Deferred Sentence

Nicky Noxville

Most of my stories take place in my alternate universe, but there are other universes out there. This story takes place somewhere between my universe, and the realm of the Pink Fairy and the Bubble Boy Virus.

Thanks to the creativity and generosity of Ethan White, I am able to bring you a story from a brand-new universe, a story inspired by Fall From Grace, by Ethan White. I highly recommend checking it out at:

All characters are at least 18 years of age, and any resemblance to real persons, events, et cetera is entirely coincidental.

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And now our feature presentation…

“I pledge allegiance…” all the sheep around me started to chant, standing in neat rows. I was the only disruption to that order. “To the flag of the United States of America…” Yeah right, not anymore. “And to the Republic, for which it stands…” More like for the oligarchy, I thought, crossing my arms where I sat in protest. “One nation, under God, indivisible…” Divided by God. “With liberty and justice for all.”

I scoffed out loud and got dirty looks from Ms. Collins and a bunch of my classmates. Everyone here was conservative… Hell, everyone most places was conservative these days, or pretended to be. But how could we have justice when people were being stripped of their rights not just as citizens, but as humans, and sent off to be brainwashed.

It was debate class.

I’d made the arguments.

They were all tired of hearing them.

But it was also my birthday, and I wasn’t about to let them force me to go through that forced patriotism today, not when I was finally eighteen. Not now that I could finally vote and try to help undo this mess. The lecturing began, creating a pleasant background hum for my thoughts as they drifted, waiting for this tedious class to come to an end.


There was a loud knock at the door that made everyone jump in their seats. The door slammed open, and a large police officer in tactical gear was standing there, hand near his gun.

“Is there a Christopher Mason in this class?” He demanded, his voice iron hard with authority.

“I…” I started, wide eyed, raising my hand reluctantly. “I’m Christopher Mason.” His eyes locked onto me and he came through the door, three other officers coming in behind him to spread out. He came through the desks, determinedly dodging my classmates to get to me.

He paused for a moment in front of me, staring down at where I sat, his expression angry.

“Christopher Mason, I have a warrant for your immediate arrest. By the laws laid down in the Conservative Christian Values Restoration Act, I hereby place you under arrest for crimes pertaining to homosexuality and sexual deviancy,” he chanted, as if he had done this a million times before, reaching down in a rapid motion to grab me by the collar of my shirt and haul me to my feet.

“Whaaat?” I screamed on the way up. “Nooo! That’s impossible!” I’d never done anything. I mean, nobody who knew me really thought that I was straight or anything, but I’d worked it out with Mom and Dad a long time ago; as long as I stayed a virgin, I was safe. “I’m still—unf!” I groaned as he slammed me down onto the surface of my desk, jerking my arms behind my back to place cuffs around my wrists. “I’m still a virgin!” I screamed, my voice echoing through the room. The silence was broken by the chuckling of the police officers and most of my classmates.

“Can someone clear that desk off for me?” He bellowed, and then seemed to return his focus to me, giving my arms a little tug as he spoke. “Doesn’t matter. You’ve been registered as an underage faggot for several years now. The judge deferred your sentence until you reached legal age, but we’ve been watching you.”

“Then you’ll know that I’m a virgin! I’m a virgin!” I cried out, terrified by what I knew they did to faggots; by what I had been hoping to stop with the power of my vote.

“The Virginity Defense was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court, just this morning. You’re an adult now, faggot. You can’t escape the consequences anymore.” He pulled me to my feet and started marching me up to the front of the room, where the large, wooden desk had been cleared off. The other officers were standing there, and a couple of them had duffel bags sitting on the floor by their feet.

“Deputy Johansson, cover him,” the officer who had cuffed me said to one of the other cops.

“Yes, Sergeant,” the hulking police officer said as he positioned himself. He drew his gun, taking aim right at my head.

“Listen, faggot. If you run, if you fight, if you try anything, you will be shot. Do you understand?” The Sergeant said, removing the cuffs and positioning my hands in the air.

“Yes,” I answered weakly.

“Yes what?” He snarled.

“Yes, Sir!” I squeaked. I stood still, and gasped as they started to tear and cut my clothes away, exposing me to the entire class. I started to move my hands to cover myself, but the officer made a warning sound as soon as I started, so I stayed frozen in place.

“Do you mind if I continue teaching?” Ms. Collins asked from somewhere to the side.

