Howl: The First Pack, Halloween 2018 Preview

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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Chapter One: Full Moon Rising

Swollen and orange, a full moon began to rise over the town of London, New Mexico. In the distance, a howl rang out, echoing through the mountainous woods outside of the picturesque, college town. Largely unknown to the world around it, London was home to New Mexico Tech University, and not much else. Before the University, London had been a small, unknown town. It wasn’t important, or on the way to anywhere. The area was pretty, but much the same as any other mountain town in New Mexico. It had grown a lot over the past decade, after NMT had opened its doors. Not much happened in London, even with the university. Crime was low, and everybody lived happy, normal lives. Nobody, in fact, could ever remember anything out of the ordinary ever happening in London.

All that was about to change.

Jonathan Monroe stopped beneath one of the solar-powered lamps lighting the University jogging path that wound through the woods. He pulled out his ear buds and listened. He could have sworn he’d heard a howl, like a wolf. He shook his head. Everybody knew that there were no wolves in London. He returned to his jog, enjoying the crisp, fall, mountain air. He slowed down to a walk when he reached the halfway point on the three mile track, as deep in the woods as it went, to give himself a few moments to catch his breath. He ran his fingers through his messy, brown hair, pushing it back out of his face.

There it was again.

He pulled out his ear buds and could swear he heard the fading end of a howl. A shiver ran up his spine. He reached into his pocket to take out his phone and just turn the music off. A howl rang out, not very far away this time, and he jumped, his phone slipping from his fingers to topple to the ground. He froze in place for a couple of moments, adrenaline pumping through his veins. Then, there was silence. In fact, he thought, it was too quiet.

“Time to get out of here,” he muttered to himself. He bent over to pick up his phone, and something very solid hit him from behind. He landed flat on his face, stunned. As he regained his senses, he was relieved that he hadn’t been clawed or bitten, just knocked down. He started to get up, and froze again on all fours.

Behind him, so close he could feel it rumbling through the pavement, came a deep growl.

The growling continued, a low rumble that slowly circled around him. The beast entered his vision, and Jonathan’s eyes widened in terror. Golden eyes reflected the light of the lamp, standing out even more in contrast to the dark fur covering the massive wolf that.

There are no wolves in London! He thought frantically, hoping that if he believed it hard enough, the wolf might disappear.

It didn’t.

His next thought was that wolves are not supposed to get this big. It circled him twice, and then moved forward, still growling, to sniff at Jonathan’s neck. He couldn’t move. He could barely breathe. He couldn’t stop himself from making a tiny squeak and flinching when the wolf bit at his shirt and raised a paw, clawing it to shreds and tossing the remains to the side with a shake of his head.

Jonathan’s nipples went stiff in the cool, fall air, and his skin broke into goosebumps. The wolf put his head by Jonathan’s and stared him in the eye, growling again. Jonathan didn’t move, but he did lower his eyes. He could feel blood trickling down his side where the wolf’s claws had raked his skin. He felt a tug at his shorts, and then a sting ran through his right ass cheek as the wolf shredded his shorts, leaving a trio of long, shallow scratches behind that oozed beads of blood at random points along their length.

Jonathan heard the growl from below as the wolf pressed his head between his legs. He pushed his head left, and then right, to force Jonathan’s legs to spread wider. Jonathan’s eyes went wide as his mind struggled with the absurdity of what was about to happen.

“No, god, no,” he pleaded with the night. The wolf mounted him, or, rather, the wolf walked forward over his body and rested his furry chest against Jonathan’s back. The wolf was still growling softly, and Jonathan could feel it rumbling through his spine. He gasped when he felt the wolf’s cock press against his ass, leaving something sticky in its wake. He squeezed tight to keep the wolf out, but it had found its mark, and wasn’t relenting. The creature was hunching his hips slightly, increasing the pressure of his cock against Jonathan’s hole, and then backing off. Jonathan kept squeezing. He had to keep this from happening. The muscles in his ass started to give for a split second, so he redoubled his effort. He could feel the muscles straining, getting more and more tired. They started to give way in little bursts, as he continued to struggle. The wolf was just maintaining pressure now, a battle of give and take raging in Jonathan’s own, increasingly fatigued, anal muscles.

He didn’t want it to happen.

He put everything he could into keeping the wolf out, keeping his ass squeezed tight.

But, against his will, beyond his control, the muscles failed, and the wolf’s cock entered him in a single smooth, easy stroke.

