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All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“Sorry,” I mumbled after I bumped into some guy as I walked into the locker room. I guess I was spacing out, mentally preparing myself for my workout. I could feel his eyes following me, all the way around the corner. I un-tucked my shirt and made my way to my locker. Sometimes having to wear a school uniform was such a pain. At least graduation wasn’t far off.

A quick spin of the combination lock—it was habit by now—and I was in. I stashed my bag, and pulled out my towel, Speedo, and goggles. I needed a good swim today. I heard the door open behind me, and a group of guys came in, all chatting loudly, filling the locker room with an echoing cacophony. . I ignored them, facing my locker and minding my own business. Thick, dark fabric dropped over my vision, and before I could react my arms and legs were grabbed.

“What the fuck!” I yelled, “Get your hands off me!” I heard a few guys shhh me.

“Just relax, Kyle. It’ll be easier,” a voice, almost familiar, said softly from in front of me as a hand started gently rubbing my ass from behind.

I opened my mouth to demand they let me go, but I didn’t have time to make any sound. The moment a gap formed between my lips I felt something small tossed into my mouth. Hands forced my mouth shut, and I could feel what I could only assume was some drug sitting on the back of my tongue.

Whatever I did, I knew I must not swallow that pill. Who knew what kind of sick shit these guys were trying to give me? Hands started stroking my throat. “I’m not a fucking dog”, I thought and almost simultaneously felt myself involuntarily swallow the pill, burning with panic and humiliation.

“He took it!” an excited voice said to my left. “Take him down guys.” I was lifted completely off the floor, and then I felt my back touch the cold, damp, gritty floor.. My head swam a little.

What the fuck was that pill? I needed to be angry, I wanted to be angry, but thinking was getting hard as I felt a sort of warm fuzz spreading through my brain.

“Tie his hands.” Someone said. I knew I should be concerned by that, but it didn’t seem all that important.

“His shoes, his shoes!” They were pulled from my feet, and my socks peeled away. The cool air hit my feet, feeling kinda good…

“Shh, go lock the doors.” Someone said. I didn’t care, my head felt fuzzy… Like bubbles… I felt… Good. My head was throbbing, but not in a painful way. Then it started to move. The throbbing and the fizzing in my head washed slowly down into my chest. It started heaving as the feeling entered my lungs, and I could hear strange noises. It took me a minute to realize that I was the one making them.

“Shit works fast!” Someone practically giggled.

Their hands grasping my arms started to feel different as the tingle sank slowly down to my fingertips. It felt good, suddenly, having their hands on me. I relaxed my arms and just enjoyed the feeling.

“Start on his pants. He’ll be ready by the time you finish.” I wanted to protest, but I forgot about that when the throbbing and fizzing began to drip down across my abs, down my spine, and down each side until my entire torso was humming.

“Unh,” my lungs forced out another unfamiliar sound as they throbbed again, harder. Fingers brushed my abs, leaving a tingle in their wake, and then slid down into the waist of my open trousers and my underwear. My pants and underwear together were quickly pulled down my legs and off. My left sock came off with my pants, and the right came halfway off, clinging desperately to my foot.

The throbbing sensation was pooling at the base of my spine. I hunched my hips, groaning, and felt it move. It slid down the crack of my ass, slowly, easing closer and closer to my asshole. It found the ring and lingered there for a moment. I felt the muscles begin to quiver and throb as the feeling plunged inside of me. Something deep inside of me began to pulse, and then my balls were churning. They drew up, and I felt blood pumping into my cock as the throb dripped up my shaft. I got harder and harder, and I realized once again that I was the one making the strange noises; grunts and moans and pants of lust. I was embarrassed, but it was hard to think of anything that I could do about it.

“He’s ready, let’s do this.” Someone began rubbing something slippery onto my ass. Strong hands lifted my legs, pulling them up and apart and holding them there. A hand ran down my cock and up my left leg. The tingle followed, slowly, up my thigh, down my calf, and into my foot. They repeated this gesture with the other leg, sweeping off my remaining sock in the process. My entire body was overrun by the drugs effects.

“What are you doing to me? Unnngh.” I followed my question with an alien groan as I felt a finger slide into my ass.

“We’re giving you a proper education,” one voice answered. “Don’t worry. One way, or another, you’ll learn your all your lessons.” My hips bucked as the finger inside of me brushed the pulsing spot. Waves of arousal swirled through my body. I moaned. I thrust back against the finger. I lost myself in the pleasure and just went along for the ride.

A low hum filled my ears as I came back to awareness. The finger had been withdrawn.

“Wha–” I started to ask, but before the words made it out I felt something very large and vibrating touch my ass.

“We should make him beg for it.”

“Later. He’s ready now, and we don’t have that much time.”

“No! Ooooohhhhh.” Pressure. The object at my ass was pushed forward. I stretched and stretched and stretched, and it began to slide into me, forcing my asshole wide in the process. It hurt, but the pain was just making my cock throb, harder.