“Not at all,” the Sergeant said. I gasped as I felt a hand spreading something cold across my ass, roughly, returning to spread whatever it was out farther. I noticed that the other cops had put on rubber gloves and were approaching me with open jars of some sort of cream in their hands.

All except Johansson, who still had his gun aimed at my head.

“This is an excellent learning opportunity, class,” Ms. Collins began to lecture. I was paying attention to her words this time. “Today we get a chance to see the legal system at work.”

I struggled to ignore the laughter as three cops smeared this cream all over my body, especially when fingers worked the cream into the crack of my ass. Whatever it was had started to tingle as soon as it was applied, and after sitting for a minute or so it was starting to burn. I let out a little whimper, my skin on fire.

“Stay. Still.” The officer repeated, low, to avoid disrupting the lesson.

“This is why it is important to be politically involved,” Ms. Collins continued. “It was a long, hard fight to get the CCVRA passed, but in the end, God was on our side and helped us restore freedom to America.” The class hooted and hollered, watching the process.

They made me stand there for several minutes, and Ms. Collins allowed the time to pass in silence. At last, the three officers took out a bunch of rough hand towels and started to wipe the cream off my body, starting with my face and working their way down. As they wiped it away, I looked at the smooth, pink skin left behind.

No fuzz.

No hair.

Towels met my armpits, and I watched dark clumps come away with the cream on the material.

Down, down, down they went, and when it was done there was not a hair on my body. I looked down at my crotch and blushed at the sight of my penis with no pubic hair. I didn’t get to think about that for long before I was shoved forward, bent over the desk, and my hands were cuffed behind my back again.

“What’s happening?” I squeaked, my asshole feeling exposed in the cool air. Everyone could see, and I could hear the jeers and laughter in the background.

“Shut up and let us do our job,” one of the officers ordered. I groaned and rested my cheek on the desk. I gasped as my feet were kicked wider apart, and then a wet finger swiped across my asshole, smooth and silky, just before I felt something large and hard press right against that slick spot. Then the pressure began.

“No, don’t! I’ve never had anything in there! I’m a virgin! I’m a virginnnnnnnnnnnggggggggggggg!” I trailed off as the object was shoved forward, unrelentingly, the lube they had applied causing my ass to stretch open to accommodate it.

It was too much!

Too much!

So full!

And it kept coming.

“Ahhhhhhgggggnnnnnn. Oh! Oh! Hoooooooooooooahhhhhhhhh!” I kept jabbering as inch after inch was pressed forward, forcing me wider than I thought possible, filling me with an ache I’d never experienced before.

“Relax, it’ll be over soon,” One of the officers jeered down to me.

“Hooooaaaahhhhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” I squealed, the object stretching me, stuffing me, filling me, and it was still coming.

“Deputy, shut him up,” the Sergeant ordered. Hands moved in front of my face, holding what looked like a dildo with a strap on the base. He shoved it into my mouth as I started to cry out again, cutting me off with a wet, muffled slurp. I started to gag when he got it all the way in and was so caught up with struggling not to throw up that I didn’t notice he had strapped the gag around my head until I heard the lock click.

“Mmmmmmmm!” I squealed around the gag, my ass being stretched wider, wider, wider, until…


My hole clenched shut around a narrower space on the object they had stuffed inside me. At the same time, I felt something press up against my taint. My hole was still held stretched open, but not as wide as the toy above and below it.

“Mmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” my moans of confused relief broke the silence. In my struggle to keep from gagging, I was trying to think of the gag as a hard candy and was sucking and swallowing.

It was working, I wasn’t gagging anymore.

I was pulled back to my feet and spun around. Laughter erupted, and I look down to see that my cock had not only gotten hard, it was glistening and dripping precum. With my hair all gone, and my skin looking so raw and pink, my erection looked all the more obscene. I turned my head and looked back at the surface of the desk, noticing the puddle of precum sitting there.

“Mmm? Mmm?” I groaned in confusion, and I felt my cock bounce as my ass clenched against the toy stuffed inside me, trying to close but held wide open. The sensation quickly became overwhelming again, and my cock started to deflate. I jumped as a collar was fixed around my neck, clicking firmly into place as it closed. I hadn’t adjusted to the collar when I felt shackles being fixed around my ankles, linked by a chain.

