Cocktails: Shaken and Stirred

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I tapped my foot on the floor mat of my old truck, feeling the rumble of the engine as I waited for Shawn to come out of the aquatic center so that I could drive us back to the dorms. We’d had practice seven days a week for over a month now, and I asked him to hurry every day.

“Samir, you and Shawn are going to be living in the same dorms,” Coach Harden had informed me on the first day of the summer swim camp before our Freshman year. “So, you’ll be giving him a ride back after practice, since he doesn’t have a car.” He’d crossed his arms, his shirt pulling tight over the relatively recently installed beer-belly on his swimmer’s build.

Objecting hadn’t been an option.

Shawn and I had barely even met at that point, but my first impression of him was that he seemed like an epic jerk.

I looked at the clock, my foot still tapping, wondering what could always be taking him so long. Shawn had the benefit of only being enrolled in the swim camp, but I had two other classes I was getting out of the way in the summer to lighten my fall semester course load.

Shawn was going to make me late.


I remembered waiting for him that first day. I showered and dressed quickly, but he’d taken his sweet time from the start. At first, I’d taken that as another sign that he was a jerk, and then he walked out carrying two shaker bottles.

“Hey, bro, thanks for doing this,” Shawn said, his friendly grin and sparkling green eyes making me wonder why I’d thought he was such a jerk; he seemed perfectly friendly at that moment.

“Uh, no problem,” I’d responded.

“Here, this is for you,” he’d said, offering me the powder-blue bottle and keeping the black for himself. “You’re giving me rides, and I make one for myself every day anyway, so I figured the least I can do is make a protein shake for you, too.”

“Oh, wow, thanks,” I’d said awkwardly, accepting the bottle and raising it to my lips to try it.

“No problem. What are teammates for?”

A little shudder from my engine brought my attention back to the present. I looked at the clock again, feeling another surge of annoyance. I absently reached down to readjust my erection, licking my lips as I thought about Shawn’s protein shakes.

The first one had been odd, but I was enjoying them more and more.

And how did I ever think Shawn was a jerk?

Light glinted off the glass doors as they swung open and Shawn walked out, the familiar bottles clutched in his fists.

“Ah,” I sighed in relief, still licking my lips as my mouth went dry and a powerful thirst overcame me. I squinted as I felt a little throb in my temples, but something about the shakes always made my headaches better.

“Hey,” he greeted me, opening the door and climbing in.

“Hey,” I replied cleverly. He offered the pale blue bottle, and I took it without hesitation, putting my lips to it and drinking deep. I sighed and wiped my mouth. “Thank you,” I said sincerely.

“No problem,” he sipped his own shake.

“Oh, don’t forget I can’t give you a ride tomorrow morning,” I said. It was the first time I said I couldn’t, but the throbbing in my cock reminded me why.

I was so horny lately, probably because of the exercise, and because it always took Shawn so long to get ready, I never got to jack off before class, and my girlfriend and I were saving ourselves for marriage… It was getting really hard to concentrate.

So hard now.

I swallowed my moan.

“Got somewhere to be?” He asked in a light tone, taking another sip. I chugged the rest of mine and put the bottle in the cupholder.

“I… Yeah, I have some errands to get done,” I explained weakly, my mind swimming at the prospect of an hour or so of pleasure in the morning, and maybe managing to concentrate in class a little better.

“Going to get a blow job?” He asked with a knowing chuckle, and my face burned red.

“I… I don’t have anyone to do that with…” I answered with a blush, noticing his bulge out of my peripheral vision. “Ana is waiting until we get married, and I…” I could swear it was getting better beneath the denim of his jeans.

Why am I looking at that?

My cock throbbed, and a mental image of Shawn from the showers flashed through my head.

“Not even oral?”

“N-no,” I said, my voice cracking.

“Maybe I can help you two out sometime,” he said in a lusty tone, his smirk spreading when he heard the moan I couldn’t hold in. “I bet I could get her to blow you.” He reached down and rubbed his crotch a few times, the motion pulling my eyes into direct focus.

“I… I… I’d rather be the one… Doing it,” I babbled drunkenly without thinking.

“Oh?” He said with syrupy amusement, and I looked at his face in panic.

“I, no, it’s,” I babbled.

“Are you saying that you’d rather be eating her out, or that you’d rather be giving a blowjob?” He pressed, clearly taking delight in how flustered it was making me.

“Yes!” I gasped stupidly.

“Yes what?” He purred, reaching down to his crotch and unfastening the front of his jeans. I was helpless to resist staring as he pulled out his erection, and I watched it bob and swell to a massive size in the open air. “Are you saying you’d rather give me a blowjob than eat out your own girlfriend?”

“Shawn!” I groaned, painting, squirming in the driver’s seat. “Someone might see!”

“Who cares? I’d tell everyone about it at practice tomorrow, anyway, so what would that matter?” He affected a warm smile. “Go on, buddy. Lean on over and give it a try. I promise you’ll like it.”

I could see a bead of precum forming at its tip, and I wanted nothing more than to taste it. I’d only ever felt my own penis before, I wasn’t gay, after all; his was a lot bigger than mine, but I could imagine how hot, heavy, firm, and soft it would be if I…

If I…

I could just…

No, I can’t do that!

