Penetrating Flesh: Chapter Four

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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My dreams slowly faded away as consciousness returned. I kept my eyes closed and just lay there for a minute. I couldn’t remember what I had just been dreaming about, but a lazy smile spread across my face as I remembered my dream about Chester. I finally tried to open my eyes, but my eyelids were stuck together. I reached up, panic distracting me from how horny I was. The panic faded fast when I realized that I must have somehow cum on my own face in my sleep, and it had dried while I was sleeping, gluing my eyes closed. I thought back to my dream and how hot it would be if Chester had actually cum on my face himself.

Fuuuuck, Chester’s cock. It had been so big in my dream, and the way it looked when he’d started cumming… I really wanted to know if that was what his cock actually looked like.

I remembered his underwear from the night before. I frantically worked my eyes open and then looked around for my roommate’s cum soaked underwear. They were draped, clear as day, right over his hamper. I remembered huffing them as I fell asleep last night. Had he come in and found me like that? Had he put them back? The cum stain was in clear view. If he had seen, he’d probably make me suck his cock. Or, at least, I hoped so.

I needed to go see Doma again. I know something had been wrong with my piercing before, but I wasn’t particularly bothered by iit now. Still, I needed to go see him anyway. I got out of bed and wrapped my towel around my waist to go to the shower. My cock hadn’t gone down much, and it was kind of obvious how it was tenting the towel. I absentmindedly loosened the towel slightly, allowing it to slip a few inches lower. The top of my ass was exposed, and a glance in the mirror showed me how I was both clearly aroused, and also covered in dried cum, especially on my face. I needed to get to the showers, fast, before someone saw me like this.

I rushed out of my room and made a beeline toward the bathroom. I was almost in the clear, feet from the door, when a group of guys walked out, some dressed, and some just wearing a towel, like me, only less slutty.

I felt my face go red before they even noticed me. I didn’t think it was possible, but I felt my cock get even harder than it already was. I kept my head down and tried to move through them without being noticed. As I passed, I heard their chatter fade and die. I couldn’t even tell how many of them there were.

“Wait…” one of them said.

“Was he just…” another one picked up.

“Someone jizzed all over that faggot,” a deep voice rang out, like a gong. They were turning to follow me. I rushed into a shower stall and pulled the curtain closed behind me, as if such a flimsy barrier could stop them. They were gathering just outside. I could see their shadowy forms through the thin cloth of the curtain that closed off the shower and little dressing area from the rest of the bathroom. I knew they couldn’t see me, but my heart was pounding as I watched them gather. I felt so exposed.

“Let us in, faggot. You’ve been having a good time, come on, let’s keep this party going.” What did they think I had been doing? I wanted to be angry about their assumption, but what other conclusions could they have come to?

“Yeah, faggot, open up.”

“We’ll treat that pussy real nice, bro.”

What, pussy? My mind was racing. What do they mean my pussy? One of them reached for the edge of the curtain. I could see the tips of his fingers appear, and then they brushed to the side, ruffling the curtain but not moving it. My cock lurched, so hard it was painful trying to confine it.

I reached for my towel and let it fall. I knew that there was a group of guys just feet away, and that if they opened that curtain I might get to suck all their cocks.

And… and… my pussy? My… I wanted to reach out and open the curtain, but I couldn’t bring myself to open it. For some reason, I just couldn’t. But if one of them opened it…

“Knock knock, faggot.”

“We got lots of cum for ya.”

I fell to my knees, my nose inches away from the thin barrier that was the only thing separating me from all those cocks.

“We got lots of dick for ya.”

“Faaagggggooootttt. Open up.”

My fist wrapped around my cock and I started to beat off, thinking about what was going to happen if they open that curtain. Every now and then one of them would brush the fabric, and it was hard not to moan out loud when they did. I actually wanted them to open it, I realized with a renewed surge of arousal.

I started to get close to cumming, and then I remembered Doma feeding me my own cum last time. I needed to save it for him. I slowed down for a bit, staring at their shadowy forms and listening to them degrade me.

“Come on, faggot. There’s an all you can eat buffet right outside, waiting for ya.” I started jerking myself frantically, again.

“Wait wait wait, shhhh… I think the faggot’s beating off!” They burst into laughter, and I almost came. I slowed down, more to keep from cumming than to keep them from hearing me. I kept listening to them, riding the edge of an orgasm. I need to save it for Doma, I would think, every time I got close to shooting.

Save it for Doma.

Save it for Doma.

I don’t know if i was more relieved or disappointed when they finally left. I stayed on my knees, beating off to the thoughts of what might have been.

I can cum when I see Doma.

Eventually I got to my feet and showered. I went back to my room after to get ready to go see Doma. I put on the shirt he had given me from his store and my jeans, and left for Ink and Steel.

“Ah, Derek, welcome back,” Doma greeted me as I entered the shop. “Right on time,” he added. “How are you feeling today?” he asked.

“Good. Really good.” I answered, my eyes dropping to his crotch as I spoke.