“Everyone ready?” I barely heard the voice. I did hear the clicking. Click, click, click—A camera—Click click—More than one camera. They were taking pictures of me! I started to groan in protest… And then I felt my face flush, the humiliation of it all getting me more excited.

They were taking pictures of me. My cock swelled even more. This was turning me on. I thrust back onto the object entering my ass, and at the same time it was shoved forward. It plunged deeper than I thought anything could go, causing me to gasp in surprise. A quivering moan followed my breath out. A rippling sensation fired across the humming spot inside me, and I lost control of my body.

I started to cum. I tasted it as it splashed across my face. I was moaning loudly, blast after blast of cum shooting out of me. The object in my ass was being pulled out and pushed in, again and again in rapid succession. Wave after wave of pleasure was wracking my body, and I continued to shoot all over myself. My climax came to an end. My body went limp, panting, as the object slowed down…

And then it sped up again, thrusting hard into me. My muscles went tight, a gurgling sound forced its way past the cum I had yet to swallow, and I came again.

“How many times can we make him cum?” a voice asked just below the sounds of my moans and grunts.

“Just keep going until he passes out.” My mouth was gaping, and I was surprised, suddenly, to feel cum shooting across my face from the side. I felt someone shift, and suddenly cum was shooting right into my open mouth. I came again, swallowing some unknown man’s seed. I couldn’t keep track of things anymore. I was shooting smaller and smaller loads as at least a dozen cocks fired cum on my body, in my face, and in my mouth. I was shooting blanks for a while, while one of them guided my hand, rubbing the cum all over my body bringing my hand up to my face so I could lick it clean. The orgasms were becoming both painful and overwhelmingly pleasurable. I was bringing cum to my mouth and licking it off my hand on my own now, completely mind fucked and milked dry. With one final dry orgasm, I passed out.

I came to, naked, on the locker room floor. I looked down at my uniform—It, like me, was plastered with my own cum, and that of the men who had drugged me. There was some drying on my lips as well. I found myself licking it away. There was a note lying on my pants. I pulled them on before reading it.


I hope you enjoyed your first lesson. There will be many more before this is done. You will be begging for lesson two by the time it comes, and you might be surprised by how soon that is.”

I put the note in my pocket, put my things back in my locker, and grabbed my bag. I walked to the mirror and looked at myself. There was cum in my hair, making sticky clumps in what was usually an artful dark brown mess. There was more around my mouth where my tongue couldn’t reach. I watched my reflection extend his tongue to try again, the muscle swirling moistly around the soft lips. I looked up into my hazel eyes, and found what I saw a little frightening. They had a look I had never seen before in my own eyes… They looked hungry. I licked my finger and rubbed it around the half dried cum my tongue couldn’t reach, and then sucked it off. A few repeats and my face was clean. It never even occurred to me to use the paper towels, or even take a shower. I heard some people come into the locker room. I quickly rushed past them, hoping they wouldn’t notice all the cum on my uniform. I heard laughter as the door closed behind me, and knew they must have seen.

I had to go home, it didn’t matter if I got in trouble or not.

There was no mistaking the fact that I was soaked in cum, and this was my only uniform. I had to go home and clean it before my parents were home to see it. I left the school and walked down alleys, trying hard not to be seen all the way home. At one point I walked out of an alley and right into a group of guys. Hot guys. They were shirtless, hot and sweating as they worked on some landscaping. I froze, and they all looked up at me. One of them whistled.

“Damn!” said another.

“Been having some fun?” one of them asked me, grinning. My eyes went wide, I panicked, and bolted across the street to the next alley. Behind me I could hear a few disappointed “aww’s” and some laughter.

“We scared the little joto away,”

My heart was pounding as I got to my door. I unlocked it and rushed inside. I can’t believe all of those guys had seen me like this. I felt my cock go hard as I thought about them.

“Fuck!” I jumped back, bringing my mind back into focus. I was getting hard thinking about those guys. I stripped off my clothes right there, dumping my uniform in the washing machine and then taking the rest of my stuff to my room before taking a shower.

I left a note for my parents telling them I started feeling very sick today, and came home at lunch. I was exhausted, and still felt a bit strange. I decided to get in bed and sleep until tomorrow.

I woke a few hours before sunset, got dressed, and went down stairs. My parents were sitting in the kitchen, my dad reading while mom cooked dinner.

“Feeling better, sweetie?” Mom asked, still stirring a pot on the stove as she turned to look at me. “You look dreadful.”

“I’m feeling better. I just need to get some fresh air—can I go for a short walk? I’ll just go to the park, and I’ll take it easy.”

“I suppose, but if you start to feel worse or tired, call us and we’ll come get you.”

“Thanks, Mom.”

The park was great, like a little forest. I took my favorite paths, winding through the trees. I sat on a bench in a secluded part of the park and just enjoyed the quiet. A hand holding a white cloth came around me and covered my face.

“Time for your second lesson,” a gruff voice said in my ear. I was out of air, so I had to inhale. Fire burned through my lungs, and then rushed into my cock, ballooning it in my pants as I moaned and my mind melted away…

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