Hard Candy, Chapters Four & Five

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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Chapter Four

It seemed like every man I’d ever met was there; My boss, friends, co workers, acquaintances… Even relatives. They were all naked, all around me, and one by one they were coming up to me and shoving their cocks into my mouth, fucking my throat until they came. One of my younger cousins walked up to me, and I cringed at the thought of what was about to happen, but his cock was huge and hard, and then it was in my mouth and I didn’t care anymore.

I woke up in my bed, my cock swollen and close to cumming, my mouth watering for another candy. I couldn’t believe how horny I was feeling. I’d blown my roommate in his sleep.

That’s really hot.

I made my way to the shower and cleaned myself up. My face had dried cum all over it, so it was nice to feel clean, but I was still so horny. I wrapped a towel around my waist, careful of my erection, and walked back to my room, I went to my computer to look for more pictures of cock. I popped another candy into my mouth and started following link after link. I came to a website of glory hole pictures and the heat in my cock reached new heights. My fist was frantically stroking it as I watched men sticking their cocks through holes and into the warm mouths of other men. Some of them were being fooled, thinking it was a woman sucking them. My cock got harder, as impossible as that seemed, as I remembered the feeling of my roommate shooting his load into my mouth. I didn’t know why, but I wanted to suck cock so badly. My own was rock hard and dripping, but I couldn’t make myself cum. Every time I tried I found myself thinking, “Not until tonight,” and I would slow down.

Cock was everything; my world.

I started to wonder if there were any glory holes around. I could suck lots of cock and nobody would have to know. I slid the candy around on my tongue and searched for glory holes in my area. I found a shop, out on the highway. I got dressed, put a few candies in my pocket, and left for the adult shop.

The candy was done by the time I got there. I went inside, bought enough tokens for four hours, and went down the hallway to the video booths with glory holes. I put all my tokens in the machine and started turning the channels until I got to the gay ones. Not that I’m gay, cock just makes me horny, that’s all. After some searching, I found one that made my cock get instantly, painfully, hard…er. It was a glory hole porn. I stripped and sat down.

I couldn’t stop watching.

In the video, the boy was sucking cock after cock, getting load after load of cum inside his mouth. I couldn’t wait for someone to let me please their cock. I kept watching. I kept waiting…

“I’ll take 20,” the man told the cashier, sliding his money across the counter and taking the tokens in return. “Anyone back there?”

“Some kid went back about thirty minutes ago. Bought a shit ton of tokens. He’s the only one.” The cashier shot the other man a sideways glance, thinking that he’s not really the kind of guy who would be cool with faggy shit. He grunted and started down the hall. He’d figured it would probably have to be some fag. He would just watch some hot porn and let the fag do it. His wife had been holding out on lately. He needed it too bad to care if it was a fag doing it.

He went into the booth next to the one with a glowing “occupied” sign. He could hear the fag panting. He glanced through the hole and could see the guy’s huge cock. Fag was fucking horny for it. He put in his tokens, found a channel with some hot bitch being banged, pulled out my cock, and slid it all the way through the hole. He turned to watch the porn, waiting for the fag to get started…

The boy was still going at it, his cock rigid as he pleased cock after cock through the glory hole. I was captivated. I thought I heard a noise, but I couldn’t look away. Then it happened. A cock slid into my vision, between me and the screen. My eyes focused on it. It was long, thick, veiny, and it looked delicious. I needed to get it inside me. I leaned over and took it all the way down my throat. I started working it, swallowing around it as I deep throated it. I could hear him moaning, and the cock seemed to be swelling even more in my mouth.

