Penetrating Flesh: Chapter Three

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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I woke up to the sound of my own moans. I could feel cum flooding between my body and the thin sheet that covered me. My hand slid down, peeling the fabric away from my body and grasped my ejaculating cock. When it was over, I opened my eyes and looked around. I moaned again when I saw Chester at his computer, but he had his headphones on and was typing away, as usual. I slowly dragged my towel up onto the bed and cleaned myself up, my eyes glued to my roommate. If he looked over there was no way he wouldn’t be able to see that I was plastered in cum. When I was passably wiped off, I wrapped the towel around my waist and spread my comforter over the bed to hide my sheets.

I made my way to the shower and went into one of the stalls in the back. The hot water felt purifying, and I ran my hands all over my body to wipe off the cum. My cock was sticking straight up, throbbing. I couldn’t believe how lucky I was; If Chester hadn’t had his headphones on he would have heard me moaning and creaming myself. Mmm, Chester. I started to remember my fantasy from the night before, only this time it was just my roommate and me. I groaned as my hand gripped my shaft and started stroking away. I just kept thinking about Chester rubbing his cock all over my face. Up one cheek, down the other—slapping my face with it, brushing it across my lips. His cock felt really good. I fucking love cock. I showered the wall with ropes and ropes of my cum, and in my head Chester was shooting an equally impressive load all over my face.

As I got back to my room to get dressed I realized something wasn’t right. I seemed even hornier than I had been before Doma changed my jewelry. Maybe the problem wasn’t that it was too small—it had to be something else. I still had a while until I needed to be at the frat house, so I got dressed and made my way to Ink & Steel.

“Back again! You must love my shop,” Doma joked as I walked in. “How is the piercing today?”

“It’s…” I could feel my face go red. “Well, it’s worse than before. I still haven’t gone soft. Could the problem be something else?”

“Hmm. Maybe. Let’s go back and I’ll take a look.” I followed Doma to the piercing room. This time I took off all my clothes and settled on the table, my cock purple and bouncing to my heartbeat, shiny and wet from my precum. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes as I felt his hands meet my cock. He was messing around with the jewelry, and it felt so good. One of his hands wrapped around my shaft below the piercing, and the other continued to manipulate the jewelry. I started to think about what Doma’s cock must look like. He was such a big guy, I bet it was impressive. I could see it, Doma rubbing his huge, hard cock all over my face. It ran across my lips, and then again, and then my lips parted and he was shoving it into my mouth. I lost track of time, sitting there on the table fantasizing about blowing the man who was making my cock feel so good as he manipulated my piercing. I was going to cum. I started to fire cum from my cock, expecting it to start splashing across my face and body. It didn’t. I was cumming, but Doma was catching it in his hand. There was more cum than he could catch, so it started to run back down my shaft and balls. He moved his hand and small spurts started to splash across my belly as he brought it up to my face. I wasn’t thinking. I was still cumming, and feeling so good, so I just enjoyed myself and let him feed me my own cum. I was done cumming by the time his hand was clean. I looked down at the pools of cum on my belly.

“Don’t worry, Derek. This will be better, for sure.” I nodded, in a daze, and started to scoop up my own cum, feeding it to myself as he watched. I felt so amazing. My cock was so hard. When I was finished, he handed me a towel. I cleaned up and then got dressed.

“Thanks, Doma.”

“Any time.” I left the shop and managed to get to the frat house right on time.

“Hey. I’ve got work for you to do today.” Riley led me upstairs to his room and indicated a large basket of dirty clothes. “Washer and dryer are in the basement. Wash my clothes, bitch.”

I was still a bit out of it. I just picked up the laundry basket and made my way to the basement. I started going through the basket and sorting the clothes. I started a load of whites and then stood there, looking at the rest of his clothes. I found myself picking up a pair of his dirty underwear. I turned them inside out and looked at the crotch. I could see a little dried cum on them. I brought them to my face and inhaled deeply. In my head I could hear Riley calling me “bitch” over and over again. I kept breathing deeply, moaning at his smell. I bet his cock would taste even better than his underwear smelled. I pulled out my hard cock and started stroking it, Riley’s underwear pressed against my nose and mouth as I thought about sucking his cock while he called me his bitch. I was about to cum, and then I realized I couldn’t very well cum all over the basement floor. I pulled the underwear from my face and wrapped them around my cock, groaning out loud as I came into his dirty underwear, imagining Riley firing his load into my mouth.

I went to class after I’d finished his laundry. It was just as hard to pay attention today, especially with how many hot guys were in this class. My eyes kept wandering around the room as I thought about how wonderful it would be to have those cocks in my mouth.

I was so horny when class ended that I could barely stand it. I sat there, shivering in my chair as my cock throbbed and oozed into my pants. I saw the guy who had commented on my cock last time watching me, and I started to imagine myself sucking his cock.

