Penetrating Flesh: Chapter Seven

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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I woke up on my stomach the next morning, and the first thing I noticed was the ache in my ass. It felt good. It felt right. It felt like it needed more. I groaned and pushed myself up onto all fours, and felt my sheets pull away from my body with a sound like peeling tape. My morning wood was ready, and when the sheets finally gave it slapped up against my belly. I threw my head back and moaned, and then reached down to start stroking myself.

Was Chester still here?

I looked over at his bed and started stroking faster. He was laying on his stomach, head turned away from me, and appeared to also be naked. A sheet was artfully draped over his ass and upper legs, like some classical painting, and I felt a sudden and desperate desire to see his cock again.

Roll over. Roll over. Roll over.

I kept stroking, staring, and remembering how good Chester had made me feel last night. He hadn’t been helping me with my itch, though. He had been fucking me.

Because I’m a faggot!

My mind went back to that realization from the night before, only… Last night I had been resigned, understanding it, accepting it, but not taking any joy from it. Now…

“Yeah, I’m a faggot!” I cried out softly as I came. When it was over, I leaned down to lick the fresh cum from my sheets, and then sat on the edge of my bed, breathing heavy, to try and calm down a little. I looked down at my body, and could see all the dried cum from the night before. How many times had Chester fucked the cum out of me? I couldn’t remember, but I knew I wanted him to do it as many times as he could.

Was there a Guinness world record?

I shook my head. I needed to take a shower, and I couldn’t walk down the hall with a boner again. I let my mind wander, and, slowly, felt my cock deflate a bit. Finally, down to a chubby, I stood up and grabbed my towel. I was about to wrap it around my waist when it occurred to me that draping it over my shoulder would cover up half of the dried cum, so I tossed it over my shoulder and left.

I was a few steps down the hall when I remembered the guys I’d run into the day before, who had followed me to the shower stall, calling me a faggot. They knew before I did. My cock was swelling again, and I tried to fight it, but then I remembered the guy who had let me suck his cock clean the night before. It was too late, I was about to be hard again. I walked faster. I just had to make it to the bathroom. Just to the door. So close, getting so hard… I rushed through the door, relieved that nobody had seen me.

And came face to face with two guys, towels wrapped around their waists, standing at the sinks. They both turned their heads as I entered, and I froze.

“Hey, Mitch, check it out! This is the faggot I told you about!” The closest guy said. I recognized him, I think, from the group of guys.

“Faggot?” Mitch said, looking me up and down, but obviously addressing his friend. My cock bounced, and I let out a little moan as the humiliation of it all made me turn red with shame and lust. “You ain’t kiddin’, Auggie. Never seen such a faggot in my life.” I tried to cover my erection with my hands, ignoring my towel, but the contact just made me get even hornier. I darted into a shower stall, leaving the curtain open, and turned on the water. I hung my towel on a hook and stepped under the still cold spray, trying to cool myself down. I was a faggot, sure, but did I have to be a slut?

The light dimmed, and I looked over to see Mitch and Auggie filling the entrance to my cubicle. They had ditched their towels, and my eyes locked onto their cocks. Auggie was hard already, and Mitch looked like he was about to be there, too. My eyes darted back and forth. Steam started to rise in my vision, but I didn’t even care that the water I was standing under had become so hot. I sank to my knees, still enraptured by their cocks.

“You want some cock, faggot? Want us to help you out?” Auggie said, sneering at me and giving his erection a few shakes in my direction.

I answered his questions with a moan, and crawled forward, out of the shower.

“No no, faggot, I want you to ask for it.” He said as I crawled up to him.

“I, oh fuck, please!” I wanted it more than anything I could remember. “Please let me suck your cock, Sir!” I blurted out. Both of them started laughing, but Auggie reached out and grabbed a fist full of my hair, dragging me forward and shoving his cock into my mouth. I just let it happen, relaxing my throat to let him through. I let my tongue explore, taking in the textures of his shaft, and the taste, and the smell.

