Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: All Hallows’ Day

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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I watched Logan walk away, and looked down at myself. I was just under the sheet, and you could see my erection lewdly pushing up against it. I felt a rush of shame, knowing that Logan had just seen me like this, followed by a wave of… Something else. I reached under the sheet and grasped my erection. I think I was in shock. It was Logan. My stepdad, had been the guy with the huge cock who had fucked away my virginity before tossing me into the sea of other horny guys.

I let out an involuntary moan.

I was jerking myself off frantically. My ass felt… Empty. I had always sort of hated Logan. I’d always thought he was arrogant, full of himself, but after feeling his cock inside me… I knew that he deserved respect. I was about to cum, so I let go of my cock, letting it bounce around under the sheet, watching my precum soak through. I threw back the sheet and climbed out of bed, pulling on a loose pair of sweatpants and a tank top that were laying on the floor. I couldn’t see my costume from last night anywhere.

I flashed back to waking up, nearly naked and tied down. Now I knew it was Logan who had injected me with… Whatever that was. Aware that, without underwear, my cock was making an obscene bulge in my sweats, I padded downstairs to meet Logan. He said he was going to make me breakfast. In all the years he’d been married to my mom, he had never made me breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen, he was sitting at the table, finishing up the last of the bacon and eggs on his plate.

“Your mom is out getting some groceries,” he said, still chewing the last fork full of his eggs. I nodded, eyes lowered, trying not to let myself stare at his crotch. I turned toward the stove to get my breakfast. The pans he’d used to cook were still sitting there.

They were empty.

“Nah,” he said, his chair scraping on the wood floor as he got to his feet. “Growing boy like you needs his protein.” I turned to face him again, and my eyes locked onto his cock, hanging from the front of his jeans. It wasn’t hard yet, but it was still big. “Come get your breakfast, faggot.”

I felt my face burn red, and I heard the wood creak as my knees made contact. I started crawling forward, aware of how I was debasing myself for Logan.

I’m supposed to hate him!

But that cock, that cock that was getting closer as I crawled toward him… That deserved respect. That deserved worship. I was inches away from that cock that was swelling, expanding, before my eyes, and glanced up at his face. He sneered down at me.

“Better get started. You don’t want your mom to walk in and see what a nasty slut you are, do you?” No! He was right, I didn’t! I leaned in, opening my mouth, and tasted Logan’s cock for the first time. It tasted so good.

Wait, I’m not a nasty slut! Am I?

I felt his cock growing as I sucked on it, swelling down my throat. I flashed back to the night before, to my face buried in Logan’s armpit, to the smell of it, the taste of it. I flashed back to being pinned on my back, Logan pressing his face against mine, his tongue sliding between my lips. It hadn’t been loving, it hadn’t been tender, it had been dominating, like he knew exactly what his kiss was doing to me, what effect it was having on my lust filled brain.

Would he do it again?

I gagged, trying to keep his shaft down my throat, but it had gotten too big, and it was still swelling. I knew how big it was. I knew I wouldn’t be able to take the whole thing in my mouth once he was fully hard.

“You can do better than that, faggot,” Logan chastised me, pulling off his shirt and tossing it onto the table. He grabbed my hair and pulled me from his cock with a loud, lewd slurp. Drool dripped from his shaft, and ran down my face. He pulled me partially to my feet and buried my face in his armpit. I huffed, nearly hyperventilating, and licked, savoring the salty taste of his sweat. I moaned. I let go. Logan laughed.

I shouldn’t let him treat me this way.

“Back to your breakfast,” he commanded, pushing me back down to his crotch. I dove forward, taking his cock back into my mouth and sliding down, down, down. I didn’t care about gagging, I didn’t care about what was or wasn’t physically possible. I just cared about his cock.

My nose pressed into his pelvis. I’d taken it all!

“Shiiiit, faggot, your mom can’t even do that!” He taunted me, slapping me hard on the back of the head. My eyes rolled back, and I found myself swallowing around his shaft.


My eyes snapped open as I heard a car door close in the driveway. Mom was home! I pulled back and drove myself forward again, fucking my face onto his cock, desperate for his cum. I was vaguely aware of him grabbing his shirt and pulling it back on.