Jonathan cried out in a confused wail of pleasure, in place of the pain he had expected, and the wolf joined in with a howl of his own, as he began hunching his hips faster and faster. Jonathan felt blood rushing into his cock, an erection he could not stop, and went red with shame. He let his head fall, and gazed back between his legs, his eyes widening at the sight of the wolf dick gliding slickly in and out, and the way his own cock was stiffening, bouncing, and leaking… The wolf drove all the way into him in a single, violent thrust. Before he knew it, he was moaning shamelessly, pressing back into the fuck. A knot on the wolf’s cock was swelling, spreading Jonathan wider with each pass, and driving deep, animalistic grunts of pleasure from him. Finally, it pulled against his anal muscles, but was too big to come out again.

The wolf shifted his position slightly and started fucking wildly.

“Uuuuunnhh, uuuunnnnn, oohhhhhhhhh,” Jonathan was drooling, having surrendered completely to the act of getting fucked like a bitch in heat. His eyes rose up to the sky and locked onto the full moon. The wolf was going to make him cum soon. He was going to cum from getting raped by a wolf. He couldn’t understand how this was happening. Fire started to spread through his insides, and he knew the wolf was cumming inside him. The feeling sent him over the edge, and he started shooting onto the jogging path, without ever touching himself. He screamed when the wolf closed his jaw on the left side of his neck, his teeth digging deep into Jonathan’s flesh. Pain and pleasure mingled, tearing through his body. The wolf kept fucking, and Jonathan kept cumming, and then everything went crazy.

Everything became more intense. The moon had a clarity, an intensity, and a complexity that he had never noticed before. He could suddenly see everything perfectly, even in the deepest shadows. He could see animals, each tiny creature in sight seeming to glow. The sounds came next. It was as if his world were expanding, more and more sounds coming in from farther and farther away.

And then the smells came. He had no words for the layers of information flooding in through his sense of smell.

And then the fucking started to feel even better. His orgasm increased in intensity. He could feel hairs sprouting all over his body. He screamed again as he felt his bones start to snap and reform, the scream trailing off into a howl. The wolf fucking him joined in, their howls joining together and creating the auditory illusion of a howling pack.

Finally, they both finished cumming, and the larger wolf climbed over him, turning around, still tied to Jonathan’s ass by the knot of his cock. Jonathan panted, enjoying the bursts of pleasure that came from his ass each time the wolf… the other wolf… tried to pull free. At last, it gave way, and the large wolf’s cock slipped free. He ran off into the woods, leaving Jonathan crouching on the path.

His senses were still going wild. He was in ecstasy. He struggled to stand up all the way, unfamiliar with the balance of his canine body. He stretched, and gazed up at the moon again, tongue lolling.

The forest was calling to him.

He started running, tearing through the woods, dodging branches and leaping soundlessly through trees. His body knew what to do, he didn’t even have to think about it. He was always aware of the moon. It was like he could feel it radiating energy as intense as sunlight, but different. Jonathan let go and became the wolf; became one with the forest.

Chapter Two: Werewolf of London

Jonathan’s first thought when he woke up was how good he felt. His second thought was to wonder where he was. He opened his eyes, his vision blurry for a moment. He rubbed at his eyes and looked again, relieved to see that he was in his own room, in his own apartment.

It must have been a dream.

He got up and stretched, letting out a deep moan at how good it felt to work the kinks out of his muscles. He walked to the bathroom and flipped on the light. His eyes met his reflection in the bathroom mirror and he froze, staring. He was filthy. His naked body was covered in dirt, leaves, and what appeared to be a decent amount of dried blood. He felt a wave of panic wash over him, the need to be clean suddenly at the forefront of his mind.

He turned on his shower, turning the hot and cold knobs to their usual position. When he stuck his hand under the spray, it seemed lukewarm. There must be something wrong with the water heater, he thought. I’ll have to get it checked out, soon. He turned the cold water down, and then off. Steam started to billow, but when he stuck his hand into the spray it wasn’t too hot at all. In fact, the temperature felt perfect, wonderful on his skin. He climbed in and let the spray run down the length of his body.

He lingered for a long time, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation of each droplet of water making its journey from head to toes. When he opened his body wash, the artificial scent seemed to explode into the shower, making his stomach turn. It must have gone bad, or something. He put it aside and reached for an unscented bar of soap instead. He worked up a lather between his hands and started to soap up his body, stepping back out of the spray. He felt a little off but didn’t think much of it until his soaped up hand reached his groin.

“What the fuck?” he cried out, his soapy fist closing around his cock. The feeling of his cock in his hand was different, and so was the feeling of his hand on his cock. His cock felt bigger, thicker, and was significantly more sensitive. He stared down, already aware that he was starting to get hard from that tiny bit of stimulation.

