawl over to his enemy. The former hero knew, with more certainty than he’d ever felt about anything, that he needed to worship that beautiful cock. He lunged toward it, but fingers tangled in his hair and caught him, holding him back, mere inches from what he so desperately wanted.

“Are you straight?” The Architect asked Danny, holding him in place until he got his answer.

“Nooo! I’m gay! Awww, yes, I’m gay! Let me suck it! Please, I’m gay!” The broken boy babbled. The villain laughed and let go, allowing the former hero to impale his face on his massive erection while Danny’s own dong bounced between his thighs, rigid, on the verge of another orgasm.

“You’re not gay, though,” The Architect pointed out. Danny made a confused moan around the shaft and started to pull back. Hands on the back of his head sent him gliding back down the shaft until his nose was pressed into the doctor’s pubes and he was swallowing around the meat lodged in his throat, not the least bit concerned by his inability to breathe. “You went past gay already. You’re a faggot.” He let go of Danny’s head, and the shocked young man fell off the villain’s dick with a loud slurp.

“Awwww, faggot,” the fallen hero chanted to himself. “I’m a faggot. I’m a faggot!”

“Well, that didn’t take long. Get on all fours, faggot.” Danny obeyed, his panting the only sound breaking the silence. The Architect gripped the base of the plug and started to pull it free, taking delight in the way the former hero wiggled his hips and moaned.

He waited.

Danny started to squirm.

“Please, Sir, I want it back!” He pleaded pathetically, wiggling his hips and sending his dripping erection flopping about.

“Maybe later. First I want my turn,” The Architect said. For a moment, Danny was confused; why would he want a turn? The pink stuff didn’t do anything to him, and he could have used the plug any time he wanted!

And then something else was sliding into him, not as thick as the widest point of the plug, but much longer. It was burning—not in the way the plug had, his dick was just hot.

His dick!

Danny realized that he was getting fucked for the first time by the doctor who had given him his powers in the first place, and was now taking them away, at least some of them; Danny wasn’t sure.

“Ohhhhh, Doctor Richmond, Sirrrr,” the fallen hero cooed, pressing back as he took delight in losing his anal virginity.

“It’s ‘Architect’ to you, faggot,” the villain barked derisively as he bounced his pelvis off the horny former hero’s ass. He withdrew and slammed back in, sending a gurgling coo from the fallen hero as his penis jerked between his legs and squirted another load onto the floor.

“Ohhh, Architect, Sir!” The broken hero babbled. “Ohh, yes, Sir! Fuck me, Sir!”

“I’ll do you one better, faggot. I’m cumming!” The villain buried himself balls deep, and the former hero started squealing as he came again.

When it was finally over, The Architect pulled out and left Danny laying there.

“Good job, faggot. Now, be a good boy and masturbate until you can get that ring off.”

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