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The air was hot and sticky, filled with the sounds of moans and panting. I stared down at the back of my girlfriend’s neck, unseeing, feeling her weight underneath me. She had her back arched, and I was plowing into her in a deliberate set of motions, imitating the way Cyrus had fucked my ex girlfriend, Jami.

Imitating the way he’d fucked me.

He’d had me squirming, moaning, and squirting out load after load as his massive penis drilled through my insides, making me feel sensations I hadn’t thought possible. I was in love with Cyrus, but I would never tell Heather that. He fucked faggots to get off, but he was otherwise straight and had no interest in being with me.

I moaned, feeling the heavy metal butt plug bounce against my prostate with a satisfying weight each time I pumped my hips. I lost momentum as my mind wandered back to purchasing that plug at the adult store Heather worked at.

It was how we’d met.

After Cyrus left that night, three months before, I didn’t know if I was more horny or depressed. Even though I knew he’d done it all in order to take Jami away from me, nobody else had ever made me feel that way before. It didn’t matter how he treated me, what ways he fucked me, as long as he was there.

But he wasn’t there.

Day after day, hour after hour, I’d helplessly devoted myself to desperately masturbating while watching the videos of him fucking Jami, and then me, making her squeal and behave like a wanton slut, and making me cum, over and over. I would speak aloud with myself as I watched, taking delight each time I talked about my pussy.

But it had gotten harder and harder to cum each time, and it had taken more and more as each day passed until, at the end of a month, I was frantically beating off with one hand while I tried to fit my other hand into my pussy. Desperate to cum, I’d done the only thing I could think of–I went to an adult shop to find something to make me cum.

Heather had been working, and I’d told her I broke up with my girlfriend a month ago, and I was looking for something adventurous. She had pointed out the metal plugs, and I shamelessly chose the extra large size. The idea of a straight guy so adventurous and open minded turned her on, so she’d put her number on my receipt.

It had been fantastic at first. We fucked like rabbits, and she took delight in watching me cum without touching myself when I let her put the plug in me the first time. As the first month of our relationship passed, it only got better for her as it got harder and harder for me to cum, even with the plug in my pussy. By the end of that month, I was focusing on getting her off and then just faking my own orgasm.

“Fuck me!” She demanded, her voice bringing me back to the present. I went back to my place in the mental re-play of Cyrus fucking me and resumed my performance, imagining that I was the one getting fucked. When I knew that she was satisfied, I got her off one more time and then acted like I was cumming. I rolled over to pull off the condom and throw it away before she could notice that it was empty.

The condoms were always empty now.

“Good night, Noel,” she whispered in my ear, wrapping her arms around me from behind to go to sleep. I was still hard, and the plug was still inside me, but I couldn’t cum anyway, so I just closed my eyes and thought about Cyrus, taking comfort from the feeling of fullness the plug gave me.

“Hey, faggot, I’ve missed you… Come over here and suck my dick, buddy… Yeah, I’m going to fuck you every day from now on, as often as your pussy needs it… I love you too, buddy, now swallow my cum.”

He loved me!

Cyrus loved me!

“Uhh, luuuuuuuve,” I groaned, feeling my soft mattress materialize below me, the sheet covering my body slick with sweat. I was right on the edge, my hips rocking as I humped the mattress, desperately trying to cum. I regained my senses and looked over to the other side of the bed. Heather was up already, so at least she hadn’t seen me humping the bed like a horny teenager. I sat up in bed and rubbed at my eyes, trying to clear the lust from my head.

I wanna cum! I just wanna cum!

And then I froze. I heard voices. Heather, and… A chill ran up my spine, and then right back down to gush out of my dick with a spurt of precum. It was Cyrus.

Cyrus is here! He’s here!

I grabbed some shorts from the floor and pulled them on, stuffing my dick into them as I walked out of the room. Cyrus and Heather were sitting on the couch, and he was speaking softly to her, staring her in the eyes. Then he noticed me and looked over with a smirk.

“Oh, hey, buddy. Long time no see.” His eyes moved up and down my body, and I found myself wishing I’d put on a shirt as my nipples stiffened under his gaze.

“Morning baby,” Heather slurred. She sounded drunk, or high. “Why didn’t you tell me about your best friend?” She looked over at me, and I noticed that her eyes were glossy. It took her a moment to focus on me, and then a confused expression spread over her face. “Do you know that you’re wearing my shorts?” She giggled, and I looked down to see my erection stretching the fabric of her short, black workout shorts.

“I, uh, I… I… Uhhh…” My face was burning red. How was I going to get out of this?

“Oh, hey, you’re behind on drinks, man. Heather here made mimosas, and I added a little something special to make them even better.” He picked up a champagne flute and poured from a half empty pitcher sitting on the table. “Sit, drink up,” he ordered. I stepped up and took the cup, settling onto the couch next to Heather, relieved that Cyrus had saved me.

He’s such a good friend.

I can trust him.

I love him.

I put the glass to my lips and started drinking, the orange juice and champagne bubbles refreshing, cooling me after the heat of embarrassment. What had he added to it? I’d only intended to take a sip, but Cyrus stared at me with an intensity that made it clear he wanted me to finish it.

