A Study of Sensimilla

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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“So,” my cousin Wyatt began in a pinched voice, a tiny puff of smoke escaping with the syllable as he handed our friend Chance the pipe. “Who’s going to do it?” He asked normally, a cloud of smoke forming in the air around him as Chance started to take his hit.

“You’re really considering it?” I asked, waiting for my turn. “You’d volunteer for some experimental shit?”

“Freddy, dude, it’s a study on weed at the university. I don’t care if it’s some fancy, experimental shit, it’s still weed, and they want volunteers to smoke it.”

Chance absently passed the pipe to me, puffing out his cheeks to start blowing smoke rings. I brought the pipe to my mouth to take my own hit.

“Duuude,” Chance said with a little cough after clearing his lungs. “You had me at free weed.”

I let my attention leave the conversation for a minute as I slowly drew in my own hit, filling my lungs to capacity and holding it.

My chest heaved, trying to cough, but I knew the urge to cough was a lie. That’s just my lungs absorbing it. As I held the smoke in, sure enough that buzzing in my lungs that made me feel like coughing moved up, sliding around the surface of my brain.

I let the smoke out in a smooth stream, enjoying the sensation.

“Come on, man, I want us all to do it,” Wyatt pressed as I passed the pipe back around to him. “It pays good money, too,” he added before taking his hit.

“Come on, Freddy! Money and weed!” Chance giggled between us, moving in syrupy motions to take the pipe when Wyatt offered it.


It was hard enough when only one of them was trying to convince me. I took the pipe and filled my lungs again, holding it until the buzzing added to the storm of static covering my brain, and…

I let the smoke out, quickly passing the pipe as I felt it happening. The static started to slide into my brain, through it, pooling in my head until it started to drip lazily down my spine.

“I’ll do it,” I agreed, caught up in the sensations, and excited about what was about to happen. The static had dripped down my spine, slow like honey, and now it was gathering and then spilling over into my crotch.

My dick went rigid, tingling. Fortunately, Wyatt and Chance were placated by my agreement and had gone back to watching some zombie movie. I stared at the screen, but I wasn’t seeing zombies; all my attention was on the intensifying sensations swirling around my groin.

The weed is jacking me off, I mused, helpless to fight the smile that thought brought to my face.

Later that night, while I was laying in bed staring open mouthed at my computer screen where a blond was getting her brains fucked out by this guy who looked like a body builder, Wyatt was on his computer filling out applications for all three of us.

We were all accepted.

I tapped my foot, sitting on a chair next to a hospital bed in a sterile, underground room at the Euphrates Labs building. When we all applied together, and were accepted together, we had assumed we would be participating in the study together. I twiddled my thumbs and tapped my foot in frustration.

Why is this taking so long?

Where are Wyatt and Chance?

The door rattled as someone started to open it, so I made a point of sitting up and trying to look calm and relaxed.

“Sorry about the wait,” a redhead about my age wearing forest green scrubs said cheerfully as he rolled a cart into the room. “I had three of you to set up for, and it was alphabetical order, so you’re last.”

“No big… Uh… Deal…” I trailed off as I noticed what was on the cart he was positioning in front of me. “Woah.”

“I know, right? I’m almost jealous of the subjects of this study,” he joked, making Vanna White gestures at the large jar of herb and various pipes, vaporizers, and bongs on the cart. “Are you all done with your paperwork?” He asked, pointing at the clipboard I’d set to the side.

I grimaced, remembering the near hour it had taken me to answer all the questions and sign all the lines, and passed him the thick stack of board-bound papers.

“Yeah,” I said as he took it, “Some of those questions were… Personal,” I added, wishing I could keep myself from blushing.

“Haha, yeah, but they’re all anonymous. The data gets scanned into a computer, but nobody actually reads them before they get shredded.”

“Oh, cool,” I said awkwardly.

“So, back on task, you are going to be helping us research a new strain of cannabis that we’ve developed. Eventually we plan to produce a line of extracts and pills from it, but it’s easier to test it this way first. I think it’s safe to say this is more than you could possibly consume, so don’t feel any need to hold back.” He started to leave, clipboard in hand.

“Uh, can I get my phone back? It’s a little boring in here on my own.”

