Cocktails: On the Rocks

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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The whine of my alarm jerked me from sleep with a rush of adrenaline. I reached out blind and slammed my hand down onto the old clock-radio I’d brought to the dorm to make sure I didn’t miss practice. I glared at the glowing 4:30 AM with profound hatred until it had changed to 4:32, and then reached up to pull the cord on my lamp.

Fortunately for those lucky souls who didn’t have to be up this early, there were enough rooms that I didn’t have a roommate to disturb. The fall semester would probably be different, but I’d figure that out when I got there.

I rubbed at my eyes, struggling to free myself from the smothering blanket of grogginess that came from waking up in the wrong part of a sleep cycle. As my mind cleared, memory came rushing back, and my cock throbbed in response.

Shawn fucked my girlfriend.

Shawn came in my mouth, and he’s going to tell the guys all about it at practice today.

I moaned and gripped my erection, remembering how Shawn’s cock had felt in my mouth, the heat of it, it’s scent… But there was no time for that, I had to get to practice. I blindly pulled clothes from my drawers; warm, loose clothes, since I was just getting undressed once I got there anyway.

It had always baffled me that Shawn needed rides back after practice but didn’t need rides there. Today I was more relieved than confused; at least I had more time to put off our inevitable confrontation.

What were the other guys going to say?

The threat of imminent exposure both thrilled and terrified me. I was about to pull into the parking lot of the aquatic center, where cars were already gathering, but I couldn’t do it. I drove past, breathing heavy.

I’d just be late today.

Coach might even let it go if I make up the time without him telling me to.

Making myself breathe deep and relax, I drove around for a few minutes, desperately trying to think about anything other than blowing Shawn again. I’d never been gay before, but the more time I spent with Shawn, the gayer I felt myself becoming.

But why was I gay for Shawn when I never had been for anyone else before?

I moaned, losing the battle to banish my erection when I remembered that when given the choice between his cock and my girlfriend’s pussy, I’d chosen to suck his cock. I knew before I did it that he would tell the guys, but I did it anyway, and I wanted to do it again. As the minutes ticked by, and I became later and later for practice, the anxiety over being late finally caused my penis to deflate enough for me to feel safe going inside.

As I’d planned, the locker room was empty. I rushed to my locker, pulling off my clothes along the way. When I swung the door open, everything was just as I left it, save one addition: A wadded up pair of boxers. I pulled them out and opened them up. I didn’t know that they were Shawn’s, but I’d seen him change into boxers like this before. I felt dampness at my fingers and looked closer, discovering a wet spot at the crotch of the boxers. I lifted them delicately to my nose and inhaled, my breath whooshing back out in a moan that echoed through the empty locker room.

That was cum.

I pressed them to my face, taking delight in the scent, and in the taste as I licked and sucked the fabric. Sure, they were probably Shawn’s, but…

I moaned, whoreish, high pitched, as I realized that I might be going gay for Shawn, but I wasn’t gay just for Shawn. It’s like he was making me gay for all the guys, too. I looked around, still panting with the boxers pressed over my nose and mouth, and realized that all the guys had left underwear behind in their lockers.

I could…

The echo of a loud whistle made its way in from the door leading out to the deck. I jumped, fighting to pull the underwear away from my face and put them back in my locker; I couldn’t help but want to keep them. I pulled out my speedo and tugged it on, trying to shift my erection into the least noticeable position possible, which wasn’t saying much.

I cracked the door, peeked out, and then bolted for the pool, diving in to join the practice in progress before my erection could be noticed. I took my cues from the group, the cold shock of the water making me feel more alert than I had all morning. My penis had shifted during my dive, and it was pushing out the speedo like a tent, forming a rudder that was dragging delightfully through the water with each stroke that propelled me forward. Normally the cold would be enough to banish morning wood, but today my flesh was far to inflamed, burning against the chill of the water, waging a war against the cold.

But as my body worked harder and generated heat, and as I became acclimated to the cold, the war came to an abrupt end; my penis stood proud, victorious. The water dragged across it, pulling, tugging.







The pattern took no thought, no effort beyond the mechanical. I swam, dreaming of Shawn’s penis; dreaming of all their penises. I was careful to keep myself obscured between sets, but my erection insistently remained with me. When practice came to an end, and everyone was getting out, I just kept going. I didn’t know if I was trying to avoid getting in trouble with Coach for being late, or trying to avoid facing Shawn. Either way, I repeated the last segment of our workout, more than making up for the time I missed. Finally swimming alone, I managed to clear my head and get my erection to fade to an acceptable in-speedo chub.