“You better get your breakfast before she walks in and sees what a depraved faggot her son is,” Logan warned me. I groaned around his shaft and sucked even more frantically, taking him repeatedly down my throat.

Cum! Cum! Cum!

I could hear the garage door closing, she was steps away!

“Here you go, faggot, eat up,” Logan said, grabbing me by the hair and holding just the tip of his cock in my mouth. Cum flooded across my tongue. Mom was about to walk in to see her husband pumping me full of cum! But it was so good. I wanted it all. I needed it all. I moaned, and swallowed, shaking, feeling so good.

And I came in my sweatpants.

Logan pulled back, and a final spurt of his cum splashed across my face before he shoved his cock back into his pants. He grabbed my hair and jerked me to my feet right as the door opened.

“Oh, good morning, you two!” Mom said, chipper, a few reusable shopping bags in each hand. “How was your night, sweetie?” She asked. I turned to answer, remembering at the same time that I had cum on my face and had just jizzed my pants. Fortunately, her back was facing me as she set her bags on the counter and started to unload them.

“It was g-good. Really good. I had a lot of fun,” I told her, and it was almost like I could feel Logan grinning behind me as I said it. I gasped softly when I felt him press against my back. He slid one hand across my chest, pausing to give a sharp squeeze to each of my stiff nipples, and then slid into my pants, pushing my erection to the side. His other hand came up to my face and wiped his cum onto his fingers before bringing them to my mouth. I opened and let him in, sucking his cum from his fingers.

“That’s nice, sweetie. You and Bryant deserved a good time.” She said, still pulling items from the bags. Logan pulled his fingers from my mouth, and pulled his hand from my sweatpants. He stepped back, and then I could feel him using the back of my shirt to wipe his hands clean. “Do you two want some breakfast?” Mom asked.

“No thanks, dear. We both had ours already.” Logan said, walking over to start helping mom with the groceries.

“Y-yeah,” I stammered. “Logan made eggs and bacon.”

“Oh,” she said, “I didn’t realize we had enough left for two.”

“No worries, dear,” Logan leaned in and kissed her on the cheek. “I fed him good. Why don’t you relax, I’ll put these away.”

“Thank you,” mom said, smiling at Logan warmly. She turned to face me, and her brow furrowed. “Sweetie, would it kill you to brush your hair? It’s a mess.”

“Sorry, mom,” I blushed and turned to go back to my room.

“And change your clothes. That shirt looks filthy.”

“Y-yes ma’am!” I ran upstairs and locked myself in my bathroom, staring in the mirror.

My hair was a mess.

I turned around and saw the smears of cum on the back of my shirt. I groaned, and felt my cock start to swell again in my soppy sweats. What was Logan doing to me? Why did it all feel so good? Why did I want him to keep doing it? I took a shower and put on some clean clothes. Sitting on my bed, I kept flashing back to the orgy the night before. So many guys had fucked me. I’d sucked so many cocks. I’d never wanted to do any of that before, but it had all felt so good that I wanted to do it again…

And again, and again, and again.

“Come on, faggot, we’re going out,” Logan said from my open doorway. I looked over at him, blushing at the thoughts I had just been having. He smiled, like he knew.

“Where,” I started to ask, and then looked down, overwhelmed by a desire to obey him. “Yes, Sir.” He chucked and walked out. I followed him. We walked through the kitchen, heading to Logan’s car in the garage.

“Oh, are you boys going out?” Mom asked

“Yeah,” Logan answered. “There’s a part time job open at Euphrates that Hunter wants to apply for. It’s about time the boy developed some work ethics, isn’t that right, Hunter?”

“Y-yes, Sir,” I answered.

“Oh,” mom said in a pleased tone. “It’s so nice to see you two getting along.” Logan moved over to kiss her goodbye.

“It is nice. I think we’re finally starting to understand each other. Let’s go, Hunter.” I followed him to his car, and sat silently in the passenger seat as Logan started to drive.

“You like how I’ve made you feel, don’t you?” He broke the silence.

