Super Perfectly Normal

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I spent the next three days holed up in my apartment, frantically masturbating again, and again, and again while I licked my lips and salivated at the memory of how good my big brother’s cum tasted. He’d masturbated right next to me, and I’d enjoyed watching, and…

I never realized that it was normal to like the taste of your brother’s cum, but Doctor Wellington had been very clear about it.

I didn’t need to worry about it.

I didn’t need to feel shame, or guilt, or doubt.

I like my brother’s cum, and that’s perfectly normal.

Another orgasm tore through me, and this time I pointed my penis at my mouth, just like Jared had when… Cum splattered against my face with force, blinding me and dripping down into my open mouth. I knew it was my cum instead of Jared’s, but we’re brothers, so shouldn’t my cum be good like his?

And it was.

Jared’s was definitely better, but mine was still good, especially if I pretended it was his. And why not? It’s perfectly normal to like the taste of your brother’s cum. Even after it was over, my hand kept moving. It was kind of intense, but I was used to it at this point; it only took a minute or so for the pleasure to surge back to life.

I never even got soft.

I spent day after day thinking about how normal it was to watch Jared masturbate. Every time I came I would blast myself in the face and try and swallow as much as I could, pretending my cum was Jared’s.

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn’t take it anymore.

“Oh, hey little bro,” Jared greeted me when he opened his front door. He was shirtless, his torso glistening with sweat, and it looked like he had an erection in his loose sweatpants.

“Were… Were you masturbating?” I asked, blushing even though I knew it was perfectly normal to masturbate all the time.

“Of course, bro!” He confirmed my suspicions. “It’s normal to masturbate all the time,” he reminded me.

“Yeah!” I panted. “Masturbating is normal.” We stood there in silence for a few moments, and we seemed to snap out of it at the same time.

“Would—” I began.

“What br—” He began at the same time, cutting off at the same time I did. “You go,” he said, grinning at me.

“Would you… Can I watch you masturbate?” I asked, my cock jerking against my thigh at the thought.

“Sure, come on in.” He stepped aside so that I could walk into his living room, and I heard it close behind me. I stood there, even though I’d never been awkward in his house before and watched him pick up his dog’s bed and plop it down on the floor next to his computer desk.

“Sit,” he instructed.

I walked over to the dog bed and sank down onto it as I watched my big brother push his sweats down to the floor and step out of them. He sat down in his computer chair, and then turned so that he was facing me, spreading his legs to give me a perfect, eye-level view of his cock.

Then he started to masturbate.

I stared, enraptured, as he took his spit-slick hand and gripped his leaking, purple erection. He went back to looking at his screen, and I was dimly aware of the sound of a man and woman moaning in the background.

That didn’t matter.

Jared’s penis mattered.





Each stroke a little faster than the one before.

His hand froze, and I quivered in place, eager for it to keep moving.

“Why aren’t you masturbating?” Jared broke the comfortable silence.

“I… I don’t know! Masturbating is normal!” I cried out, remembering that fundamental truth. My hands were fumbling at my crotch before I realized it, clumsily freeing my erection.

“Yeah It is, Bro! Here, catch my cum for me while you start masturbating!” He pointed his penis right at my face, just like he had in Doctor Wellington’s office.

I opened my mouth just in time to catch the first blast of his delicious cum.

God, I missed this!

He kept cumming, and jerking, his dick moving around and spraying cum all over my face as I struggled to move my head and keep my mouth lined up. The cum I didn’t manage to catch was dripping down my body, soaking my clothes, and then I came too.

“Haha, you came on my dick, bro!” Jared said, his tone a mélange of amusement and pleasure.

“S-sorry!” I replied, focusing on his dick and the drops of cum that were dripping down from it.

“Nah, it’s okay. Just more lube, dude!” Jared said as he gripped his cock and started jerking again, using my cum as lube. “Use some of mine and let’s keep masturbating.”

“Masturbating is normal!” I moaned, wiping my hand through some of my brother’s cum and bringing my dripping hand back to my dick.

I squeezed it.

I stroked it.

I squished it.

All the while I stared forward at my big brother’s penis, eager to see it firing more cum right at my face; eager for another mouthful. We got caught in a loop, stroking and cumming over and over. I was getting mouthful after mouthful of Jared’s cum, and it was never enough.

“Jacob. Jacob! Stop for a bit, man. We need to get something to eat and drink some water or something.” I looked up at him, uncomprehending for a few moments until he physically pulled my hand off of my dick.

“I… Uh… Yeah,” I agreed as I came back to my senses.

“No sweat, bro. Let’s go to the diner around the corner, and why don’t you stay with me for a while so that we can masturbate together all the time?”

“Yeah!” I agreed eagerly.

