Interception: Part One

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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And now, our feature presentation…

I practically ran into my apartment, getting funny looks from the neighbors in the hallway. I slammed the door behind me and tossed my shit on the table before tearing off my clothes. I just left them where they fell, I could clean them up tomorrow.

This was the night, at last.

I was going to get hypnotized!

I’d been fascinated with hypnosis since I was a little kid, ever since I’d watched that animated snake make a boy just like me feel so good, so relaxed. Evan and I had been together for nearly a year now, and a couple of weeks ago he’d asked if I had any fetishes. I told him, and it turned out that he was into the idea.

I leapt onto the bed, my phone in one hand and my headphones in the other. It was finally happening! I jammed the jack into my phone and pulled on the headphones before unlocking the screen and going to the email Evan sent me earlier. I hit download and watched the status bar climb.

Was this going to work?

What had he picked for me?

I dropped my phone, the download only half finished, and reached down to start stroking myself. I got caught up in the pleasure, beyond turned on by what I was about to do. I kept getting close to cumming and then backing off, determined to save it for after I got hypnotized. After a long gap of time, I finally got myself together enough to let go of my cock and get back to the task at hand.

I opened the file.

“This file is called Addicted to Penis, and it will addict you to the penis of any man you think about while listening to it,” a man started speaking in a calm, deep, melodious voice. “When you first see, touch, smell, or taste his penis, you will become addicted to it, becoming more and more addicted to it every time. When you taste his cum, it will be like a drug to you.”

I can’t believe this is what Evan picked for me! I reached down and started stroking myself again as I continued listening to the introduction.

“If that isn’t something that you want, this is your chance to stop listening. You can stop right now, and nothing will happen to you.” There was a short pause. “You’re not going to turn it off, though.”

“No,” I agreed in a soft whisper, visualizing my boyfriend’s penis. I’m going to be addicted to it! I moaned and let go of my cock, on the edge again.

“You know that you’re still listening to me because you want to become addicted to his penis. I’m going to give you everything that you want. Relax and get into a comfortable position. Make sure that your phone is silenced and that won’t be disturbed for the duration of this file,” he instructed. I was already naked on my bed. I shifted around until I was laying there comfortably and positioned my phone so that the cord to the headphones wouldn’t get in my way. I wanted to keep stroking myself, but I knew it was time to let go and focus.

Time to relax.

Time to get hypnotized.

“Take a deep breath, in… and out… Good. Just keep listening to my voice. Give yourself permission to just relax. Deeper, and deeper…” I listened, and breathed, as he talked about relaxing.

As he got me to concentrate on my blinking.

Feeling how it was getting harder and harder to open my eyes.

So relaxed.


A strange buzzing sound disturbed the smooth pool of water that my mind had become.

“…and think about the man whose penis you’re going to be addicted to,” the calm voice was droning, pulling me back down…

Another buzz. My eyes reluctantly popped open, and my gaze focused on the screen of my phone.

Someone was calling.

“Think about his penis…”

It took me a moment to figure out the word on the screen as I continued to absently listen to the voice that had me so relaxed.


“Imagine what his penis looks like.”

Harry’s penis? I thought stupidly, staring at his name on the screen. I’m supposed to be thinking about Evan’s penis, not…

“You’re becoming addicted to his penis.”

Oh, no, I thought calmly. I can’t be getting addicted to Harry’s penis. He’s straight, and he’s not my boyfriend.

Can’t be addicted.

“Just relax and let yourself get addicted to his penis. It’s too late to stop it now, so just take a deep breath and let yourself relax deeper…”

Addicted to Harry’s penis?

“And deeper…”

I’m going to be addicted to Harry’s penis!

“And deeper.”

Harry’s penis! I can’t stop this from happening!

“I’m going to count down from three to zero, and as I do you are going to sink deeper and deeper into hypnosis, deeper and deeper into your addiction to his penis. Just think about his penis and sink deeper into hypnosis, deeper and deeper with each number.”

My erection was raging. Deep down, part of me knew that I should be getting addicted to Evan’s penis, not Harry’s. He was my boyfriend, after all. But I couldn’t stop thinking about Harry’s penis…

“Three. Sinking deeper and deeper, more and more relaxed, more and more addicted to his penis.”

I’d never seen Harry’s penis before.

How am I going to get him to show it to me?

I’m getting addicted to my straight friend’s penis!

“Two. So deep, feeling so relaxed, so good, so addicted to his cock.”

I need to see Harry’s penis! There was no arguing with it, no fighting it. It was all so true.

“One. Twice as deep, twice as relaxed, twice as addicted.”

I didn’t know what Harry’s penis looked like, but I tried to picture it anyway.

“Zero,” he said with a snap of his fingers. My eyes rolled up into my head as relaxation overtook me.

Want to look at Harry’s penis.

Want to touch Harry’s penis.

Want to smell Harry’s penis.

Want to taste Harry’s penis.

Harry, Evan and I are sitting around drinking, late at night. After a lull in conversation, Evan turns to Harry and asks him the single question that changes everything.

“Hey, Harry, are you circumcised?” My boyfriend asks our straight third wheel.

“Nope,” Harry says. “I’m all natural.” He leans back in his chair, drunk, sleepy… Horny? I can’t stop myself from thinking about Harry’s penis. I find myself struggling to look normal while my mind races, constructing an image of what Harry’s penis might look like.

Need to look at Harry’s penis.

Need to touch Harry’s penis.

Need to smell Harry’s penis.

Need to taste Harry’s penis.

Harry and I are hanging out by ourselves. He’s standing there, waiting, because I said I needed to ask him something. I’m so hard in my pants, and I can’t stop thinking about Harry’s penis.