His dick was completely unfamiliar to him. He gaped at it, letting it rest flat on top of his palm. The increased length was noticeable, but the girth was even more so. His cock was fat, and as it got closer and closer to being fully hard, he noticed that it had changed shape, too. It was thick, through and through, but the middle of his shaft was bulging, swelling even thicker than the lengths below and above. His mind flashed back to his dream, remembering the wolf’s cock, and he found himself questioning whether it was a dream.

“Or I’m going fucking crazy,” he said out loud, his deep voice echoing in the shower. Now clean, he exited the shower and grabbed his towel. Before drying himself off, he balled it up and used it to wipe away the steam obscuring his reflection in the mirror.

Now that he was clean, he could see that he had no scrapes or cuts. In fact, he was missing all his scars. His shoulders seemed wider. He had been wiry before, but now his muscles were defined. And he had more hair, including a furry trail running from navel to groin.

“Holy shit,” he said to himself, turning and taking his entire body in. He could smell himself, too, his own natural scent. It was complex, better than any cologne, and distinctly him. “Am I a fucking werewolf?” As soon as he said it, he felt a throbbing in his ass and remembered the wolf… no, the werewolf… that had done this to him.

Who was he? He had to be someone here in London, Jonathan thought. When is he going to fuck me again? He wondered, his cock immediately going rigid at the thought. He shook his head. Why did he want to get fucked? It was like he was… like…

“I’m gay?” He muttered out loud. “Becoming a werewolf made me gay? What the fuck is going on?” His mind reeled at the realization that not only had he accepted the idea that he had been turned into a werewolf, but that he had also been turned gay. What was worse, he liked it. It felt good to be gay.

He wondered, once more, if he was going crazy. What other explanation could there be for how different he was? His body, his senses, that queasy feeling when he thought about his old sex life before. That rush to his cock when he thought about last night. He was going to have to wait a month to find out if he was crazy. Unless… Either his brother or his best friend should both be able to notice how his body had changed. He decided to call his younger brother, a freshman at NMT. Jonathan was only two years older, so he knew that Alex would notice any changes.

He started looking for his phone, and then remembered dropping it the night before. Was it still out there, with his shredded clothes, on the jogging path?

He opened his laptop instead and called Alex on the messaging app they used.

“What’s up, bitch?” Alex answered.

“Shut the fuck up and come over,” Jonathan replied, a familiar exchange. “Some freaky shit is happening and I need you to tell me I’m not crazy.”

“You have a cold or something, man? You sound weird. I don’t want to catch your shit… And why are you calling me on here?”

“I’m not sick, and I lost my phone. Just get over here.” I demanded.

“Fine. Be there in a bit.” He hung up.

Jonathan opened his dresser drawer and grabbed a baggy pair of sweat pants, pulling them on before putting on a tank top taken from a different drawer. Dressed, he went out to the living room of his apartment to wait for his brother. Alex was planning on moving in with him after the winter break. University rules made him live in the dorms his first semester. His mind focused back on the fact that he was gay now. Well, and a werewolf… Or gay and out of his mind. The gay part didn’t bother him. He knew plenty of gay guys, including Alex, but it just hadn’t been who he was. He sat down at his computer and, for the first time in his life, started looking at gay porn.

He could feel his cock swelling as he looked at pictures of naked men. He needed to stop. He didn’t want to be all worked up when Alex arrived. He closed the browser and adjusted his cock, going to the kitchen to make some breakfast.

Jonathan opened the fridge and then froze, closing his eyes and moaning as he inhaled fast and deep. When he opened his eyes again, they had locked onto the steak he had planned to have for dinner tonight. He took it from the fridge and put it by the stove. He turned on the gas burner and put down a cast iron skillet, letting it get hot. He slapped the meat down with a cloud of steam and a loud hiss. He looked down and got this uneasy feeling, like he was overcooking it already. He grabbed the steak with some tongs and flipped it, leaving it down for a few seconds before taking it off the heat and slapping it onto a plate. He grabbed a fork and a steak knife and went to the table.

He cut into it, the red of the meat vivid in his vision. He had never had a steak this rare before. He had also never been so excited about having a steak. He took the bite and growled deep in his chest, dropping the fork and grabbing the steak with his hands. He leaned forward and started tearing into it. It was as if he’d never really had a steak before. When he had finished the steak, he snapped out of it and realized how he had been eating. It had been so primal. His cock had even gotten chubby from the experience.

