Super Kinky Supporters

So you're not just a supporter. And you're not just Super Kinky... You're all in; you're Balls Deep (or thinking about it). In this section you will find exclusive content just for you. In addition, Balls Deep supporters are encouraged to send me requests for extended scenes, stories, etc. If you have a request, pelase message me on here, or send me an email directly at

Nicky's Brainwashing Diary

Read Nicky's intimate daily diary as he goes through ViVe's Brainwashed Toy program, starting on 03/08/2021. It is expected to take around 4-5 weeks, and there is also a Brainwashing-Support Discord channel for anyone who wants to join in, discuss, or just follow along.

Pending Balls Deep Requests

None; contact Nicky to make a request.