No Hands: Part Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“Good. Now we can get started.” With those ominous words, he turned out the lights and walked out of the room. My head was still spinning, and all I could see in the darkness was his body, his muscles.

I whimpered in the dark, struggling not to cum.

Without touching me, with only the flexing of his muscles, he’d made me rocket off, like a bitch… Like a faggot. I’d even said I was his bitch! I bit my lip and started squirting into the dark, feeling my watery load spray across my face and torso. Still restrained, I ignored the faint tickles as cum dripped down my sides and relaxed into sleep.

Going to sleep was easy, but my dreams weren’t. Again, and again, and again he brought me over the edge with the power of his body. Again, and again, and again I moaned and squirted until I was begging for more.

I woke in the dark some time later with morning wood and a clear head. I tugged at my bonds, doubting it would be any easier to get out of them… Today? Tonight? I didn’t know what time it was, let alone what day.

At least I wasn’t drugged anymore.

I thought back over the events of… before. His powerful body, glistening, tight, flexing repeatedly until I lost control of my own erection, just like I was…

O god!

I felt my cock, already hard, throbbing its way closer to another embarrassing release as I thought about what this pervert did to me.

His body.

His muscles.

So solid.

That flex.

“Uhhhnnnn,” I moaned in the dark, so close. I could just stop thinking about him, or think about him more? I didn’t even know what I wanted. Was I still drugged? My head felt clear, but I’d never gotten like this about any dude, ever.

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?” He asked again in my memory.

“Guhhhnnnngggg,” I bit my lip.

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?”

“Y-yes!” I whispered, the break in the silence sending a thrill through me that made my dick bounce. “Uhhh, ohhhh, fuuuuck!”

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?”

“Yes!” I gasped.

“You’re my bitch, aren’t you?”

“Aww, I’m your bitch!” I cried out loud, the echoing of my voice, of those words, driving me over the edge again, sending more watery cum splattering up across my body, and sending me back into exhausted sleep, mercifully free of dreams this time.

Light burned through my closed eyelids, snapping me awake and sending me thrashing in my bonds as I blinked into the bright light.

“Wakey, wakey, faggot, rise and shine.” I heard him say.

Him… I didn’t even know his name. Fuck, I didn’t even remember his sister’s name anymore.

“I’m not,” I slurred sleepily, still trying to bring him into focus. When he came into view, I realized that my penis had been soft, fully soft, because I felt blood rush into it.

“Then why are you taking ‘rise and shine’ so literally?” he asked, sneering down at my erection.

“It’s m-morning wood!” I objected flaccidly.

“Then why didn’t you have it when you woke up?” He asked, and I struggled for an answer. I had nothing.

“We both know that you broke last night, faggot. You even admitted that you’re my bitch now.”

“N-no, you drugged me!” I protested. He kept sneering and reached to the front of his tight, white t-shirt. He gripped the material, already clinging so tightly to his flesh, and pulled. The fabric shredded, peeling away from his muscled frame like wrapping paper on Christmas.

I could see the muscles flexing beneath his skin.

I could feel my cock bouncing between my legs.

“Uhhhmmm,” I whimpered, twisting and writhing in my bonds as I struggled not to cum right then and there.

“You’re not drugged right now,” he pointed out, sweeping the scraps away and then tensing his muscles, chuckling when my dick bounced.

Fuhhhnnn—fuck you!” I spat at him in falsetto.

“You’ve got that backwards; and soon. I’ve got a special guest on their way to see you,” he said nonchalantly.

“What?” I squeaked. “Who?”

“It might be my sister. I might have told her all about what a faggot you really are, and she might be coming over to see for herself. Or maybe it’s someone I found in the contacts on your phone.”

“You’re lying! You don’t have my password,” I pointed out triumphantly.

“Of course I have your password,” he guffawed, moving to the side and retrieving my phone. He moved up near my head and grabbed my left hand, forcing my index finger out straight so that he could press my phone against it.

The clicking sound my phone makes when it unlocks echoed through the room.

“See? I’ve got the password.” He stayed there, looming over me, and fiddled with my phone.

“What are you doing?” I stared up at him. “N-no, put it down!”

“Suuuuuure,” he said distractedly, still fiddling with my screen. “I’ll put it riiiiiiiight down.” He grinned, mission accomplished, and walked over to the side, propping my phone up on its side so that the camera was facing me.

“What are you…” I began

“You know what I’m doing,” he cut me off. “I’m making a move, and you’re the star!”

“Noooo, please don’t!” I pleaded.

“I already am.”

“Noooo!” I whined again.

“Yeeeees,” he mocked me, grinning as a knocking sound could be heard in the distance. “Perfect timing. I’ll be right back with your special guest.” He walked out of the room, leaving me to my own thoughts. I tried again to think of who it would be and realized that it had to be his sister; he hadn’t been on my phone soon enough to get anyone I know over.

I could feel my cock throbbing. She was going to see what he’d done to me, and I felt like I could cum again at any moment.

Footsteps were coming back.

I was out of time.

He walked through the door, grinning. I braced myself, and then let out a groan of confusion when a man I’d never seen before walked through the door.