Cock smells so good.

“Shit, man, you’ve got me close already,” Auggie said as he shoved my head from his cock. I stared at it, glistening and dripping with my saliva. I wanted it in my ass. I wanted to get fucked.

“Please, fu–” I was cut off as Mitch grabbed my hair and pulled me onto his cock. I let go, again, and just let him fuck my face, savoring the taste of him.

“Jesus,” Mitch drawled, grabbing my head with both hands and fucking my face like an object. “Faggot knows how to suck a dick.”

“Mmm–mmm–mm–mmm-mmm!” I moaned around his thrusts.

“Yeah, I got class faggot, so I’m going to let you have it, here it comes!” Mitch’s cum exploded into my mouth. I tried to swallow it, but he was still fucking my face so violently that it was bursting out the sides of my mouth and dripping down my torso. He held my head in place a few moments, and then let go and pulled his cock out of my mouth, leaving me panting and dripping cum.

“Ohhhhh, fuuuuck-” I began, cut off by Auggie as he pulled me back onto his cock.

“See you after class,” I heard Mitch say as I devoted myself, once again, to sucking Auggie’s cock. I wanted to get fucked, but I also knew how good Auggie’s cum was going to taste.

I want it.

I want it.

Cum! Cum! Cum!

“Second course, faggot!” Auggie moaned, and I felt his cock swell and start pumping cum into my mouth. I pressed my face into his pelvis, determined to keep all of his cum inside me. I couldn’t breathe, but I didn’t care. I knew he was done, but I didn’t want to let his cock go. I stayed in place, my lungs burning with need for air. He chuckled, and then shoved me back onto the cold, tile floor. He sneered down at me, and then left without another word.

I laid there, panting, still so horny. I looked down at myself, at Mitch’s cum. I wiped my hand in it and started stroking myself, laying there, exposed, on the bathroom floor.

What if someone comes in and sees me?

They might fuck me!

I needed to get fucked again. I got to my feet and stepped into the shower, jumping back as the hot water hit me. I lowered the temperature and finished cleaning up as fast as I could, hoping that Chester would fuck me again before his first class.

When I walked into the room, I groaned in disappointment. Chester was gone, but I needed to get fucked again! I got dressed, ignoring my underwear and stuffing my cock into my jeans before I rushed out and practically ran across campus to Ink and Steel.

“Ah, Derek, welcome back,” Doma greeted me. “How is the piercing? The tattoo?”

“I love them.” I answered. “I, uh, I was wondering if you could help me.” I was aware of all the other guys around the shop who could hear us. I needed to get fucked, but I didn’t want everyone to know that.

“Oh, no. Is there a problem? Is it the itch?” He asked.

“Uh, well, it still itches… But… I…”

“What is it, Derek? This is a safe place, you can tell me.” He sounded so sincere, so understanding. Yeah, a safe place.

“Please fuck me again,” I blurted out. Silence fell, and eyes shifted in my direction. I stood frozen to the spot, quivering, aware of how obvious my erection must be in my jeans.

“Fuck you? I was just helping your itch. Is that what you mean?” He asked, looking at me quizzically as the bystanders watched our exchange.

“N-no… I mean, it still itches, and it helped the itch, but getting fucked felt so good!” I confessed.

“Are you a faggot, Derek?” Doma asked.

“Yes!” I cried out. “I’m a faggot! I didn’t know before, but I am!”

“Sorry, buddy. I’d help you with your itch, but I’m not interested in fucking you just so that you can enjoy it.” Doma rejected me.

“Noooo! Doma, please! Please fuck me!”

“I’m just not interested in a faggot like you. Maybe your frat brothers can help you out.” He said, reasonably. As if he knew it was coming, my phone rang. I looked at the screen to see that it was Riley.


“Get over here, bitch,” Riley ordered without any preamble.