At least the guys are all probably gone.

But Shawn would be waiting for his ride.

I shook my head, trying to derail that train of thought before I got stuck with another incessant hard-on. I was so focused on not getting hard that I nearly walked into a group shower full of naked swimmers. Steam swirled around them in thick curtains, diffusing the normally harsh lights of the locker room into something supernatural. Glowing mist swirled around their naked bodies, and my concentration melted away as my cock went back to obscenely tenting my speedo.

I froze.

My gaze immediately focused on Shawn, right in the center of it all, in profile, his cock impressive, even flaccid. He was soaping himself up, and for a second I thought he glanced sideways at me, but his hands started lathering his cock and balls, catching my full attention. Everything felt like it was going in slow motion. I could feel my heart beating via throbbing in my erection.





I stood there, staring, my mouth slack. My cock was pressing against my speedo, the resistance of the spandex only making things feel even better. Even as my vision seemed to move in slow motion, I realized that I could hear Shawn speaking.

“Anyway, as I was saying, I got there and she was all desperate for it, starved,” he said to an accompaniment of hoots and guffaws. “Said the whole ‘saving it for marriage’ thing was just supposed to be foreplay, but he took it all serious and never tried anything.” He was lazily stroking his penis as he spoke. “So I told her I’d show her what a real man was, and we started going at it doggy style, real good until—oh, hey Samir, speak of the devil—he walked in.”

Time came rushing back to regular speed, and I realized that I’d been caught, standing there with a hard-on. The only sounds breaking the awkward silence was the splashing of water for several seconds as the guys watched Shawn and me.

I’d just walked in to him telling them he fucked my girlfriend.

He hadn’t told them about me, yet.

“Wha… Woah, whuut?” Charlie asked from the side, seeming to notice something.


“Samir, why are you hard?” Justin asked from the other side. Muttering and laughter broke out as the other guys noticed what was pointed out.

“So, yeah,” Shawn continued, “he walked in, just like that, and sees me fucking his girlfriend doggy style, and he gets all hard in his jeans, just like he is in that speedo.” He reached down and started stroking himself to a full erection. “And she wants to have a threesome, so I pull her back so Samir here can get a good look at me fuckin’ his girlfriend.” He made an imitation vagina with his hand on his cock and started fucking it for demonstration. “And he gets all horny, like he is now, and just crawls up and starts licking—come on, Samir, crawl.”

I groaned and sank to my knees, crawling into the shower.

“Yeah, just like that. So, he crawls up and starts licking’ at us,” he continued, and laughter surged again as I started licking at where Shawn’s dick was sliding in and out of his fist. “And I tell him he’s going to have to make a choice and start pulling out of her.” He rocked his hips back and lifted his hand up.

I was powerless to resist participating in the reenactment.

“And when it came down to it, and he had the choice between my dick and his girlfriend’s pussy…” He moved his hand away. Just like last night, I shifted all my attention to licking at his penis. “He chose my dick.”

My moan echoed through the shower.

“And when she gave him a second chance to give his attention to her before going so far as to actually suck my dick…” Silence fell, other than the water and my soft moans.

Still, he waited.

I glanced up at his face to see him staring down at me expectantly. I gulped, and then took his cock into my mouth with a groan of defeat, taking him all the way down my throat in the middle of the crowded shower.

“Holy fuck!”

“He’s sucking Shawn’s dick!”

“Samir’s a homo!”

“Good job, Samir, just like last night,” Shawn said, tangling his fingers in my hair and taking control. I relaxed and surrendered to him, letting him slam my head back and forth on his dick, gasping in what breaths I could between thrusts.

The shower filled with grunts and slurps, moans and gasps. Shawn used me, and as he picked up the pace to feed me his cum for the second time, I realized that I was about to lose control.

I’m going to cum!

I’m sucking Shawn’s dick, and I’m going to cum in front of all of them!

Shawn’s moans joined mine, he gripped my hair, and I started to convulse. When the first shot of his cum splashed against the back of my throat, cum started to gush out around my distended speedo. My vision blurred, and I lost track of things.

I came to on my back, a crowd of horny, naked swimmers standing around me stroking their cocks.

“You want to suck us, too?” Charlie asked.

“Want more cum?” Justin inquired.

“Are you a faggot?” Shawn queried.

“Yes!” My shout echoed through the shower, melting away into more laughter as cum started to shower down over my body.

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