Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: All Hallows’ Night

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I was lying face down, humping the soft surface below me, my limbs splayed. I wasn’t doing it to please my cock, no, my cock was useless, confined in its plastic cage. I was humping to move the vibrating plug through my insides.

I knew it was going to happen again, soon.

I remembered the night before so clearly. Of course I did, it had been the greatest night of my life, the most important, the most defining. I remembered when it had hit me, really hit me. Not that confused, almost drunk state, like I was in now. Like I had been in when I found my best friend and his older brother chained to a wall. Like I had been in when I had released them, only to watch them sink to the ground and start fucking like animals in heat.

No, when it had really HIT me. When I had been standing, lost and panicked, in the hallway. I remembered the wave of heat. I remembered my cock becoming immediately, obscenely rigid, demanding attention. I remembered not being able to control myself. I remembered how each time I came, the lust intensified.

And I was waiting for it to happen again.

What would it be like this time, with my cock locked away? What would happen to me when it hit but I couldn’t get hard? I rolled over onto my back, still rocking my hips to drive the plug in small, buzzing circles. Still sucking on the dildo strapped to my face like I could make it cum.

I wanted to taste more cum.

I looked around at the cameras, remembering what Logan had told me. He was going to make me into a gay porn star. I should be so angry with Logan right now, for what he was doing to me, but it all felt so good.

I’m going to be a gay porn star!

I looked around at all the cameras and lights, as if for the first time. They’d be able to see anything, and everything. I moaned, and sucked, and bucked my hips. I hated Logan so much before, and I knew why he was doing this twisted shit to me. I know I should hate him, and I should fight it, and I should resist, but every time I thought about it, I flashed back to the feeling of him pinning me to that mattress, his huge cock deep inside me, my own cock shooting without being touched.

Every time I thought about Logan I got horny, not angry, and it was so hard to stay angry when I was so horny. Objectively, I knew how fucked up this was. That didn’t stop me from wanting it. From wanting more. From wanting whatever his depraved mind could come up with.

I just wanted to fuck.

I just wanted him to fuck me again.

I should try and escape. I knew that. Sure, I had a dildo gag locked onto my face, and a collar locked onto my neck, and a cage locked to my cock… And sure, I was dressed like a horny faggot. And sure, there was a massive vibrating plug in my ass. I should try and escape. But, if I did, would Logan ever fuck me again? And surely this wasn’t legal, I could go to the police and tell them what Logan has done. He would surely be arrested.

But I’d never get fucked by him again if I did that.

There was nothing I could do. Getting fucked at that party was the most amazing thing that I’ve ever felt in my entire life. The way that giant cock had made me cum over and over and over again, and the way I wanted it more and more and more each time I came. The way he had fucked me into a faggot before tossing me into the orgy.

And then finding out it had been Logan.

And then sucking him off and swallowing his cum as mom was steps away from the door, getting closer and closer to catching us.

And then this, right now.

I couldn’t hate Logan anymore. It was impossible. All of this felt too good, and he was the one making it happen. It didn’t matter that he looked down on me. It didn’t matter that he did it to humiliate me, to punish me, to put me in my place. All that mattered was that it felt so fucking good to let him do it, to obey, to give in.

To just let myself be a faggot.

Such a horny faggot.

So horny that I was about to do porn so that I could get fucked all the time. Logan was making me into a faggot and a porn star, and I loved it. I rolled over onto my stomach and pulled myself up onto my knees, spreading them and sticking my ass up into the air. I splayed my arms out over my head, rocking my hips, the plug feeling so good, buzzing, vibrating, making my insides feel funny… Feel good… Feel right.

I froze in place as crowd of people burst into the room, moving around to start fiddling with all the film equipment, chatting away, taking their posts, and largely ignoring the horny faggot in the middle of the room.

Then I felt it, a moment of heat and tingling starting in my toes. I knew I was about to feel like I had last night. I knew I was about to be recorded as a bunch of strangers fucked me again. And I welcomed it. My thighs quivered as the heat rushed upward, filling my body. Even with the dildo plugging my mouth, my moans finally captured the attention of some of the people in the room.

I felt my cock try and get hard, only to meet the hard limits of the cage. Denied its purpose, it felt like the heat was deflected to… To… To my ass! I groaned around the dildo I was sucking on as I felt a sensation in my already aching hole that I had never felt before. I slid my arms back and up the legs of my flimsy shorts so that I could start randomly shoving combinations of fingers in around the edges of the plug that was still sending vibrations through my insides. I started looking at all the men in the room, trying to make eye contact.

Trying to beg them to fuck me with my eyes.

I could feel the straps of the jock framing my ass while I kept working more fingers in around the plug, the thin material of my shorts pulling, rubbing, stoking the flames that were consuming me. My moans became more frantic when Logan stepped into the room. He smirked at me, and then stepped aside.

A large group of men walked into the room. Rough looking men. Rough looking men in orange jump suits, stained with dirt and sweat.