“Y-yes, Sir,” I replied without a second thought. He hung up.

“Looks like you don’t have time anyway,” Doma commented. “Best run along.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said absentmindedly, turning to leave the shop. As I was walking out, one of the guys who had overheard our exchange slapped my ass and gave it a squeeze, causing my already hard cock to swell even more and leak into my jeans as I threw my head back and moaned.

“Too bad you don’t have time, faggot. I woulda fucked you, since you was beggin’ so nicely.” He said, giving me one more squeeze and sending me on my way. I was oblivious to the strange looks I got as I walked across campus, caught up in my fantasies. If Riley hadn’t called, that guy might have fucked me. I wanted it. I needed to be fucked again. I knocked on the frat house door, and it opened almost immediately.

“Hey, buddy, you finally made it,” Chester greeted me, grinning. He reached down to scratch his crotch, and my eyes followed his hand, locking onto his package. I love his cock. I wanted him to fuck me with it again. “Come on in.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, walking inside. Chester closed the door behind me and then put his hands on my shoulder, steering me toward the living room I’d been fucked in the day before. By the time we made it to the door, his hands were circling my throat, controlling my movement. Riley, Lenny, Carter, Mason, and Austin were all in there, sitting around and chatting. Chester let go of me, and I just stood there, watching him walk over to take the vacant spot on the couch.

“Good, you’re here,” Riley said. I nodded, distracted by the realization that every guy in this room had fucked me.

“We have some important business to get out of the way,” Lenny said.

“Yeah,” Riley followed. “We’ve got some good news for you, and some bad news.”

“Let’s start with the bad,” Lenny said, pondering. “You see, we only had so many open spots for pledges this year, and you might not realize that it came down to either you, or Chester here,” he patted Chester on the shoulder. “We picked you, but Chester had an idea on how to open a spot for himself. In fact, it was Chester who suggested we send you to Ink and Steel in the first place.”

“We know you’re a faggot,” Riley said. I looked at him, blushing and confused. How had they known? I hadn’t even known. And, yeah, they had fucked me, but it had been to help with my itch.

“H-how?” I asked slowly.

“Dude, it’s fucking tattooed on your ass,” Mason said with a grin. “I am a,” he said, sweeping his hand downward in a curve, obviously indicating one side of my tattooed asshole. “Faggot,” He swiped his hand down the other way.

“Are you going to pretend you’re not?” Lenny asked, raising one eyebrow.

“N-no,” I said, blushing. “I’m a faggot.” Those words, the words that I would have never even imagined saying before, especially in front of a group of guys from the frat I wanted to join, rang out like a bell. There was no denying the truth of them. The guys laughed. My cock twitched and precum gushed into my jeans.

“Obviously,” Carter quipped.

“So, the bad news,” Lenny went on. “We have a reputation to maintain. Even though you’ve been a great pledge, we can’t let a faggot into the frat, so you’re out and Chester is in.” I looked at him in horror. “Relax, dude. There’s good news, too, remember?”

“See,” Riley picked up, “You’ve been such a good pledge, that we’ve decided to let you keep being one, all the time.” He said, his hand moving down to start rubbing his crotch.

“What do you say, faggot?” Chester barked at me.

“Ohhhh, thank you!” I moaned.

“Thank you what?” Riley asked.

“Thank you Sirs!” I cried out, bringing them to laughter again.

“Take off your clothes,” Lenny ordered, getting to his feet. I quickly pulled off my shirt, my nipples already stiff with arousal. I pushed my jeans to the floor and stepped out of them as the guys surrounded me. “Get on all fours.” I obeyed.

“We’ve got a fun game to play with you, pledge,” Chester said. I looked up to see he was holding a massive dildo. It was a funny shape, with what almost looked like a ball two thirds of the way down the shaft. It had a pointed end, and realistic looking veins all down its length. From the other end, there was some kind of tube hanging down.