“Harry, I… I’ve never seen an uncircumcised penis up close before,” I begin lamely. “Could I… I mean… Would you, uh, show me your penis so I can see what it looks like?”

He steps forward, smirking, unzipping his fly. Standing right in front of me, he pulls it out.

Addicted to looking at Harry’s penis.

Addicted to touching Harry’s penis.

Addicted to smelling Harry’s penis.

Addicted to tasting Harry’s penis.

Addicted to sucking Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis, right there in front of me. Harry stroking it to make it hard, stepping closer so I could smell it. Reaching out with a tentative touch, the feeling of my fingertips brushing against Harry’s penis sending a rush of pleasure radiating through my body. Pressing my face against it, huffing the smell of his nuts as his penis burned against my face. Running my tongue along it, exploring its swollen length. Taking Harry’s penis into my mouth. Sucking on it until it started squirting the best stuff I’d ever had in my mouth.

Addicted to Harry’s penis.

Addicted to Harry’s cum.

More addicted every time I see Harry’s penis.

More addicted every time I touch Harry’s penis.

More addicted every time I smell Harry’s penis.

More addicted every time I taste Harry’s penis.

More addicted every time I taste Harry’s cum.

Can’t go without it.

So addicted.

So horny.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

Harry’s penis.

I opened my eyes and blinked against the sunlight that was coming through my window. It was the next morning? What had happened? I turned my head to look around and felt the headphones still over my ears. I pulled them off and picked up my phone.

Wait, I got hypnotized!

I remembered Evan sending me the file to listen to, and then… What had happened?

Was I addicted to my boyfriend’s penis now?

I reached down and started to jerk off, thinking about Evan’s dick. It felt good, but no different than jerking off usually did. I like Evan’s cock, but I wouldn’t say I was feeling addicted.

It didn’t work.

I rested my hand on my cock and picked up my phone, unlocking the screen.

I had a missed call.

It must have happened while I was asleep. I looked to see who it was, and the second I read Harry’s name on the screen it all came flooding back, vague memories, like a dream.

Harry, calling right when the file started getting me addicted.

Me, unable to stop myself from getting addicted to my straight friend’s penis instead of my boyfriend’s.

I still didn’t know what it looked like, but I could imagine. I knew I shouldn’t be thinking about Harry’s penis, I should be thinking about Evan’s penis, but it wouldn’t get out of my head. I started pumping my cock, imagining what it would feel like to see Harry’s penis; to touch Harry’s penis; to smell Harry’s penis; to taste Harry’s penis!

What had I done?

No matter what I tried, I couldn’t do anything but think about my friend’s cock and jerk my own. I was about to cum, thinking about Harry’s penis!

Harry’s penis!

I need to see Harry’s penis!

Cum exploded from my cock and hosed down my face as I kept stroking and thinking about Harry’s penis. After a while, my head cleared and I got out of bed, walking into the bathroom to clean myself up with a towel.

I just came thinking about Harry’s penis, I thought excitedly, feeling a thrill of shame and pleasure. Fuck, yeah, Harry’s penis!

I spent the entire day trying to stop myself from thinking about Harry’s penis, but it was no use. Again and again I found myself out of control, jerking off in the most random places as my need for Harry’s penis grew…

And grew…

And grew…

“Ready to get your fix, slut?” I heard Evan yell out good-naturedly as he walked into my apartment. He walked into the room where I was laying naked on the bed and grinned down at me. “Damn, Jay, you look horny as fuck. Did you listen to the file?”

“Yes,” I answered, my eyes following his movements as he started to undress.

“Ready to give in to your addiction?” He asked wickedly. At his words, I once again started thinking about Harry’s penis as I stroked myself. “Damn! It really worked, didn’t it?” He looked so excited about the prospect.

“Y-yes, but something went wrong,” I said, blushing and looking down at my exposed body.

“What could possibly go wrong?” He asked, his good cheer starting to fade a little.

“I was listening, and it was working, but someone called my phone and interrupted it,” I started explaining.

“Uh-huh,” he said, waving his hand for me to continue.

“H-he called right as it started talking about being addicted, and I couldn’t stop it, I was already hypnotized! I was looking at his name and it was saying I was addicted to his cock and…” He thought about it for a moment, and then an expression I couldn’t name spread across his face.




“Are you saying you addicted yourself to someone else’s cock?” He asked.

“Yes!” I admitted. “I couldn’t stop it!”

“Who was it? Who called you?”

“Ohhhhh, it was Harry! Ohhhh, fuck, Evan, I’m addicted to Harry’s penis now!”

“Holy fuck, faggot,” he said absently.

“Don’t call me that!” I protested, a gush of precum escaping my cock to run back down my fist.

“Dude, who but a faggot would let himself get addicted to his straight friend’s dick?” He asked. “But you’re not actually addicted, you know. Not yet.”

“I listened to it! I was hypnotized!”

“Yes, but you’ve never seen Harry’s penis before, have you?”

“Noooo,” I said in profound disappointment.

“You might be obsessed with Harry’s penis, but your addiction won’t start until you actually see it.”

“Uhnn, fuck,” I cried out, still masturbating on my bed in front of my boyfriend while thinking about our friend’s penis.

“You’re like an addict who’s never taken the drug he’s addicted to. It’s all over once you get a taste.” He was grinning down at me. “I bet I could get Harry to show his penis to you. Do you want that? Do you want to give in and get fully addicted to your straight friend’s penis?”

“Fuck! Yes! I want to be addicted to Harry’s penis! I need Harry’s penis! Unnnhhhhhhhhhhgggggggg!” I trailed off into squeals and moans as I jazzed myself for Harry in front of my boyfriend.

He picked up his phone and started dialing.

To be continued…

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