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I assure you all the men of this Island of Angamanain have heads like dogs, and teeth and eyes likewise; in fact, in the face they are all just like big mastiff dogs! They have a quantity of spices; but they are a most cruel generation, and eat everybody that they can catch, if not of their own race.

Marco Polo, Travels, 1477

I felt my bed materialize beneath me as I returned to my body from the world of dreams. I grinned, feeling my tongue roll lazily out the side of my mouth. The sheets were soft beneath me, the material silky on my smooth skin as I stretched. I brought my hands down to my stomach and felt the ridges of my abdomen, gently, tracing my way up my chest.

I can’t wait until my fur grows in, I thought as my fingertips circled the smooth skin around my nipples.

I continued moving upward until I met the start of the fur on my neck. I started to follow the direction of it, smoothing back around my neck, and then I brought my hands up behind my ears and started to gently rub my fingertips around, digging into the fur. My legs slid around, splayed under the sheet, and I could hear myself panting. Generally, this sort of behavior was frowned upon, but I can do what I want on my own birthday.

It’s my birthday! I realized with an excited yip.

–Well, well, well. It looks like someone is feeling good on his birthday.– I heard my brother project. My eyes snapped open and I looked down the length of the bed toward the doorway to see him standing there, leaning against the heavy wooden frame. –Good morning, Cotton. Happy birthday.–

— Thank you– I projected back to him. He was only wearing his kilt, and I couldn’t help but follow the contours of his muscles beneath the fur that covered his chest and arms. I noticed his grin, his tongue lolling out over his pointed teeth, and followed his gaze.

I was hard, tenting the thin sheet. I pulled it to the side and looked down at myself, feeling the familiar pang of jealousy as I took in my hairless body and my bobbing erection. The flesh of my cock looked red in contrast to my pale flesh, and my knot had started to swell.

–Good dreams, little brother?– Tristin asked me, stepping into the room. I noticed a couple of the human guards in the hallway behind him, though they had turned their backs toward the door to respect our privacy.

–I think so.– I reached down and grasped my erection around the knot, squeezing it. –But I can’t really remember.–

–Well, this is a perfect time to give you your present.– He said, snapping his fingers and calling one of the humans into the room. This one had red hair and skin even paler than my own. He looked at my erection with hunger in his eyes and licked his lips.

“I-it would be my honor to be your first human, Your Highness,” he squeaked meekly.

–Happy birthday!– Tristin repeated with a tadaa gesture toward the human. —You’re 36 little brother, you can start fucking the guards now.–

--Oh yeah!– I realized, sitting up in bed and looking at the human differently. He shuddered under my gaze and started to pull off his armor, letting it fall to the floor as he squirmed under my gaze. I could hear myself making little yips that echoed through the room, and it was like I could see the sound go in the human’s ear and cause his nipples to stiffen. I always thought the humans had funny looking penises, though not as much when they were hard like this one was as he tried to start walking over to the rug in front of my hearth, embers from last nights fire still glowing here and there in the pile of white and grey ashes.

He didn’t get far. His legs seemed to quiver, and he sank to the floor, gasping, his funny little penis dripping onto the stone floor. He scrambled forward, scraping his knees on the stone, and crouched on all fours in the middle of the rug, panting like one of us.

“P-please, Your Highness! Ohhh, please fuck me!”

–Fuck him, Cotton. He needs it bad, don’t leave him like that.– Tristin encouraged me. At the same time, I could smell it in the air, how horny the human had become. Tristin was right, he needs it. I climbed out of my bed and walked over to stand behind the human. I watched him shiver, his flesh breaking out into goosebumps, when I moved between his legs.

“Ohhhhh, yessssss!” The human squealed when I pressed the tip of my penis to his asshole. I was slick, and his hole had already relaxed, so it started to slide in with almost no pressure at all. I was panting, drool dripping down my tongue onto the human’s ass as I fed more and more of my cock into him. Finally, my knot pressed against his hole, and it felt better than anything I’d ever felt before. I just kept bouncing my hips, pressing the knot against his ass again and again with varying amounts of pressure and sending a series of yips echoing through the room.