“Get him started, Chester,” Lenny said, and Chester moved around behind me. I felt fingers meet my hole, and sighed in relief. They were going to give me what I needed. They were going to take care of me. He spread something slick around my hole, and then I felt him put the tip of the massive dildo against me. I sighed, and relaxed, and he pushed it in with very little effort. At least, until that swollen ball on the shaft hit me. I was already stretched pretty wide. I wasn’t sure the rest of the dildo would fit inside me. Chester drew it out, and drove it forward again, bouncing the ball against my hole, driving a moan from me.

“We’ve got three syringes of cum for you, pledge. We’re going to let you taste it, and then use that dildo to squirt it up your butt. Then you can try and guess what kind of cum it is. Doesn’t that sound fun?” Riley asked.

“Yes Siruuuunnnhhhh,” I moaned as Chester slammed the dildo against my ass again.

“Yeah, we thought you’d like this game.” Lenny said. “Let’s get started.” He held a syringe up to my lips, and I opened my mouth eagerly. He slipped it past my lips, and then a gush of cum hit my tongue. I savored it, moaning and spreading it through my mouth, swallowing slowly.

“Fuckin’ faggot,” Austin said, amused. I kept sucking on the syringe, hoping for more, so my moans were muffled when Chester gave a mighty thrust with the dildo and my muscles went slack, allowing the huge swelling to pop inside me. My ass clamped around the other side, my ass stuffed with the lewd toy, and my cock jerked between my legs. It felt so good to have that thing inside me. Chester kept moving it, driving it deeper and then pulling back so that the ball bounced against my hole from the other side.

The syringe was taken away, and Lenny moved around behind me to attach it to the tube that was coming from the dildo.

“Here it comes,” He said, pushing the plunger down, and I felt the cum spreading through my insides, moaning in ecstasy and arching my back.

“So,” Riley asked. “What kind of cum was that one?” I didn’t know how I could possibly know for sure, but I had a strong feeling.

“I-is it your cum, Sirs?” I guessed. Laughter and cheering broke out, and hands patted me in congratulations.

“You’re winning already, faggot!” Carter congratulated me, and I felt… Pride. I was proud to have gotten it right.

“Next one,” Mason said, holding the second syringe up to my mouth. I opened my mouth and he send a flood of familiar tasting cum into my mouth.

I know what this is!

He passed it behind me, and soon I felt it start to flood my insides, forcing its way out around the dildo and running down my ass and legs.

“Well?” Lenny asked.

“It’s horse cum!” I cried out, and lost control, moaning as the cum flooded my guts and my cock started to squirt onto the floor.

“Haha, it’s making him cum again,” Mason commented, and someone started pumping my ass with the dildo. I stayed hard. I stayed horny.

“Two out of two, faggot. You’re winning!” Lenny said excitedly. “Let’s see if you can guess the third.” He held another syringe to my lips, and I wrapped them around it, ready to try and figure out what kind of cum this could be. I moaned as it washed over my tongue. It tasted good, but different. I wracked my brain to try and figure out what kind of cum it was as the syringe was taken away and passed behind me.

Someone was still furiously fucking me with the dildo, pulling against my stretched hole over and over, and driving in to me with the full few inches of shaft below the swelling. Then I felt it, more cum spreading through me, gushing out of my ass in spurts as the dildo drilled me.

“Well?” Riley asked, grinning down at me as I looked up at him. “What kind of cum was that?” I licked my lips, trying to guess, but I had no idea.

“I.. Was it more horse cum?” I guessed. Riley shook his head and made a buzzing sound.

“Wrong, faggot. Guess again.”

“Here,” Lenny said, holding another syringe in front of my face. “I have an extra. Want me to pump it up your pussy to help you guess again?”

“Ohhhh, yesss Sir!” I moaned shamelessly. He passed it back, and I felt more cum pumping into my guts.

But I still had no idea.

