Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Trick or Treat

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

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“Mom, I’m going out,” I yelled up the stairs, looking at myself in the hall mirror. My Robin costume was on point; old school robin, with the yellow cape, not any of the newer incarnations. I was into the classics. I turned around and walked across the living room, passing my mom’s husband, Logan, where he sat on the sofa.

“You’re 18 now, kid. Too old to go trick or treating. Why don’t you just use the invitation I gave you for the party at Euphrates?” Logan worked for Euphrates, and they were supposed to be throwing a huge party this year.

“Why don’t you, sweetie?” Mom suggested, coming down the stairs. “I’ve heard that there have been a lot of kids going missing the past few weeks. I’d feel better if you were somewhere with security.” I rolled my eyes and ignored Logan, turning to face my mom.

“This is my last year of trick or treating. Besides, Bryant will be with me,” I added, mentioning my best friend. “He’s Batman. We’ll be fine.” Logan scoffed.

“Who ever heard of a black Batman?” he asked, reaching down to scratch his balls. I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t be a racist asshole, Logan.” I said, making no point to sound polite.

“Don’t talk to your father that way,” Mom chastised me.

“Stepfather,” I corrected under my breath. “Just because you married him doesn’t mean he’s my father.” Logan stood up.

“Whatever, kid.” He passed my mom, giving her a kiss on the cheek. “I’m expected at the work party. Time to get ready.” He went upstairs.

“Be careful, Hunter,” she said, resigned, and walked over to give me a kiss on the cheek. “You look cute, by the way.”

“Thank’s, Mom. See you later.” I headed out the door to find Bryant, I mean, Batman, waiting for me.

“Sup, sidekick?” He asked, grinning at me. We’d agreed on Batman and Robin, but both had wanted to be Batman. I lost the bet that decided who was who.

“Pfft,” I scoffed, “I’m the most badass Robin ever.” We started walking, buckets in hand.

“Your parents give you any shit for going trick or treating?” He asked.

“Yeah. Mom was worried I’d be kidnapped, and Logan wanted me to go to the Euphrates thing.”

“My brothers going to that. He gave me shit, too, and wanted me to come with him.”

“It’s the last year we can get away with this. I want my fucking candy.” He laughed, and we started going door to door. Our buckets started to fill up quickly, but in just a couple of hours we had hit up the whole neighborhood.

“Okay,” Bryant said, “we can go on to the crappy neighborhood, or…” he looked across the park at the looming Euphrates building, “We can see what kind of candy they’ve got there.” I shrugged.

“Why not? Around or through?” I asked, looking up the dark path that winded through the trees of the park.

“Definitely through. I’ll race you,” he said, and darted down the path ahead of me. I ran to catch up with him, but he was far enough ahead of me that, when the path forked, I had no idea which way he went.

“Bryant? Where are you?” I called. There was no answer. “Dick,” I muttered, and took the left path. As I walked, I heard a rustle in the bushes to my right and turned, remembering my mom mentioning kidnappings. I stood still for a moment, the hair on my arms standing on end. Part of me wished that Bryant was here, and another was glad he wasn’t there to see me getting spooked. Nothing happened, so I turned to continue on, and came face to face with a tall man wearing a suit and tophat, his face painted like a skull, grinning.

“Holy fuck!” I exclaimed, my voice cracking. “Where did you come from?” I took a step back, and he just grinned at me, silent.

He raised his hand, palm up, and I noticed a little mound of white powder right before he lunged forward and blew it in my face.

“What the fuck, man?” I cried out, coughing and blinking my eyes. I staggered as waves of dizziness washed over me, and then the ground rushed up at me as everything went black…

I came to strapped to a gurney in a plain, white room with candles burning everywhere. I struggled against my bonds for a minute, and then realized with a shock that my costume was gone, except for the underwear that had been over my tights.

“Somebody help me!” I cried out, unable to get free.

“Hunter, is that you?” I heard a faint voice through the wall.

“Bryant? It’s me! Help!”

“Unh, Hunter, help me! I need help!” He yelled back.

“I can’t! I’m tied down!” I called.

“Ohhh, help me, Hunter!” He called again, not seeming to have understood me.

“I can’t!” I screeched.

The door burst open, and the man in the top hat walked in, his skeletal face grinning.

“No! Stay back,” I struggled against my bonds. “Stay away from me! Noooo, stay–OUCH!” I cried out as he walked up to me and stuck a needle right into my neck, pressing the plunger and sending a burning liquid coursing through my veins. He pulled it out and tossed it aside before abruptly unfastening the straps and walking back out the door, leaving it open.

