Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: The Vapors

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“Dude, try these out!” Marshall offered me a little amber bottle. Marshall worked for Euphrates, so he was always bringing interesting new products home.

“What are these, poppers?” I asked, taking the bottle and giving it a little shake.

“Yeah. It’s a new formula I’ve been working on. I call it The Vapors.” He delivered the last words in a bad, southern belle accent.

“Why is a pharmaceutical company making poppers?” I asked, holding the bottle up to the light to look through it.

“Hey, do you know how much money they make off viagra? Sex sells.”

“I’m cool, bro. Besides, I’ve already told you I’m not going to suck your dick. I’m an exclusive top, and I don’t fuck straight boys.”

“Come on, man, I know a fag like you has used poppers before. I need someone familiar with how they feel to give me feedback.”

“Nah, I’m cool.” I tried to hand the bottle back to him.

“Come on, David, just a little hit. I’ll give you fifty bucks.” He refused to take them.

“Fifty bucks for one small hit?” I asked. He knew I was usually strapped for cash after paying my part of the rent. It was a tempting offer.

“Yeah. I really need the feedback,” he pleaded, the very image of reasonable.

“Fine. I’m still not sucking your cock, though,” I added, unscrewing the bottle. It gave a little hiss as the lid came free, like when you opened a fresh bottle for the first time. I raised it to my nose and took a little sniff, feeling it burn as the fumes were pulled into my lungs. I started to feel floaty immediately, my dick going rigid in my pants. I concentrated and screwed the lid back on before handing it back to Marshall.

“How’s it feel?” He asked, taking it back from me.

“Fuuuck,” I said, leaning back on the couch. “Those are good.”

“I know. I put a lot of work into it.” He sat down next to me, watching me fly.

“Damn,” I slurred. “I barely hit it, and it goes on and on.” I turned my head to look at him. He was watching me, smiling.

“I know. Here, try some more.” He was holding out the bottle, lid already off.

“Nooo, I’m goo–” He leaned over and covered my mouth with his left hand, shoving the bottle under my nose with his right. I tried to hold my breath, but I needed a breath and wasn’t able to stop myself. The Vapors flooded into my lungs, and my lust skyrocketed. I could feel my cock pressing against my jeans, demanding attention.

“There you go, man. Hit it again.” I wanted to hold my breath, but i knew that doing so would just let my lungs absorb more, so I exhaled and breathed in again, my eyes rolling back in my head. A moan bubbled out between his fingers.

“Ooooooooohhhhhhhh, man,” I gasped when he took his hand and the bottle away. “What’re you doooing to meeeee?”

“I’m just helping my buddy feel good. What’s wrong with that? Don’t you feel good, buddy?” He asked, his voice oozing sincerity.

“Ohhhh, yeeeah.” Without meaning to, I started rubbing my crotch through my jeans. I wanted to stroke it so bad. I needed to cum!

“Let your dick out, man. Give it some love,” he encouraged me, grabbing my wrist and pressing my hand harder against it. I was undoing my jeans before I even thought about it.

“Shouldn’t… You’re straight, I shouldn’t…” It was so hard to think through the lust fogging my mind.

“Don’t worry about it, buddy,” he reassured me, helping me to get my jeans and underwear down. My dick sprang into view, and he started laughing.

“Don’t laugh… asshoooole…”

“You claim to be a top, with a tiny dick like that?” I could feel his laughter vibrating through the couch. My face flushed, hot and red, and it felt like the heat from my cheeks, and the vibrations from his laughter, were both rushing straight to my dick, making it swell even more and jerk between my thighs. My fist flew to my dick, and I started abusing it. I wanted to cum more than anything.

“Ammmm a top,” I panted, shaking the couch as my fist bounced up and down my little dick.

“Who you going to top with that little thing?” He asked, mocking me. He reached out and grabbed me by the wrist, pulling my hand away from my dick, laughing some more as he watched it bounce and leak. I panted and moaned, both hornier than I’d ever been before, and more embarrassed.

“How looong?” I asked, the urge to cum still raging inside me. “Whennn will it wear off?”

“Wear off?” He repeated when he got his laughter under control. “Why would I make it wear off like regular poppers? Where’s the fun in that?”

“Whhhattt?” I struggled against the sexual fire tearing through my brain.

“Nah, man. It’ll keep going unless I give you the antidote. Here. Take another snort.”

“Noooooooo,” I groaned, having trouble thinking. I just wanted to cum. He guided my hand back to my dick and jerked it up and down a couple of times before letting go. I lost it and just kept pumping, turning my head to look down as my fist pumped away at my rigid little dick. He put the bottle under my nose, and I huffed it in without even thinking. “OOOOOOOHHH!” I moaned. I knew I hadn’t wanted to do it, but I couldn’t help it. My brain, my body, was all sex. He kept the bottle there, and I huffed again, driving my lust to levels I had never imagined possible.

“Haha, there you go, buddy.” He took the bottle away and kept watching me. Drool was running from my mouth as my eyes glued themselves to my dick. I needed it so bad. I’d never needed it this bad before.

“I, uhhhhnn, I wanna cum!” I said excitedly, looking over at him. I was so close, abusing my little dick like nothing else in the world mattered.

“I know you do,” he said, “but…” He reached over and grabbed my wrist, pulling my hand away. “There’s a lesson you need to learn, first.” He let go of my wrist, and I started to reach for my dick again. “NO!” He barked, slapping my hand back to my side. “Not until I say so.” He stood up and moved in front of me. He shoved his pants down without any ceremony, and his cock bounced into view, a thick club made of human flesh, bobbing a couple of feet in front of my face. It was pointing at me. I stared at it, watching a bead of precum leak from the head and glisten in the artificial light of our apartment.

