Interception: Part Two

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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And now, our feature presentation…

Harry’s penis… Harry’s penis… Harry’s penis… My mind was stuck in a loop as I lay there, dripping cum, watching my boyfriend call our straight friend to tell him that I was addicted to his penis.

What would Harry think?

“Hey Harry, what’s going on?” Evan asked, giving me a sideways grin. “Yeah, come over to Evan’s place. We’ve got beer… Cool… See you in a bit.” He hung up the phone and turned back to me.

“Y-you didn’t tell him,” I observed, relieved? Disappointed?

“Nah, I’m not going to out you to him. I’m going to set things up so you do it to yourself,” he said wickedly. “Then I have a few more hypnosis files for you to listen to. Our relationship is changing, but don’t worry, you’re going to like where it goes.”

“But, I love you.” I squeaked softly.

“Aww, I know, slut. I love you, too.” He stepped forward until his cock was right in my face. “Think about Harry and suck on this for a minute.”

I’m not going to… Did Harry’s penis look like Evan’s? Would it taste like Evan’s? Drool spilled from the corner of my mouth a few seconds before a defeated moan. My eyes rolled up into my head, and I dove forward.

“There you go, faggot,” Evan said, laughing. “When I get Harry to show you his penis, are you just going to start sucking it? How long do you think you can hold out? One second? Three seconds? I mustered what strength I could and pulled off his dick.

“Stop calling me that!” I whined, looking up at the face I loved, and the mischievous expression spread across it.

“But you like it,” he said with exaggerated shock.

“Nooo, I don’t,” I argued.

“Look at your dick,” he said, and I obeyed without thinking. “You’re a faggot.” I gasped as I watched my dick bounce around, precum drooling from the tip to run down its length. “Faggot faggot faggot.” My dick thrashed and squirted precum, and I moaned.

“Ohhhhhh, nnnnnnnnnnnn… I… Awww, yeah, I like it!” I confessed as I finally understood that he was right.

“I know, faggot. Will you like it even more when you hear Harry say it while you’re looking at his penis?” The imagery started playing out in my head.

Harry’s penis.

Me, staring at Harry’s penis.

Harry, speaking, his words all demeaning, all humiliating, playing out in various combinations all ending with that single word. That word that made my own penis feel so good.


Harry, calling me a faggot.

“Guuuuuhhhhhhhhhnnnnnnnn,” I groaned as I came again without touching myself, barely noticing the background of Evan’s laughter. When the pleasure came to an end, I lay there panting for a few moments.

Evan let me, standing there in silence.

My breathing started to calm down. I could feel the blood slowly evacuating my erection, each beat of my heart making my dick bounce up a little, and then fall down, down, down, relaxing across my thigh.

“Hey, faggot,” Evan broke the silence. “How ‘bout Harry’s penis?” I felt my cock lift from my thigh, returning to its turgid state in far less time it had taken it to deflate. I squeezed my eyes shut and groaned, knowing that he knew what his words were going to do to me before he’d even said them. “Look at that, you’re hard again already.” He laughed and walked over to his clothes, pulling them back on. “Get cleaned up if you want to, faggot. Harry will be here soon, and I’m going to get him to show you his penis, but, shit, he might whip it out himself if he sees you like this.” Dressed, Evan turned and walked out of my bedroom to wait for Harry in the living room.

I lay there, hard, horny, and I could feel cum dripping down my body. I couldn’t believe that this was how Evan reacted to my accident, but I was helpless to resist my need to see Harry’s penis.

All I knew about it was that he was uncircumcised.

And that he joked about being small… Thinking about it now, the way he’d confidently joked about his size… It made me think he wasn’t really small, after all.

Harry joked about being small like someone with a huge penis might.

I gasped, about to cum again. I shook my head and cleared it, gripping the sheets to try and hold back the flood of pleasure. It receded, and I relaxed with a sigh, my cock still throbbing. I got out of bed and grabbed a towel from the laundry to wipe myself clean.

