Smoke and Drums: The Knights of Simimaer, Part Four

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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Chapter Eight: The Beginning of the End

I came to, curled up against the burning green flesh of one of the Orcs, his fingers running lazily up and down my back and sending thrills of delight coursing throughout my flesh. I pressed my face against him, nuzzling, taking delight in his scent, and I felt the rumbling of his chuckles more than I heard them.

“Orcs love good elf,” I felt him growl to me, and the feelings his words gave me made every sexual release I’d experienced thus far seem trivial.

They love me.

I’m a good elf.

I wrapped my arms around the thick trunk of his body, pressing my face into his flesh, my back arched. I’d become an acolyte due to my deep, devout devotion to Simimaer, and I’d become the Archprelate’s Squire for the same reason, but all the things that I thought gave my life purpose before felt pointless now.

I’m a good elf, and Orcs love me.

“Haaa,” I sighed against him as the sharp tips of his fingernails glided up and down my spine. I heard them break out into laughter, and I laughed along with them.

I could feel their joy, their elation at their freedom, and the only other emotion that encroached upon my bliss was shame at having kept them confined for so long.

Orcs love me.

I love Orcs.

Fingers tangled in my hair and guided me up into a kneeling position. I watched the Orc I’d been snuggling rise to his feet, grinning down at me, and I grinned back. After all these years, all the lies, I’d finally found my place.

“Good elf happy?” One of them asked, stepping forward and cupping my chin to guide my gaze toward his own, penetrating green eyes.

“Ahhh,” I sighed, feeling his gaze draw me in until he was all I could see, blazing green against a field of nothingness. “Yes!” He patted my cheek roughly with his other hand, each slap making me gasp.

“Good elf.” I moaned and he let go, letting me crumple back to the floor. I stayed where I was, panting, watching as they quickly explored the stone chamber.

“Orcs love good elf,” another Orc whispered in my ear. “Good elf love Orcs?”

“Yes!” I cried out without hesitation.

“Goood,” he crooned. “Good elf go, get more herb. Get much, pretend still be bad elf.”

“Good elf obey?” Another Orc growled into my other ear, stroking his thick fingers up and down the side of my torso.

“Yessssss!” I moaned pathetically, the sound echoing loudly until Orcish laughter drowned it out. The world spun around me, and when everything settled I was once again on my feet, my black robes concealing my enflamed flesh. I swayed in spot, surrounded by Orcs who loved me.

I thought I knew what love was before, but what I fool I’d been!

“Good elf focus. Get herbs.” I was shoved from the chamber, and I kept using the walls as my guide as I climbed back up the stairs. As I walked, I thought about my life so far, and my devotion to Simimaer.

How hollow it all felt now.

I’d felt the glory of Orcs; I’d seen it! Simimaer seemed so distant, so cold, in comparison. I’d thought that serving him was an act of love, but I hadn’t known love until the Orcs showed me what it was. Archprelate Theodas had seemed a blazing sun before, radiating love and warmth, but compared to these humble Orcs, he was but a candle to the sun.

“Alre?” I heard a voice call from over my shoulder, and I turned slowly, sliding through the air like a spoon in a thick soup. Therwyn was standing there, giving me a strange look. “Aren’t you supposed to be on watch?”

“I…” I began weakly, struggling to figure out what to say to my friend. I remembered the Orc’s instructions, to pretend to be a bad elf, and realized what that meant for the first time. “I… Yes, I am.” I said. “I was able to get some information from them that should be passed along.”

“Oh,” he said slowly, looking uncertain. “Do you want me to cover your post until you get back?” He offered.

“No!” I squeaked, and then cleared my throat. “No,” I repeated. “Can you think of any way they could escape that circle?” I asked, making a point to smile.

“Uh, no, I suppose not,” he said, and I sighed in relief. “I guess I shouldn’t keep you, then,” he added. I just nodded at him and walked slowly on toward the Archprelate’s tower. As I climbed the steps, the empty sensation inside me was stirred by the movements. Those Orcs who loved me so much had used their penises to show it, and it filled me with delight knowing that I’d made each of them feel good in exchange for that love. I stopped outside the door to the lower storage room, where I knew some of the herbs were being kept. I wasn’t supposed to go in here without permission from a Prelate, but the Orcs had given me permission to get them some of their herb, and that was more important. I listened for a moment to make sure that nobody on the stairs and then drew my sword, wedging it into the crack between door and frame. I wrenched at it, prying until the lock finally gave way and the door cracked open. I slipped through and immediately pressed it shut behind me.

I gave my eyes a few moments to adjust to the dim light filtering in through the single, narrow window, but I could already smell the herbs in the air, rising from a stack of crates in the center of the room. I walked around to the back of the pile and pried one of them open. Hopefully, nobody would notice any was missing, at least not for a while. I hadn’t brought anything to put the herbs in, so I looked around the room for something to use. Hanging on the back of the door was an old Acolyte’s cloak, the white fabric yellowed with age. I spread it on the floor and started to bundle herbs inside.

With a thick, rolled up bundle under one arm, I slipped back out of the room and started down the stairs, immediately bumping into Therwyn.

“What were you doing in the storeroom?” He asked, light wrinkles spreading across his face as he scrunched his brow.

“I’ve been given a job to do,” I explained quickly. “But I need to get back to my watch.” I rushed past him before he could as me any more questions.

The air in the dungeon had cleared while I’d been out, and the tusked grins that welcomed my return made my heart flutter.

