Penetrating Flesh: Chapter Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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The sun was hitting my face. It was time to get up, but I didn’t want to. I was having the most wonderful dreams. A grin spread across my face. I was dreaming that I… My face contorted as I tried to recall anything from my dreams. Nothing. I opened my eyes and started to pull off my sheet. There was resistance. I looked down and watch as I peeled the sheet away. The sheet was soaked, and my body was covered, in cum. My cock was sticking up out of the waistband of my boxers, still rock hard, and a deep, rich purple-red in color. I was amazed by how big it was. The skin seemed tighter, too, like my cock had gotten too big to fit inside it. My bed was a pool of cum. I took a deep breath and moaned softly at the smell, my cock bobbing in response and letting out a gush of clear pre-cum. I looked over suddenly, worried that my roommate could see my condition. He was already gone. I got up, bundled up the sheets, wiped myself off, and started getting dressed. I had to go to the frat house in a few hours, but something strange was going on with my cock. Should I be this much more sensitive? I decided to go back to the shop to ask Doma what was going on. It was a warm day, so I wore a long shirt to cover up the wet spot I knew was going to form. I had run out of clean jeans, so I wore the first pair from yesterday.

“Derek, my friend!” he greeted me warmly as I walked in. “What brings you back so soon?”

“Well, I’m having a bit of a problem.” I blushed and looked down, ashamed.

“The piercing? You don’t like it?” He seemed genuinely sad at the thought. A picture of my hard cock with the sexy steel beads visible on either side of the belly of my shaft, just below the head, flashed through my mind.

“No! Actually, I like it a lot. It’s just…” I looked around the shop to make sure we were alone. “I know you said it would make me more sensitive, but I’ve been hard since I walked out yesterday. Something must be wrong.”

“Oh, goodness. Well, come with me and let’s take a look.” I followed him into the piercing booth and he closed the curtains again. I was embarrassed to take off my pants in front of him with my cock so hard, but I gritted my teeth, pulled my pants off all the way, and sat on the table with my legs spread slightly and my cock sticking up into the air. I leaned back with my hands behind me. Doma pulled on some gloves and started lightly touching the area around the piercing. It felt amazing, and I fought so hard not to moan.

“Hmm, maybe it’s too tight. I’ll try changing the jewelry to something a little bit bigger.”

“Uh, yeah, that sounds great.” I wanted to see what he was doing, but I knew that if I saw my cock right then I’d probably lose it. His hands were sliding around my shaft, gripping it softly to hold it still, twisting the jewelry. It felt so good that I had to fight not to moan.

“All done,” he said. I started to look down as he rose, gripping my cock and giving it a friendly squeeze. I lost it. Cum started spraying all over me. More and more was making it up to my face now, and I found myself swallowing it as it fell across my gaping, surprised mouth. I didn’t even think about what I was doing.

“Oh, Derek, I’m so sorry!” He handed me a towel. “I think the jewelry was too tight and making you super sensitive. This should feel so much better. Sorry about the problem.” I was cleaning up as best I could, but my shirt was done for.

“Um, you don’t have any cheap t-shirts for sale, do you?”

“Oh, Derek, it’s my fault. You can have a shirt for free. He walked out of the curtains and came back with a black shirt with “Ink & Steel” printed across the front in plain, white letters. I pulled it on, but it wasn’t long enough to cover my crotch. My cock was still hard, tucked behind the wet spot from earlier. I figured it must take a little while for the sensitivity to go back to normal. I left the shop, thanking Doma for helping me out, and made my way to the frat house. Riley was waiting for me when I walked in.

“Looks like you got it done,” he eyed my shirt. “Lets see it, drop your pants.”

“Riley… I…”

“Dude, what’s your problem? You’ve been acting like this isn’t important to you anymore.”

“No, it is! It’s just, they messed up and put in jewelry that was too small, so it made me super sensitive and I’ve been hard since I got it done. I just went in to get it fixed, but it’s probably going to take a little while to go down.” I blurted it all out as quickly as I could, blushing furiously.

“Dude, who cares? I just have to check that you did what you were supposed to.” I nodded and pulled down my pants and underwear. He whistled as my cock bounced up, and I blushed furiously. I gingerly grasped it and held it so he could see the piercing. It felt so good to feel my cock in my hand, and a gush of pre-cum burst out the tip and ran down over my fingers. I looked at my hand on my cock, wet and slick now, and loved the way it looked. My cock was so hard, so wonderful, and it felt so good to touch it.

“Earth to Derek!” Riley snapped his fingers in front of my face. “You can put it away now, I see that you got it done.” My face was glowing as I tucked it away, wiping the pre-cum from my hand onto my underwear. “I’ve got to go to an appointment with one of my professors today, so we’ll have to cut this short. Come back tomorrow morning.”