“Holy fuck!” I heard through the wall as I worked his cock. There was no question about it. I needed to please his cock. I wanted his cum inside me. I hoped there would be more men after him…

He had never felt anything like it. The fag had his cock all the way down his throat and was swallowing constantly, his tongue dancing around. His cock felt warm, and it was so damn hard. He kept watching the video while the fag went nuts on his dick, but something didn’t feel quite right. Something was out of sync. He realized that he wasn’t enjoying the video. He started changing channels, his cock still pressed all the way through the glory hole. Every now and then the fag would do something that felt so good that he would moan out loud. He kept changing channels. None of them felt right. He got to the gay channels and tried to get through them as quickly as possible, to get back to the straight ones, but then an image made his cock swell even more inside the fag’s throat. His hand slipped from the button. It was a video of a guy sucking a cock through a glory hole. It could have been a video of him right now, and it was really turning him on. He was moaning as the kid slurped away at his shaft. “He’s going to suck the cum out of me,” the man thought. He nearly screamed when he started to cum. When it was over, he stuffed his dick back into his jeans, composing himself before opening the door to leave. There was a line of men outside, waiting their turn. One man winked at him, and then walked into the booth as he left the shop…

I looked back to the screen after he pulled out. Every time I looked it was the same boy sucking a different guy off, his own cock constantly hard, like mine. Another cock slid into my vision. I felt my control slip away, and then it was in my mouth, and my nose was pressed against the wall. I lost track of all the cocks I sucked through the glory hole.

I was watching the video again, and I could hear another man enter the next booth.

“You wanna get fucked, boy? You sucked a lot of cock today, I bet you like to get fucked, too.” I stared at the video, my cock hard, his words ringing in my head as I imagined myself backing up to the glory hole and letting a man fuck me.

The video stopped and the screen went black. My four hours were up. I felt myself snap out of it and realized what I was imagining. I pulled my clothes on as I felt a wave of panic wash over me. I didn’t want to get fucked. I rushed out of my booth and was surprised to see a line of six men still waiting their turn. I rushed past them, hearing their groans of disappointment, and made my way home.

I parked and sat in my car for a minute. My cock was soft, but still swollen from having been so hard for so long. I reached into my pocket and pulled out another candy. I contemplated it, for a moment, and then popped it into my mouth.

Mark was sitting on the couch, watching some sci fi show. He was sprawled back against the cushions, his legs spread, wearing only boxers and a wife beater. His bong was between his legs, resting on the couch against his crotch.

“Hey,” he only glanced at me for a moment and then went back to watching his show. I plopped down on the couch next to him. I casually reached over, my eyes sliding up and down his body. I remembered his cock in my mouth and felt blood rush to my cock. I wrapped my hand around the stem of the bong and pulled it from between his legs. He looked over at me, surprised.

“Fire?” I held out my hand and he passed me the lighter. I took a hit, careful not to over do it. I held it in for a bit, and then let it out, fighting the urge to cough. I took another hit, noticed mark grinning at me. “Gotta catch up,” I said in a raspy voice, smoke coming out of my mouth with each word, as I continued to hold the rest in.

“Right on.” He went back to watching the show, and I kept taking hits around the candy in my mouth. My roommate was so sexy. I couldn’t get his cock out of my head. I was higher than I could ever remember being before. I passed the bong and the lighter back to him. He took a few hits and then put it on the table, leaning back and keeping his legs spread as he watched. I tried to watch the show and ignore my hard cock, but every now and then my eyes would drift back over to him without my realizing it. It appeared to be some sort of marathon. We kept watching, occasionally taking another hit; I was flying. I had long ago finished my first candy, so I pulled another from my pocket and put it in my mouth. I felt myself getting hornier and hornier as I sat next to him, watching the show without paying any attention to it. He was high, too, leaning back, legs spread. I could see the outline of his cock in his boxers. I pulled my eyes back to the screen, staring blankly ahead while I remembered sucking his cock.

“I know what you did.” My eyes went wide. Slowly I looked over at him. “I know you blew me in my sleep. I can see that you’re fucking rock hard right now, and you keep looking at me. What the fuck is going on with you?” My eyes slid to my crotch, then his, then back to his face. I reached into my pocket and pulled out the last candy, holding it out in my palm and sticking out my tongue to show the half of a candy still in my mouth.

He took the candy from my palm, holding it up between his fingers to examine it. He sniffed it, and then casually extended his tongue, brushing the candy to see what it tasted like.

It was enough.