–There you go, Cotton! Keep going.– He encouraged me, and I could smell that he was getting horny, too.

–Tristin, it’s so… Wow! Wow wow wow!– I threw my head back, my mouth falling open, and a series of barks filled the room, immediately followed by my whine of shame.

–It’ll be better once you get your knot inside– He reminded me, but that seemed unthinkable; I could barely handle what I was feeling right now.

“Insiiiiiiide,” the human whined pathetically and started scampering backwards, pressing himself back onto my penis. The pressure on my knot grew more intense, and then the human’s hole gave way. I felt it stretch and envelope me, and my eyes rolled back into my head. The knot popped inside, and I felt his ass grasp my shaft on the other side of it.

I couldn’t think anymore.

There was too much pleasure.

Instinct took over.

I fell forward onto his back, growling and drooling onto his pale flesh as I scrambled my legs to get the best leverage to do what had to be done.

–That’s it, Cotton, fuck the human, give it what it needs!– My brother encouraged me, though I was beyond understanding at that point, snarling and slamming my cock around the human’s insides, feeling my knot squeeze through the tight space, pulling hard against the human’s hole, unable to pass back out, and then driving as deep as possible back inside him. His squeaks, squeals, and moans mixed with my growling and panting. Behind it all was the wet slaps of my hips against his ass—violent cracks that echoed through the room.

It was too much!

I threw my head back and howled as my penis started to spasm and pump cum into a human for the first time. It went on and on until little spurts of cum started to spray out around my knot. When it came to an end, I sagged against the human’s back, exhausted, panting. My tongue lolled out and I started to lick his neck and ears, tasting his pheromones and the saltiness of his sweat.

–Good job, little brother– I felt him grab my hips and he started to hump me into the human’s ass again. I whined and felt my cock surge back to life, pressing harder against the human in all directions. He moaned underneath me and turned his head, his little human tongue sliding out of his parted lips to kiss me back. I just relaxed, exploring the human’s mouth, and let Tristin push and pull my hips until I felt it start to happen again. I pulled my head back, growling, and ended the kiss. The human turned forward, bracing himself and pushing back into the thrusts, and my cock exploded again, sending more spurts of cum spraying back out. Through the pleasure, I could smell a new scent joint the mix, and I could feel the human convulsing around my dick.

I made him cum!

The pleasure overwhelmed me again, and I came to a few minutes later, panting against his back again. Tristin was still holding my hips, and he started to pull back with increasing pressure. I whined and whimpered and then my knot popped free. My deflating penis slipped out with a flood of cum that dripped down the human’s balls and the insides of his thighs to join his load on the rug below us. His hole quivered, gaping and leaking, and the human’s rigid penis started to squirt a second load onto the rug. Tristin helped me to my feet, and we watched as the human turned around, staring up at us with a blank expression on his face, and then noticed the cum all over the rug with a gasp of glee. He leaned in and started to lick the cum from the fur.

–It looks like you broke him! Your first fuck! Dad is going to be so proud.– Tristin said with glee.

–I broke him?–

–Look at his eyes.– He said by way of answer. I did, and noticed the glassy, dull surface staring generally back up at us, not to mention the expression of dumb bliss and the string of drool running down to his chin. –His mind is gone; it was more pleasure than he could take.– He barked toward the open door, and another guard stepped in, looking at his broken friend with a look of eager hunger. –Someone needs to take him to the stables, and someone needs to come take care of me. Your choice.–

“Y-yes, Your Highness!” The dark-haired young man said eagerly, spinning to call in another guard, pointing out their broken friend before falling to his knees and crawling toward Tristin, his eyes fixated on the motions as Tristin lifted his kilt and exposed his own glistening erection, his knot far larger than my own. I watched him feed his penis into the human’s mouth, his muscles rippling beneath his fur as he bounced his knot against the human’s face.

–I can’t wait until my fur grows in.– I whined. Tristin looked over at me, his tongue lolling in a grin as he gripped the human’s face and punched him with his knot over and over again. The guard’s eyes had rolled up into his head, and the only sounds he was making was gurgling moans and breaths between thrusts.