“Nooooo,” I cried, my hips wiggling on the couch in sexual frustration, desperately wanting to grab my dick and make myself cum. “I’mmma top!”

“Oh, you might wish you were a top, but no real top has a dick that tiny,” he said derisively. “It’s time you learn that you’re nothing but a slutty bottom, buddy. I’ll help you figure it out.” He reached forward and grabbed me by the hair, pulling me toward his cock. I struggled weakly, my eyes still glued to his veiny meat, slowly making its way closer to my mouth.

“Unnnnnnooooo!” I squealed, and then felt the bottle under my nose again. I held my breath. I knew, somehow, that if I took another hit, I’d be sucking his cock. There would be no resisting. I fought, my lungs burning, but biology took over, and I filled my lungs with the vapors rising from that tiny bottle. My mind exploded, and before I could exhale he jerked my head forward onto his cock, sliding it down my throat with no resistance. I couldn’t exhale, my airway blocked, and as he held me in place, I could feel my lungs absorbing more and more of the chemical that I’d just filled them with.

“Yeeeah, buddy!” He said, laughing. “Tastes good, don’t it?” He let go of my hair, and I pulled off, my breath exploding from my lungs and out my nostrils. I inhaled fresh air, and then dove back down his shaft without thinking, pressing my nose into his pubes once again.

“Mnnnnn….. Mmmnn…..Mnnmmmm,” I jibbered around his cock each time I came up for air. I’d never sucked cock before. I’d never wanted to. I never thought I could enjoy it this much.

“Awww, yeah, you’re a fucking natural! See, what did I say? Total bottom slut.” He grabbed my hair and started guiding me again, pressing my face into his groin as my throat convulsed around his shaft. He held me there for a moment, and then pulled me free, shoving me back onto the couch.

“Noo, I wanna suuuck…” I said, trying to lean forward to get his cock back into my mouth.

“You’re such a bottom,” he laughed. “I’ll let you suck it more later, but you have more to learn right now.” He grabbed me by the hair and stepped to the side, pulling me forward and spilling me onto the floor. “Get on all fours, buddy.” I did, looking back under myself to see my little dick dripping precum onto the carpet. Then I could see him kneeling behind me. He gave my ass a rough slap, and my head jerked up as I panted and moaned.

“What’re you doing to doooo?” I asked Then I felt his fingers, slick with saliva, slide over my ass hole.

“Damn, David, when I said you were a bottom, I didn’t expect this.” He slid three fingers inside me. I had never had anything in my ass before. I had no idea it would feel like this. I moaned again as he worked his fingers in and out of my hole. “That’s not an ass, buddy. That’s a pussy. Fuck, it’s pulling at my fingers.” He pulled them out.

“Nooo, not a pussssy,” I complained, but I didn’t move from that position. He shoved four fingers back in, driving a heated moan from my lungs.

“Yeah it is. An ass doesn’t take four fingers like that. Only a pussy does.”

“Ohhhhhh, nooooooo.”

“Oh, yeah,” he mocked. “It’s ready to be fucked. I thought I was going to have some work to do, but that pussy is ready for it.” He slapped my ass again, and then I felt the head of his cock meet my… my… meet my pussy.

“Can’t get fuuuuucked! I’m a toooop!” I tried one more time to cling to that illusion, but I already recognized it for what it was; a lie I’d been telling myself and everyone around me. He’d seen through it, and now he was helping me see through it, too.

“Of course you can. Bottoms love getting fucked, especially by straight guys like me, and all my friends who are on their way over.” He leaned forward and with only his right hand covered my mouth, and held the bottle under my nose. “Breathe deep, and hold it, buddy,” he whispered into my ear before he started to tongue and lick it. I obeyed, filling my lungs with The Vapors and letting them absorb it all. At the same time, he started to rock his hips forward, and his giant cock slid into my pussy. I held my breath as long as I could, and then let it out. “Do it again,” he ordered, and I did, eagerly filling my lungs with the fumes rising from the bottle. He pressed his hips against my ass, and I knew his cock was all the way inside me. I’d thought it would hurt, but it just went right in there. My ass really was a pussy. He took his hand away and started fucking me. I held my breath as long as I could, and then let it out with a drawn out moan.

“Sooooo goooood,” I crooned, lowering my head to the carpet and crossing my arms over my head, keeping my butt in the air to meet his thrusts.

“I know. Pussies love getting fucked.” He was pounding me relentlessly, driving me closer and closer to the ultimate conclusion of our heated actions. “Tell me what you are, buddy. You know, now.”

“I… I’mmmmm, ohhhhhhhh,” I struggled, moaning and drooling on the carpet. “I’mmma! I’mmmma!” I was going to cum. I wasn’t touching my dick, but I just knew that I was going to cum as soon as I said it. “I’mmma! I’mm! A!” My voice got higher and higher as each lust driven word babbled forth. “I’mmmma bottom!” I cried out, my head rising and my back arching as my little dick started to shoot ropes of cum onto the carpet.

“Unh, yeah you are!” He cried out, and pressed his dick all the way into my pussy, flooding it with his cum.

“I’mma bottom! I’mma bottom!” I kept squealing as an orgasm like none before wracked my body. The feeling of his cock pumping into me was the best thing I’d ever experienced. He collapsed onto my back, and I crashed to the floor with him on top of me. He licked and nibbled at my ear a little more, and then got to his knees, pulling his deflating cock from my pussy. I groaned in disappointment.

I was still horny.

I was still horny!

“Noooo,” I complained as he got to his feet. “I wanna cummmm again!”

“Don’t worry, buddy, my friends are almost here.”

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