“Well, we’re all done here,” said the Sergeant as he fixed a leash to my collar. “Sorry you had to witness that, but I’m sure you’ll be happy not to have to put up with a faggot anymore. He started walking, tugging me behind him by the leash. With my ankles chained together, it was a struggle to keep up. The other officers followed behind.

We’d gotten halfway down the first hallway when the bell rang. My eyes went wide as I watched doors start to swing open and students start to flood out into the hallway. The thunder of conversation and movement started to die down in a circle spreading from where I was standing.

“Holy fuck! They’re arresting a faggot!” Someone whispered.

“Fucking homo,” someone giggled.

“Getting what it deserves.”

“Make way,” the Sergeant bellowed. “Faggot, coming through.” He led me on, and I hung my head, letting the leash guide me as I sucked on the gag and tried to ignore the intense throbbing in my ass. I felt so full.

I couldn’t believe that this was happening. It was all so overwhelming.

They took me to a black fan and loaded me into the back, the Sergeant, Deputy Johansson, and one of the other officers climbing in with me. They sat me down, the two lower ranking officers taking a seat to each side of me, and the Sergeant sitting across from us, sneering at me.

The van started moving with a series of bumps and jolts, and I moaned as the vibrations moved through the object in my ass, the shifting of my weight also forcing it to wiggle through my insides. My cock surged back to life, standing rigid and denuded between my legs.

“Mmmm MMMMMMMMM!” I moaned around the gag.

“Well, look at that. Surprise, surprise, the faggot is enjoying the ride,” the Sergeant said, his tone making it obvious that he had expected nothing less. “Hey, Martinez!” He yelled up to the driver. “Let’s give the faggot a good ride. Take the scenic route.”

The officers all laughed.

“This is a desperate one,” Johansson commented.

“I’ve been doing this a while, kid. This faggot IS the most desperate we’ve ever taken in,” the Sergeant said nonchalantly.

No! No no no!

I stayed a virgin!

I stayed a virgin so this wouldn’t happen!

But the Sergeant had said that there was no more virginity defense. This was all happening to me, and I’d never even lost my virginity! A tear ran down my cheek as I started rocking my hips to intensify the sensations filling my ass.

I wanted to cum.

“Mmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm,” I gurgled around the dildo, rhythmically, as I took delight in the rocking of my hips and the bumps in the road. It felt like Martinez was going off-roading.

“Look at the faggot go,” the other officer said, astonished. “Not even trained yet.”

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!” I moaned, sucking and licking at the dildo. I’d never felt anything like this in my life.

Is this what having sex felt like?

Why had I waited!

Now I’d never get to…

“You know what, faggot,” said the Sergeant, bringing me out of my lust-daze. “Seeing as it’s your birthday, and you made a big deal about being a virgin, I’d be happy to help you out and pop your cherry for you. You look like you’d like to cum. I’ll help you out,” he offered, his tone so nice that it sent chills up my spine.

“Sure, I’ll fuck you, too,” Johansson offered. “You should find out what it’s like before you go through processing, otherwise you’ll never know what you were missing.”

“Shit, a hole is a hole to me,” said the third officer.

“Mmmmmmmmmmm!” I crooned eagerly, the tip of my tongue sliding out around the base of the gag as, for the first time, my throat and mouth truly relaxed around it.

It wasn’t so bad after that. I started to enjoy sucking on it.

“Yeah? You want it? Really?” The Sergeant teased. Was this a test? Was he going to make me acknowledge that I do want it, and then take it away?

But if he’s serious…

If they’re all serious…

“Mmmm-mmmm!” I moaned eagerly. “Mmmmmm-mmmmmmmmmmm!” They laughed again and then manhandled me onto the carpeted floor of the van. The cuffs were removed for a moment as I was positioned on my back, and then my hands were fixed in place above my head.

“This is gold,” Johansson, was laughing, staring down at me.

“Shhh, don’t ruin it,” said the nameless officer. The Sergeant reached between my legs and started to pull the object from my ass.

“HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” I let out a long, deep groan as the object was pulled free. Just as it felt like it went on forever going in, it also seemed to take forever coming out, and then there was nothing.

My ass was empty, my shackled legs in the air. The fucked up part was that I didn’t like it. I had a desperate urge for them to put it back, but the Sergeant was reaching down to his fly, and then his cock was there.

