Say Uncle: Part Three

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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It was still dark out when I woke up the next morning. I reluctantly pulled the dildo from my mouth, wiping a string of drool from my cheek as I looked over at the clock. 4:15 AM. I pressed my hand against the wall, knowing that it was all that separated me from Uncle Colt. My mind rushed back to dinner, to almost saying the words. There was no way I could face him today… I knew that the minute I saw him the words would spill out. I had to get out of the house before he woke up.

I went to take a shower, all the while thinking about what it will be like when Uncle Colt fucks me. I used the dispensers in the shower again. I’d never even unpacked my own.

I climbed out of the shower, patting my skin dry, my mind still fixated on dinner, imagining what would have happened if I had given in and said the words, instead of running off. Shit. I wanted it so bad, and I thought he knew it… or maybe he just thought I was a faggot.

I groaned.

I ran the soft towel over my ass, parting my cheeks to brush it lightly up and down my crack. I moaned, feeling so good. Reasonably dry, I walked back into my room and shut the door, still hard over imagining begging my uncle to fuck me, knowing that if he walked in right now I wouldn’t be able to hold the words in.

I got dressed quickly, and quietly walked down the stairs. I’d just walk to school now, and maybe by the time I got back home I’d have myself together again.

The doors were still locked when I got to school, so I walked around the building and found a bench in an out of the way courtyard. I took out my phone and went to the FFF forums to see if I had any new replies. Each new response rang through my head like a bell. They all ran along the same lines, each reaffirming how I should ask my uncle to fuck me, how good it will feel to do it, how much I want it. Still, some part of me thought that I shouldn’t want it. I couldn’t deny that I did, only that I should.

I opened up my email, disappointed that I didn’t have a new email from Nathan. I went to the draft that I’d saved the day before and read it again.

“Yes, thank you! You’re the best friend ever! I’m so horny! Thank you. Please, more!” It was so true, I couldn’t deny it. I had been trying to be angry this whole time, but Nathan was getting me all the cock I could want. Isn’t that what a friend would do? Isn’t that what I want? I clicked away on my screen, adding to the message.

“I don’t know what to do, Nathan. I almost asked my uncle to fuck me last night. I left for school early today because I won’t be able to help myself if I see him. I want it so bad, what do I do?”

I clicked send, and the message whooshed away. I felt a moment of relief, and then I realized what I’d just done. I’d just confessed that to Nathan. Nathan, who had been telling everybody what a slut I am. Nathan, who seemed to be making it his life purpose to get as many men as he could to fuck me. I wanted to take it back, but I couldn’t.

I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I tore off my clothes, casting them to the grassy ground, and sat back down on the bench. My cock was rigid, purple, and leaking. My balls were swollen and tender. I started to tease myself. I was both excited and terrified by the potential consequences of my confession.

What was Nathan going to do with it?

Right as I had that thought, my phone dinged. I felt the faint vibration travel through the bench from my phone, and reached to pick it up. A new email from Nathan.

To: Stanley Phelps, Anthony Malone, Joseph Anderson and 72 others.

From: Nathan Parker

Subject: Re: Thank You

“Check it out, guys. This faggot loves your dicks, and wants to get fucked by his own uncle! Let’s give him some encouragement! He’s waiting at your school right now.”

Below his words was my own message, forwarded to 74 other guys. He told them. They knew, now. The same guys who had shoved their cocks down my throat yesterday knew that I wanted my own uncle to fuck me.

I was beating off, pounding away at my throbbing erection. I started to get close, moaning without a care for who might hear me, and quickly pulled my hand away, watching my dick bounce as I came back from the edge. I grabbed it again, stroking frantically, and quickly got to the edge again. I let go, riding the wave of pleasure.

Again and again and again, I brought myself to the edge of an orgasm. Precum was flowing, running down my shaft and reducing the friction of each stroke. Someone cleared their throat, and I looked up to see Anthony Malone leering at me. I tried to cover my erection, crossing my arms ineffectually over my groin.

“No need to be shy, faggot.” My dick lurched, a gush of precum flowing onto my arm. “You’ve already sucked this dick more than once.” He stood in front of me, arms crossed, looking down at me expectantly. I slid off the bench and dropped to my knees, the grass cool and damp with early morning dew. I crawled forward, and my face pressed into Anthony’s crotch. I breathed in deeply, filling my lungs, and exhaled with a faint moan. I reached up and unbuttoned his jeans, my movements uncoordinated as I struggled to get to his cock.