I lay there for a moment, panting, before I sat up. As I did, the room spun. All of a sudden I felt drunk. What had he injected me with? I knew I had to get out of there before he came back. I got to my feet and walked out the door into a plain looking hallway. More candles and candelabras lined the hall, illuminating the walls with flickering light. I noticed another door in the direction I’d heard Bryant calling from and walked over to it.

I gasped when I looked into the room. Bryant was there, naked, chained to the wall, candlelight dancing across his dark skin. He wasn’t alone. His older brother, Terrance, was chained to the wall next to him. None of that is what shocked me. Both Bryant and Terrance had massive, throbbing hardons. I couldn’t help but stare as I took a few slow steps into the room. Their cocks were massive, erect, and had trails of precum running down them as they bounced in the air.

“Hey!” Terrance said, excitedly. “Hunter, come here!” I did, stepping up until I was right in front of him, my eyes glued to his dick. “Touch my penis, man. Just for a second! Come on!” I had never touched another guy’s dick before. I wasn’t gay, but that thing was so big, and hard, and as I took a deep breath I just couldn’t help but wonder what it felt like. I reached out, timidly, and wrapped my fingers around his cock, squeezing it, feeling both the softness and firmness of his shaft. He shuddered and moaned as I felt his dick, and after just a few seconds he threw his head back with a moan as it erupted and showered my hand in cum. I let go of it and stepped back.

“Ohhh, thanks, man… Ohhh,” he groaned, his dick still bouncing, “Do it again, please. Come on, touch it again!”

“No!” Bryant objected. “Touch mine now! Unh, I need to cum! Touch it, Hunter!” I looked at my best friends erection,, and then at his older brother’s cum, covering my hand. I stepped back.

“No!” I objected.

“Ohhh, please, Hunter!” Bryant cried.

“The key is on the wall, over there by the door!” Terrance informed me. “Unlock us!” That I was willing to do. I ran to the key and quickly unlocked my friend and his brother. As soon as they were free they started to beat off where they stood. Almost in unison, they came, showering the floor in front of them with cum.

But they didn’t stop stroking.

I stared at them, in horror, as they continued to beat their meat, letting out animalistic grunts and moans.

“Come on, guys,” I pleaded. “You can do that when we get out of here. They ignored me, their eyes on each other’s dicks. They fell to the floor and crawled over each other. I watched in horror as they started to suck each other off, Bryant on top of his brother, his huge cock buried down Terrance’s throat as he bobbed his head up and down that huge shaft. Bryant started to shudder, obviously cumming into Terrance’s mouth, and raised his head to moan. As he did, I saw a jet of cum fire right into his mouth before he dove back down and continued sucking his brother.

“Let’s go!” I pleaded, but they continued to roll on the floor, slipping in their own cum as they wrestled and did things brothers should never do. I continued to back away from them, watching as Terrance pushed Bryant to the side and rolled him onto his stomach. He hunched over him, posing his still erect cock at his little brother’s asshole. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

“I’m going,” I yelled, and ran from the room. I dashed down the candle lined halls, turning corners and reaching dead end after dead end. I turned another corner and saw a window at the end of the hall. I rushed to it, breathing heavy, hoping to escape, and looked down upon the dark park, and my neighborhood in the distance. I was high up in the Euphrates building!

I turned and continued to search the halls. There had to be elevators, or stairs, or an exit sign, or something! I ran, and ran, and… there was nothing.

There was no way out.

I stood in the middle of the hall, terrified, trying to think of what to do, of anything to do. I was about to start crying. I felt so powerless, so trapped.

And then a rush of heat ran through my body, rising from the bottoms of my feet to the top of my head in a wave. My face flushed, and I felt my dick go rigid in my underwear.

“Oh!” I gasped, staring down at the tent in my briefs. I had never been this horny in my life. “Oh! Oh wow! Ohhhwow! I fell to my knees, and then onto my back, forcing the underwear down and off my legs, confronting my swollen, red erection. It was obscenely engorged, demanding attention. I wrapped my hand around it and started to stroke it frantically.

“Ohhhh, wow! Ohhhh!” I came, showering my torso with my own cum before rising to my feet. I expected relief after coming, but there was none. The feelings rushed back, more intense than before. “Oh wow! Oh wow! Oh wow!” I started to rush through the halls, staring at my dick, holding my hands back. I needed to cum again, but I was worried that these feelings would get even stronger if I did.