This man had to be older than my dad, but his cock… Fuck, I’d seen cocks in porn—straight porn, of course, to be safe—but I’d never seen anything like that. I watched as he moved between my legs, hooking my ankles over his shoulders and flipping the chain behind him, out of his way. My ass was lifted from the floor, and he positioned the head of his cock against it, letting my gaping hole gently clutch at the massive head.

“Do you want me to fuck you? Ready to lose your virginity?” He asked, deep, masculine, dominating, tempting.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm,” I crooned, nodding my head feverishly.

“Gotcha, faggot.” He thrust his hips violently forward, burying his cock all the way inside me.

He was so big.

I was stretched so wide.

So full…

Fuller than I’ve ever been.

I was squealing around the gag and my dick had gone rigid. I could feel my ass throbbing around his cock, and I could feel it pressing back, firm, unrelenting. My eyes rolled back into my head as the single thrust that had taken my virginity sent me over the edge. My cock started squirting cum up into the air, and I jerked as I felt it splash right back down onto my body. I was dimly aware of raucous laughter around me as I showered myself in cum.

The Sergeant was still buried in my ass.

“That was good, wasn’t it, faggot?” He asked, grinning slyly.

“Mmmm-mmmm,” I agreed, glowing, so relaxed, feeling my cock deflate a little with each heartbeat.

“That was nothing,” he said derisively, jerking his cock free just as violently as he’d thrust it in.

“Mmmmmmm?” I groaned, confused by my disappointment at the absence of the cock inside me. “Hmmmmmmm!” I churred, drool bubbling out around the gag as he thrust violently back in. My cock immediately went rigid all over again. He started fucking me violently, and as he did I felt myself getting horny all over again until it was as if I had never cum at all.

“Here’s your prize, faggot!” He bellowed, hunching his hips as his cock jerked and pumped his cum into my no longer virgin ass. He bred away my virginity, I thought deliriously. “You’ll be thanking us for letting you cum like that, real soon.” He said darkly, moving to the side. Then Johansson took the Sergeant’s place, and a second cock was driven into my ass. He was shorter than the Sergeant, but it also felt like he was a little thicker. I was eagerly rocking my hips back against him as he fucked me, desperate to cum again.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck!” He bellowed, planting himself inside me as his cum mixed with his superior officer’s inside me.

“Mmmmmmmm,” I whined. He hadn’t made me cum.

“My turn,” The unnamed officer said, taking Johansson’s place between my legs. His cock was the smallest yet, and it felt good as he fucked me, but I knew that it wasn’t going to make me cum again, and that realization sent a tear rolling down my cheek.

Spent, the officer moved to the side, leaving me empty again.

“That was fun, wasn’t it?” The Sergeant asked, reaching between my legs with the huge plug and shoving it unceremoniously back up my ass.

“HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!” I groaned, my cock going rigid.

So close!

So close!


“Nnnnnnnnn!” I whined as I fell back from the edge, and the cops all laughed.

“You’re out of time, faggot. We’re here. Time for your sentencing hearing.”

The doors to the van had slammed open, and I had blinked, blinded, for the first few moments after they dragged me out of the van, leading me up the steps to the courthouse. We were downtown, so there were people all over the place. I flushed every time one of them paused to watch and laugh.

They marched me, shackled, my hands cuffed behind my back once again, through the echoing marble halls, the public servants and citizens alike pausing in amusement as a faggot was brought to justice. I was terrified by what was going to happen next, and my cock had finally gone limp again.

Without the erection, without the arousal, the plug in my ass was overwhelming me again. If the officers hadn’t practically been dragging me, I probably would have had trouble walking. We entered a courtroom, and the officers took me directly to the front to stand before the judge.

“Ahhh, which case is this?”

“The State Vs. Christopher Mason, your honor,” said the Sergeant.

“Ah, yes,” said the judge, opening a file and looking it over. “I see he’s been registered as a faggot since he was eleven,” he said disapprovingly. “Precocious.”

Since I was eleven?

“Mmmm!” I moaned in confusion as the plug in my ass started to convulse, moving around violently inside me. My cock immediately went rigid, and I felt a wave of horniness overtake me.

“Order!” The judge bellowed, slapping his gavel to the counter in front of where he sat. He sneered down at my erection. “I don’t think I even need to ask…” He began.

“Actually, your honor,” the Sergeant spoke up. “Upon arrest he did claim the virginity defense.”

“Virginity defense?” The judge asked skeptically. “Is this true?” He addressed me.