“Surprise, it’s our dad!” He guffawed at me. I moaned in shame and squeezed my thighs together, as if I’d be able to hide my boner.

“So, you’re the confused little faggot that…” He cut off when he heard my whimpers; he looked like he was ready to kill me, and I wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

“Don’t worry, Dad, he’s in the process of rehabilitation, and we can help.”

“You’re right, son,” he said shaking his head. “The poor little faggot was just confused. I can forgive him, if he finishes his rehabilitation. How far along is he?”

“He’s jizzing himself watching me flex, and he’s already admitted to being my bitch,” he answered, accentuating his words with a flex of his biceps.

“Ohh,” I whined as I came close to losing control again.

“You’ve laid some good foundations, but I think we can do better,” the man said as he unbuttoned his shirt. I watched as his torso was revealed, even more powerfully muscled than his son. “Get ready, faggot. One flex is all you’ll need.” He raised his arms. I stared, wide eyed, holding my breath, waiting.

Slowly, he tensed the muscles in his arms, making them contract and swell.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, fuuuuuck!” I squealed as cum fountained from my erection. He lowered his arms while I lay there, panting.

“Well, thank my dad, faggot!” My abductor ordered, smacking me lightly on the cheek in admonishment.

“Th-thank you, Sir,” I gasped.

“Jeez, no manners… After he goes and makes you feel so good.”

“I’m… I’m sorry,” I said without thinking, blushing when I realized what I’d done. They both laughed.

“You know, son, I think this is a good time for some bonding. What do you think?”

“Good idea, Dad. I think the faggot can help.”

“You want to help us bond, faggot?” The question hung in the air. We all seemed to realize that this was a pivotal moment. If I was going to fight, this was it. Whatever happened from here couldn’t be good, and I was running out of fight, if I even had any left.

If I was going to object, it was now or never.

“You owe us, after what you did. Help a father and son out with some bonding,” my abductor urged me, curling his left arm up to kiss his fist.

My dick lurched.

I gasped and flexed in my bonds.

“You want to help us bond, faggot?” His father mirrored his son’s movement as he repeated his question.

“Ohhhhhhhh,” I gasped. “Yessssssssss!” They laughed in triumph.

“Congratulations, faggot, that was your second breaking. You can suck on my dick now,” he said in a cheerful tone, pressing his penis against my lips. My eyelids slid shut and my eyes rolled back in my head as I willingly let my lips part, and I tasted penis for the first time.

It was so hot.

The taste, surprisingly, was clean… And his precum was… I liked it.

“Look at that, son, he’s taking to that like a duck to dicksucking.”

“He’s a natural… Awww, yeah, he’s even keeping his teeth covered.” I gasped in a final breath as his cock slid deep enough to block off my airway, my tongue snaking back and forth, tracing the veins as he slid deeper until I felt his pelvis meet my face.

As my lungs started to burn, I felt the knots around my ankles being tugged undone.

“Let’s see what else we have to work with,” the older man’s deep voice growled, and powerful hands lifted my legs. His son started to slide slowly back out of my mouth, and I felt him spit right on my ass, flinching but unable to escape his powerful grip on my ankles.

My airway cleared and I gasped out my breath and pulled in a new one, holding it and trying to lift my head to drive myself back down onto the dick. But he kept backing away until I was just suckling on the head. At the same time, I felt a hot, wet pressure meet my spit-slicked asshole.

The pressure against my ass increased and the cock in my moth started sliding back in. I’d always thought getting fucked in the ass would hurt, but it was more intense than painful… Maybe because the man was going slow. He inched forward, though I couldn’t see how much more there was to go with his son driving his dick back down my throat.

I was stretching wider, and wider, and I felt the man’s penis press against something inside of me.

“Mmm—” I started to moan, but my airway was cut off again. Pinned, I just let go as it happened again, and my cock started to squirt again. I almost failed to notice the laughter as the dick drove its way deeper, squishing over that spot inside me that felt so fucking good.

“—Mmm!” I resumed moaning around the meat in my mouth as it made its way back out, and I felt hot flesh press against my ass, the man’s penis buried all the way inside me. I felt my dick wave around, on the verge of rocketing off again, and he started to pull out of me.

I couldn’t think anymore.

There was no fighting.

I let go and just went along for the ride.

“Fuck, he’s gone,” one of them panted.

“That was easy.”

“He won’t be drugging anyone for the foreseeable future.”

“You close, son?”

“Aww, yeah, I’m about to cum.”

“Me too!”

They were both picking up the pace, driving their dicks into me with long, forceful strokes. Pleasure exploded through me again, my untouched dick spouting into the air, and then I felt warmth spreading through my insides, and I knew that a man was cumming in my ass. A few seconds later, something like the precum I’d been tasting started pumping into my mouth.

Only it was better.

Moaning, gurgling, and gulping, I came over and over again, impaled by father and son. With a jarring suddenness, they both pulled free. Hands let go of my ankles, and my legs fell back down with a limp thump. I could still feel my cock, rigid between my legs, but I also felt satisfied in a way that I could never remember being before.

They were still talking, but I couldn’t understand their words anymore.

My eyes were pulled shut, as if by some outside force, and I sank back down into darkness.

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