“Why don’t you come to the bathroom with me?” he asked me with a sly grin. I just nodded and stood up to follow him. He passed the nearest bathroom and led me downstairs to the basement bathroom—one that was barely ever used.

“I know exactly what you need,” he said as the bathroom door closed behind us. He turned to face me, and my eyes dropped. His cock was out the fly of his jeans. It was big. It was hard. It looked delicious.

“Why don’t you stop pretending you don’t want it and suck my cock. We both know you’re a cock slut, I can see that clear as day.” I groaned and fell to my knees in front of him, my cock throbbing in my jeans, and my precum flowing, expanding the wet spot I always had on my pants now. He rubbed his cock around my face for a minute, teasing me as I opened my mouth, wanting him inside me. My face was smeared with his precum by the time he stopped teasing me and slid his cock into my mouth.

It was heaven. It felt so good to be sucking a cock. His cock tasted wonderful. It was leaking in my mouth as I started trying to completely swallow it.

“I knew you were a fucking cock slut. I could see you playing with yourself in the back of class, soaking through your clothes. I could tell right then that you were a bitch.” He gripped the sides of my head and continued driving his cock deeper and deeper. I kept gagging, but he kept managing to get deeper and deeper. And It kept feeling better and better. I started cumming in my jeans, soaking them completely as my load exploded all through my pants down to my knees.

“Oh, fucking bitch,” He pressed my nose into his pubes. “Fucking came sucking my cock. What a slut.” I moaned, and he started cumming right down my throat. He drew back out, filling my mouth before pulling out and shooting the last few spurts across my face and in my hair. He wiped his cock on my cheeks, laughing softly, tucked it away, and left me there. I got up and walked to the mirror. My jeans were soaked, and my face was hosed in another guy’s cum. I stood in front of the mirror and watched myself slowly wiping it from my face, licking it off my fingers. I didn’t have to see my reflection to know that I was hard again. It occurred to me that I didn’t know his name. How would I tell people about my first time sucking cock if I don’t even know the name of the guy whose dick I sucked? Well, I guess having to say that my first time was with a random stranger is kinda hot, too. Yeah, it’s fucking dirty.

After I’d cleaned up as much of the cum as I could, I left, hoping nobody would realize why my hair was clumped together and my jeans wet from crotch to knees.

I went back to the dorm and took a shower. I just sucked off some random guy from class, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I’d do it again. Fuck, I want to do it again. I’d loved sucking cock. It was the first time I ever did it, and I felt sad that I hadn’t tried it sooner. There were so many guys I could have sucked over the years.

Maybe I can suck Chester. The thought of getting on my knees and blowing my roommate kept me hard as I dried off. I went back to my room. He wasn’t there when I got back. I didn’t know if I was relieved or disappointed. I remembered what I had done with Riley’s underwear and went to Chester’s dirty clothes hamper. I pulled a few shirts aside until I saw a wadded up pair of underwear. I grabbed them and pressed them against my face, taking a deep breath. I shuddered and moaned, my cock getting even harder under my towel. I pulled them from my face and smoothed them out. They were stuck together, and when I pulled I recognized the familiar sight of a dried load of cum. I put them to my face again, breathing in and licking at the spot. I backed up to my bed, dropping the towel and falling back onto the mattress, my roommate’s underwear still pressed to my face. Maybe he’d let me blow him, if I asked nicely. I kept inhaling, loving the smell of Chester’s crotch and cum. I started to feel light headed, and then I passed out.

I felt like I was waking up. I opened my eyes, and it was dark. My hand went to my cock and started squeezing it gently. I already felt like I could cum at any moment. And that was when I realized I must be in another one of my depraved dreams. Chester was looming over me. He was naked, and his cock was hard. He was way bigger than the guy I sucked earlier. I licked my lips. I wanted it, and it was my dream so I could do what I want.

He was slowly stroking his shaft, staring down at me. I couldn’t look away from his shaft as he stroked slowly all the way up, and down. I kept squeezing my cock, keeping myself on the edge. He started breathing faster, and I could see his shaft start to pulse as he loomed over my face and started showering me with his cum. I opened my mouth to catch what I could. It tasted so good. I started to shoot while Chester stared down at me. He leaned forward and ran a couple of fingers through my cum, and then through his cum on my cheek, before shoving them into my mouth. I sucked them clean, and kept sucking on them as he held them there.

“One more trip to Doma, and then we can all stop pretending.” He pulled his fingers out and went to his own bed. I started scooping his cum from my face and sucking it from my fingers. When it was gone, I did the same with my own load. I wondered why the dream wasn’t ending. I lay there, waiting to wake up from this dream, and drifted off again…

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