The End of Infinity, Part Three

Nicky Noxville

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Part Three

Nine padded out through the door of the room, tongue lolling in satisfaction, as Doctor Richmond returned to find his creation, the former hero Infinity, kneeling on the ground with his legs spread, one hand completing a tripod as his other fisted his erection between his meaty thighs, his testicles swinging back and forth.

The Architect grinned and watched Danny spray another load from his massive, swollen erection, the steel ring with a tube of boiling, glowing pink liquid still keeping the fallen hero hard and horny; far too hard and horny to ever free himself of it, even if he came a thousand times. Containing his chuckle, The Architect crossed unseen to a shielded drawer and retrieved the same plug he’d used to bring the hero down before, the glowing pink liquid that filled it placid when not in proximity to Danny’s body. Grinning, he crossed back over to the enraptured hero and placed the plug against his cum-slick hole, feeling the plug start to buzz in his hand as the pink compound filling it began to boil.

“Oooohhhhhh!” Danny cried out in surprise, throwing his head back as he let go of his cock and braced himself with all four limbs. Chuckling, the doctor shoved, pleased at how little resistance the hero was able to offer. The plug slid forward until the hero’s wanton ass took over and pulled it the rest of the way in.

“Get back up on the table, Danny, on your back,” The Architect ordered, and the plugged hero obeyed, staring meekly up at his triumphant archnemesis. “It’s time to get that ring off,” He added in a comforting tone. “Would you like that?” Danny struggled to figure out if he did, or if the villain wanted him to, or maybe he wanted him to think he wanted him to? He knew he was smart, like super smart, but thinking was getting so hard.

Still, hadn’t he wanted the ring off this whole time?

“Ohhh,” Danny groaned, his cock throbbing and leaking, trapped by the ring, as his ass squeezed the plug that filled him, pressing so delightfully against all the right places. “Uhh, yeah, want it off!” He finally decided out loud, spreading his legs to offer his engorged penis to the dastardly Doctor. Not one to waste an opportunity, the villain reached down to tap on the ring constricting the base of Danny’s erection, sending another load of cum fountaining into the air.

“You know, Danny, I’m very impressed. I think you actually managed to move it a little.” The fallen hero was helpless to fight the silly grin that spread across his cheeks at the complement. He didn’t know why it made him so happy, but it did. “But it’s pretty clear you’re never going to be able to get it off that way. Your penis is just too big.”

“Ohhh, biiiiig,” Danny gurgled as the complement sent him over the edge and cum rocketed into the air to splash back down on his already covered body.

“Yeah, much too big. If we can’t get the ring off by making your penis soft, then we’ll just have to make it less big.” Danny was moaning and agreeing before he realized what the doctor meant; he went silent as he realized that something was wrong with that.

“Less… Less big?” He asked, his face wrinkled in mental effort.

“Yeah, Danny, that’s what I said. Less. Big.” The Architect mocked.

“Like… Smaller?” The defeated hero asked with a confused giggle.

“What an eloquent way to put it, Danny!” The Architect complemented him. “Yes, we need to make your penis smaller so that you can get that pesky ring off.”

“But… I don’t want… Smaller?”

“Yes, Danny, smaller, and it can’t be helped. We need to get that ring off, and it’s the only way. Fortunately,” the villain crossed the room and opened a different drawer. “I have something already made for that.”

Danny stared wide eyed, his mouth open in a shocked O, as the doctor held up a second ring, twin to the one already trapping his erection, except this one filled with glowing yellow liquid. He stared on as the ring was brought closer and closer to his erection. The yellow liquid started to bubble as The Architect placed it onto the swollen glans of Danny’s scientifically enhanced penis.

“Ohhhhhwooooaaahhhhwooooahhh!” Danny Jabbered as he felt the rings seeming to try and pull toward each other, like powerful magnets. The pleasure dialed up even further, his head got even fuzzier, and then he felt the ring slip down.

Just a little.

A few millimeters.

A few more millimeters, gliding easily through the precum that was gushing from the head.

Danny started to reach for it, but his hands were easily slapped away by his attentive former physician.

“Just let it happen, it’s going to feel so good.”

“Ohh! Ohhhhhhh!” Danny cried out, limbs flailing without coordination as he stared and watched the ring slide, slide, slide until the head of his penis was all the way through, and… “Nooo!” He protested, noticing how much smaller the head of his cock was—it was smaller than his shaft now.

“Shhh, relax,” Doctor Richmond repeated mechanically, his voice devoid of warmth or comfort.

“But! But! It’s!” He drew in a shuddering breath as the ring slipped down a little more. He was horrified by how little penis there was sticking past the ring as it worked its way down, and took delight at the sensations that seemed to be packed into the new, more compact member.

“Shhh,” the doctor repeated, shepherding the fallen hero’s weakly flailing limbs away from his just as hard, though ever smaller, erection. “Concentrate on this instead,” he added, reaching down between Danny’s legs to give the base of the radioactive plug a few firm tugs.

“Oh!” Danny gasped, the sensations of the plug tugging his hole from the insides sending flames of shame and lust burning up into his cheeks. “Uh, uh uh,” he babbled as the plug bounced.

And the yellow ring slid lower.

And lower.

And lower.

And clicked as it connected to the pink ring.

“There you go, relaaaaaax,” the villain praised his well defeated nemesis. Danny felt the ring finally settle against his pelvis and expected The Architect to take it away.

He didn’t.

“Uhn, Mr. Architect, Sir, it… It can come off now,” Danny protested meekly.

