It’s Just What You’ve Always Wanted

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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I rubbed at my eyes while I sat at a red light and lamented over what a miserable hour it was. The sun was just rising, fortunately behind me, but I’d needed to get to the bakery early. I glanced over at the passenger seat, where the red-velvet monstrosity rested; I could just make out the words through the condensation on the plastic: Happy 18th Birthday Blake.

Technically his birthday had been yesterday, but I’d been out of town and got back just in time to get a couple of hours of sleep before picking up the cake.

A horn tore through the silence, making me jump as my heart frantically pumped adrenaline through my veins. The light had turned while I was looking at the cake. I hit the gas, a little harder than I’d intended, and kept heading for home.

Even though Blake was my little stepbrother, he’d had a rough year after our parents moved away. They’d wanted to take him with them, but he refused to change schools at the end of his senior year, so he was staying with me until after he graduated—Maybe longer, if he goes to the local college after he graduates. It wouldn’t be the worst thing, he was generally clean and quiet, and our parents sent a check each month to help with expenses.

I turned off the main road, winding through the warren of roads that made up my neighborhood, sharp slants of orange light coming in between the houses and trees. I squinted the eye that was in the light and kept driving, reaching down to readjust the stubborn morning erection stuffed into my jeans. I turned onto my street and craned my head to keep the light out of my eyes as I pulled into my driveway.

When I walked into my kitchen, I could hear little bangs and creaks coming from upstairs. Blake was up already, even though he didn’t have to go anywhere today. That wasn’t too surprising, he always was an early riser. Grinning, I uncovered the cake and positioned it on the kitchen table, leaving off all the lights except the one over the table.

Cake for breakfast? Why not?

I creaked my way up the stairs and into the hallway. The bathroom door was open, and light was pouring out into the shadowed hallway. I cleared my throat and stepped a little louder to give him some warning, and then jumped into the open door.

“Happy bir—“I began cheerfully. “—tha fuck?” I finished in shock. Blake was standing there, clearly waiting for me, and he was butt naked. His expression was a mix of lingering sleepiness and arrogance, and the lights in the bathroom cast faint shadows over the ridges of his lean muscles.

But none of that Is what actually drew my attention; I noted it all in casual observation.

Blake’s cock was hard, rigid and proud as it jutted out in front of him. Even though it was swollen to an impressive size, his foreskin was pulled tight over the glans, only the glistening tip peaking out. I was acutely aware of my own circumcised erection in my jeans, throbbing, just like I could see his was.

“Hey, there you are, Mickey-bro,” he said, giving me an arrogant, satisfied look as he watched my eyes fixate on his erection. “Yeah, I guess you can look at it openly now, huh?

“Look at… What?” I babbled.

“Aw, come on, let’s not pretend I haven’t seen you trying to sneak a peek ever since my dad married your mom and you moved in. Yeah, he told me a faggot was moving in with us, and I knew it was true when I saw you checking out my bulge every chance you got.”

“Nooo, I never…” I tried to protests, at a loss for words. “You’re my brother!” He snorted in derisive laughter.

“Surrre you didn’t, and you’re not staring at it right now, are you?” He jabbed, and then stood there, silent.

I just kept staring at his dick.

“Exactly. It’s okay, Mickey, take a good look at it.”

“No,” I protested, even as my eyes drank in the vision, “I never, I don’t…” He swung his hips back and forth, sending his penis swinging. I trailed off into silence, my mouth hanging open while I stared.

“Yeah, that’s what I thought. You’re a faggot, bro. You even want to get fucked by your barely legal little brother, don’t you?” My face went red, and as the heat rose to my cheeks I felt the strength flow out of my legs. I whimpered as my knees thumped hard against the bathroom floor

My perspective changed; I kept staring at my little brother’s erection, but now I was level with it. My head was swimming.

“You can suck it, bro. You’ve wanted to for years, and now I can let you do it.” he said in a sing-song, tempting tone. I wanted to do it, to crawl forward and give my little stepbrother an eighteenth birthday blowjob… But I knew that I should object.

I hadn’t wanted to suck him off while we were growing up!

Had I?

He gripped the base of his erection and waved it back and forth.

“Crawl on up and suck it, Mickey, just like you’ve always wanted,” he commanded. I found myself crawling nearer to my little stepbrother. I needed his penis to be in my mouth. But I had to object to his claim that I’d always… My lips parted and his cock slid silkily into my mouth. I moaned in ecstasy and relaxed, taking my little brother’s dick down my throat.

My head began to swirl like a hurricane, and suddenly it was Blake’s penis anchoring me in place, keeping me from toppling over.

“Aww, yeah, is it what you’ve always imagined it would be?” He asked, planting a hand on the back of my head and guiding me up and down.

I moaned deliriously.

But I hadn’t always wanted to…

Always wanted….

No, I never, I…

“Yeeeeahhh,” he moaned, precum bursting across my tongue. “Just like you’ve always wanted.” His hands gripped my head like a vice and he started violently fucking me.

Always wanted…

“Aww, Jesus, Mickey, you’re such a good goddamn faggot,” he growled. “It was worth the wait, wasn’t it?”

Always wanted to suck it.

He’s eighteen now!