The doorbell rang.

Harry’s here!

I’m going to see Harry’s penis!

I froze on the spot, my hand absently moving to wrap around my erection and start squeezing. I didn’t want to cum, I just felt so good thinking about Harry’s penis that I needed to…

Snap out of it!

I shook my head and jerked my hand away from my dick, rushing over to my jeans to pull them up, balancing awkwardly on one foot at a time, my cock flopping around as I moved.

“Hey, bro, what’s up?” I heard Harry say before I heard the door close.

Harry’s here!

My hand went back to my erection, my other holding my jeans up, and started squeezing again.

“Not much. How’s your week been?” Evan answered. When was he going to do it? When was he going to get Harry to take out his penis?

“Boring. Where’s Jay? I called him last night, but he never called me back.” Harry’s here, and I’m… I looked down at my fist squeezing my swollen penis. I jerked my hand away and pulled my jeans the rest of the way up. I had to look away and steel myself in order to stuff my penis into my jeans so that I could zip them up and buckle them. That done, I grabbed a t-shirt and jerked it on just in time.

“Hey man, why didn’t you call me back?” Harry asked from my doorway. I turned to face him, my cheeks flushed, breathing a little heavy.

“I… Uh… I… I was… I…” My eyes drifted down to his crotch, but I caught myself and looked back up at his face. “I was asleep.” I finished weakly.

“Yeah, but today? I wanted to hang out, bro,” he said in a disappointed tone.

“S-sorry,” I said in a whisper, my eyes dropping to his crotch again. I tried to jerk them away, but I couldn’t. The silence started to get awkward, and then…

“Let’s go sit out here,” Evan suggested.

“Yeah,” Harry said slowly, giving me a funny look as he turned and followed Evan out of my bedroom. I let my breath out and relaxed, panting as the thought of Harry’s penis made my own penis throb in my jeans.

As composed as I was going to get, I followed them.

They were sitting on the couch, but Evan and Harry had switched their usual places so that I was going to be sitting next to Harry. I felt dizzy, like I was floating, as I drifted over to sink into my spot on the couch.

“You guys are acting weird today,” Harry commented. “What’s going on?”

“We were just having a debate earlier about cut dicks versus uncut dicks,” Evan explained.

“Uh, okay,” Harry said.

“Well, it turns out the problem is that Jay’s never seen an uncut dick, so he can’t really form a good opinion,” Evan continued.

“Never? Not even in the showers?” Harry turned to ask me.

“I-uh, n-no, never,” I said softly.

“Never what?” Evan asked from the other side of Harry.

“I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis!” I confessed loudly, my eyes dropping to Harry’s lap.

“Wait,” Evan began in an aha-tone. “Didn’t you say that you’re uncut, Harry?”

“I, uh, yeah,” he answered awkwardly.

“You should show Jay your penis, Harry,” Evan suggested.

“Are you serious?” He asked, laughing.

“Yeah. You show him yours, and I’ll show him mine, and then he can decide which he thinks is better,” Evan proposed.

“You guys are fucking with… Me…” Harry trailed off as he looked over at me and saw me staring at his crotch.

“You really want to see my penis, dude?” Harry asked me, reaching down to tug at the fabric of his pants, making the outline more obvious.

It wasn’t small, he’d been lying.

“Yeah,” I answered without thinking. “I wanna see your penis, Harry.” I gasped, my face going red as I jerked my eyes up to Harry’s face.

I really said that!

He was grinning, amused disbelief painted across his face. He turned his head to face Evan.

“You guys are fucking with me,” he accused my boyfriend, still chuckling.

“No, I’m serious, he really wants to see it,” Evan said, and then he started fumbling with his jeans. “Here, I’ll take mine out first to show that I’m serious.” He fished out his cock and let it lay there, hanging out of his fly. “See, cut,” he indicated the scar from his circumcision.