There was a knock at the door. He grabbed a towel and wiped his face and hands before answering the door. He opened it to find Alex, as expected, wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt, also as expected. His dirty blonde hair was a shaggy mess. He had never realized how cute his brother was before. A look of shock spread across Alex’s face, even as Jonathan’s face went red.

“Holy dumbbells, Batman,” he said slowly. “What the fuck happened to you?”

“I’m not crazy, then.” Jonathan burst out, relieved, as he waved Alex inside. His little brother’s eyes slid all over his body. He could feel his cock swelling a little bit. He liked the attention, but he had to stay focused.

“Seriously, man,” Alex demanded, “What the fuck happened?”

“Don’t laugh, okay?” Jonathan demanded, staring Alex in the eyes.

“Sure, I won’t laugh.” He promised.

“I think I’m a werewolf.” Jonathan confessed, keeping his voice low. Alex burst into laughter, and Jonathan got furious. He shoved Alex back onto the couch, and then pulled his shirt off over his head, tossing it to the side. “Dude, look at me,”

“Bro, I…” Alex trailed off, staring at his brother’s chest, disturbed to be getting turned on. “Whoa, what are you doing?” he asked as Jonathan shoved his pants to the floor, stepping out of them and standing up straight. Alex’s eyes locked onto Jonathan’s dick. “What happened?” he asked again, breathlessly.

“I got fuck…” Jonathan cut himself off, his face going red, “fucking bit by a wolf last night, when I was jogging. Then everything went nuts and I woke up like this, covered in dried blood and dirt and leaves and stuff.” He stood, naked, in front of Alex, something that would have made him very uncomfortable before.

But he felt so right, so good, in his skin, rather than exposed.

“Are you fucking with me, bro?” Alex asked, still gazing at Jonathan’s exposed dick.

“No! I’m freaking out, because either I’m right, or I’ve gone legit crazy,” he explained, taking a few steps closer to stand right in front of his little brother.

“Jesus, that dick…” Alex muttered, then went red as he glanced up into Jonathan’s eyes… before looking right back down. Jonathan found himself enjoying the attention more than he imagined possible, and started to get hard, his dick rising right in front of Alex’s face.

Silence fell, only broken by the brothers’ heavy breathing, as Alex watched Jonathan’s cock get hard, and Jonathan watched his little brother stare at his cock.

“Can I… Can I touch it?” Alex asked breathlessly. “I… It… It doesn’t seem real…” he added.

“Okay.” Jonathan said, watching his brother slowly lift his hand. He watched Alex’s fingers wrap around his shaft, and threw his head back with a growl. With his eyes closed, he started to notice a new scent in the air. It was like his own, but different. It was Alex, and Alex smelled good. He looked back down and watched as Alex slowly explored his new penis. Alex squeezed, and Jonathan’s dick jerked in his fist and precum started to run from the tip in a flood, gushing out to run back down his shaft and his little brother’s hand. Jonathan spread the precum over his shaft, squeezed again, and started to gently stroke it.

Neither spoke. Alex didn’t ask permission, and Jonathan didn’t ask him to stop. Jonathan moaned, and Alex sped up. His eyes looked glazed over, and his scent was getting even stronger, smelling even better. Alex brought up his other hand and started stroking his big brother with both hands. He knew he was jerking off his brother, and that he shouldn’t, but… but that cock… it was too…

“You’re going to make me cum,” Jonathan warned him. Alex shuddered at the sound of his words, his eyes rolling back into his head, and Jonathan could tell, just from the scents in the air, that Alex had just started to jizz his pants, still frantically working his cock with both hands.

Cum exploded from Jonathan’s cock and hit Alex’s pleasure contorted face with a level of force that took them both by surprise. Alex squealed as he tasted some of his brother’s cum, and Jonathan glanced down at the front of Alex’s pajama pants, watching a wet spot continue to spread.

Finally spent, Jonathan went off to his bathroom to clean up, and to try and understand the implications of what he had just let his little brother do. Out of the room, he didn’t see Alex, eyes still glazed over, start to scoop up all the cum that was running down his face and shirt and feed it to himself. As he sucked the last of Jonathan’s cum off his fingers, he shuddered and pumped another load into his pajama pants.

It was like waking up. When Alex opened his eyes again, they were clear. He stared at his hand, and down at himself, in shock and embarrassment.

What had he done?

He jumped up, hearing water running in the bathroom, and panicked. Face red with shame, Alex fled his brother’s apartment, knowing full well what onlookers were going to think of him as he ran back to his dorm.

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