“Oh, sorry about that—there’s a projector TV,” he pointed up at the hardware on the ceiling, and then the open, white wall. The remote is there,” he gestured at the table on the other side of the bed. “Hit the intercom by the door if you have trouble working it.” He continued out the door. I stood up and retrieved the remote, hitting the power button on my way back to my chair. While I listened to the hum of the projector warming up, I took a closer look at the cart.

Where to start?

I absently picked up a grinder and fed some flower into it as I tried to decide what to use. The vaporizer was tempting, but a long, cobalt blue, wizard pipe caught my attention.

I packed it and took my first hit, the smoke shining in the beam of the projector as I blew it up into the air. It tasted like fruity cereal! I glanced at the wall, but all it said was “No channels available.”

“Huh,” I said to the empty room, getting up to go to the intercom. I hit the button and waited.

“Yes?” A voice crackled with static.

“Uh, the projector says no channels available.”

“Yes, sir. Your channels will be turned on shortly.”

“Uh, thanks.”

There was no response. I returned to my seat and took another hit, holding it in this time. I felt the familiar sensations rising from my lungs to start caressing my brain, but much faster than usual.

I exhaled with a giggle, realizing how strong this stuff was. And I had a whole jar of it. Noise started echoing through the room, and I realized that there were now images being projected onto the wall, but I ignored them for the moment and took another hit.

I started blowing smoke rings up into the light, remembering a montage of practicing with my friends. About a third of the rings I blew made it up into the light, shining like halos.

And the entire surface of my brain was tingling.

I picked up the remote and started clicking through channels, looking for something worth watching as the tingling became buzzing, and the buzzing became vibrating.

“Fuuuuck,” I groaned, pausing in my channel surfing as the sensations swirling across the surface of my brain started to sink in, penetrating deep. “Huhuhuhu,” I giggled, putting the pipe down. “I’m fucking stoned.” I went back to flipping channels, waiting for the next step. With as intense as this was, it was going to be good.




“Ohhhhhhh,” feminine moans echoed through the room over a rhythmic slapping sound. “Ahh! Ohhhhhhhnnnn!” The images twisted and blurred in my stoned vision as I struggled to make them out, like some psychedelic hallucination, and then settled into a large, muscle builder of a man taking a blond woman from behind, just like the porn I’d jerked off to the night before, his fingers tangled in her hair and a look of ecstasy on her face. At the same time, the storm in my brain rushed down my spine like water down a drain before slamming into my dick, driving it rigid.

“Ohhh, wooooah!” I giggled in surprise, shifting my erection into a more comfortable position in my pants. Absently stroking myself through the denim, I clicked the remote again.

More moans.

More blurred images swirled psychedelically before resolving into a brunette pinned between two men. I giggled, squeezing my erection and enjoying the pushback from it.


The swirling colors resolved into two guys sitting on a couch, lazily stroking their erections to porn playing off screen. I Just watched them stroke, waiting for the women to show up.


The swirling colors resolved into a hazy room where two guys were sitting on a couch, lazily stroking their erections like the last two guys as they took turns taking hits from what looked like a hookah.

“Huhuhu,” I giggled, “They look like Wyatt and Chance.” I put the control down, absently fumbling my jeans open as I watched the guys who looked like my cousin and my friend stroking themselves on the couch.

The one who looked like Chance moaned, his hips rocking on the couch as his stroking absently slowed down.

“Oh, man… Do… Do you feel that?” He asked the guy who looked like Wyatt, his head rolling limply to the side. It was clear to me that he was feeling something because his hips were quivering from his internal battle to keep still.

“Aww, man, it’s… Fuuuuck.” The Wyatt look-alike let go of his erection completely, gripping the cushions as his hips started rocking, his legs parting. Seeing his buddy getting into it, the Chance look-alike appeared to let go, all traces of shame leaving his naked grinding. His dick stood up rigid, but both were gripping the couch as their spread legs pressed together. They were grinding in opposition, using pressing off each other in turn.

“What do you suppose Freddy is doing?” The one who looked like my cousin asked.

Wait, what?