–Relax, little brother. You aren’t even 40 yet, give it time. Get ready while I finish up here, we need to join father for the midday meal.– I got up and left the room right as cum exploded out of the guard’s mouth. He was clearly trying to swallow it all, but it was still leaking out and dripping down Tristin’s knot.

When I got out of the washroom, Tristin had already gone and the guard was struggling to stand up and walk out, his eyes, glazed over. I pulled my own kilt around my hips and my tender penis, ignoring the disoriented guard, and went downstairs to join father and Tristin for lunch.

–I hear you broke your first human today, Prince Cotton.– Father said conversationally as we sat around the heavy wooden dining table, each of our plates piled with cuts of meat in a pool of red.

–Yes, Your Majesty.– I responded with the respect he was due.

–I am well pleased with both of you.– Father looked back and forth between me and Tristin, tearing a chunk of meat from a steak with his teeth. –We are the last of our kind, my sons. We were once spread across the face of the earth, and now our family and vassals on this island are all that remains.– He continued, his disappointment at Cynocephali decline clear. –It’s time to change that.–

–What do you mean, Father?– Tristin asked, his head tilted to the side.

–Humans no longer believe that we ever existed.– The king began explaining. –They no longer remember what we can do, or why the desires we gave them terrified them so. It’s time to build a new foothold in the human world; a task worthy of two Princes of house Grim…–

The door creaked as Tristin let himself back into the strange, temporary human dwelling we had taken over—“Motel.” What a strange word. I sniffed the air, and took in the increasingly familiar scent of meat that wasn’t quite right… I’d avoided eating it the first week we’d been here, disgusted by what humans were willing to tolerate, but hunger won in the end.

–Any luck?– I asked Tristin unenthusiastically, watching him remove the neck chain that made humans see him as one of their own.

–I caught three more, and they all broke.– He said with a whine. –I didn’t know humans broke so much easier off the island. Dad really should have sent someone ahead of us. We can’t build any support if they break right away.–

–Maybe we’ll have better luck tomorrow.– I tried to encourage him. I didn’t know if it worked, though, because the room went black. I heard the sound of breaking glass, a little hiss, and then I felt something pulling me sideways into the… I’m on the floor… What’s…






The strange, steady sound slowly pierced the veil of sleep, and I knew right away that something wasn’t right. I was so groggy; I tried to shake my head and felt something fixed tight around it. I flinched, trying to reach to pull whatever it was off, but my arms wouldn’t move either. I opened my eyes and saw Tristin in front of me, staring at me with panic in his eyes. He was tied down to some sort of wooden frame, his penis erect and bobbing below him. There was a muzzle strapped around his head. There were wires and tubes attached around his body that were running to various pieces of strange looking human equipment.

My eyes got even wider as I realized that I had to be in the same setup—muzzled and restrained. I could hear the beeping sound pick up pace as I struggled, with Tristin’s and my whines mingling in the background.

–What’s going on?– I tried to project, but it wasn’t working. Somehow the muzzle was keeping me from being able to communicate at all! –Tristin!– I tried again. I watched his eyes roll and realized that he was probably trying to project to me, too.

“Doctor Delaney, the subjects are awake,” a human voice said. That was when I noticed that there were humans all around the room wearing white coats.

“Ahhh, excellent,” an older looking human said as he stepped in front of Tristin. My brother started growling, staring the human in the eyes.

“They seem quite aggressive, doctor,” a young human said as he stepped up next to the doctor. Tristin barked at him, as best he could through the muzzle, and he flinched.

“Indeed. How these beasts managed to go unnoticed for so long is a mystery… As is how they reduced Doctor Tribeca to his current condition. It’s obvious,” he continued, reaching underneath Tristin to tap the knot of his erection, “that the changes are sexually driven. It’s reasonable to conclude that there is some compound in these animals ejaculate that initiated the cascade. I have a theory I’d like to test. Hook up the milking apparatus to subject one and feed it back through an anal plug. While you’re at it, set up subject two for the same process.”

