The End of Infinity, Part One

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…


“Good evening, this is Nathaniel Lopez with a Channel 7 exclusive,” a polished looking young man was saying from nearly every television in the city. “We are expecting Infinity to arrive any moment now… Yes, here he is!” The camera swept up to reveal the approaching hero, Infinity, in his skin-tight black suit with a white infinity symbol on the chest, and his canine companion, Nine, whose glossy black fur matched the hero’s suit. Hands and paws were surrounded with nimbuses of radiant yellow light as the pair soared down toward the waiting reporter.

They landed, and the lights went out.

“Infinity,” Nathaniel Lopez greeted the hero, shaking his hand. “And Nine, of course!” As the reporter greeted him, the dog held up his paw and waited. The reporter chuckled and shook the dog’s paw. “Now, getting right to it, the first question from our viewers is,” he pulled out a note card and read from it, “Do you ever plan to work with Admiral Columbia?”

“I have nothing but gratitude for Admiral Columbia, especially given how the success of his experiment led to funding and support for mine, but the honest answer is: I hope not.”

“That’s surprising,” the reporter responded.

“Well, it all boils down to this—what emergency could be big enough to require both him and me—” Nine barked. “And Nine, of course. I hope that day never comes.”

The fluff questions continued, and one TV was turned off. Deep underground, at the bottom of a decommissioned missile silo, Doctor Rocco Richmond turned away with a look of distaste.

“Is this not as you planned, Doctor?” A pleasant voice asked, coming from speakers all around the room.

“Yes, Biff, it is,” he answered his computer. “I know that I shouldn’t have any animosity toward Infinity—he was just a test subject… It wasn’t his fault they fired me and tried to keep me from my research. But when I see his pompous behavior, as if he had been capable of understanding any of this before I enhanced his mind, it makes my more lethal back-up plans more… Palatable.”

“I understand, Doctor. I will filter future broadcasts and relay any important information revealed to you,” Biff said.

“Excellent initiative, Biff. How goes the progress on the synthesis of compound 492?”

“I am at 90% completion, with an estimated two hours remaining.”

“Wonderful. I’m going to finish the casing.” He laughed, realizing that he sounded like some comic book villain, but he didn’t care. “He won’t know what hit him!”

Part One

A writhing mass of tentacles burst out of a lake far too small to contain them and darted upward toward the shining duo as families fled the park, picnics and games left trampled and abandoned.

“Nine, protect the civilians!” Infinity shouted before diving into the writhing mass. The empowered canine ran through the air, glowing paws digging into thin air to drive him forward at preternatural speeds. Powerful jaws snapped left and right, sending slimy appendages crashing across the manicured park like felled trees.

Meanwhile, our hero was fighting his way through the slimy masses, feeling the pressure as the beast tried in vain to crush his body. Infinity laughed, as much as he could in the confined space; his body pushed right back, unharmed by the bone-crushing pressure.

Almost there! Almost…

The pressure vanished and Infinity’s vision cleared. He blinked in the strange, green light a few times, and then his eyes focused on his quarry. The young man looked serene, innocent, floating in the fractal void. His hands and feet trailed off beyond, splitting and changing into the mass of tentacles that surrounded them. He looked up at Infinity and smiled.

It was not a pleasant smile.

“Hmm, mmm, mmm,” the creature chuckled. “You made it through.”

“Stop your attack, immediately,” Infinity ordered, his voice dripping comfortable authority. “Or I will be forced to stop you.”

“The Architect said you would say that. Go on, do it,” he replied in a soft, deadly tone, his grin widening to reveal pointed teeth…

Despite the danger, crowds had gathered around the park to watch the heroes fight. Nine was still leaping and bounding as he snapped off tentacles with his jaws, keeping the mass contained around the lake. The tentacles started to swell outward. Gasps rang out and people started to run again as the mass grew, and grew, and…

The tentacles burst, spraying reeking slime in all directions. An arc of light rose from the center of the lake and came down where government trucks had gathered with an accompanying splash of slime, depositing a naked, groaning young man on his back. As the cameras flashed and soldiers rushed forward with containment cuffs to keep the villain from using his powers, Infinity struck a dignified pose, looking around at the onlookers before nodding to the soldiers and launching himself into the air, Nine’s second streak rising to join him…

The duo vanished.

Without a sound, two feet and four paws came down on the balcony of an apartment building, high up overlooking the city. The hero gently slid the door open, and the two stepped inside. With a sigh, Infinity reached up and pulled off his mask, tossing it to the side before he started peeling off his skin-tight uniform.