It burst into view, already hard, and I leaned in to press my tongue to the spot where his shaft met his balls. I licked and swirled my tongue as I slowly worked my way up the shaft. I did a circle around his glans, and then my lips parted and I took him into my throat in one slow, controlled movement. I pressed my face to his groin, his pubes scratching my nose as his balls rested against my chin. I pulled back, my tongue drawing designs on his dick before descending again, down, down, down until my face pressed into his groin once again.

“Shit, faggot, I’m sure your uncle will fuck you if you give him a blowjob like this.” My cock lurched between my legs, spilling precum on the earth. “Yeah, faggot, that’s it, we’ll help you practice.”

“Getting him broken in for his uncle?” A new voice asked. I moaned in shame and desire, never even slowing down in my efforts to make Anthony cum.

“You know it, Chuck. You want next?” Anthony asked.

“Fuck yeah,” chuck responded, and I heard the sound of a zipper being lowered.

“I’ll go after Chuck,” yet another voice said.

“And I’m after Terry.”

More guys kept showing up, but I didn’t care. My mind was gone. All I could do was hope that I’d be able to get to them all before school started. As Anthony pumped his cum down my throat, I ran my hands over my body, tweaking my own nipples. I knew it wasn’t how I should feel, but I couldn’t help but to feel grateful that my new classmates were all being so accepting of me, and giving me what a faggot needed.

The bell rang, causing the guy I was sucking to pull out right as he started to cum. He hosed down my face and hair as other guys laughed. When he was done, he ran his dick around my face, smearing the cum around.

“Time to get to class.” He picked up my shirt from the ground and wiped the last of the cum from his dick. “Better get cleaned up, faggot, don’t want to be late.” He put his cock away and joined the group of guys walking into the building for first period. I sat there, dazed, for a minute, until I felt some of the cum start to drip down my face. I started to wipe it up and lick it off my hand, knowing that there was no way to make the cum in my hair presentable. I tired anyway.

I walked into my first period class, late again, and the teacher gave me a horrified look, but didn’t seem to want to talk about my appearance. A bunch of the guys laughed as I made my way to my seat in the back. I tried to pay attention, but my mind flashed back to overhearing my uncle on the phone the day before.

“I keep thinking he’s going to cave and ask for my dick…”

There was no doubt that he knew, and he had seen me in so many compromising positions already.

“Yeah, total faggot.”

But he seemed so cool about it.

“..he’s going to cave and ask for my dick.”

He didn’t seem to be bothered at all.

“…ask for my dick.”

Maybe I should stop fighting it.

“…ask for my dick.”

Maybe I should just give in.

“…ask for my dick.”

I jumped as the bell rang, snapping back to reality. Just like the day before, I was crowded by a group of guys.


“Tell your uncle you want it, fag.”

“Faggot. Faggot. Faggot.”

They cleared out, and I followed, painfully hard in my pants. The words followed me down the hallway to my second class.


“You’re so twisted, fag, wanting to get fucked by your own uncle.”

“Tell him you want it, faggot.”

Each time a guy approached me I got hornier, and hornier, and hornier. I leaned against the door to my second class, shaking, feeling like I was on the edge, so close to jizzing my pants. I took a deep breath and walked in, making my way to my seat in the back. As soon as I sat down my mind went right back to my uncle. His words, looping, as my brain filled with images of what Uncle Colt would look like naked, of how it will feel when he fucks me.

I stumbled out of second period into the hall, raging hard, my mind still in a fog. The first guy approached me, squeezing my ass as he spoke.

“Take your uncle’s dick, fag.” I groaned as he walked away, and then next guy came up to me.

“Your own uncle, faggot? That’s so nasty.” He pinched my nipple as he spoke and then walked off, leaving me stumbling down the hallway to my third class.

“You’re twisted, fag.” A hand slapped against my ass as this boy walked by. I stopped where I stood, my body felt like it was vibrating. It was taking real effort not to cum in my pants.

“Uncle fucker.” It was the straw that broke the camel’s back. My legs started to quiver, pressing together, and gave way. I fell down on all fours, a guttural groan escaping me as my cock started to pump a load into my pants. The world disappeared as pleasure overtook me. I thought I heard laughter, and a bell ringing, but everything seemed so far away as I came in my pants, on all fours on the cold tiles of the hallway at my new school.

“Are you alright, son?” A voice broke through the fog, and strong hands helped me to my feet. I looked up at the man who was helping me, and felt my dick jerk again.

“Unh, I’m fine.” I said, unable to meet his eyes.