“Mmm-mmm! Mmm-mmm!” I nodded my head violently.

“However,” the Sergeant interrupted again, putting a hand on my shoulder and spinning me around. He gripped my neck, bending me forward and holding me in place, my plugged ass on display for the judge.

“Nnnnnnnf!” I groaned as he jerked the plug from me. I panted as I felt my ass hole jerk and quiver with nothing to cling to.

And then I felt it, and my eyes went wide with horror.

Dripping down my ass.

Dripping down my thighs.

Dripping down my legs.

Splattering on the polished, wooden floor.

“Let the records reflect that the faggot has cum leaking from its ass and is clearly not a virgin,” the judge stated officially. My squeal echoed through the courtroom as the Sergeant shoved the plug back up my ass.

Wait! They said there was no virginity defense anymore!

They’re the ones who took my virginity!

They made… They made… Made me… I flashed back to the ride, to the Sergeant grinning wickedly as he asked for my permission to take my virginity, and to my moans as I eagerly agreed to it.

As I consented.

As I gave away my virginity.

As I stupidly gave up my only defense.

The vibrations were slamming into me again as they turned me to face the judge once more, my dick rigid and leaking as he passed sentence on me.

“It is the order of this court that the name Christopher Mason hereby be stricken from all public records,” the judge chanted, as if he’d done this a thousand times. “Christopher Mason does not exist, has never existed, and will never exist. Let the record show that, while it’s sentence was deferred until it came of age, the faggot is not a man, and is therefore not entitled to any of the rights, privileges, or freedoms granted to men under the Constitution of the United States. Until such a time as a new designation can be assigned, it shall be designated simply ‘Faggot.’” The judge ordered.

It’s like I’m being executed!

Christopher Mason is dead!

I’m not a man anymore…

No, I was never a man!

I’m… I’m… I’m Faggot!

My eyes rolled back into my head as I started squirting cum across the courtroom floor. Astonished laughter faded quickly to a silence as the officers kept me on my feet until my orgasm came to an end. They let go, and I fell to the floor, my own cum wet and sticky beneath my hands and knees. I looked up at the judge and flinched. He looked furious.

“Never before have I had such a pathetic, disgraceful, disgusting faggot in my court room,” he said in a dangerously low tone, getting to his feet. “In light of this… Abomination! I hereby sentence it to immediate reprogramming in the accelerated program, and to immediate placement in a public assignment as soon as that training is complete. That’s all, officers. Get it out of my sight.”

Public assignment?

Accelerated program?

I didn’t know what those things were! I wept as they dragged me out of the court, so horny, so confused. They shoved me back into the van, and we were off. As we drove, I looked over at the Sergeant. He had tricked me. He had lied. He said there was no virginity defense, and then he’d… And then… And then I’d begged him to fuck me. I groaned and started rocking into the vibrations of the plug, taking delight in the additional sensations the moving vehicle granted me.

I would have been safe!

I would have had to stay a virgin my whole life, but I could have avoided this fate.

But he’d lied!

I looked down at the front of his uniform pants, my eyes losing focus. I lost my virginity to this officer. He’d manipulated me, and then he took my virginity and condemned me to the life of a convicted faggot.

He’d taken my virginity, with that cock.

I kept staring at his pants. I was trying to be angry with him, but it felt so good when he fucked me, when I’d eagerly given away the only thing that could have saved me.

“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm” I was moaning low, desperate, wanting his cock inside me again.

It was over.

I never would have said yes if I wasn’t a faggot.

I lost.

I deserve this.

My name is…

My name is Faggot!

The judge said so! My name is Faggot!

I growled excitedly as the car went over what felt like a speed-bump. The plug slammed into just the right place, and I started to cum again.

“This faggot!” Johansson said in amused astonishment.

“Get it out of your system while you still can,” the Lieutenant said darkly. When it was over, I never even got a chance to go soft. The vibrations were too good. My world dissolved into a haze of humiliation, pleasure, and pain.

And then we were there.

“Normally,” the Sergeant said conversationally as they led me from the van, “This is where we’d hand a faggot over, but I’ve taken a shine to you, Faggot. I’m going to see it all the way to its cell.”

“I got to see this,” said Martinez, the officer who had been driving. My eyes went right down to his crotch, noticing the thick outline of a chubby dick. “Wait, is he…” He stepped forward and looked into my eyes. The minute he let go of my hair, my eyes fell back down to his dick. “He’s fixated on straight cock already!”