I drained the glass, each gulp causing his smile to spread, morphing from a friendly grin to a smug smirk.

“Here, let me,” Heather said as I finished the glass, taking it from me and refilling it for me. “I’m still two ahead of you. They’re so good, aren’t they?” She giggled, and I could feel the alcohol hitting me already, relaxing me.

“S-s-so, what brings you by?” I asked Cyrus, taking a sip from my second glass. I took a deep breath, trying to calm myself, and realized that I could smell him.

It had been so long.

I forgot that he smelled so good!

My mouth fell open and my vision lost focus as I stared at him and huffed in his scent, the mimosa momentarily forgotten in my hand.

“I was just passing by, and I remembered that last time we hung out…” My dick gushed precum into Heather’s tight shorts. “So I thought I’d say hi, faggot.” I gasped, and Heather giggled again, seeming to take Cyrus’s words as banter between good buddies.

“Uh, h-hi,” I said softly. Heather didn’t hear over her giggles, but Cyrus did.

“Imagine my surprise when I knock on the door and find out that you have a new girlfriend and didn’t even tell me!” He laughed good naturedly. I chugged the rest of my drink, trying to regain my senses. “I do have to say, the two of you make such a cute couple.”

My head was swimming, even though I’d only had two drinks, and my pussy started to tingle, as if the champagne bubbles were moving down through my insides to gather there.

“Thank you, Cyrus,” Heather said dreamily, taking a sip of her own drink.

“You know,” he said getting to his feet to stand in front of us, “I’d love to see you two lovebirds share a kiss.”

“A k-k-kiss?” I asked, staring up at him, breathing deeply as his proximity made his scent stronger.

“Yeah. Kiss your girlfriend, faggot,” he ordered. I groaned and leaned in, noticing Heather’s lazy smile as she leaned in to meet me half way. My eyes closed before our lips met, and I started imagining that I was kissing Cyrus instead of her.

Something else touched our lips, at the corner of our mouths.

For a few moments, we kept making out, panting and groaning, but I knew that smell… I knew that taste… Gradually, my attention was drawn to the side until I was only half kissing Heather, and she pulled away.

My lips kept moving.

My tongue kept moving.

I was making out with Cyrus’s penis now.

“Noel, what are you doing?” She began with an angry tone that faded to one of fascination before her question was even finished. I moaned, my eyes rolling back in my head, and kept tonging my best friend’s penis in front of my girlfriend. Now that she’d seen, now that the illusion was broken, I didn’t need to pretend anymore. I could let go.

“It looks like there are a few things that you don’t know about your boyfriend,” he said conversationally, gripping the base of his erection and moving it around, forcing my head to follow as I snorted, licked, and kissed his erection.

While my girlfriend watched.

“Yeah,” she agreed, watching me crawl off the couch as Cyrus backed away, desperately keeping my lips and tongue in contact with his erection.

“Did he tell you that he’s a cuck?” Cyrus asked her, and I groaned, pressing my face against his saliva coated organ. “He turned into a total faggot after I showed him a video of me fucking his last girlfriend. Shit, I bet he’s already fantasizing about what it would be like to watch me fuck you.

Fuck Heather?

Cyrus fuck Heather?

Like he fucked Jami?

Like he fucked me?

I could imagine it, if I wanted to–His massive dick squishing into her, the same way it had squished into me, pressing against places that I could never reach. I could imagine her convulsing, cumming over and over, like Jami had… Like I had… If I wanted to, that is.

Fingers tangled in my hair, and he jerked my head away from his dick. I opened my eyes and looked up at him, panting, my face dripping.

“That would be hot, wouldn’t it, faggot? Watching me fuck your new girlfriend would probably make you cum, wouldn’t it?”

“Ohhh, yessssss!” I hissed.

“How long has it been since you came?” He asked, still holding my head in place.

“A m-month,” I confessed, trailing off with a moan as my dick jerked around in pleasure, tugging at Heather’s shorts.

“A month? But! Last night!” Heather objected, her voice slow like syrup.

“You faked cumming, faggot?” Cyrus asked, sneering down at me.

“Unh, yeah, I faked it.”

“How about you? Did he at least manage to get you off?” He asked Heather.

At least I knew I’d done that!

“Uh…” She began. “He… He tried so hard,” she said, and what confidence I’d had suddenly turned to dread. “But, no.”

“Has he ever made you cum?” Cyrus asked gleefully, taking advantage of the unexpected opportunity.

“No.” She confessed, setting off a fit of laughter from the man currently holding me back from his dick by the hair.

“Ohhhhnnnooooo!” I groaned, my face burning, red with shame.

“Well, come on, faggot, what did you expect? You were trying to fuck her with your clit,” he explained.

My clit?

“Nooo! Not a clit!” I cried out, feeling it jerk and leak between my legs.

“Like this wasn’t a pussy?” He asked, using his grip in my hair to pull me sideways onto all fours so that he could slide his hand into the back of Heather’s shorts.

I was silent, save for the little pants of delight that escaped as his hand moved around, groping, squeezing, rubbing, pushing… I felt his fingers find the base of the buttplug and he started laughing.

