Push: Chapter Four

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…

“Well, well, well, look what we have here,” the custodian said, towering over me as I stared at his crotch and my dick bounced around leaking precum. He’d caught me jacking off, and now I was acting like a total slut for black cock.

Wait, I’m not acting; I really am a slut for black cock!

“Oh, wow, Sir,” I repeated, staring at the swelling bulge beneath his blue coveralls. “Your… Wow…” He reached down and put a finger under my chin, tilting my head back and forcing me to look him in the face. I struggled to focus for a moment, and then took in his close-cropped hair, his moustache, and his sneer.

“I said, what do we have here?” He repeated slowly, making it clear that he expected an answer.

“Aww, Sir, I’m a faggot sir, and I’m a slut for black cock!” He looked taken aback for a moment, and then his grin spread.

“Is that so?” His tone was amused.

“Yes, Sir! Will…” I swallowed hard. “Will you fuck me, Sir?” I asked in a small voice. He took his finger out from under my chin and brought it up to the zipper of his coveralls. My eyes sank and followed the movement of his hand, down, down down, unzipping the blue material to reveal his white undershirt, stretched tight over his broad chest.

“Well,” he said, slipping his arms free to let the top section of the coveralls fall to his waist, “Seeing as you asked so nice,” he grabbed the bottom of his undershirt and peeled it off over his head. “I might fuck you, if you can take it.”

If I can take it? If I can take it! How big is it?

My eyes were locked onto his bulge once again as he kicked off his shoes and pushed both his coveralls and boxers down to pool around his ankles, liberating his swelling erection.

His cock is bigger than Jackson’s!

My eyes were drinking in the sight of the large tube of dark flesh. This man was circumcised, and I could clearly see the head and how it flared like a mushroom. His shaft was thick and veiny, and I understood why he questioned if I could take it.

But that wasn’t even a question for me. I needed it.

I crawled off the bench and into the middle of the locker area, bright fluorescent lights shining down on my pale flesh. I spread my legs, arched my back, and presented my ass to him.

“Oh, yes, Sir, please fuck me, Sir, oh, yes, fuck me, Sir!” I babbled, rolling my hips, I could feel my hole throbbing, and relaxing, getting ready to get stuffed even fuller than before.

“Damn, faggot, you really are a slut for black cock.” he said, bringing one of his large hands down on my ass with a slap that made me gasp and arch my back even more as my hole clenched and relaxed and my eyes rolled back into my head.

“Ahhhhnnnnn!” I cried out, drool spilling from the corner of my mouth.

“Oh, you like that, faggot?” He chuckled, and then brought his hand down on the other cheek.

“Ahhheeeeeee!” I whined in a distinctly feminine tone, drawing more chuckles from him.

“You got pink hand prints on your ass, bitch,” he informed me, and I shuddered with delight as he took one thick finger and traced the outline of each hand. “Wait, is that…” He gripped my cheeks and tugged them apart, exposing my hole. “Daaaaaaaaaaammmn, faggot, you got cum dripping from your pussy!”

“I need more, Sir!” I told him.

“Yeah? Was it black cum?” He asked.

“Yes, Sir!” I confessed.

“Can’t get enough black cum in there, can you?” He pressed.

“Aww, no, Sir! I need more black cum! Please, fuck me, Sir! I can take it!” I concentrated on relaxing, feeling my… My… Feeling my ass go slack, wanting more.

“Okay, faggot. I’ll do you a favor and put more cum in there for you, as long as you can take the whole thing.”

“Ohhh, dooo it! I can take it!” I wiggled my hips. He spit right on my hole, and I flinched and moaned. I felt the head of his massive penis meet my hole. Even relaxed as I was, his massive cock met resistance. “Put it in me!” My desperate cry rang through the locker room.

“As you wish,” he said gleefully, and then started pushing against the resistance. Harder, harder,harder he pressed until the slickness of his spit and Jackson’s cum allowed his massive penis to start stuffing into my hole.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhhffffffffffffffff,” I groaned, deep and breathless, as I was stretched beyond what I thought possible. It hurt, but the hurt was feeling good.

And on it came.

Slowly, centimeter by centimeter he stuffed it into me as I quivered and panted.

How much is in me?

How much more is left to go?

The pressure overcame my control, and cum started to pour from my dick, but I was stretched so wide that my muscles couldn’t contract, so my entire load just poured out of me in a pathetic stream. He laughed and reached under me to scoop up some of the cum, and I felt his hand moving around my stretched hole and whatever amount of shaft he’d yet to stuff into me.

And on it came.

My dick never got soft. It was still just as hard as before. He seemed to pick up speed as my cum made the way even slicker.

“Haaaaahhhhhh!” I moaned gleefully as it just… kept… coming!

So deep!

So full!

How much more can I take?

Oh god!

It’s still coming!

Oh, I’m gonna do it again!

His pelvis slapped against my ass, his entire, massive cock stuffed into my guts, and I lost control again, helpless to stop another load of cum from pathetically draining from my dick in a steady stream, his cock robbing me of any ability to contract my ejaculatory muscles.

“Well, shit, faggot, you were right,” he panted into my ear. “You can take it. You kept your promise, so now I’ll keep mine.” His weight vanished from my back as he raised his torso, and his hands grasped my hips. “Get ready for a ride.”

“Hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn,” I let out in a continuous drone as I experienced the same sensations as when he’d stuffed his cock into me, but in reverse… He was unstuffing me, and the empty feeling his retreat left behind was as massive as his dick was. He stopped when my hole was clutching his head.