“Yes, Sir,” I answered without pause, blushing at my admission. “But…” I stopped, worried that he wouldn’t welcome my question.

“But?” He gave me permission to continue.

“But… Why did you do it?” He laughed at my question.

“I did it because you were a disrespectful little fuck who needed to be put in his place,” he explained.

“Oh, fuuuck,” I said under my breath, my cock getting stiff in my jeans. The drive continued in silence for a few minutes.

You know,” Logan began. “A bunch of the guys, most, actually, from the party last night are going to turn out to be healthy, well adjusted men, albeit horny men who like to fuck. But that’s not you, is it? You liked getting fucked too much, didn’t you?” The question hung in the air as I struggled, fought with all my will to fight the truth of it, but my will was nothing compared to him, to his cock, to how I now felt.

“Yes!” I cried out, practically yelling after holding that simple word in for so long.

“When we get to Euphrates, I’m going to inject you again. When I do, all of this is going to become permanent. When I do, your future is over. You won’t be going to college and getting a job. You’re going to be getting fucked. That’s all you’ll want, all you’ll need, for the rest of your life.”

“Oh god,” I panted, wanting nothing more than for him to do just that, to make it happen.

“But,” he began, letting the pause hang in the air, “I won’t do it until you beg for it. You were always a faggot, Hunter, you just didn’t realize it before. You should thank me,” he added.

“Thank you, Sir!” I said before I realized what I was doing, my face going red. Logan just chuckled from the driver’s seat.

We pulled up in a rough gravel parking lot, the tires crunching as they moved across the stones. I looked up and saw a plain, yellow sign with red letters that said “Adult.”

“I thought we were going to go to Euphrates,” I commented, uncomfortable by how close the words felt to being a challenge.

“If you want to get the job, you need a new outfit,” Logan commented, smiling mischievously. I just nodded and got out of the car, following him inside the seedy looking establishment. My eyes went wide, and, against my will, my dick lurched and got even harder. It was sex, all around me. There were dildoes, and other sex toys, and porn… So much porn! There were mannequins dressed in the sluttiest, most depraved outfits.

And then there were the customers.

The place wasn’t full, but there were a lot of men in the shop. I noted that it was a diverse crowd–some were old, and some young. They were white, and black, and everything in between. They dirty, and clean, and sleazily dressed, and in nice suits… And I wanted all of them to fuck me. Logan looked at me and chuckled, as if he knew what I was thinking.

Maybe he did.

“Wait here,” Logan said, and walked over to talk to the guy behind the counter to have a conversation. I noticed that he matched the shop well, sleazy, and I started to wonder what it would be like to bury my face in his armpit, how filthy, sweaty, and smelly it would be. I shook my head, and let my eyes keep wandering the shop.

“Come over here,” Logan said from behind me as my eyes traced the shelves, causing me to jump. I turned and followed him and the sleazy shopkeeper to the middle of the shop.

“Take off your clothes,” the shopkeeper ordered, and I felt my cock squirt precum into my jeans.

“I-I, b-but…” I tried to protest.

“Do it. Every man here already knows you’re a faggot. It’s written all over your face,” Logan said. I groaned and started to pull off my shirt, letting it fall to the floor between moving my hands to the fly of my jeans. I could feel more eyes settling on me, even without looking. My hands trembled at my hips, and then I succumbed to my desires and shoved them down to the floor, stepping free. I stood up, looking down for a moment at my dripping erection, and then around at the men who were watching me, my face burning. The sleazy guy started to circle me, sizing me up. After a few circles, he stopped in front of me and put three fingers to my lips. I didn’t resist, and his fingers slid into my mouth as I moaned around them, sucking gently. He smiled and pulled his fingers free, my saliva dripping from them. He moved behind me and then his fingers met my hole. I gasped, arching my back and throwing my head back. His fingers slid into me, and I let out a wanton moan, reaching down to start jerking myself off as I pushed back against his hand.

“What do you think?” Logan asked.

“I think we can get him taken care of for you.” He thrust his fingers in and out of my ass a few times, and then pulled them free. I knew I shouldn’t be surprised by anything anymore, but the sound of disappointment I made was beyond what I thought myself capable of. He moved back around in front of me and watched me stroke myself for a few minutes. “I think we’ll start with the cage.”