My moans were rising in pitch, my throat relaxing completely as my eyes rolled up into my head beneath my closed eyelids. Again and again he pulled out until the head of his cock rested on my tongue before thrusting violently back in until my nose smashed against his pelvis.

“Guh—guh—guh—guh,” I gurgled between thrusts. I couldn’t believe I was finally sucking Blake off!

I’ve always wanted to suck it!

Aww, fuck yeah, I’m sucking my little brother’s cock!

My own cock, erect before I’d even walked into this depraved situation, was straining, leaking, throbbing… I felt like it would barely take anything to set it off.

I’m sucking Blake’s cock!”

“Damn, bro, you’re a natural,” he panted, bucking his hips into my mouth. “Aww, fuck, you’re going to make me sperm, bro.” He started fucking my face even harder.

I’ve always wanted to suck it!

“Gonna sperm in your mouth, bro, and you’re just letting me do it! Yeah, ‘cause you fucking want it, faggot, your little brother’s sperm!” He cried out and held his cock in my mouth as his cum pumped across my tongue. The taste was like nothing I’d ever imagined, and I felt my own cock start to squirt into my jeans as I swallowed eagerly.

I’ve always wanted to suck it!

Yeah. I’ve always wanted to suck it!

I love sucking Blake’s dick.

I’ve always wanted to suck it!

He pushed my head back down on his shaft as he finished cumming and held me there, his muscles quivering. I tried to stay still, but every time my tongue twitched or I swallowed I could feel his penis respond, pressing back against my tongue.

We stayed that way for a couple of minutes, his cock throbbing on my tongue as it slowly deflated, and then he pushed me back onto the floor, sneering down at my crotch. I looked down and blushed when I noticed the huge wet spot.

I jizzed myself.

I sucked Blake’s penis, and it made me jizz myself.

It was better than I always thought it would be!

“Get cleaned up and meet me downstairs,” he ordered, stepping over me and walking out of the bathroom. I let my head fall back onto the tiles and tried to catch my breath. I couldn’t believe that I’d just given my brother a blow job, and I really couldn’t believe how hot it had been.

I creamed myself.

Yeah, I sucked my brother’s penis and creamed myself!

I could feel my dick swelling in my jeans again, the wet denim clinging to my shaft. I reached down and fumbled my pants open, lifting my hips to shove them down my legs and off. My glistening penis thumped down onto my lower abs, glistening, and I watched my heartbeat in the veins. I could still see him in my head, and I wanted to jack off so badly, but a distant voice struggled back to the front of my mind, reminding me that he was going to find his birthday cake without me. Legs trembling, I got to my feet and climbed into the shower.

“Thanks for the cake, bro,” Blake said as I walked into the kitchen, clean and in fresh clothes. He was sitting at the table, a large, half-eaten slice on the plate in front of him.

“Um,” I squeaked, unsure, “You’re welcome.” He snorted with laughter and then made a point of looking at my crotch.

“Looks like you’re still hungry, faggot. Crawl on under the table and I’ll feed you yours.”

Even after everything that had happened, the idea of my little, freshly 18 stepbrother treating me like I’d wanted his cock all along, like he said, already had me horny again; hornier than I’d ever been in my entire life.

I cooed in surrender and crawled under the table, a thrill of delight washing over me as Blake’s cock came back into sight, hanging fat and hard out the fly of his jeans. As I moved, he lowered a plate with a smaller slice of cake on it to his lap and started to smear his cock around in it until cake and frosting clung to the entire length of it.

I’d always wanted his cock, but watching it throb beneath a coating of cake seemed to do something to me.

It hurt my brain, like something broke.

I wanted it too much.

I scrambled forward with a desperate moan, banging my head on the underside of the table, and took his cock back into my mouth. Rich chocolate, cream cheese, and penis swirled over my tongue.

I squealed around his shaft, licking and sucking the mix of cake and frosting from his erection.

I trailed off into silence when I heard a knock at the door.

“Come in!” Blake yelled, and I went over the edge as I heard the door open, pumping a load into my fresh jeans as I kept sucking cake from my little stepbrother’s dick. I tried to stay as silent as I could; there was no way I was going to stop, no matter who it was.

I’d always wanted it, and now that I could have it, I would never give it up.

“Yo, what’s up?” I heard Scott, Blake’s friend who graduated the year before, greet my brother.

“Hey, guys,” Blake said in a breathy tone.

“Cake for breakfast?” I heard Rush, the third member of their trio, greet my brother.

“Why the fu-uck not,” Blake’s voice quaked as my tongue swirled over his meat.

“What’s going on? Where’s Mickey?” Rush asked.

“Uhn-nder the table, sucking cake from my cock,” Blake answered honestly. I drove myself all the way down onto his dick to muffle my moans.

They both laughed, but it was obvious that they didn’t believe him.

“Want some cake?” He offered.

“Yeah, sure,” Scott accepted the offer.

“Yeah, it looks good,” Rush also accepted. “Seriously, though, where’s Mickey?”

“Unh, I told you,” Blake said while I deep throated him. “He’s sucking my cock, right now, under the table.”

There was no laughter this time.

“Holy fuck,” I heard them both say as they leaned forward and looked, coming face to face with me on my knees sucking cake from Blake’s dick.

“You guys want to have some fun with the faggot?” Blake asked them. Several sexually charged seconds passed in silence.


“I’m down.”

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