“Ugh,” he said as his flesh was exposed, glistening with slime that had made its way into his suit. Nine shook and his fur changed from black to white, his white collar turning black at the same time. “How is it you managed to avoid it all?”

Nine tilted his head and his tongue lolled out of his mouth.

“Yeah, yeah, I’m taking a shower.” The naked young man made his way to the bathroom, swaying on his feet about half-way there.

How’d I get so tired? He wondered.

Sure, it had all taken effort, but not more than stopping the Tornado attack, or any number of other incidents. He kept walking, slime slowly oozing down his itching skin. He scratched absently, and then his eyes went wide.

“What… What’s in this stuff?” He asked in alarm as more of his skin started to itch and tingle. “Got to get… Get it off…” He muttered with determination as he struggled down the hall.

He was surprised when the floor swung up at him, slapping against his face as darkness closed in.

Sometime later, Infinity began to stir. He struggled against the fog clouding his mind, trying to figure out what had been going on… The last thing he remembered, he was on his way to the shower and… That was it. And why couldn’t he… Adrenaline and consciousness raced through him in rapid succession as he realized that he was restrained on what felt like a metal table, warmed by the heat of his body. His suit was on, even though he remembered taking it off. All around him were strange devices and chemicals, and he noticed a series of glowing boxes in the far wall—green, red, orange, yellow, purple, pink, and blue. Not far from where he was restrained, Nine was unconscious on what looked like a dog bed.

“Ahh, you’re finally awake. Excellent,” a voice echoed through the room, and a silver-haired man in a fitted suit stepped around into Infinity’s view.

“What is going on here? I demand you let me go at once! This is your only warning,” the hero worked himself up.

“But, Danny, you’re acting like you don’t even know me,” the man said.

“It’s Daniel, not Danny,” the Hero said, and then he gasped as he realized what he’d done. He was dressed as Infinity! He looked at the man more closely. “Doctor Richmond?”

“Ahh, you remember me. Excellent job, way to put those brains I gave you to good use.

“G-gave me?” The hero sputtered. “I earned—”

“—You earned nothing,” The doctor cut him off. “You, Danny Davenport, were a moron.”

“I was not! You made me smarter, but I was always smart!” Infinity protested.

“What you were was a Dunning-Kruger poster child with an inflated ego. You even started calling yourself Infinity… There’s a pompous name if ever I heard one!”

“You picked that name for me! You marked my uniform with it!”

“No, SUBJECT 8, we put your number on your uniform. You were so smart that you read it sideways, and we thought it was funny enough that we just went with it.”

“But… I… Eight?” The hero struggled, staring blankly ahead with wide eyes.

“What, you thought you were the only one? The first human trial? There were seven subjects before you, and each new subject has led to improvements on the next. You owe your brains to subject 5.”

“Why are you doing this?” Infinity asked softly, sounding weaker than he could ever remember sounding before. Even he didn’t know how much was genuine, and how much was affected.

“Because I am The Architect, as much to you as to any of the creations I’ve been sending your way. It’s not your fault, not really. Sure, you’re arrogant, but who wouldn’t be in your shoes?” The doctor paced. “But when you entered the public eye, against my advice, my superiors decided that my work was done.”

“Wasn’t this what you wanted?” Infinity asked, flexing his body on the table as he spoke.

“Oh, sure, you were A success, but my work was far from done. When I insisted we continue, they stole all my research and fired me. Did you never question where I’d gone?”

“I… There was so much going on…” He began, and Doctor Richmond cut him off with a derisive scoff.

“Yes, far too much for you to take note of those who created your success.” He waved his hands in the air between them. “Forget about all that, it isn’t the point. The point is that there were several byproducts created during my research that would have profound effects on your physiology, and it was all locked away to protect you.” He paused. “But I got them back, and refined them,” he waved his hand toward the glowing boxes in the wall.

“What is that?” Infinity asked, renewing his struggles.

“Some of the byproducts of your creation, each with unique effects upon your physiology, and even more in combination. Granted, you are arrogant, but I don’t want to kill you.”

“How do you know? If they didn’t let you test them, you can’t be sure any of them won’t kill me!”

“Oh, I know very well what each of these would do to you. I couldn’t continue my research with human test subjects, but I recreated my work, and even surpassed my prior progress. There is no need for you to worry about an accidental death.”

“That doesn’t give me much comfort, seeing as you are clearly insane!” The hero spat back.