“I brought them!” I babbled, kneeling on the floor and unrolling the bundle. The Orcs gathered, and one of them rested a hand on my head, gently rubbing my hair. Another Orc took up a bundle and went to a lantern to light it, sending fresh smoke swirling through the air. He wedged the base of the bundle into stones beside the door so that the archway was filled with a cloud of smoke, and the Orc kept rubbing my head as they began talking to each other in Orcish. It didn’t matter that I couldn’t understand. I leaned against the thick, tree-trunk leg of the Orc who was rubbing my head and closed my eyes, enjoying the sensations his fingertips sent swirling through my head.

“Alre, what’s going on, the lock is bro… ken.” I looked up to see Therwyn standing in the could of smoke, his wide-eyed gaze darting from Orc, to Orc, to Orc. “They’re free!” He turned to run but seemed to loose his balance. It slowed him down just enough for two of the Orcs to reach him. They gripped his arms in their massive hands and steered him back around into the room.

“Welcome, elf,” rumbled the Orc who was stroking my head.

“Alre! Alre! What are you doing?” He squealed frantically, struggling to break free.

“They aren’t what we thought, Therwyn,” I tried to explain. “They love me.”

“Yes,” the Orc agreed, patting my cheek. “Orcs love all elfs.” He stepped away from me, and I watched him approach Therwyn while the three remaining Orcs sat before their drums.





“Good elf,” the Orc called. “Light more herb. Bring.” I snatched up a bundle and lit it in the nearest lantern. The smoke was already getting thick, and the second bundle quickly had the far walls disappearing from sight, only hazy lights remaining where the lanterns were. I handed the smoking herbs to the Orc and watched him hold them so the smoke swirled around Therwyn’s head. He whimpered, but I could hear the fear leaving him as he stared up at the Orc, helpless.

The Orcs holding him loosened their grips and started pulling Therwyn’s robes free, letting the black fabric fall to the floor. The light reflecting off his skin seemed to glow in the smokey room. Rather than hold him, the Orcs to either side were now stroking his flesh, and I could see Therwyn’s body start to respond.

Of course it was, nothing was better than this!

The Orc standing in front of him looked down and chuckled. Therwyn gulped, looked down, and his mouth fell open in awe at the sight of his own enflamed flesh. He glanced over at me, and I could see realization in his eyes. Now he knew why I’d been so aroused lately. He looked down again, but his eyes got stuck on the Orc’s massive penis instead.





He stared, his mouth open in a shocked O as he panted in the smoke and jumped with each resonant drumbeat.

“Alre! What’s happening?” He whined, but I didn’t answer him. I just watched as the Orcs who had been holding him moved so that their massive penises were pressed together The Orc in front of him passed the burning bundle to one of the others, grabbed Therwyn by the hips, and lifted him from the floor. Therwyn’s limbs flailed weakly as he was manipulated. They jerked and halted as the pressure of two massive Orc penises pressed against his ass. “Alre!” He whined again, his cry echoing through the stone chamber. The Orc kept his hands on Therwyn’s hips and leaned in, and I watched his tongue slide out from between his tusks a second before their faces pressed together. I could hear Therwyn’s muffled moans, and then I watched as the Orc pressed his hips down.

Onto the two Orc penises.

Therwyn’s moaning grew more frantic as he quaked, overwhelmed, bucking against the Orcs. When the Orc kissing him pulled back, I watched Therwyn try and follow, gasping and grunting as his tongue lashed the air.




The Orc pressed down again, and the herbs were positioned right in front of Therwyn’s face as he gasped and moaned, slowly being impaled by two Orcs.

“Ohhhh, Alre! Why is it… Why is it good?” He cried out as he slid lower, and I watched his penis sand rigid and start spraying his cum into the space between him and the Orc in front of him.

“Good elf,” the Orc praised him, and shoved down.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” Therwyn let out a deep, primal moan as he slid all the way down. Both Orcs were buried all the way inside him. The Orc let go of his hips and took back the herbs, wafting smoke in Therwyn’s face as the other two Orcs gripped him and started rocking their hips into him.

It looked like it really felt good.

I absently reached down and started stroking myself while I watched my friend get fucked by Orcs. I heard chuckles and a massive green penis filled my vision.

“Good elf, taste,” The Orc commanded. I’d never really thought about taking a penis into my mouth, especially an Orc’s, but as I watched a bead of precum glisten on the tip, and as I remembered how Orc cum had tasted when I leaned in through the circle to suck it from my finger, I realized that I wanted more. I opened my mouth and closed my lips over the head, swirling my tongue to get a taste of precum.

It was better than I’d imagined.

I pressed forward, letting my mouth stretch wide open to take the rigid green shaft inside. I wasn’t even half way down when I hit the point where I could no longer breathe, but I had to make it all the way. I could hear Therwyn moaning in the background, and I wondered if they’d do it to me next.

My nose pressed into the Orc’s pelvis, and he groaned in approval, gripping my head between his huge hands.

“Good elf,” he repeated, and began guiding my head up and down his massive shaft. I just relaxed and let it happen, gasping in and out when my airway was free.

I wanted to make him cum.

My tongue swirled, and every spurt of precum that sprayed across it made my own penis throb and lurch. I heard him growling, and his grip tightened as he moved in and out of my mouth at a frantic pace.




He’s going to do it!

He let out a cry, cupped the back of my head, and held my face against his pelvis as his penis started to spray Orc cum directly down my throat. The pleasure of it sent me over the edge, and my body started to quake in his grasp. I was starting to get dizzy, my lungs heaving, before he finally pulled out and let me sink back to the floor. He stepped aside, and I looked over to see that the other Orcs had finished with Therwyn. My friend was laying on the floor in a pool of cum, a blissful smile on his sleeping face as he breathed deep and rhythmically.

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