“What do we have here?” He questioned as he started to pull. My pussy stretched wide open to let the metal plug slide out.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I sighed, squirting more precum into Heather’s shorts.

“Now, what is this, faggot?” He asked, driving three fingers into me.

“Ohhhh! My pussy! That’s my pussy!” I squealed, arching my back and staring blankly forward as a silly smile spread across my face.

Cyrus has his fingers in my pussy!

“And what is this?” He asked, letting go of my hair and reaching down between my legs to squeeze my erection. I shook my head and gathered all the resistance I had left.

“It’s my d-d-dick!” I objected. It couldn’t be a clit, it just couldn’t be! I had to have a dick!

“Let’s put it to the test,” he said wickedly, pulling both his hands away. I stayed there, panting, on all fours. “You can watch me fuck your girlfriend, and if you can get through it without your clit squirting, it’s a dick, right?”

“R-right,” I agreed looking over to see Heather mirroring my position on the couch, a string of drool running from the corner of her mouth.

“I made this for you, faggot. I’ll just leave it here,” Cyrus said, dropping a huge dildo onto the carpet right in front of me with a heavy thump. It was huge, and I recognized it. It was Cyrus’s dick! I looked back up and gasped, watching him get into position behind Heather. “Ready to watch me fuck your girlfriend?” He asked

“Awww, yesss!” I hissed, settling onto my knees so that I could watch and reaching over to pick up the dildo with trembling fingers. My eyes stayed glued to where the head of his cock met her pussy, already stretching it. My fists were both gripping the dildo, my fingers not meeting. Heather was panting, and I realized that she sounded a lot like me.

“Show me what you want.” He said, still holding his position as Heather squirmed.

“S-show you?” I asked, confused. He looked down at the dildo in my hand, and then I understood. I groaned and pressed the dildo to my lips, sliding it into my mouth and onward, stretching my throat until the silicone balls met my chin. I relaxed my mouth, and started to pull the dildo free, my saliva glistening along its length. I rolled onto my back and tugged the shorts up and off, throwing them to the side.

I positioned the dildo at my pussy, and I waited.

He waited, too.

I couldn’t take it anymore! I lost patience and started to push the dildo into my pussy… And he started moving, mirroring my movements as he stuffed his dick into my girfriend. I had about five inches inside, so I reversed direction, pulling back to just the head, feeling my pussy throb around it.

So did he.

I slammed the dildo home, driving it deep into my pussy until the balls were pressed tight against me.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Heather cried out as Cyrus drove his dick into her. I left the dildo in place, and he waited, smirking at me. I wanted to masturbate so bad, but I knew that I’d cum if I did. I’d turn my dick into a clit. One hand gripping the base of the dildo, and the other grasping the carpet over my head, I started to pull it out, watching as Cyrus’s glistening penis was revealed, stopping when just the head was plugging me.

He drove his hips forward.

I gasped and followed, shoving the dildo back into me until the balls bounced against my cheeks. He grinned, rocking his hips back, slowly withdrawing from Heather’s pussy. I pulled the dildo out at the same agonizingly slow pace. He laughed, and then he started fucking her for real.

Like he’d fucked Jami.

Like he’d fucked me.

Like I wanted to see him fuck her.

I planted the base of the dildo against the carpet and started using my legs to lift myself off it, letting gravity slam me back down as I mirrored his motions. Both hands free, I started to explore my body and twist my nipples, deliberately avoiding my cli… My dick!

It’s not a clit, it’s a dick!

Heather and I were moaning together, reacting the same way to having that huge penis squished inside.

“Your clit looks like it’s about to squirt, faggot,” he panted at me, and I could feel it coming. I wasn’t going to make it. I gripped the carpet over my head, helplessly caught up in the rhythm of Cyrus’s fucking.

He was going to win.

I couldn’t stop.

And why the fuck would I want to?

“Awww, my cli–i–ick!” I gurgled, about to squirt. “My click! My click! Awwwwwww, yessssssss, it’s squirting! My clit! My cliiiiiiiiiiiit!” I cried out as it happened. My clit stood up, rigid, as the sensations of the massive dildo squishing in and out of my pussy pushed me over the edge. Liquid burst from it, spraying out pathetically in a steady stream as my pussy jerked and grasped the dildo, Cyrus adjusting his pace to drag the pleasure out as long as possible.

“Look at your boyfriend, heather,” he ordered, still fucking my girlfriend.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I panted, still driving myself up and down on the dildo, watery cum dripping down my body to sink into the carpet.

And my clit was still standing rigid.

Cyrus started punch fucking Heather, and as I mirrored the motions I felt it happening again.

“Awwwww, Cyyyyrus! My clit’s going to squirt again! My clit! My clit!” I squealed girlishly as it began, more cum pathetically squirting out to splash all over my body. And still I rode the dildo, gurgling and panting as the sensations in my pussy made my clit squirt for Cyrus, over and over again.

“I told you you had a clit, bitch,” he said, watching as I continued to ride the dildo, “Just like I told you you had a pussy. Now that you’ve found your clit, let’s see how many times we can get it to squirt.”

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