It’s like I’ve still got a baseball in me!

“Do you want me to put it in again?” He asked, panting.

“Aww, yessssss!” I cried out, pushing back onto his dick just as he pushed forward, stuffing that monster back into me, once again stretching me so wide that I lost control of my muscles. “Put it innnnn!”

“Goddamn!” He moaned. “Nobody,” he panted as his pelvis met my ass again, “Has ever,” he started to withdraw, unstuffing me for the second time, “Taken my dick like this!” He pulled back to the head, and then drove forward again. I relaxed and let him slam his dick into me.

Stuffing me.

Unstuffing me.





“Fuck! I’ve never felt a pussy that could get this loose!” He cried out as I lay there and let him use me, my ability to think, to speak, to do anything other than get stuffed and unstuffed was gone. He buried himself in me and then paused. “Shh, rest, take a break. I want to fuck you more before I cum.” He leaned forward onto my back, and I could feel his breath on my neck as he waited.

“Uhhh, uhhh, uhhh, uhhh!” I purred as he began to rock his hips.

“Yeah, sing for me, baby,” he cooed into my ear, and then raised up again, bringing his hands back to my hips. He pushed me forward and rocked back, unstuffing me again. Then I felt his grip tightened, and he reversed direction, pulling me onto his dick as he drove his hips forward, stuffing me faster and harder than ever before. “Aww, you’re even looser than before!” he said gleefully. “I’m gonna fuck you, slut!”

“Yeah,” I growled. “Fuuuuucccckkk meeeeeeee!” And he obliged, putting that massive penis inside me and taking it back out faster and faster and faster. “Ohhhhnnn, guuuuhhhhhhhfffffffff, ahhhhhhhhhnnnnn!” I moved beyond speech, vocalizing in accompaniment to the sensations that were overwhelming me. Between my own noises, I could hear him panting and moaning as he let go and just fucked me. His moans got louder and louder, and then he stuffed me one last time and started humping my butt with his whole cock stuffed inside me.

Even though I had figured out how to relax, that didn’t mean that I wasn’t still stretched to the max. So, when his dick swelled even more, not only could I feel it, but it was too much; the straw that broke the camel’s back. For the third time, his massive penis sent a load of cum draining from me in a pathetic stream, pouring uselessly to the shower floor. At the same time, I felt his massive cock start to fill my guts with more black cum, his moans echoing loudly through the shower.

“Uhhhhhhhhhnnnnnn!” My squeals joined his as the sensations filling my guts made a fourth load dribble pathetically from my purple erection. We stayed there, both catching our breath, and I felt his cock start to deflate inside me.

Slowly, slowly, stuffing me a little less with each beat of his heart until control over my muscles came back.

Well, sort of.

Able to contract once again, my anal muscles started to spasm and contract around his penis.

“Ohh, shiiit!” He cried out, and his cock started to swell again, expanding inside me.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” I purred, and then he was pushing me past the point of having control once again.

“I’ve never heard of such a slut,” he said in awe as he gripped my hips and started fucking again. “I’m gonna put another load in there. We descended into rutting again as he plowed me, quickly bringing himself to a second orgasm, pumping me full of even more black cum.

Having learned his lesson, this time he began pulling out as soon as his orgasm was over, and I’d never felt so empty in my entire life. I lay there, groaning in disappointment. I wanted it back in me! I looked over my shoulder to beg him to put it back in me, but he was gone.

I was alone.

It was quite some time before I was able to get back to my feet, and even then my legs quivered and wobbled unsteadily, like a fawn taking its first steps. I pulled on my clothes, composed myself, and set out for home, desperately squeezing my anal muscles to keep as much black cum inside me as possible, and the constant focus on it was just making me harder.

Making me want more black cock.

Making me need more black cum injected deep, deep into my guts.

When I opened the door, Jonas was sitting there waiting, the now familiar evil grin spread from cheek to cheek. He lifted his phone, and I heard the beep as he started recording.

“How was your day, little bro?” He asked with affected sincerity.

“Uhhhnnnnn,” my indecision melted into a moan as my concentration wavered and I felt black cum leak from my ass. “Goooood,” I continued. What did it matter now?

I was way past the point of having dignity.

“Yeah? Did you have a good time in the showers?” He continued.

“Y-yes!” I barked as my cock jerked around, straining against its confinement.

“Oh? What happened in the showers?” He pressed. I didn’t know what to do. I was so embarrassed, and so horny, and I wanted to answer, and to shut up, and more than anything I just wanted to make myself cum!

“I got fucked!” I purred like a kitten. “Aww, yeah, Jonas, I got black dicks in me!” Jonas laughed, and then realized what I’d said.

“Black dicks? I thought Jackson was the only black guy on your team,” he questioned me.

“J-j-jackson fucked me first,” I began.

“Who all saw,” he cut me off with renewed glee.

“Ohhh, Jonas, everyone saw! Everyone’s gonna know tomorrow!”

“Yeah, you look like that excites you. Go ahead, little bro. Masturbating is normal, jerk it and tell me about getting fucked.” My face burned and I squeezed my eyes shut as my hands started fumbling with the front of my pants. Before I had even thought about what I was doing, I’d started jerking off while my brother recorded me.

And I talked.

I told him everything.

About Jackson taking my cherry.

And the custodian pounding my cherry into jello.

When I confessed that I had cum dripping from my ass right there where I stood, I lost control.

“Wow, you really did have a good day, faggot. But you left out a few details; I’ve seen the video.”



Aww, fuck, video!

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