“Well, if you’re throwing good manners out the window, then I see no reason to delay any further,” Doctor Richmond said in a dignified tone. He reached into his pocket and held up a large, steel ring with a glass tube running along the middle of it that seemed to be filled with glowing, pink liquid.

“What is that supposed to be?” Infinity asked, making a point to sound as relaxed and arrogant as possible.

“Oh, this? Isn’t it pretty?” Doctor Richmond asked, turning the ring back and forth in the light. “I made it for you, but it looks like your fingers are all too small. Let’s see if we can find somewhere else to put it.”

“Somewhere else? What do you—WHAT ARE YOU DOING?” The captive hero screamed as his creator tore out the crotch of his uniform, grabbed his flaccid penis, and jerked the ring down onto it.

As the ring came close to his flesh, the liquid inside it appeared to start boiling, and if the doctor had jerked the ring down his shaft any slower, it would have gotten stuck along the way as blood rushed in, rapidly inflating it into a throbbing, veiny monster of a cock.

“Ohhh, fuuuuck, what did you do?” The hero asked meekly, trying to resist the arousal that was washing over him like a flood. As he tried to muster his will, he found that there was very little to draw upon, like when you turn on a garden hose but only a weak trickle of water dribbles out.

He wanted to put out a fire; all he got was hissing and steam.

His cock throbbed, and lust continued to spread fog through his brain.

“Ohh, Doctor Richmond, Sir, what are you doing to me?” Infinity panted, helpless to fight the sensations that were quickly overwhelming him.

“The byproducts of your creation emit radiation on a scale most easily measured by visible color. Your new ring is filled with the pink variation; it seemed to me the most humane way to deal with an out of control experiment.”

“Ohhh,” the hero squeaked, “I feel funny, Sir!”

“That would be the radiation,” Doctor Richmond said, tapping the hero’s erection just above the ring.

“What’s it doing?” Infinity asked, pulling his eyes away from his erect cock, lest the sight of it make him lose control.

“It’s changing your genes, but don’t worry, just some of them. I tested this compound, theorizing that it could reverse the enhanced intelligence I gave you, but the side effects turned out being far better than the intended effect, as is often the case.”

“Please, Sir, take it off!” The hero begged.

“Why would I do that? Right now, that little ring is setting off a cascade activations and deactivations in your genetic code. Just relax, the process has been highly enjoyable for all previous test subjects.” He reached out and cradled the hero’s erection, watching as precum streamed from the tip to drip back down onto his abs.

“Noo, stop, please, Sir, I’m so horny!” He pled shamelessly.

“Of course you’re horny; that radiation is activating a sequence of genes that’s going to leave your libido stuck at eleven, if you keep it on long enough. Unlike many of the other varieties, which are either lethal or require ongoing exposure, the effects of exposure to the pink compound are permanent. Just think about it; each moment that passes is the last you will ever be less horny than the next.”

The hero bucked against his restraints and drooled. He was trying to think about it, but it just made his head hurt.

“The best part is that as you get hornier you lose the intelligence I gave you… And then some.”

“Please, Sir, make it stop!” The shamed hero continued to beg.

“I could stop now, but then you might get to stay straight, or straightish.”

It took Infinity far longer than it should have to understand the implications of that; the doctor waited patiently.

“Noooo, I don’t want to be gay!” The hero whined.

“You’ll be singing a different tune, soon enough. For now, I’ll leave you to it.” The doctor walked out of the lab, leaving the fallen hero to the sounds of his own moans. He thrashed around for a few moments before his eyes settled on Nine.

His canine companion was awake!

“Ohhh, Nine! You’ve got to help me! Ohhhh, he’s doing something to me! You’ve got to get this thing off me!” He jerked his head toward the ring squeezing the base of his erection.

Nine whined and pawed forward, stopping next to his master.

“Come on, buddy, get it off!” Infinity begged. Nine leaned in, inches from his master’s erection and sniffed. The liquid in the ring seemed to boil harder, and then the dog’s tongue lolled out of his mouth as he looked up at Infinity with a lazy grin, his eyes boring into his master’s until the human looked away.

“What are you doing, buddy?” He asked. “Please, help me out!” The dog looked back at the human’s erection, sniffed it again, and, as his master watched, gave it a long, slow lick.

“Awwwwwwnnnooooooobbuuuuuddddyyyyyy!” The hero trailed off into squeals and moans as his dog’s tongue sent him over the edge. In his office, Doctor Richmond watched on a monitor as the hero’s own dog and sidekick sent cum fountaining into the air with a single stroke of his tongue.

He started laughing maniacally.

Everything was going according to plan.

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