“You gays are fucking hilarious,” Harry laughed, and he started to fumble with his fly. My eyes were glued, watching his button slide back through the slit as if in slow motion. His hand got in the way, but I kept my eyes focused on where it would be when.

“Ah!” I gasped as he moved his hands and Harry’s penis came into view.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

I stared at it, and the more I did, the more I wanted to. Drool started to run from the corner of my mouth, and silence fell as I stared at Harry’s penis and my addiction grew.

“Jay? Jay! Is… Is he drooling?” I heard Harry ask.

“Yeah, I think he needs a better view. Stand up.” Evan said. My eyes stayed on Harry’s penis as he stood. Evan joined him, and they stood side by side. Evan was hard, but Harry wasn’t. I wanted him to be. “Lean in, Jay, get a closer look.” I obeyed, leaning in to study the flaccid organ with my eyes.

“W-what does it look like when…” I struggled to finish.

“When it’s hard?” Evan asked mischievously. A shudder ran through me as I thought about it getting hard right in front of me.

“Nooo! When… When you pull it back,” I said, calmness returning to me as my eyes drank in the sight of Harry’s glorious penis.

They both laughed.

“Here, I’ll show you,” Harry said, reaching down and delicately taking his penis in his hands. He gently tugged back his foreskin until his glans were revealed. I stared, enraptured, and started panting.

“Wow.” I said, staring in fascination. I couldn’t get enough.

“Want to know what it smells like?” Evan asked wickedly.

“Yes!” I gasped.

“Lean in and take a whiff,” he encouraged me.

“Dude, you want to sniff my dick?” Harry asked.

“Y-yes!” I confessed.

“Okay, then, smell away, I guess,” he gave me permission. I let out a soft, eager moan and leaned as close as I could get, emptying my lungs entirely on the way. I paused for a moment, and then drew in a full breath, filling my lungs with… With…

This is what Harry’s penis smells like!

I moaned and forced the air from my lungs so that I could draw in a second breath. And a third. And a fourth. Before long, I was panting, sniffing Harry’s penis over and over again while he held his foreskin back.

“Hahaha, what are you doing?” Harry asked me. I didn’t stop sniffing.

“I think he likes your dick, dude,” Evan commented. The sound was broken only by the nasal sounds of my sniffing for a few minutes, and then Harry pushed me back.

“That’s enough.” He said, letting go of his foreskin. I groaned in disappointment, but I kept staring at his beautiful penis.

Harry’s penis!

I wanna smell it more!

I could feel the need building already. Now that I’d had a sniff, I wanted more.

“W-what does it look like when…” I trailed off, my face burning. “When it’s hard.” I finished, and Evan guffawed.

“You want me to get my dick hard for you?” Harry asked, grinning down at me.

“Ohhh, yessssssss,” I hissed as the thought of seeing Harry’s penis get hard sent me over the edge. My body quivered, and I came in my jeans.

“Are you jizzing yourself, faggot?” Harry asked as the orgasm was coming to an end. Hearing Harry call me a faggot was too much; an orgasm hit me like nothing before. My vision blurred and vanished as I convulsed on the couch, pumping even more cum into my pants.

“Awwwwwww, jizzzzzzinnnnnggggg agaaaiiiiinnn!” I gurgled.

When it came to an end and my vision cleared, I came face to face with the crotch of Harry’s pants. He’d put his penis away!

“Oh, no, please! I wanna see it get hard! Please, Harry! Please let me see it get hard!” I begged, pathetic in my desperation.

“Dude, your boyfriend is begging to see my dick get hard,” Harry said to Evan.

“I know. What a faggot,” my boyfriend said. I gripped the cushions, my eyes going wide. I almost came again.

“Total faggot,” Harry agreed.

“Not aguuuuuuuunnnnnhhhhh!” I pumped a third load into my jeans. When this orgasm ended, Harry was gone.

To be continued...

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