“Wow wow wow! Oh wow!” I stopped, unable to help myself, and frantically pumped my cock again. “Wowowow!” Another burst of cum splashed across the floor, and then my fears were realized as the feelings came back even stronger. I squealed, looking around for someone, anyone, to help me, to tell me what was happening, to make it all okay. As I panted in the hallway, I noticed something I hadn’t before.


Classical music, as if an orchestra were playing. I followed the sound, and found myself standing before a set of double doors. The music was coming from inside. There had to be someone in there who could help. I reached out and pushed the doors open.

The music crashed over me, and my eyes went wide.

The room was full of boys and men, writhing, fucking, sucking… I recognized other seniors from my school, guys from other schools that I had gone up against in various sports competitions, guys that had graduated, and friends’ older brothers. Yet the guys that I could recognize were a drop in the bucket. To make it more impressive, the walls and ceiling were lined with mirrors, giving the impression of an orgy going on into eternity.

In the middle of it all, on a large bed, was the man in the top hat. His makeup covered his face and ran down his neck and over his shoulders, but the rest of his skin was pale. He was crouched over Cayden, the captain of my school’s football team. Cayden was on his knees, ass in the air, and had the side of his face pressed into the mattress, facing me. I had never seen such an expression on his face.

My gaze settled where their bodies connected, where the man’s massive penis was plowing in and out of my friends ass, while he wiggled and mewed beneath him.

“Oooohhhhh, mister!” Cayden cried out. “Oooohhhhh, yessssss.” Cayden’s rigid cock jerked between his legs and started to fire ropes of cum onto the mattress while he moaned incoherently.

I didn’t know what was happening.

A rush of air moved past me, out of the room, and the smell of a room full of horny, cum covered men filled my lungs. The urges driving me intensified. I felt like my cock was going to explode as I stood there, shivering, eyes glued to the man’s cock as he started to pull it out of Cayden’s ass. It withdrew, and withdrew, and withdrew. I had never seen a cock that big, not even in porn.

I was glued in place, panting, fixated, overwhelmed by the orgy I had unwittingly stumbled into. The man pushed Cayden off the bed, into the writhing mass of horny boys, and turned his head to look at me. His skeletal smile widened, and he reached out, beckoning to me.

I took a step forward, without intending to. As much as this man had terrified me before, I couldn’t help but feel drawn to him now, like a magnet. He knew what was going on. He could take care of me. He would make everything okay. My knees met the mattress, and I crawled forward, my eyes locked on his, drawn into their dark, green depths.

“Welcome, Hunter,” he cooed as I crawled toward him. I stopped, on my knees before him. He reached out, his strong hand curling around the back of my neck, and pulled me forward. I stumbled and fell against him, my face pressed into his armpit. I gasped in a breath and the smell of his sweat flooded into me, driving the urges between my legs to new heights. My tongue darted out and I started to frantically lick his pit, swirling, swallowing, gasping, moaning. I melted against him as he took his hand away. I had no desire to stop. I didn’t even consider it a possibility. I kept huffing, licking, and found my hands wandering over his body, feeling his muscles, his tight skin. My hand fell to his cock and I started to quake as the hard shaft pulsed under my touch. The world spun, and I found myself on my back with him crouched between my legs, his huge cock falling across my, by comparison, tiny erection as he leaned forward and pressed his face against mine.

“Nnngh,” I groaned as his mouth met mine, as his tongue rushed forward to penetrate my mouth, as the taste of him drove me wild. I felt like my body was vibrating. I surrendered to him. He pulled back a few inches, his hot breath driving me wild, his eyes staring into mine. “Ooohhhhh, sirrrrrr,” I purred.

“What do you want, Hunter?” He asked. I could see the reflection of the orgy on the ceiling in my peripheral vision, and I remembered how Cayden had moaned and writhed beneath him.

“Ohhhh, please, make me cum!” I begged He laughed and rose up, his powerful hands sliding down my legs to grasp my ankles, raising them up and resting them on his shoulders. He shoved his fingers into my mouth, and I closed my eyes, moaning as I licked and sucked them. He pulled them out, a string of drool connecting his digits to my mouth, stretching as he pulled his hand away until it broke. He pressed his fingers to my asshole, rubbing, pressing, stroking, his fingers slick with my spit. My arms rested against the mattress, spread above my head, as I waited.

I wanted it.

I needed it.

I had never needed anything so badly in my life.

He grasped his erection and pressed it to my slick hole, teasing, probing, pressing. I gasped as he pushed his hips forward and started driving his dick into me.