“Okay.” It was almost a moan, I was breathless. He led me to the door and I went back across campus to my dorm, hours to spare before my first class. I figured maybe my erection would go away if I got off again, now that I had new jewelry. I stripped and settled onto my bed, pumping away at my hard cock. I closed my eyes and just went with it. I tried to think of something sexy, and then the strangest thing happened. I found myself remembering how Doma had grasped my cock in the tattoo shop, and how good it had felt. It felt so good to touch and play with my cock. It felt so good when he touched my cock. I bet it would feel good to touch his cock too. I lay there stroking away for an hour, imagining how good it would feel to touch Doma’s cock. I thought that it must be big. The door opened, and I jumped, my hand freezing on my cock. Chester walked in and let out an annoyed sigh. Finally he shut the door, walked across the room, sat at his computer, put on his headphones, and started working, ignoring me. I didn’t move for a while, glancing over at my roommate. Then I realized something. Chester had a nice cock—I’d seen it once, soft, when he was changing clothes. I bet it would feel good to touch it. My hand was moving on my shaft again, my eyes flicking over to Chester every few minutes as I thought about how good it would feel to get his cock in my hand. I started to shoot, imagining that the cum running over my hand was his, that the cock feeling so good in my fist was his. I couldn’t believe I was shooting a load while my roommate sat there typing a paper, but the idea of getting my hand on his cock was too good to ignore. When I stopped cumming, finally, I cleaned up with my towel from the night before and dressed for class. I walked out, leaving my roommate still typing at his computer.

It wasn’t really cold enough for a jacket, but I brought one anyway. In the back of my first class, I sat down, covered my lap, and immediately started gently stimulating my cock. It felt so good to touch it. My eyes were wandering around the room, and then I realized something! All of the guys in here had cocks. I bet they would all feel amazing, hot and hard squeezed in my fist. Surely at least some of them were really big. Maybe some of them would let me play with their cocks. I looked around, imagining how good it would feel to get my hands on all those college-boy cocks. I worked really hard not to cum. I just sat there, enjoying my wonderful cock and wishing I could enjoy all the cocks around me too. I had to wait until last to leave. The wet spot was out of control, and my shirt was too short to cover it. So was the jacket I’d grabbed. I made my way back to my dorm, getting some funny looks from people walking past me.

I was disappointed to see that Chester was home. He was laying on his bed, reading a book. I went to my bed and sat, thinking about all the cocks that must be out there, big, hard, and wonderful. I wanted to touch them all. Chester’s cock was wonderful. I wished I could touch it right then and there, but I knew he would freak out if I tried. I grabbed my laptop and sat so that he couldn’t see the screen. It was resting un-level across my lap, half of it lifted by my hard shaft running across my right leg, but the heat felt amazing on my cock. I opened my browser and started looking for pictures of large wonderful cocks, imagining myself stroking all of them. Every so often I’d look up at Chester to make sure he didn’t know what I was doing. I looked at cock after cock waiting for my next chance to get off. Then I realized I was going to be late for class. I jumped up, shut my laptop, and left my dorm.

I sat in the back again, but I’d been in such a hurry I forgot my jacket. I kept my hands off my crotch—getting caught was too much of a risk if I couldn’t cover myself. I contented myself with looking at all the guys in the room, thinking about playing with their hard cocks. Cock felt so good. I started to think about stroking one in each hand while other guys rubbed their hard, dripping cocks all over my body. I groaned softly, getting some funny looks, but I ignored them and pretended to be paying close attention to the lecture. Cock, cock, cock, it was all I could think about. My cock felt so good against my leg—hot, hard, and twitching to my heartbeat. I could only imagine how good it would feel to have cock pressed all over my body, making all my skin feel so good. I imagined a large cock sliding down my cheek, and my cock started to jerk in my pants, spewing cum into my pants, soaking them. I fought not to moan, but I couldn’t help it. Right as the sound escaped me, the class all jumped to their feet, packing up their bags and rushing out. Nobody heard me. I walked out, my hard shaft visible through my soaked jeans and the feeling of cum dripping down my leg as the wet spot grew. I definitely got looks crossing campus this time, and I kept my head down, embarrassed.

I nearly jumped for joy when I got back to my dorm room to find it empty. It felt as if it had been forever since I had been able to jerk off. I stripped, peeling away my wet jeans and underwear, and jumped onto my bed, pumping away at my cock before I’d even landed. I’d been looking at crotches all day, imagining how good all that cock would feel. I closed my eyes and started to imagine stroking Riley’s cock. It sent a shiver down my spine, thinking of stroking my soon to be frat brother’s cock. But my other hand was empty. I pictured Doma, with his strong arms and bulged jeans. He had to have a nice cock, too. I was moaning, pumping my cock with both hands while I thought about pumping theirs. I was almost there, but it felt like the fantasy was incomplete. Suddenly a cock was rubbing back and forth, up and down, across my face. I moaned, close to cumming, and looked up. It was Chester, my roommate. The door opened and my eyes fell on the real Chester, the sight of him in the doorway sent a jolt to my cock. I started cumming. I arched my back on the bed, showering my body with cum. I couldn’t see. I was incapacitated with pleasure. When I finally finished, I wiped the cum from my eyes and looked around. He was back at his computer, ignoring me. I guess he decided that if he had to have a roommate who jerked off all the time, he might as well just ignore it.

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