“Stay,” Logan commanded, walking off with the guy once again. I looked around at all the guys that were watching me. I knew I shouldn’t be stroking myself while they watched, but I couldn’t stop. I was so fucking horny.

Not as horny as last night, but still fucking horny.

A hand grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my hand from my cock. I groaned, again, in disappointment, and looked back to see Logan. He grabbed my other wrist, and pressed himself against my back, holding me in place.

“Shh, just relax,” he cooed in my ear. I leaned against him, melting into him, and then I jumped as pain exploded from my cock. I looked down to see the sleazy guy thumping it, forcing my erection to go down.

“Please! Don’t! It hurts!” I protested.

“Just relax,” Logan ordered. “It’ll be over soon, then we’ll make you feel good again.” I closed my eyes and tried to relax, taking strength from the solid presence behind me. Something cold and hard closed around my cock, and I heard a snap that seemed much louder than it should have. I opened my eyes again. The shopkeeper stood up, and I looked down at the plastic shell that was now fastened around my cock, and the lock that was holding it in place.

“B-but!” I protested weakly.

“You don’t need your penis to feel good,” Logan said. “Just think about last night.” Immediately I felt my cock try and get hard, stopped by the device they’d locked around it. Logan let go of my wrists, grinding his crotch against my ass and circling his powerful arms around me, caressing me. My head fell back, and I felt his breath on my face, and then he was kissing me again. I rocked my hips, pressing back against the bulge in his jeans, and I heard some of the men in the shop chuckle at the sight.

“How about this one?” The shopkeeper asked. Logan broke the kiss, and I looked forward to see the guy holding up a black jockstrap. The waistband had bright pink letters that said “Faggot.” He turned the flimsy garment around, and I noticed that both the straps said “Fuck Me” in the same pink letters.“Perfect,” Logan said, stepping away from me. I wobbled on my feet, catching my balance. “Put it on, faggot.” I obeyed, taking up the flimsy garment in my trembling hands and bending over to slip my legs through. I pulled it up and over the device that was trapping my cock, shielding it from view.

“Hold out your arms,” the shopkeeper instructed. I obeyed, and and he slipped what looked like a couple of long, leather straps connected by metal rings around my chest, settling it into a criss-cross position that framed my chest, and my stiff nipples.

“That looks nice,” Logan complemented the man. “I’ll put in the plug if you can grab him something to wear that’s suitable for public. What he had on doesn’t seem appropriate.”

“Of course, sir,” the shopkeeper said, walking off. I was very aware of how different his “sir” was from my “Sir.”

Then something made contact with my ass, and my eyes went wide. Some of the guys watching all this happen started to laugh as they moved around to get a better view.

“Shhh, relax, let it in. You know you’re going to like it,” Logan said.

“Yessss, Siiiirrrr,” I purred as my ass stretched, and stretched, and stretched some more. Then the object popped into me, settling comfortably into place. I felt so good, so full. Logan slapped my ass, and then the shopkeeper was back. He was holding up a black, mesh tank top that was practically transparent, and a pair of flimsy, short black shorts.

“Will these do?” He asked Logan.

“Haha, perfect choice. Put ‘em on, faggot.”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, my attention still focused on the wonderful full feeling the plug in my ass was giving me. I took the shorts first, bending over to step into them. The plug pushed against something that felt so good as I moved, and I was moaning as I slowly pulled the shorts up my legs. They barely covered the jockstrap, and the bulge from the device on my cock was ridiculous. I took the tank top and pulled it on, purring as it ran over my nipples.

“The last two items you requested,” the shopkeeper said, and I watched him hand Logan what looked like a collar, and… I didn’t know what the second thing was, but it had a dildo on it.

“Thanks. Here’s my card, ring me up while I get this in place,” Logan said.

“Of course, sir.” The shopkeeper said, walking away. Logan stepped in front of me and held the dildo to my mouth.