“Excellent.” My eyes rose from his crotch to meet his gaze, and he had a grin on his face that was a little wicked. “Well, come on back and I’ll take a look.” He ushered me back into his booth and closed the curtain. He positioned me in front of the table and reached out to undo my belt. He unfastened my jeans and pushed them down. My cock, freed, flipped up to slap against my abs, leaving a splash of precum on my Ink and Steel shirt. He stepped on my jeans and made me pull my feet free.

My left foot wasn’t even back on the floor when he pushed me back onto the table. The angle, though, had left my ass hanging half over the edge, my legs splayed, dangling in the air. He moved between them, his hips forcing them wider, and reached out to grab my cock. I couldn’t hold in my moan as his fingers made contact. He was acting different today, and I wasn’t sure how to take it. He kept pressing forward,and I found myself lifting my legs into the air to get them out of the way. His crotch pressed against my ass right as he started to fiddle with my piercing. I gasped, and my legs bent to wrap around his waist. I just stared up at him, panting, moaning, and writhing, as he made adjustments to my piercing. I wasn’t sure what he was doing today, but I knew that he needed to do it.

I wanted him to make me cum again. He kept getting me close to the edge, but every time I was about to cum he would stop for a few seconds, and then start again. My brain turned to mush. I don’t know how long I lay there, and I lost track of how many times he almost made me cum. I became a little bit more aware again when I heard him speak.

“I’m being careful not to make you cum today,” he said, conversationally, as he continued to keep me right on the edge, every flick, every touch, sending shivers up my spine, but always just a hair short of what it would take to send me over. “I’m out of shirts right now, so if you cum on that one, you’ll have to walk out of here like that.”

I opened my mouth to argue. I didn’t care if he messed up my shirt. I’d been holding my cum in all morning so he could make me do it, and now he wasn’t? He swiped his finger down the skin between the two barbells of my piercing, turning my words into a gurgling moan. My head fell back on the table with a loud thunk and started to roll from side to side as he worked me over and the world faded away again.

“There we go,” he said, giving my cock a little shake that almost sent me over the edge. Then he let go and stepped back, my legs parting and dropping to hang in the air again. My cock fell to rest heavily against my stomach, adding to the stain from the little splash of precum I’d gotten when he took my jeans off. It looked swollen and purple. “I don’t think you’ll need any more adjusting.”

“N-no more?” I asked shakily, my body made tense by my precarious position on the edge of the table.

“You know what, Derek, you’ve been such a good sport about this, I want to give you a present. I do tattoos, also, and I can give you one with your greek letters in it. I bet it will impress all of your frat brothers even more. It’ll show how dedicated you are to them.”

“A tattoo?” I asked. I was a little out of it, still hard and horny, ready to cum.

“Yes,” he said with confidence, already pulling over a cart with his tattoo equipment on it. He grabbed my ankles and lifted my legs back up into the air, forcing them to bend and pushing back until my ass was exposed. “It’s just what you need.” He let go, but I kept my legs where he’d positioned them. He sat down in a rolling chair and positioned himself right in front of my ass. He reached up and grabbed my hands, placing them on my ass cheeks and applying pressure until I was spreading my cheeks. He took a moist cloth and started rubbing it around my hole.

“I can’t get a tattoo there,” I said, though I kept my ass spread for him.

“This is exactly where you should get it. You don’t want it to be somewhere visible, in case you can’t have tattoos at your job when you graduate.” I couldn’t argue with him. I let my head fall back, my cock jumping as he prepared my asshole for a tattoo. I heard the buzzing start, and a few moments later a sting met my ass. Even though it hurt, it kind of felt good, too. My cock stayed hard as he circled my hole, leaving a warm, itchy sensation in his wake.

“There we are, all done.” he commented, swiping my burning hole one more time with another clean cloth.

“What… what does it say?” I asked meekly, trying to hide my reaction as the burn started to turn into an itch. I started to reach down to rub my hole.

“It’s…” he broke off with a tsk tsk. “No touching it with your bare hands until it heals,” he instructed me.

“But… it itches,” I confessed.

“Still, you don’t want it to get infected.” He stared down at me as the itch started to ooze its way into my hole, spreading inside my ass. I writhed, desperate for relief.

“Please,” I pleaded. “I need to scratch it.”

“I have an idea that might help.” Doma backed up and reached down to his waist. He unfastened his leather pants and let his cock burst free. It was even bigger than I had imagined. I licked my lips. “Since we can’t touch it with our bare hands, do you want me to use this to scratch it?”

“Yes,” I begged. “Please. Please, anything. It itches!” He pressed the head of his cock to my burning hole, and I gasped in relief before moaning in pleasure. The head of his cock was smearing precum around my hole, making each pass smoother, silkier, than the one before. It soothed the burning, but the itch continued to spread deeper inside me.

“Now, here,” he pressed his cock against the part of my asshole closest to my taint, “we have your greek letters.” He slid his cock up across my hole, and stopped on the other side. “Here we have an Ink and Steel logo, after all, I am giving you a free tattoo. I should at least get an advertisement out of it”

“Yeah, “ I agreed, meekly, thinking that it only made sense. “And… and the sides?” I asked.

