Push: Chapter One

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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The sounds of my own moans woke me up the next morning. I groaned in disappointment as my dreams of pleasing black cock after black cock came to an end. I lay there, panting, and looked around the room. Everything was in place, and my door was closed. I reached down and lazily wrapped my hand around my engorged morning wood. I gave it a squeeze and started lazily stroking myself.

Jonas caught me!

The memory of the day before, of the way Jonas had reacted to walking in on me cumming my brains out after hours of edging to black cock videos, filled me with shame, and that shame went straight to my cock, making it swell even more, needing, demanding attention. I closed my eyes and started masturbating in earnest, imagining what it’s going to be like when I finally get to please my first black cock.

“Ah, getting going already?” Jonas’ voice interrupted my fantasies. I pulled my hand away from my cock, causing it to jerk and bob in the air as I gripped my sheets.

“J-Jonas!” I cried out in shock, trying not to cum right there in front of him. He just laughed.

“Time to get up, faggot. I’ve got some plans for you today,” he said with command in his voice.

“Plans?” I asked, still breathing heavy.

“Oh, yeah. And you’re going to love it, faggot. Now, get up.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me from my bed. I scrambled to keep up. He marched me, naked, over to my desk chair and made me sit down in it. “Stay, fag.” I sat there, my face red with humiliation, and he walked out of the room. I just sat there waiting, not sure what to do.

“Jonas?” I called out, wondering where he was. He walked back into the room carrying his backpack. Without a word, he pulled out a thumb drive and plugged it into my computer. A few moments later, my screen filled with flashing images of black guys, and white bitches, like me!

I moaned.

Jonas laughed.

My ears were filled with a techno beat and moans as the video played on, and I couldn’t look away. My fixation was broken when Jonas spoke.

“Why don’t you jerk yourself off?” He asked, standing behind me. Automatically, I tried to move my hand over to grasp my cock, but it wouldn’t move. I looked down at it, only to discover that my arm was tied to the armrest of the chair. I tried to bring my other hand over to untie the rope, but it was tied down, too.

“Whuuuh?” I said, stupidly, my eyes going back to the screen.

“Oh, looks like you can’t. Here, let me help you with that, little bro,” he said, reaching around me to wrap his fingers around my cock. I gasped, my eyes still fixated on the video in front of me, and let out my breath in a shuddering moan. He started stroking my cock, moving his fist up and down in a slow, steady motion, driving me ever closer to another humiliating orgasm. I was rocking my hips, trying to help myself get off, but he controlled the speed, robbing me of any sense of control.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” I moaned, my cock overcome with sensation, about to cum. “Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhh! OHHHHHHHH!” I got louder.

I was about to…




Jonas let go of my cock, leaving it bobbing in the air, wet and glistening with my precum.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhnnnnnoooooooooooo. Nonono,” I objected. I felt the orgasm fading away, unfulfilled, as he laughed.

“Have fun, faggot,” he said as he walked out of the room, leaving me sitting there with nothing but the video for company. I stared at the screen, my mouth hanging open, my cock bouncing, as I gave in to the training, letting myself be turned into even more of a slut for black cock. After a while, my erection started to go down, my cock slowly sinking down to lay across my thigh. Still staring at the video, I realized that I had to pee, but I was still tied to the chair, staring at black cocks, the subliminal messages drilling deeper into my brain.

Black cock is so hot.

I’m a slut for black cock.

Need to pee.

Black cock makes me feel so good!

I want to get fucked.

I want to get stuffed with black cock.

I need to pee!

I felt fingers wrap around my semi-hard cock, sending it surging back to life. He started stroking me again. It felt so good, but I still had to pee.

“Pleeze, Jonas, I need to pee!” I begged. “Please, let me pee!”

“I’m not stopping you. You can pee any time you want,” he said, still stroking my cock. I was already on the edge of an orgasm again. I quivered in the chair as his hand glided up and down my shaft, getting me closer and closer.

About to…

Got to…

Fuck make me cum!

“Ohhhhh! OHHHHHH!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” He jerked his hand away from my cock just before I could go over the edge. I rocked my hips in the chair, desperately trying to bring the pleasure back.

“See ya later, fag,” Jonas said, leaving the room again. Leaving me to the video.

Black cock is what I want.

Black cock is what I need.

Black cock is what I’ve been waiting for all my life.

Black cock is my God.

The words soaked into my brain as I struggled to hold my bladder, my cock still hard. A trickle of piss leaked out to run back down my erection.

I have to pee so bad!

Fingers, wrapping around my cock. Jonas, stroking, my cock slick with piss and precum.

“Joooonnnaaaaasssss! I have to peeeeee!” I cried out before moaning, deep, guttural. More piss leaked from my cock, making a slick slapping noise as Jonas stroked me, bringing me to the edge.