When a week came around, we went back to the clinic for our appointment. This time, both of us were stroking our cocks through our jeans. We didn’t bother to keep quiet, we just moaned and came in our pants over and over again.

“Welcome back, boys,” Doctor Wellington greeted us as we settled onto the couch. “Did you have a good week?”

“Yes!” We answered together.

“We both masturbated a lot!” I blurted out. Jared chuckled and ruffled my hair.

“Of course you did. Masturbating is normal. It’s normal to masturbate all the time,” he reminded us.

“Masturbating is normal.” We replied in unison.

“Good boys. Now, why are you both acting weird?”

“Doc?” Jared asked, sounding as confused as I felt.

“We aren’t masturbating!” I leaned in and whispered to him, reaching down to fumble at my jeans.

“Aw, shit,” Jared said, going red and sheepishly reaching down to free his erection.

“So, tell me about your week,” Doctor Wellington said, leaning back in his seat and crossing his legs.

“Well, it was pretty normal. We started off masturbating separately,” Jared began, moving his fist up and down his engorged shaft as he spoke. I watched, pairing the movement of my hand with his. “And then Jacob came over and asked if he could watch me do it.”

“Is that accurate, Jacob?” Doctor Wellington asked me, resting his clipboard on his lap and taking notes.

“Yes,” I said softly.

“And you were masturbating all the time before you asked if you could watch Jared?” He continued.

“Yes!” I gasped. “Masturbating is normal! Watching my brother masturbate is normal!” Jared chuckled next to me, his hand never stopping.

“Did you know, Jacob, that it is also perfectly normal to enjoy masturbating your brother’s penis?” The doctor asked. “It’s normal to enjoy masturbating your brother just as much as you enjoy masturbating yourself.”

“R-really?” I panted, drool running from my mouth as I watched my brother’s fist glide up and down and focused on the feelings in my hand instead of the feelings in my dick.

“Absolutely,” the doctor confirmed. I looked up at Jared’s face and gasped softly when I saw him grinning at me.

“Can I do it for you?” I asked meekly.

“Do what for me, little brother?” He asked; he was going to make me say it.

“Aww, I want to jack you off. Please, can I do it?” I begged. He looked down at his crotch, and I dropped my eyes. He had taken his hand away, and my big brother’s penis was bobbing there, glistening, needing to be touched. I reached out, leaning in closer to it, laying across the couch, and tentatively wrapped my fingers around it, softly, grasping it with the least possible amount of pressure. I looked up at his face again, hoping I hadn’t gone too far.

He looked me right in the eyes and grinned at me, then flicked his eyes at his dick; the message was clear. I felt it throb in my hand and tightened my grasp just slightly.

I could feel his heartbeat.

“There you go, Jacob. It’s normal for your brother’s penis to make you feel good. It’s normal to feel even better when you make it feel good.” Doctor Wellington said.

“Jack my dick, bro. You heard the doc, doing it’ll make you feel good,” Jared said, flexing his muscles to make his cock struggle in my fist.

“Wow!” I gasped as I started to move my hand up and down Jared’s penis.

I’m masturbating Jared!

I’m masturbating my big bro!

Fuck, Mom and Dad would be so mad!

Yeah! I’m masturbating my brother!

The thought of my parents finding out would have sent me into panic just weeks ago. Now, it just made everything more exciting. They had kept us from doing normal things our whole lives, and now we were finally free to just be regular brothers.

“Fuck, bro, I’m going to cum!” Jared warned me.

“Did you know that it’s normal to cum without touching yourself when you make your brother cum?” Doctor Wellington commented in the background.

“Point it at your mouth,” Jared growled. I gasped and obeyed, pointing the tip of his erection right at my mouth, only inches away, as I pumped his shaft. “Fuck, Jacob, aww, I’m cumming bro!”

My aim was true.

The first squirt of his load fired right into my waiting mouth, followed quickly by the second, third, and fourth. My mouth was so full! I kept working his penis and closed my mouth for a moment to swallow. The fifth squirt covered my face before I could get my mouth open again. As I gasped in a breath and aimed at my mouth again, I realized that I was right on the edge. If I so much as brushed the tip of a feather across my dick, it would explode.

Another jet of cum sprayed right across my tongue.

My eyes rolled back into my head.

My cock twitched.

I lost control.

Jared pulled my hand from his dick and took over, coaxing out every last drop of cum possible. He even managed to get most of it into my mouth. By the time he was out of cum for me, my own orgasm had come to an end.

We lay there on the couch for a few minutes, panting.

“Well done, boys. Another breakthrough!” Doctor Wellington commented. I struggled to sit up, wiping cum out of my eyes and licking it from my fingers. “I’ll see you both again next week.”

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