I stared at the screen wide eyed. It really was Wyatt and Chance! I moaned in surprise, and then froze, confused. I looked down at my lap to discover my fist squeezing my glistening, engorged penis.

I’m jacking off watching two naked guys… No, watching my cousin and best friend naked! Aww, why are they rubbing like that?

I resumed my lazy stroking, trying to make sense of what was going on.

“Awww, my ass!” Chance gasped. “It… It feels funny, Wyatt!”

“Yeeah,” my cousin cooed. “Mine toooo.” He hiked up his other leg and started to slide his hand between his thighs, his rigid penis ignored.

“What are you doing?” Chance asked with a stoned giggle.

“Feels…” Wyatt’s fingers slid down, under his balls, and along the crack of his ass. “Ohhhhh,” he moaned. “It feels good.”

“Your ass?” Chance sounded confused.

“Yeahhhh,” Wyatt sighed. “Try it.” He withdrew his hand and seemed to introduce a second finger. I stared in fascination, my own precum keeping my stroking smooth, effortless, as I watched my cousin finger himself.

Chance lifted his leg, reflecting Wyatt’s movement, and tentatively probed between his cheeks. I watched his cock stiffen even more and leak as he tested once, then twice, and then drove his fingers home, just like Wyatt was doing with what looked like three fingers.

“Fucking sluts,” I muttered, leaning back in my chair, and lazily stroking as I watched my friend and cousin descend into trying to work as many fingers as they could into their own asses. I focused on Wyatt and started slamming my fist down the length of my cock every time he thrust his fingers back between his legs.

It’s like I’m fucking him.

It’s like I’m fucking my cousin.

“Oh, god!” I cried out, letting go of my cock as that thought almost sent me over the edge. It was so nasty, so depraved, and yet there was no denying the feelings that thought had given me.

Fucking Wyatt?

Fucking my cousin?

I shifted my attention to Chance, matching his pace instead.

Fucking Chance.


Fucking Wyatt.


I gripped my erection and went back to stroking, intrigued by the perverse thoughts. They were so dirty, and so gay, but then, not as gay as fingering their own asses like sluts.

“Faggots!” I sneered at the screen, stroking my cock the way I wanted to fuck them instead of the way they were fucking themselves. They were twisting, writhing, hunching, thrusting, rubbing, and all the while they moaned like bitches in heat.

I heard a knock and jumped, struggling to hide my erection before I realized it had happened on the screen. The redhead in hunter green scrubs walked into view. Chance and Wyatt giggled as they stopped fucking themselves and tried to cover their erections.

“Having fun?” The man asked with a smile.

“Yeah,” they cooed together dumbly.

“I’m glad to hear it, but you two need to get dressed. We’re taking you to join your friend now.”

Hey, that’s me!

I grinned, giving my erection a final squeeze before I started working it back into my pants. I couldn’t let them come in and just see me like that.

“Can’t we stay in here until…” Wyatt began, fingers slipping down without thought. “Uh, until we, unnnn,” he moaned as his fingers made contact.

“Nope, sorry, we need the room for someone else.”

“Fuuuck,” my cousin groaned like a slut, struggling to pull his hand away. Chance, with slightly more dignity, was already struggling into his clothes and was dressed well ahead of his blushing buddy. The channel changed without me needing to touch the remote, and some sort of screen saver took over—shifting colors and flashing light.

I stared at it, waiting. Soon enough, there was a knock at my door, and the redhead led them in. They were both trying to look normal, but I could see the flush in their cheeks, the quiver in their thighs as they walked.

Why had I never noticed how slutty my friend was? How slutty my cousin was? I sneered at them.

“H-hey, Freddy,” my cousin greeted me, his voice cracking.

“Haha, you look stoned,” Chance giggled.

“Look who’s talking,” I giggled along with him, Wyatt getting caught up in it along with us. By the time it was over, the man in hunter green scrubs had left.

“What’re you watching?” Chance asked, standing next to me and looking at the colors on the wall, fascinated.

“Yeah.” Wyatt added, also staring.

“Sit down and let’s see,” I encouraged them, grabbing the back of each of their pants and pulling them both onto my lap. Their little gasps of surprise made my dick throb as the three of us stared, but not as much as it did when I felt them start giving little rocks of their hips, grinding their asses gently into my thighs. I reached out and grabbed each of them by the wrist, making sure to take the hand they’d been fingering themselves with, and guided them closer to my face.