“Oh god! Ohhhhhhhwow! It’s so biiiiiiig!” I moaned, writhing, pinned to the mattress. My hand moved to my own dick, but he grabbed it and held it over my head, gathering my other hand and leaning forward to pin them together over my head. He pressed on, sliding slowly into me.

“Do you want it, Hunter?” He asked, staring into my eyes.

“Yesssssssss,” I hissed. “I want it. Ohhhh, it’s so big! I want it! Ohhhhhh, wooooooow!” He slid deeper, and deeper, and deeper into me, never taking his eyes from mine. I stared into those green pools, helpless, overwhelmed, controlled, dominated. His hips met my ass, and I screamed as my cock started to shower me with cum, the pleasure far greater than anything I’d ever experienced before. He laughed, and pulled back before driving forward again.

Like before, the desire came back stronger after I came. My eyes rolled back into my head and I rocked my hips, pressing into the fuck as the pace quickened.

“Oooooooh! It’s so good! So good! Ooooohhh, so big! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” He obliged, driving into me in long, earth shaking strokes. My body quaked as he held me down and fucked my mind into oblivion.

“How do you like getting fucked, Hunter?” He pounded on, using me, driving me to heights of lust I didn’t know the human body could bear.

“I love it! Oooohhhhh, fuck me! Give it all to me! Make me cummmmmm,” my words trailed off into a groan as another load of my cum splashed across my body in an orgasm that shattered my mind into a million pieces.

The lust returned, stronger than before.

He continued to use me, driving in and out of my ass in long, powerful strokes. He leaned forward, pressing my legs against me, his face in front of mine. I stared blankly into his eyes, moaning as he continued fucking me. I couldn’t speak anymore.

“I’m going to cum, Hunter,” he whispered. “I’m going to fill you with my seed.” I moaned louder, knowing that I wanted it, wanted his cum inside me. I raised my head and my lips met his. His tongue darted into my mouth and we both started to shake. He buried his cock inside me, pressing as hard as he could against my ass, as his cock started to pump torrents of cum into my guts. We moaned together, tongues exploring each other’s mouths as we quivered. My cock exploded between our bodies, another orgasm driving my lust to greater heights.

He pulled away from me, rising to tower over me, and started to pull his cock from my ass. Inch by inch, it withdrew. I quivered and came again, my body twisting, my back arching. Finally, the massive dick came free, and I came again, convulsing on the bed. He laughed, and pushed me to the floor, into the mass of horny boys that were still fucking, sucking, grinding, and rubbing in an unending orgy.

I lay there, overwhelmed by my horniness, on the verge of another orgasm, my hole aching, hungry for more. Fingers tangled in my hair, and my head was pulled back, revealing the hard cock of another boy right in front of my face. It pressed to my lips, and I let it slide inside and began sucking it. I felt a weight settle on me, and another dick drove into my ass. The boys fucked me from both ends, pumping load after load of cum into me until I was dragged onward, deeper into the crowd, dick after dick penetrating me, pumping cum into me, driving cum from me, making me hornier.

Strong hands wrapped around my throat and pulled me up to my knees. I looked up and into the eyes of one of the older men I had noticed when I first entered the room. He smiled down at me, and pressed his cock to my lips. I took it in without hesitation, ready to taste this man’s cum. As I sucked, I realized that I knew him; he worked with Logan. I didn’t care. I savored the man’s dick, lovingly sucking until it exploded, flooding my mouth with cum. I swallowed eagerly, almost not noticing his laughter. He pushed me back, and I fell into another pile of boys. My legs were lifted, and a dick drove into my ass, causing me to cry out in ecstasy. A mouth fell upon my cock, catching the load of cum that exploded from me, and as I gasped, another cock drove down my throat. I felt cum splash across my skin, I sucked, I was fucked.

It was too much.

Everything went black.

I woke up, flailing wildly, crying out, and then noticed I was in my room, in my own bed. I panted, trying to make sense of my memories of the night before. My door opened, and Logan stepped into my room.

“Everything okay, buddy?” He asked. I looked up at him, wanting to be angry at him for bursting in without knocking. My eyes met his… his green eyes, so familiar. I moaned, unintentionally, and saw a half smile creep across his face.

“Yes, sir,” I said, my mind racing. My dick had gone rigid between my legs. My ass ached needily.

“Did you have a good Halloween?” He asked with a wicked grin. “Get lots of tricks and treats?”

“Yes,” I sighed. “It was the best Halloween of my life,” I said softly, knowing it was true, by far.

“Good boy,” he said, and a shiver ran up my spine as my dick lurched. “Come downstairs, I’ll make breakfast.” He turned to walk away, and I noticed a small patch of makeup on his neck.

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