“Not yet,” the villain clicked his tongue, reaching down and lifting the ring halfway back up the length of the hero’s shrinking shaft. Danny felt his penis throb, pressing against the ring, and then throb again, this time meeting no resistance. The next throb sent his shrinking penis bouncing around inside the paired pink and yellow rings.

“Oh, aha, ahahahannnnuhhh,” Danny giggle and moaned as his little penis slapped around. The Architect held the rings in place, lowering them slowly to stay centered on the available length, the little slaps of Danny’s dick getting harder as more room became available for it to swing. “Unhhh, ohhah-ahaha! Unnnhhhh, ting! Ting ting ting!” Danny giggled.

“Ting ting ting, huh?” The Architect asked in a wicked tone, reaching down with his other hand to give the thrashing micro penis a little tap, sending it flailing even harder.

“Ting ting! Ohhh, ahaha! Ting! Ting ting!” Danny giggled as The Architect’s own fingers got in the way of him bringing the ring any lower. His little penis thrashed, barely clipping the edge of the lower ring as it slipped free in the inch of space left between the ring and Danny’s pelvis.

At last, The Architect removed both rings.

Danny stared down at his penis in awe, a dumb grin still plastered across his face. He could feel the plug burning and boiling inside him, keeping him as hard as ever, and he watched his little penis wave around in response.

“Unhhh, ting ting! Ting ting!” He moaned, cautiously reaching down. When the doctor didn’t slap his hand away, he squeezed his little penis between his thumb and index finger, and then spread them apart so he could feel his penis ting back and forth between them. “Tiiing. Tiiiinng! Tiiiinnnggggggguuuhhhhhh!” He gurgled as cum started squirting high into the air, driven from his tiny penis with much more force than he’d ever gotten from his full sized dick. He let go, watching himself spray cum into the air. When it was over, his little dick stayed rigid.

“Uh-oh,” The Architect said. “I was afraid of that. Your little ting-ting is still too much for you to handle, isn’t it?”

“Huhuhuh,” Danny giggled. “Ting-tingggggg!” It thrashed again.

“Yeah, you need to keep your ting-ting safe,” he said with a grin, watching the shrunken appendage wiggle like the clapper on a little bell. He walked over to a set of drawers and removed something metal. Danny couldn’t help but think it looked like a little, steel bell attached to a bigger steel ring. The Architect moved between Danny’s legs, and the fallen hero spread them without being told.

Smiling the warmest smile that Danny had ever seen on his face, the villainous doctor shoved Danny’s package through the ring. The grinning hero watched as the steel cup was lowered over his ting-ting and locked in place. As small as the bell was, there was still plenty of room inside to wiggle and clap off the sides.

He giggled and moaned, half expected to hear it ring.

“You know, I think we’ve found your new name.”


“Good evening, this is Daniel Lopez with Channel 7 News, reporting live from downtown where the crime wave that has plagued our city since The Architect’s defeat of Infinity two months ago is about to come to an end,” a young man reported from screens throughout the city, his polished appearance dulled by a coating of dust stirred up by the debris. “As you can see behind me,” he turned in profile, gesturing to the rubble filled streets where masked gangsters were making their last stand, “Nine is bringing this reign of terror to an end, with the help of his new sidekick, Ting-Ting.” A muscular male form sheathed in white leather trailed behind Nine, taking on the enemies too weak to be worth the canine hero’s time, pink light bubbling around his hands in a pale imitation of the dog’s powers. Emblazoned on his chest was a logo that resembled a cross-section from a bell, clapper in mid swing.

As the city watched Ting-Ting struggle with a mere two villains, Nine bounded through the pack and easily subdued the rest before returning to help his nearly overwhelmed sidekick with the final two.

Cheering erupted as citizens returned to the street.

“Nine! Nine! Over here!” Daniel Lopez called, catching the canine’s attention. As Ting-Ting began tying up the groaning gangsters, Nine padded over and stood next to the reporter.

“Nine! How does it feel to be not just the city’s first canine superhero, but our most effective hero to date?” He asked.

“Arf! Arf arf!” Nine barked into the microphone to cheers and applause from all around. Ting-Ting tied up the last gangster and warily approached the crowd as more reporters gathered, yelling questions to Nine that would only ever be answered with barks. After giving it a few minutes, radiant yellow light coalesced around his paws and he bounded into the distance.

“Ting-Ting!” Daniel yelled, noticing the lingering sidekick. “Ting-Ting,” over here!

“Ting-Ting! How about an interview?”

“Ting-Ting! How does it feel to be sidekick to the first canine superhero?”



“I guess he’s a bit shy, folks,” the reporter chuckled as Ting-Ting’s muscles quivered under the skin-tight leather and his breathing picked up. Back in his lab, The Architect watched the broadcast with a pleased smirk. Nobody but him knew that the modest bulge in Ting-Ting’s crotch concealed the sidekick’s own, personal bell. The villain could see it happening, as if he had x-ray vision—each shouted “Ting-Ting” made Ting-Ting’s ting-ting ting. He snorted with laughter, watching his creation jizz his uniform on live TV, fully aware that nobody would ever guess what was really going on inside that formfitting leather. After a good ten seconds, the frozen sidekick threw his hands wide, letting out a whimpering cry as pale pink energy bubbled into existence around them. He struggled to rise from the ground, his own corrupted powers fanning the flames of his lust with each use.

“And there you have it, folks,” Daniel Lopez brought his broadcast to a close. “Nine has saved the city! With a little help from Ting-Ting, of course. Back to you, Becky.”

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