“Daaamn,” one of them drawled as the group gathered around, each man positioning himself out of the film crew’s way so that they could see me clearly. “Look at the faggot!”

“All right, Gentlemen, gather around. I would like to introduce you all to my stepson, Hunter,” he said, waving his hand in my direction.

“That’s your stepson?” A hulking black man, asked, sneering down at me as he groped his crotch. There was a sheen of sweat over his skin, and the lights made it glisten. I wanted to bury my face in his armpits and worship him. I could see the bulge left behind after he let go of his crotch. I wanted it inside me, I didn’t need to see it out of the jumpsuit to know that.

“Yes. He was a participant in a different study last night. He was one of many young men who were given a drug that, in layman’s terms, takes your libido from one and cranks it up to ten. He spent hours getting fucked and sucking cock, eagerly allowing himself to be stuffed and pumped full of cum over and over and over again, isn’t that right, Hunter?”

I moaned excitedly in affirmation, and laughter broke out.

“Of all the boys in the study, however, Hunter was the only one who never attempted to fuck another boy. In fact, he didn’t even attempt to take any sort of active roll. He just passively allowed himself to be passed around and used by the other subjects… Not to mention, quite a few visitors from up the corporate ladder. He enjoyed it so much that he came over and over again without touching himself, and he just kept going, eagerly taking any cock he could get.”

“What a fucking faggot,” another man commented.

“When he woke up this morning, after the drug wore off, he was stuck, I’d say, around a five on the scale. When he figured out that I was the man who had fucked away his virginity…” Guffaws broke out among the group of men. “… he snapped and went from the disrespectful fuck he had been, to being a submissive slut, eager to worship any man he can.”

“This shit is crazy,” someone said, his tone one of astonishment.

“I always knew the kid was a faggot, and the drug usually leaves the subject with an increased libido, but Hunter’s reaction to the drug is remarkable, and presents a unique opportunity. So, when he begged me to give him another dose of the drug, I agreed.”


“Fucking whore.”

“Haha, faggot, lost your cherry to your Stepdad.”

“He was already at a five, and I can see that the second dose has already started to take hold. On that same scale of one to ten, starting at a five, this dose is going to dial him up to fifteen,” he chuckled. “I’m not really sure what that will do to his mind, but it’ll make for some great porn.”

“So you want us to fuck him? On camera?” One guy asked, reaching down to grope his crotch, aware that I was watching him.

“Yes. And I want you to fuck him any way you want, as hard as you want, and for as long as you want. I want you to dominate him, to humiliate him, and make him into your bitch. All on camera for the world to see. In return, most of you will be going home tomorrow.” This revelation stirred them up, their questions mingling into a cacophony.

“Wait wait wait,” one of them bellowed, quieting the others down. “You’re telling us that we go free for bitching your stepson on camera?”

“Pretty much, yes,” Logan agreed. “Some of you will still have time to serve, but not more than a month.”

“Holy shit, this is unreal,” a smaller guy said, staring at me with hunger in his eyes, absently tugging at the zipper of his jumpsuit.

“Why?” Another man asked.

“Well, the purpose of this study is to see what another dose of the drug does to him, and we need men to fuck him for it to work. We, that is Euphrates Pharmaceuticals, own the prison, so…”

“Hot damn.”

“Now, he is the subject of the experiment, but we have a drug that has already completed testing for all of you who choose to participate. It’s essentially a weaker, more stable version of what we gave him… twice,” he chuckled at that addition. “It’ll crank you up to somewhere between four and six, keep you there for a good several hours, and allow you to fuck and cum as many times as you’d like during those hours. Now, to make things easy, do any of you wish to decline?”

There was silence.

“That’s what I thought.” Logan said, slipping his hand into his pocket. The vibrations stopped, and I started humping the air in a futile attempt to bring them back, simultaneously trying to work more fingers in even deeper. “You hear that, Hunter? You get to be a prison bitch without ever going to prison.” He stepped forward and pushed my hands to the sides, grasping the plug by the base. With steady pressure, he started to pull it free, planting a hand on the small of my back to hold me in place when I tried pushing myself back onto it. When it was gone, the feeling in my ass drove all thoughts from my head.

I NEEDED to be fucked. I fucking needed a fucking cock in me right fucking then.

My moans became deeper, more primal, more desperate. I was hurting my neck, resting my weight on my shoulders as I stuck my ass in the air and dug my fingers into it. I watched as each of the men was given a pill, desperate for things to get started. My eyes met Logan’s and he smiled wickedly. My eyes shot open wider as I felt it start to happen. I had eight fingers in my hole, pulling to spread it as wide as I could, and the sensations were sending me over the edge. I started to squeal, my tongue swirling around the dildo plugging my mouth, and had my first orgasm of the night. My vision blurred, though I could hear the derisive laughter that broke out around me.

“Did he just…”

“Faggot just creamed himself.”

“Fuck, this is going to be good.”

My vision came back into focus, and I watched as the convicts started to step forward, gathering around me.

“Everybody ready?” Logan asked, his eyes meeting mine once again as he sneered down at me. “Action!”

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