“I think you need to go to the nurse’s office. Come on, I’ll help you.” I didn’t argue. He guided me down the hall and left me laying on a cot in the school nurse’s office. I closed my eyes and started to think about Uncle Colt again. Was there anyone in the world who didn’t think I should ask him to fuck me?

“What’s going on here?” A new voice asked. I looked over to see who was speaking, but my eyes didn’t make it past his crotch.

“I, uh, I fell down in the hall and a teacher brought me here.” I explained, my cock twitching in my pants. He didn’t say anything for a minute, so I raised my eyes to his face, and then followed his eyes to my own crotch, which was soaked through with my load from the hallway. The cum soaked denim was clinging to my erection. I felt heat rush to my face as I realized how slutty I looked.

“I see,” he finally said. “Were you feeling dizzy?” He began asking me questions, trying to figure out what was going on with me. I answered, distracted by his package. My brain took a short break from imagining Uncle Colt fucking me to imagine him doing it. It wouldn’t be the first school official to fuck me.

“Okay, I’m going to send you home early. You might want to see a doctor, just to make sure everything is okay… and…” He lowered his voice to a confidential tone. “You might want to take care of that,” he gestured at my crotch,” before you come to school. Off you go.”

I walked out of the building, not sure if I was excited to get to leave early, or disappointed that I wouldn’t get to blow a bunch of guys at lunch. That thought carried me all the way home. Uncle Colt wasn’t there, so I just went upstairs to my room. I went to the computer and the FFF forum was still open. I refreshed the page to see if I had any new responses, and there they were.

“Just do it, faggot. You’ll thank yourself later.

“What could it hurt? Your uncle will understand.”

“If you don’t ask your uncle to fuck you, you’ll regret it the rest of your life.”

They were right. I had to do it. I need to ask Uncle Colt to fuck me. I started to stroke myself again, staring at the screen, unseeing. Uncle Colt was going to be home soon. I needed to do it. I need Uncle Colt to fuck me. I went into the bathroom and started to fill the tub. I added a few pumps from the soap dispenser to the water and ran back over to my bed to grab the dildo.

I slipped into the hot water with a sigh, the heat both exciting and relaxing me. I leaned back and held the dildo to my mouth, the head touching my lips. I closed my eyes and started to suck it, just like I would suck Uncle Colt, if he let me. My left hand sank beneath the water and moved to my ass. I started to tease myself, knowing that Uncle Colt would be home soon. I lost track of time, rubbing my fingers over my hole as I slid the silicone shaft in and out of my mouth. Eventually I realized that the water had gotten cool, so I put the dildo aside and ducked my head under the water. I climbed out of the tub and looked at myself in the mirror. I was dripping wet, my nipples hard enough to cut diamonds, and my cock obscenely swollen between my legs. I grabbed my towel and gently dried myself off, moaning as the soft cloth passed over my ass, brushed my nipples, and draped over my cock. I grabbed the dildo and went back to the computer, bringing up the video of coach fucking me

That was going to be Uncle Colt.

“… ask for my dick.”

He was going to be home any time. I took the dildo to the bed and lay down, shoving it into my mouth almost as soon as my head met the mattress.

“… ask for my dick.”

“Well, well, what have we here?” I looked up, not really sure how long I had been out of it, still fucking my face with the dildo. Uncle Colt was standing over me, still wearing his work clothes.

I just kept fucking my own face while he watched. My eyes dropped from his face and settled to his crotch. It was time. No more waiting, no more denying it. I need to ask for his dick.

“You know, Stan, I just can’t shake this feeling that there’s something you need to ask me,” he said conversationally as he reached down and grabbed my left leg, raising it into the air. When he let go, I kept it where he’d positioned it. “But it’s going to be really hard for you to ask me anything with that big ol’ cock in your mouth, so let’s put it somewhere else while we talk.” He grabbed the dildo and pulled it from my mouth with a wet slurp. His right hand grabbed my leg, keeping it in the air, and his left hand pressed the dildo against my ass, spreading my own saliva over my hole.

“Uhnnnnn. Uncle Colt,” I cooed.

“There we go,” he said, slowly applying more pressure to the dildo. “Now, was there something you want to ask me, Stan?”

“Yes!” I gasped as the head of the dildo slipped inside. I arched my back.

“I thought so,” he continued, sliding the shaft deeper into my hole. The balls met my ass, and then he started to thrust it in and out. “Go ahead, Stan. What is it? What do you want?”