“Right away, doctor,” the young man said, bursting into motion. I watched as he took a large, clear tube hooked up to long, twisty tubes and slid it over Tristin’s penis. My brother growled, but there was nothing he could do. The human pressed it tight against Tristin’s knot and started stretching those strange bands up and around it to hold the tube tight in place. After that they took a smaller object, also connected to the clear tubing, and press it into Tristin’s ass. He yelped and growled, but again he was powerless to stop it.

I was so busy watching what they were doing to Tristin that I completely failed to notice the human moving up next to me. I growled and jerked as I felt a sting in my ass, and then a warmth started to spread through my hips. Tristin was watching me, wide eyed, as I felt that heat well up inside me and start… Pushing.

Tristin’s eyes dropped below me, and I whined as I realized what was happening. Whatever it was they’d just done to me, it was making me hard, like my big brother. I felt something squish down the length of my penis, pressing against my knot, and then the human was crisscrossing my knot with those strange, stretchy bands. Pressure met my ass, and I yipped as something pushed forward and into me.

“The subjects are both ready, doctor,” a human said as I lay there, panting through the muzzle, feeling my knot swell and press against the straps.

“Initiate the first milking of subject one,” the human in charge ordered. Several humans started fiddling around with equipment, and then Tristin growled low and deep as his penis swelled, impossibly stuffing every last bit of space available in the tight tube.

He growled, and thrashed, and looked at me with panic in his eyes, up until the moment that they rolled up into his head. His penis was red, pressing tight against the insides of the tube, and his knot had gotten bigger than I realized was possible. He yipped, went rigid, and I watched as the tubes connected to his penis changed from clear to white.

He’s cumming!

My eyes followed his cum as it flowed, spiraling, twisting, first one way, and then back the other, and up, and…

The thing they put in his butt… It’s going there! Oh no!

My eyes focused back on his face as the cum hit him. All I could see were the whites of his eyes as he thrashed and whined pathetically.

–No, Tristin, fight it!– I tried to project, but I knew he couldn’t hear me. My eyes followed the last of his load through the tubes and up his ass, and then he sagged in his bonds, staring blankly forward, panting, and drooling from the muzzle. He was still hard, but his cock had gone back to normal inside the tube, no longer squishing out to fill all the corners.

“Nowhere near as pronounced as with Doctor Tribeca, but the docility response is remarkable,” a human in a white coat said.

“Indeed. Let’s see what a second milking can achieve,” their leader said. I saw Tristin’s eyes struggle back into focus as they said that, and he looked at me. He didn’t have to be able to project to tell me what he was feeling.

He was staring into my eyes when the tube started sucking on his penis again. The focus immediately left his eyes. He just lay there, whining and twitching until the tubes went white again.

Another load of cum, twisting it’s way back to spray into my big brother’s ass.

“Remarkable. Be cautious, but I think it’s safe to remove the muzzle now,” Doctor Delaney said, and I watched as they unbuckled the muzzle and freed Tristin’s head. He shook it back and forth, and then turned to face me, tongue lolling.

–Coooottttooooonnnn, I didn’t know.– He projected, but I could tell it was only to me.

“If I didn’t know any better, I’d say it was communicating somehow,” Delaney said watching Tristin.

–He is! Tristin! Tell them!– I screamed inside my head.

–Ohhhh, Cotton, I didn’t know it felt like this.– Tristin continued dully. –It’s why the humans back home like it. I like it, too.–

“Run a third cycle,” the doctor instructed, and the tube went to work on Tristin again.

–Oooh, yes! They’re doing it again! Oh, Cotton, it’s so good, and it’s going up my butt again!– Drool was streaming from his tongue as he grinned at me. –Ohhh, I’m gonna do it! I think I’m gonna break, Cotton!– I watched his cum flood the tubing once again as it traveled around him to spray into his ass. –Connonnn! Goooooood!– He projected loudly as he quivered in his bonds and another load of his cum was pumped up his butt.

–Fight it! Fight it, Tristin!– It didn’t matter that he couldn’t hear me; I had to try.