“Suck on this, Hunter,” he instructed, and I obeyed, taking it all the way into my mouth. He reached into his pocket as I sucked, and then vibrations exploded in my ass. I moaned, my eyes rolling back, my cock making a futile effort to get hard.

And I sucked.

Then, the vibrations stopped, and I realized that the dildo I was sucking on was strapped to my face, like a gag. I heard a lock click into place behind me, and knew that I was stuck, so I kept sucking. It felt good to do it. Logan held up the collar.

“You don’t get this one, yet. You have to earn it.” I just moaned and sucked, rocking my hips and looking so slutty. Logan picked up the clothes I’d come in with, and then walked back over to the register to get his card.

I stayed in place, sucking the dildo like a pacifier.

“Let’s go,” Logan ordered, and I followed behind him as we left the store. The sun burned on my skin, even more so because so much of it was exposed. I got into the car, enjoying the increased pressure as I sat on the plug. Logan got in and started the car, pulling out of the lot.

“You know, all that stuff was pretty expensive. You should be thanking me.

“Mmmmm, mmmmmmmm!” I moaned as I continued sucking. I wanted to say the words, but I couldn’t. He laughed, and continued driving. I kept moaning as I felt bumps in the road travel up through the base of the plug, and then the vibrations came back full force. I arched my back as my eyes rolled back into my head.

It felt so good.

All of it felt so good.

It just kept feeling good.

And then the vibrations stopped, and we were at the towering Euphrates building. Logan got out, and I followed, getting strange looks from people in the lobby. I followed him into the elevator, down another hallway, and then into a well-lit room. In the middle of the room was a raised, cushioned platform, and all around it… Cameras. I heard Logan’s keys jingle as he moved them behind my head to unfasten the lock that was keeping the dildo buried in my mouth. He pulled it free, a string of drool running down my face.

“Th-thank you, Sir. Thank you, thank y-you, thank you, Sir, thank…” He cut me off, putting his finger to my lips.

“So, it’s time to make an important decision, Hunter. I know you like how you feel right now, but think about how you felt last night.” I did, and my breath picked up, my skin flushing. “Yeah, that felt even better, didn’t it?”

“Yes, Siiiiir!”

“So, here’s your choice. You can stay how you are now–you’re already a faggot–and try to go to college. You can try to function in the real world. Or…” He left it hanging.

“O-or?” I asked.

“Or, if you ask me nice enough, I’ll inject you again, put a collar around your neck, and once the drug hits you, I’ll bring a bunch of horny guys in here to fuck you on camera. You’ll be a star for the new porn company we’re starting. I’ll even send a free copy of the videos to all your friends, because you’ll be horny like that all the time from now on. That will become your life. You’ll shoot porn, sign your paychecks over to me, and maybe even make a little extra money for me on the side if I decide to whore you out.”

“Ohhh, fuuuuck, Sir!”

“Yeah, that sounds fun, doesn’t it? So, what’s it going to be?” He asked. I tried, once more, to hold it in. I knew what he had done to me, what he was doing to me, and what he was going to do to me. I knew I shouldn’t want it.

“Please, Sir, do it! Inject me! Make me feel like that again! Please, Sir! I want it! I’m a faggot, Sir! Please!” Logan laughed wickedly as I begged.

“Somehow I knew that would be your choice.” He walked over to the side and picked up a syringe from the table. “Turn around.” I obeyed, turning my back to him. He lifted the right side of my shorts, exposing my cheek through the leg, and I felt a quick, sharp sting followed by a spreading warmth.

Just like last night.

“Thank you, Sir! Thank you! Thank you, Sir!” I babbled. I heard a jingling sound, and then Logan was putting the collar around my neck. It felt good. It felt right. He locked the collar in place, and then shoved the dildo back onto my mouth, locking it in place once again.

“Wait in the middle. Everyone will be here soon.” The plug in my ass started to pulse, sending waves of pleasure through me again. I was so horny. I stepped forward and collapsed onto the cushioned surface, not sure what to do. I was so fucking horny! Yet, I knew that this was nothing compared to how I was about to feel. I knew it was coming this time, and that it was only a few minutes away.

I wanted it.

I needed it.

I was ready.

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