“Hasn’t even been processed yet,” Johansson sneered. “I want to see this, too.”

“I’m good,” said the unnamed officer. “A faggot is a faggot.”

“Fine. You wait here. Gentlemen, Faggot,” the Sergeant said as he led me into the building and down a sterile white hallway. A man in a lab-coat saw them coming and met them in the hall.

“Delivering a convict?” He asked, looking me up and down.

“Yeah,” said the Sergeant, “But we’ve taken a liking to this faggot. It’s been sentenced to the accelerated program and public service. We thought we might request it for the precinct, and we’d like to escort it to it’s cell.

Service? At the precinct? They had arrested me for being a faggot, tricked me into letting them take my virginity so that I’d have no defense, and now, if they had their way, I’d spend the rest of my life getting fucked by them? Getting fucked by straight cops?

“That shouldn’t be a problem, follow me.” We started moving again, my dick throbbing as I contemplated the future that I was condemned to.

He lied to me!

My mind tried to fight, but there was so little fight left in me. It was all feeling so good. How much further could I fall? How much more could they do to me?

“Faggot,” the man in the lab-coat addressed me, “You are hereby designated FAG-001-465-872 and entered into the accelerated training program.” He turned to face the Sergeant, “And I have flagged this faggot for assignment to your precinct, as requested.” He lifted a set of gold dog tags, placing them around my neck with a chain short enough that it wouldn’t accidentally slip over my head.

“Thank you,” said the Sergeant.

“No, thank you. I’ve never gotten to do intake on a faggot in the accelerated program,” he chatted, filling a syringe from a little vial and tapping the air bubbles out of it.

“Is that?” Martinez spoke up, eyeing the vial with glee in his eyes.

“Yes, officer, it is exactly what you’re thinking.” The scientist jabbed the needle into my arm and pressed the plunger. I felt a warmth spreading through me, and then I got hornier. I sighed around the dildo, spittle bubbling around my lips.

“That was it, faggot. They just took away your ability to cum. Keep remembering that last time in the van, because it’s never happening again.”


I was hunching my hips, rolling them, driving the buzzing plug through my insides. I felt so good, so horny, like I could… Like I should have… I should have cum already.

“Mmmmmmm!” I moaned, tears running down my cheeks as I desperately tried to cum.

But I couldn’t.

I’m a faggot.

They took that away, too.

“Exactly. We’ve found that without the ability to cum, faggots become increasingly docile as well as both perpetually and exponentially more aroused. This way, officers,” the scientist said, leading us all onward through the maze of sterile corridors. He stopped at another station and made me turn around. My collar was lifted for a moment, and then…

“MMMMM!” I squealed in pain as they put something into my neck.

What did they do?

What was that?

They barely paused, leading me to the end of the hall were there was a barred gate with a security pad.

“Do you know the way from here?” He asked the Sergeant.

“Oh, yes, I’ve arrested many a faggot,” he answered. The scientist nodded and swiped his key card, letting us through the gate.

As they led me down the hall, I looked back and forth into the cells. The doors were all open, and inside were crowds of faggots moaning, writhing, and masturbating furiously.


No no no!

That can’t be me!

I can’t be like them!

I can’t do it! I can’t…


“Mmmmmmm!” I began low, my cock immediately jerking and getting more rigid. “Mmmm! Mmmm! MMMMM!” I cried out as a wave of lust and arousal hit me. It was like nothing I’d ever felt before. I had no basis of comparison, I just new I was so fucking horny.

I couldn’t think.

I couldn’t walk.

I fell to the ground as my legs gave way, slipping from the officers’ arms. I landed with my head and shoulders on the ground and my ass in the air, humping at the air in mindless lust, my hands twisting in the cuffs, desperate to touch my penis. The trio burst out laughing and lifted me back to my feet, dragging me toward my cell, toward the other faggots I was going to be spending some time with.

“See you soon, FAG-001-465-872,” the Sergeant said, removing his cuffs from my wrists and shoving me into the room.

That’s me! I’m FAG-001-465-872!

There were other faggots everywhere, inside the cell. They were all masturbating! They were horny, like me, and I was a faggot, like them!

I can masturbate now!

I sank to the floor, my fingers wrapping around my erection as I went. I knew that, if I did it, I would be just like them, I would be gone. But I didn’t care anymore.