–Connonn, I no break!– He projected in a confusing mix of excitement and disappointment. –Wanna break!– He wiggled against the frame. One of the humans tentatively extended a hand in front of Tristin’s face. He sniffed it and then started lazily licking at it. –Connnnoonnnnnn, wannn break now.– He whined, trying in vain to hump the tube strapped to his erection.

“Remarkable,” Doctor Delaney said as he watched my brother lick the younger human’s hand. “Continue milking but divert output to subject two’s plug.” My eyes met his, and I whined at the evil sneer he was looking at me with.

He’s going to make Tristin cum in my ass now.

“Set subject two’s pump to minimum suction and set the output to subject one’s plug.”

–Cum, Connnonnn! Break me!– Tristin begged, somehow figuring it out just as fast as I did. --Connonn cum, me break! Break me! Doooo!– My crazed older brother begged me, his mind barely hanging on, but there was nothing I could do, even if I wanted to be the one to destroy my own big brother’s mind.

I whined and struggled, feeling my knot swell even more in the straps they’d wrapped around it as the tube gently pulled at my penis. At the same time, I could see Tristin’s penis being worked by the machine, his knot throbbing, swelling.

–Connonn no break me, me break Connonn!– He threw at me as the tubes around his cock went white. I whined louder and struggled harder as I watched a different set of tubes carry my brother’s cum closer to me. It moved out of sight, but I was able to follow its progress by watching Tristin’s eyes, and then.

Tristin’s cum sprayed into my guts, and my world exploded into a prismatic kaleidoscope of pleasure.

–Cum, Connonn! Break me!– Tristin repeated urgently when my eyes came back into focus.

–No! Stop! Don’t make me do it!– He couldn’t hear me.

–You cum if I break you!– He reminded me, and I could see him humping into the machine with every milimeter of space available to him, willingly driving himself toward another orgasm.

My big brother was going to cum again… He knew that it was going to spray into my ass, and that it would eventually break me, but he didn’t care.

The tube went white again.

I struggled as Tristin growled and moaned, giving me a second load.

–Break, Connon! Break! Break! Break! Break! Break!– He chanted as his second load sprayed down my insides.

–No! Tri…– Even though he couldn’t hear me, I cut off when I realized that I couldn’t remember my big brother’s name. –Tri… Trinin!–

–Break! Break! Break! Break! Br-e-aaaa-k!– He continued, cutting off into yips and growls as he flooded the tubing with another load of his cum.

He’s going to break me!

The cum sprayed into my ass, and the pleasure surged beyond my ability to control it. My cock swelled even more inside the tube and then flooded it with white. The suction increased right away, sucking my cum from the tube and sending it winding toward my big brother’s ass.

–Break me! Break me! Connnonnnnn, break meeeeeeee!– He started yipping and whining uncontrollably as his projection suddenly ended. I stared into his eyes as my cum flooded into him, so I could see it happening. What parts of his mind hadn’t given way to pleasure collapsed, and Trinin ceased to exist. At the same time, his penis exploded again, sending white worming toward me and out of sight.

I just broke my brother!

It’s making him cum!

I can’t take another load!

He’s going to break me!

As Trinin’s load started to spray into my ass, time slowed down to a crawl. It was like I could feel every drop make contact with my insides, slowly being absorbed by my guts.

Trinin’s cumming in me!

Connonn have to hold on!

Don’t break!

Trinin’s cum!

Awww, don’t…

Gonna break!

Trinin’s gonna break Connonn…

I’m… I’m Connonn!

Have to hold on!

Aww, Trinin’s cum!

Gonna break!

I’m Connonn!

Can’t forget!

I’m Connonn!

I’m Conn…

I’m Con….




Doctor Delaney grinned at the two horny animals as they got caught in a cycle. Subject one would pump a load into subject two. Subject two would go over the edge and pump a load back into subject one, who would then go over the edge himself and start the cycle again.

“Should we remove the muzzle from subject two, now?” A lab assistant asked, stepping up next to Euphrates Pharmaceuticals head researcher.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t think it would notice either way. Start diverting three quarters of their cum into a collection tank and start packing up for the weekend. Let’s see how much we can collect by Monday.”

“Yes, doctor.”

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