“I put a message for your frat brothers. You can ask them to tell you what it says when you show them your tattoo. They are going to be so happy with how dedicated you are to them. How is that feeling?” he asked, his smirking face framed by my splayed legs in my vision.

“Unnh,” I groaned, “Good, but the itch is going deeper.”

“Well, the only way for me to scratch you deeper is to fuck you. Do you want me to fuck you?” He was smirking down at me. The itch inside my ass was getting so intense that i couldn’t take it, and his cock felt so good circling my hole.

“Yes,” i gasped. “Please fuck me!” I couldn’t believe i was asking him to do this, but it was the only way to make the itch go away.

“If you’re sure…” he said, his tone sounding unsure.

“Yes! I’m sure! The itch… I can’t take it!” It was driving me out of my mind.

“Well, if you insist,” the wicked grin was wider than ever. I felt the pressure increasing, but he had gotten so much of his precum on my ass that it made it easy for him to start sliding into me. My legs shifted, wrapping around his waist again. I wanted to start stroking myself, but it seemed a little too gay to beat off while this guy was fucking me.

There was a brief flash of pain, quickly overcome by a wave of pleasure and relief as the head of his cock slid inside me. My legs started to tighten, trying to pull him inside me faster.

“Wow,” he said, “you’re even more eager than I expected.” He pushed a few more inches inside me, and I felt nothing but pleasure and relief as he soothed the itch with his cock. He kept sliding forward, and before long his entire cock was inside me. My first thought was how did he fit all of that monster in my ass?

“Oh, wow…” I groaned. The itch was still there, but it was a lot less intense than it had been before.

“Is that helping, Derek?” Doma asked, bouncing his pelvis against my ass.

“Yesss,” I cried out, my head falling back against the table again.

“I bet the harder you get fucked, the longer the itch will stay away,” Doma said casually. “Do you want me to fuck you hard, Derek?”

“Yes! I…I… I want you to fuck me as hard as you can!”

“As you wish.” He pulled back until just the head was inside me. I felt the itch immediately start to grow more intense. Then he slammed forward, driving his cock back into my ass, his pelvis making a slapping sound as it met my ass.

“Oh!” I gasped. It felt really good, and it didn’t stop. He pulled out and slammed home again. And again. And again. “Unh! Unh! Unh!” I cried out with each powerful thrust.

“Do you like getting fucked, Derek?” Doma asked, panting as he pounded away.

“Ohhhh, yes! It feels so good, I love getting fucked!” I confessed, not even thinking about what I was saying.

“Yeah you do.” he said, smirking. His sweat was dripping down onto me, and I wasn’t even thinking about the itch now. I realized, with a rush of panic that was quickly overcome by desire, that I felt like I was going to cum. I raised my head and stared down at my cock. It was swollen, purple, fat, and veiny. It was jerking and quivering as Doma pounded away.

“Oh, Doma, I’m gonna… I…I’m gonna…” A flood of cum exploded from my cock, catching me right in the face. I opened my mouth without even thinking about it, tasting my own cum. A second blast hit my face, high enough to get in my hair. A third went right into my mouth. I swallowed it eagerly. The next several gushes splashed across my black t-shirt, pooling on the fabric.

“Here you go, Derek, I bet this will help your itch!” Doma groaned and I felt him start to pump my ass full of cum. The idea that another man was cumming in my ass sent me over the edge all over again. Another orgasm hit me, and I added to the pools of cum that were covering my shirt. Finally, Doma pulled out. The itch had been replaced by an empty feeling, and I was surprised when I realized that I wanted his cock back inside me.

“Th-thank you, Doma.” I stuttered, truly grateful for his help with the itch.

“Any time, Derek. If your itch comes back, you should ask your frat brothers to help you out, or come back here. I’m sure I’ll be able to find someone to help you with it.” He gave an exaggerated start. “Oh, my, Derek, your shirt!” I looked down at all the cum standing out against the black fabric.

“I… I just couldn’t help it.” I said, blushing beneath the cum on my face. “I didn’t even touch it.”

“It’s okay, Derek. Let me help you with that.” Doma reached up to help me, but he ended up just smearing the cum all over the shirt. He moved up and when he got to my face, he smeared the cum all over and got even more in my hair. He held his hands to my mouth and I licked my own cum off until they were mostly clean. He picked up my jeans and used them to wipe the rest of my cum and saliva off his hands before tossing them to me.

“Better hurry up, Derek. Aren’t you due at your frat house?” I looked over at the clock and realized that he was right. I pulled up my jeans, stuffing my cock back into them, and stepped out of the cubicle. I noticed that the t-shirts behind the counter were fully stocked, but I let it go. He did say, after all, that if I came on my shirt I’d have to walk out like that.

“Thank you, Doma,” I said, turning to offer my gratitude one more time.

“Any time, Derek. Best get going now.” I turned to the door and walked out onto the street, wondering what my frat brothers would think when they saw my new tattoo.

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