I’m FAG-001-465-872!

Faggot’s smooth skin squished against the cum-covered floor of the cell as it settled into place, frantically jerking it’s dick with all the other faggots. It wanted to cum, more than anything else. That was all that Faggot could think about, but it was no longer possible. FAG-001-465-872 had surrendered to it’s fate, writhing on the floor with all the other faggots until it finally passed out.

“FAG-001-465-872!” A loud voice pulled Faggot out of it’s sleep. It started to jerk it’s cock again before it even opened it’s eyes to look for who was calling it. “Here it is! Gold tags!” The man said, standing over Faggot. “Come with me.”

He pulled Faggot to it’s feet and guided it out of the cell. Faggot kept frantically masturbating as it walked, the plug in it’s ass still vibrating, unrelenting. The “person” that Faggot had been was gone, erased by the constant bombardment of drugs that were pumping through it’s system.

It was escorted to a sterile looking lab and the plug was removed from it’s ass. A scientist removed the gag from it’s mouth, and a stream of drool was released to run down it’s front. Faggot was fixed to a frame, restrained with his arms and legs spread out, exposed.

It didn’t care.

It was just a faggot.

Leads were connected to various points around Faggot’s body, and it didn’t even notice the little needle pricks that accompanied each one. A machine with a dildo was positioned right at the entrance to Faggot’s ass, and then a bulky helmet was fixed around it’s head.

For a moment it was dark, and then screens lit up inside the helmet and sounds filled it’s ears.

It stared blankly ahead at the static, and listened to the sounds. There might have been a picture here, or a word there, but Faggot didn’t know anything about that. Faggot was just horny. A strange, sweet smell filled the part of the helmet that was covering it’s mouth and nose, and Faggot got even hornier, thrashing in it’s bonds, trying to push back against the dildo poised to fuck it.

A smiling man appeared on the screen, wearing a button down shirt and slacks. The mans slacks bulged with what was obviously a big dick. A couple of teenage boys moved up to stand next to the man, looking to be about Faggot’s age. The man turned and reached out, and he pulled a woman into his arms, kissing her lovingly.

The screens flashed to the family at church, the sons dutifully praying alongside their father and mother.

A good, Christian family.

They were in a diner, eating their lunch, chatting casually.

They were home, and the mother went away to cook dinner as her husband and sons turned and sneered right at Faggot.

It gasped in the helmet, another puff of gas filling it’s lungs.

The father started to unbutton his shirt, revealing the cross he wore over his sleeveless undershirt. Together, he and his two, teenage sons pulled off their shirts, revealing his hairy chest and their smooth, lightly dusted torsos, all three bearing a silver symbol of their faith.

Faggot watched, enraptured, as they reached to their belts. They opened their pants, and in unison their cocks were revealed, shining with a captivating light that drowned out everything else.

Faggot thrashed and it’s body burned as all the leads spread over his flesh started pumping more drugs into it and the dildo started pounding into it’s ass at an ever-increasing pace.

A montage began playing before Faggots eyes. For hours and hours, it stared at the screen. It knew that it had one purpose—to give pleasure to straight, Christian men like these.

To give pleasure to any man.

To give pleasure.

To give.


After two days of continuous programming, the restraints were released, and the helmet taken away. Faggot blinked a few times, looking at the men standing in the room with it, and then a silly grin spread across it’s cheeks as it saw the Sergeant grinning right at it.

“Happy to see me, faggot?” He said in a friendly tone, like you’d use with a dog, and Faggot started squealing and scampering across the tile floor, slipping and sliding in it’s own urine as it’s bladder gave way and piss sprayed out of it’s erect cock.

The Sergeant laughed and patted it’s head as Faggot stopped by his side. Faggot nuzzled his hand and then turned, presenting it’s ass for the Sergeant to fuck.

“Do you remember giving me your virginity, Faggot?” The Sergeant asked, chuckling at the sight and reaching down to adjust his swelling cock.

Faggot just panted, and drooled, and wiggled it’s ass.

“I’m sorry, Officer, but FAG-001-465-872 is no longer capable of speech,” a scientist explained. “It’s a side effect of the accelerated program.”

“That’s not a problem, we don’t need it to be able to speak,” he reassured the scientist.

“Well, then, enjoy your new faggot,” the scientist said, and the Sergeant pulled Faggot affectionately against his leg, stroking it’s head.

“Oh, we will.”

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