“I’m sure a faggot like you gets turned on by the idea of pissing himself,” he whispered in my ear.

“Unh, unh, uhhhhhnn!” I started to moan like a whore as I approached the edge.

About to….

“Nooooooooo!” I cried out. He had taken his hand away again. My cock was throbbing, and a coupe of spurts escaped my bladder, making my cock bounce as I felt the pee running down my thigh. I struggled to hold it in.

Need to pee!



Black cock.

Gotta pee!

So horny.

I’m gonna pee!

Gotta fight it!



A few more spurts escaped me, splashing across my torso as they sprayed out of my erection. The contractions of the muscles felt so good, and it was like I was getting close to the edge again, without Jonas stroking me.


My muscles gave way, and I felt piss rush up my engorged shaft. I knew it was futile, but I had to try. When I clenched my muscles to try and stop it, all the piss that had already rushed up my shaft was forced out of my dick. A powerful spray of pee hit me right in the face, running from my mouth and dripping from my hair and eyelashes as I stared down at my cock in astonishment. My muscles gave way again, and I watched my erection, purple and swollen, as more pee rushed down its length, as I came nearer to pissing myself.

The muscles contracted again, automatically, and I moaned as a second stream of pee blasted me in the face, this time accompanied with orgasmic pleasure. Again the muscles relaxed, and again they tightened, blasting another spurt of pee across my face and torso. It felt like I was cumming, like I was having an orgasm! But I was peeing!

I’m Peeing!

Slut for black cock.

Right in my face, peeing…

I’m a fucking faggot!

I was moaning like a wanton whore as I ejaculated the contents of my bladder, showering myself with powerful spurts of my own piss, taking delight in the orgasm that went on and on as my bladder emptied one spurt at a time.

“Haha, you’re such a faggot!” I heard Jonas say from behind me, laughing uncontrollably as he watched me continue to moan as my cock jerked, ejaculating pee.

“I’m cumming out my pee!” I cried out to Jonas, my mind shattered by pleasure. “I’m cumming my pee! I’m cumming my pee!” And still it went on, my full bladder taking forever to empty in such small spurts, the orgasm going on and on and on.

Finally, the last of my pee squirted from my dick, splashing across my abs, and the orgasm came to an end, leaving me panting, groaning, and dripping with my own piss. My eyes were pulled back to the screen in front of me, and to the video that was making me into a total slut for black cock.

Fingers wrapped around my shaft again, making me gasp and my hips shudder. Even after the overwhelming pleasure that had just reached its conclusion, I felt myself respond, my cock so hard it felt like it could burst as Jonas stroked it slowly.

“Yeah, man. You’re beyond ready to take some black dick, aren’t you?” Jonas crooned in my ear. I moaned in reply. “I said, aren’t you?”

“Fuuuuuuuck, yeeeesssssssssssss!” I cried out, watching a white boy get spit roasted by two black guys.

“Hell yeah you are. You’re just an eager faggot desperate to let black guys stuff their dicks into you, aren’t you?” He pressed on.

“Yessss! Oh, fuck, yes I am!” I admitted, feeling the oncoming orgasm.

“Yeah, I know, faggot.” He said, letting go of my cock.

“Nooooo! No, no no,” I cried, desperate.

“Did you know one of my friends is black, Ewan?” He asked me.

“N-no,” I panted, my hips writhing in the chair.

“Yeah. And his little brother goes to your school. I bet if I invited him over,” he said, wrapping his fingers around my cock again, bringing the pleasure back. “I bet he would tell his little brother about you after. And if he tells his little brother, it won’t be long before every black guy in your school knows.”

“Fuuuuck, Jonas!” I gasped.

“Want me to call him?” He asked wickedly. “Ready for your first black cock?”

I’m a slut!

I’m a faggot!

I love black cock!

I need black cock!

Can’t resist.

Suck black cock.

Get fucked by black cock.

Fucking faggot!

“Yes!” I cried out. Jonas laughed and let go of my cock. I heard the sound of him dialing a number on his phone, and then his hand wrapped around my dick again and resumed stroking.

“Hey man, what’s up? Yeah, I found out something about my little bro you might like to know… Yeah, turns out he’s a total faggot, and he’s obsessed with black dick… No, I’m serious… Yeah… No, he’s like gaga for black dick. You can come take his cherry if you want… Yeah, he’ll let you do anything… Sure…. Yeah… See you soon.” He ended the call and let go of my dick. “My friend is on his way, fag. I bet you can’t wait to take some black cock, can you?”

“N-no! Fuck, Jonas, I-I…”

“Shh, just relax. Black cock is on the way,” he whispered soothingly into my ear.

Jonas kept getting me to the edge, over and over, while he continuously talked about black cock and all the ways I could take it. I just stared at the video and took it all in, quivering with anticipation.

Then the doorbell rang…

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