“I… I… I don’t know, Sir!” I confessed.

“Really?” Lenny asked. “I thought the dildo would have given it away. That was dog cum, faggot”

“D-d-dog cum!” I stammered, and went over the edge again, showering the floor with more of my own cum.

“Fucking nasty, isn’t it, faggot?” Chester asked from behind me, still drilling my ass with the… the dog dildo. It was a dog! How had I not realized that before?

“Ohhhh, fuuuuuuuuuck, Siiiir. Naaasty!” I moaned, still getting fucked by the dog dildo. It was pulled back with unrelenting pressure, and the… What was the term? Knot! The knot popped free, and the shaft was withdrawn, leaving me empty, a steady stream of mingled horse, frat boy, and dog cum dripping down my legs.

I felt so empty. I wanted it back. I stayed in position, panting.

“Jesus, look at that gape,” Mason said in an awed tone.

“Now, we have another surprise for you,” Lenny said, holding a tablet in front of my face. I looked at the screen to see a bunch of dogs. Were they showing me the dogs whose cum they’d used? I kept staring, and then it hit me. It was the frat house basement, where I had done Riley’s laundry. It was the security cam. I was still so horny, still so empty. I knew this should disgust me, but it didn’t. I looked up at Lenny, understanding in my eyes.

“You’ll be going down there soon,” Riley explained. “But, if you go now, with all that dog cum leaking from your ass, they’re going to think you’re a bitch, and you know what that means.” I did. I did know, and… I wanted it and was terrified at the same time. I started to shiver, conflicted.

“If you’d like,” Riley began, “we can all try and fuck that doggy cum so deep into your guts that they won’t be able to smell it. It’s your choice, faggot. What will it be? Want us to fuck that cum into you, or do you want to go straight downstairs?”

“P-p-please,” I stuttered, trying to hold onto the last tatters of my dignity. “Fuck it into me! I don’t want them to smell it, please fuck it into me!” They exploded with laughter, and then I felt a cock shoved into me. I didn’t know who it was, but that didn’t really matter. I moaned and pushed back as frat boys started to strip all around me.

“Fuck,” Austin panted. “He’s so fucking loose!”

It went on for… I don’t know how long. They all fucked me, and more guys showed up at the house to fuck me, too. I couldn’t stop thinking of all those dogs downstairs, of what they would do if they decided I was a bitch. I didn’t know if I was more scared or excited for it. It didn’t matter, though. I didn’t have a choice.

It took me a few moments to realize that the gangbang was over. Drool was running from the corner of my mouth, and precum running in a steady stream from my cock. My ass was still leaking.

“That’s all, faggot,” Chester said, grabbing me by the hair. “Time to go downstairs.” He pulled me to my feet by my hair, and marched me down the hallway to the basement stairs. They creaked with each step of our bare feet. A spurt of precum gushed from my erection as we entered the basement and I saw all those dogs with my own eyes. They got up and started circling us, sniffing the air. Chester pushed me down, still gripping my hair, and I settled onto all fours. He let go and patted my head, like a dog, before heading back upstairs.

It was just me and the dogs now.

I couldn’t believe this was happening. And I couldn’t believe that they were going to let me stay a pledge forever! They’d keep doing things like this to me, and I wanted them to. My attention went back to the dogs that were all around me. I felt wet noses brush against me as they sniffed.

I jumped when I felt a cold nose touch my ass, and moaned when it was followed by a warm tongue. I looked around, and I could see red doggy erections start to appear.

They could smell it!

The guys had all done their best, but the dogs must still be able to smell all the dog cum that they had pumped into my guts.

The dogs were circling me, getting more and more excited, getting ready to make me their bitch.

I was going to get fucked by a pack of dogs. I couldn’t stop it, and I wasn’t sure I wanted to.

And I was on camera.

I came, again, and spread my legs wider.

I was going to get fucked by dogs!

The End.

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