“I want… I mean… Will you… Fuuuck!” I cried out, covering my face as one last part of me tried to resist and hold the words back. I knew it was futile, that I was going to give in, that it was inevitable. He pulled my hand away from my face and stared down into my eyes, waiting.

“Uncle Colt, please, I want you… I want you to fuck me!”

I had done it. There was no taking it back now. He knew. Uncle Colt knew what I wanted. I asked my uncle to fuck me. What have I done? I wondered as I moaned, pinned by his gaze.

“That’s not a question,” he chastised me, half smiling. I moaned, deep and long.

“Uncle Colt, wi-will you fuck me? Please! I need it! I need to to fuck me! Please?” He was driving the dildo into my ass with force, and withdrawing it slowly, over and over as I begged.

“Sure, Stan,” he pressed the dildo all the way into me and left it there, “I’ll fuck you. But there’s one thing you need to know before I do.” He reached up and started to unbutton his shirt. My eyes followed his hands. It was finally going to happen. Uncle Colt was going to fuck me!

“What is it?” I asked, eager to finally feel him inside me.

“Well, you see, I’m not surprised that you turned out desperate for your own uncle’s dick,” he said, dropping his shirt to the floor. His hands moved to his belt, unfastening it, before beginning on the button of his pants. “The truth is, Stanley, you were born for incest.” The zipper went down, and he lowered his pants to the floor, stepping out of the legs without ever taking his eyes off mine. “Nobody has ever told you, but your dad… he isn’t really your dad.” He pushed his shorts down, and his cock came into view. It was big, bigger even than coach’s was, and already hard.

“What do you mean? Not my dad?” I asked, confused, barely able to think of anything other than getting that dick inside me.

“Before your mom and dad got married, your mom and Uncle Brett did something that brothers and sisters aren’t supposed to do.” He climbed onto the bed, pushing both my legs back and resting them on his shoulders as he hovered over me.

“Wh-what?” I asked, feeling the head of his cock press against my already dildo stuffed hole.

“I’m not just your uncle, Stan. I’m your double uncle.” I moaned and reached down to pull the dildo from my ass and make room for Uncle Colt.

“Oh, fuuck,” I purred. Double uncle. That’s so dirty. He’s my double uncle. Uncle Colt grabbed my wrist, stopping me with the dildo only half way out.

“Leave it,” he said, pushing the dildo all the way back in. “I can work around it.” He started to push against my stretched hole, forcing his cock past the dildo. I gasped, staring my uncle in the eyes. I had never felt anything like this before. He had a few inches in already, and if he had been any thicker, I think I would have ripped. As he kept sliding in, he leaned forward and started to kiss me. I moaned into the kiss. I had imagined him fucking me, but I’d never thought about him kissing me. No one had ever kissed me like this before. I melted into it, my arms wrapping around him, my eyes closing. His groin pressed into my ass, his cock all the way inside me, and he stayed there for a moment before pulling back from the kiss.

“Uncle Colt,” I gasped. “It’s so much! So… Much… I…” His smile grew as I gasped and writhed, impaled on his cock and the dildo.

“Shhh,” he quieted me. “You’re such a good little faggot.” My cock jumped between our bodies, and he started to pull back. The intensity of the feeling redoubled, and then he was pressing forward again, slamming back into my ass. I cried out, seeing stars, and before my vision cleared he was ramming into me again.

“Uncle Colt!” I cried out as his hips slammed against my ass. “Uncle Colt! Uh-Uncle Colt!” He shoved his fingers into my mouth and kept punch-fucking me. I moaned around his fingers and started to suck on them, my tongue following the contours of his digits. The world faded away. There was just me, Uncle Colt, and the dildo. That feeling I had in the hallway before started to build inside me again, and I knew that this was going to make me cum. I couldn’t say anything with Uncle Colt’s fingers in my mouth, so I looked him in the eye and tried to show that I was about to cum. He smiled and pulled his fingers from my mouth, grabbing my legs and doing what I didn’t think was possible: He fucked me harder. He was moaning now, sweat running down his body, as he mercilessly pounded my ass.

“Ready for my cum, Stanley?” he asked, breathing quickly.

“Oooohhhh, Uncle Colt!” I cried out. “Uncle Colt! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!” My cock exploded, showering my face and torso with cum. I could feel my ass trying to pull closed against Uncle Colt’s cock and the dildo, and Uncle Colt cried out as he started to pump his own cum into my ass. “Uncle! Uncle! UNCLE!” I squealed as my cock started to jerk with a second orgasm. This was better than any fuck I’d ever had, better than anything I’d ever felt. I never wanted it to end.

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