I watched his eyes go wide, and his cock go rigid in his boxers. He shoved the candy into his mouth and started sucking on it. He clawed at his boxers, freeing his swelling cock. I could see it happening with each heartbeat; each pulse of his heart making it harder, longer, thicker. I couldn’t help myself. I dived for his cock and took it down my throat.

“Fucking slut!” He slapped the side of my face as I swallowed around his shaft, my nose in his pubes. He groaned loudly, sucking on the candy while I worked his shaft over. I could feel what was left of my candy sliding around between his cock and my tongue, making me ever hornier as I hungered for my roommate’s cum. He gripped my hair and started moving my head up and down his cock, pain and pleasure making me moan, making my cock bounce. We went at it for what must have been hours. His cock got bigger and bigger, and I loved it. I kept him in my mouth and let him grow down my throat. Finally, he couldn’t take anymore. I felt a final swell rush through his cock and then cum was spurting down my throat. I swallowed eagerly as my roommate pumped what seemed like gallons into me. I pulled off his cock slowly, letting him watch, knowing that he would be surprised to see how huge it was when it came out of my mouth.

“Woah! Woah, woah, woah!” Another twitch ran through the half of his cock still in my mouth as I revealed what the candy had done to him. When he was out of my mouth, he grabbed his cock and ran to his room, freaked out.

Chapter 5

I went back to my own room and picked up the box of candies. It was dark outside. The guy would be expecting me to pay him. I shook the box; I had eaten a ton of the candies, but there were easily five times what I’d consumed left in the box. I popped another candy into my mouth. I found myself remembering what the last man in the glory hole had been saying, about me wanting to get fucked. That was disgusting, I’d never even thought of such a thing in my entire life. I went over to my computer and started looking for pictures of men getting fucked, to see what it was all about. My cock was rigid, and drool actually ran out of my mouth as I looked at picture after picture of men getting fucked by other men. For some reason, I still couldn’t cum.

I looked at the clock. It was about ten. I needed to go confess to the guy that I can’t pay him. I’ve got $20 on me, maybe he’ll take that and let me pay the rest later. I put the box of candies in my pocket and made my way back to that alley. I sat down under the burned out bulb. I was bored and horny, so I pulled out my cock and started stroking it slowly, looking around so I could put it away when he approached. Suddenly I was in a pool of light, and he was leaning against the wall in front of me, watching me stroke my cock.

“Looks like you ate more than one,” he commented lightly. “And, by the state you’re in, you also intended not to pay me. But I did say, one way or another, and you agreed; It’s another. Speaking of payment, why don’t you have another candy now? I know you brought them.” I pulled out candies and popped one into my mouth using only one hand, the other kept stroking my cock.

“Good boy,” he tousled my hair and started to take off his clothes. “Go ahead and strip. You’re ready to get fucked, I can tell. You need to pay me for the gift I’ve given you. You need to please any cock that’s offered to you. You’re a slut for cock. You want to suck and fuck any cock offered to you.” Before I knew what was happening I was on all fours with his weight pressing against my back. I could feel the head of his cock at the entrance of my ass, and it was feeling really good.

“You’re going to enjoy this.” He thrust into me, and I started moaning, bucking beneath him as he thrust deeper and deeper into my ass. My cock was so hard. So much harder than ever before. So much bigger. I had sucked so much cock today, and now I was getting fucked. Shit.

I was going to cum. Nobody had touched my cock, but this man was fucking me in an alley, and it was going to make me cum. I found myself wishing that Mark were there, buried in my throat while the guy fucked me. I wanted cock in my mouth and ass. Damn, I was going to cum. I

was moaning, and feeling so good. I couldn’t make words anymore. My ass was being pounded doggy style in an alley by some stranger, and I was about to cream myself. About to. About.

And then I lost control. I started spewing cum onto the concrete, my ass jerking around his cock. I felt a flood of heat start to spread through my ass; he was cumming, too. I shot even harder. He pulled out, and I collapsed to the alley floor, still shooting small spurts and moaning.

“Payment accepted,” he grinned at me. “Enjoy the rest of the candies.” The light bulb went out, and he disappeared again. I was left there; a cock whore who would submit for any man who presented his cock to me.

And I loved it.

The end.

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