“Good one,” I pulled my eyes away and let out an obviously fake guffaw. I swallowed hard, backed out of the parking spot, and pulled out onto the road.

His cock was back in his jeans by the time I glanced back over, and the entire drive was filled with a charged silence that would have been much more awkward for me if I wasn’t preoccupied with mental images of my swim friend’s erect penis.

“See you later, buddy,” Shawn said as I pulled up to the dorm and he jumped out. I didn’t stay, I just turned right around to go to my first class…

“Ana, I’m here,” I called out as I walked into her apartment after my classes were over. We were supposed to have dinner, though she hadn’t answered when I called.

“In, ah, in here!” She yelled breathlessly from the bedroom. It sounded like she’d just been out for a run, or maybe doing yoga or something. The door was almost closed when I walked up, so I gave it a push.

The scene revealed as the door swung open swam with candlelight, warm and flickering from atop every surface surrounding the plush altar that was Ana’s bed. My girlfriend was naked on all fours, her head thrown back and a look of ecstasy on her face.

Shawn was kneeling behind her, moving his hips and filling the air with a slap-slap-slapping sound.

My head swam.

My cock went rigid in my jeans.

My gaze fixated on my friend fucking my girlfriend.

“I thought we were… For marriage…” I droned weakly.

“Hey buddy,” Shawn said with a sneer, gripping Ana’s hips more tightly. “I wanted to help you out, so I popped her… Broke the ice for you. Here,” he shifted back, pulling Ana with him so that she had her back to his chest, both their legs spread.

Shawn’s penis was in my girlfriend.

It was big, just like I remembered, and he was rocking his hips slowly, his arms wrapped around Ana as he slid his dick in and out of her.

“Come on, buddy, I got her ready for you, come eat her out,” he encouraged me.

“Samir,” Ana cooed, “Do it! Aww, baby, let’s have a threesome!”

She was giving me permission.

Ana was giving me permission.

And Shawn had his penis stuffed inside her.

My eyes were fixated on the point where his dick vanished, stretching her open. I didn’t think, I just started crawling forward, prostrating myself between their legs. My tongue pressed against burning flesh, half hers, and half his. I could feel his penis sliding over half of my tongue, pinching it in on the way in, and stretching it wider on the way out.


And again.

And again…

“You’re going to have to make a choice, Samir,” Shawn cooed. “It’s time.” He started to slowly withdraw, dragging his dick across my tongue until the head slipped free. Ana started to move up as he slid down, and my tongue flared as wide as it could to stay in contact with both of them, but Shawn was right, I had to make a choice.

To the right, my girlfriend. To the left, my… Friend?

To the right, heterosexuality, and to the left…

I groaned in defeat and moved my head to the left, following his penis to maintain contact, licking, sucking.

“Hah! I knew it,” Shawn barked.

“Jesus, Samir!” Ana derided. “You finally get the chance to go down on your girlfriend, and you’re sucking dick instead?” I groaned and kept swirling my tongue over his meat.

“He’s not sucking it yet,” Shawn pointed out. “He’s just making out with it.”

“You’re right,” Ana agreed. “There’s still time, Samir. Stop licking his dick and get back over here.”

“Or,” Shawn cooed, “you can suck my dick, and I can tell the whole team about it tomorrow morning.”

I froze, panting, my tongue resting on his dick.

It wasn’t too late… I could pull away, crawl over to Ana, and be straight…


I groaned in defeat, parted my lips, and took the head of Shawn’s penis into my mouth.

“Jesus,” Ana commented. “Good thing I didn’t give my virginity to you.”

“Here, hold the camera for me,” Shawn said, and I felt Ana shift to accommodate.


“Smile, Samir, you’re on candid camera! Only, by smile I mean suck my dick, faggot.” Fingers tangled in my hair and started forcing his cock further down my throat. I always thought sucking a cock would be nasty, or hurt, but it wasn’t; it didn’t.

And he was going to tell the guys about it.

And he was recording it!

“Mmmmmm,” I droned until he forced his dick past my windpipe. My body sagged, my eyes rolled back in my head, and I just relaxed, opening myself up for him.

“There you go, cocksucker. You’re a natural,” he complemented me, speaking up for the benefit of the camera. “Wait until I tell the guys about this! Unh, yeah, you’re going to be so popular.” He gripped my head in both hands and started fucking my face. “Zoom in close,” he panted, I’m about to cum!”

He’s going to cum.

He’s going to cum, and his penis is in my mouth.

He’s going to cum in my mouth!

“GMMMMMMMMM!” I groaned as I felt his cock swell, thicker, harder, and then it exploded in my mouth. Even though I was swallowing, he was cumming so much, so fast, that it started to spray out around my lips.

Ana laughed while she held the camera close, getting a good shot of the depraved action. I kept swallowing, letting out little grunts and moans, even after he’d finished cumming. He gave me a minute, and then gripped my hair and pulled me off his dick with an obscene squelching sound. He pushed me back, and I fell off the bed and onto the floor with a thump.

“Well, that was fun,” Shawn said, getting to his feet and starting to pull on his clothes. “And would you look at that, Samir; turns out you can give me a ride tomorrow after all.”

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