I heard another gasp when I gave their fingers a little sniff. I could feel Wyatt’s trembling legs clutching my straddled leg. I chuckled and guided their hands up to their faces. Their lips parted without hesitation as I slid the index, ring, and middle fingers of each into their own mouths.

The screen resolved into a new image.

A threesome, with two horny sluts.

Us, right at that moment.

My cousin and friend gasped around their fingers, drool running from the corners of their mouths, and stared at the screen in fascination. I watched myself let go of their wrists, leaving them to keep sucking of their own volition, and deliberately sucked on my own fingers to lube them up. Then I slid my hands into the back of their pants.

They both arched their backs, moaning and slobbering on their own fingers. They both shuddered and moaned as I pressed my fingertips to their holes.

I could feel their heartbeats in their assholes, strong and fast.

“Faggots,” I growled, and drove my fingers in as far as they would go. “Sluts.” Wyatt cried something out around his fingers, but I couldn’t make out the words. Chance, however, pulled his fingers free and reached back to grip my arm, trying to keep my fingers buried deep.

“Take off your clothes,” I ordered, shoving both of them from my knees and watching them fall limply to the floor. I stood over them, pulling off my own clothes as they wiggled and struggled free of their own. I grabbed a naked Chance by the neck and pushed him toward the bed until he was bent over, ass exposed.

“What are you doing?” Wyatt squealed as I pulled him up and positioned him behind our friend. He gasped as I guided his rigid dick into position against Chance’s asshole.

“Hehehehe, your dick’s on my ass, Wyatt!” Chance giggled.

“What are you… I can’t do this… I have a girlfriend!” My cousin cried out, protesting weakly before I grabbed him by both hips and shoved him forward.

“Wooooahhhh!” Chance cried out in surprise, his head snapping up. I grabbed Wyatt’s hips and pumped a few times. “Ohhh-ohhh-ohhhh-ohhh-ohhhnnnn,” he cooed.

“Maybe,” I said, positioning my fingertips at my cousin’s hole before letting go of his hips. He immediately started to pull out of Chance, driving himself back onto my fingers. “She can’t give you what you want.” He reversed direction, thrusting back into Chance’s ass. “Can she?”

“Ohhhh, nooooo!” Wyatt cried out, bucking back and forth between my fingers and Chance’s ass.

“Wow, you really want your hole filled, don’t you?”

“Fuck!” Wyatt cried out, clearly realizing that he did. “But you’re my cousin!”

“So? I began, pinning him back inside Chance as I moved my cock into position, the head right along side the tips of my fingers. I let up the pressure and waited.

“Fuuuck, Chance, your ass!” He gasped, starting to rock back and gasping as his hole stretched wider than ever before. “Ohhhh,” he cooed in wonder. “Ohhh, ohhhh, ohhhh,” he started pushing back harder, his slutty moans growing more wanton with each exhalation. I kept my hand on my dick, forcing him to take four fingers along with my shaft, and he did it with ease.

“Fuck, dude, you’re such a slut.” I slapped his ass with my other hand, and he started frantically bucking between us. Neither Chance nor I had to do anything as my crazed cousin fucked himself between us.

“Aww, Wyatt,” I growled, “I’m jacking my dick inside your ass, and I’m going to cum.”

“Oh god, oh god, oh oh ohhhhhhh!” My cousin babbled, trailing off into whoreish moaning as my dick swelled and started spewing into his guts. At the same time, I felt his prostate go rigid, solid, like a marble, and knew that he was cumming into Chance’s ass.

“I’m cumming!” Chance called out shrilly. “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!”

Spent, the three of us collapsed against each other and slid to the floor, panting, burning flesh breaking into goosebumps at the feeling of the cold tile floor.

I don’t know how long I was out, but I woke up with my dick still inside my cousin, and felt it start to swell again. He groaned, followed by Chance, and then we were wiggling against each other on the floor, a trio of mingling moans churring from our lungs.

“How do you feel?” A voice interrupted us, and as we looked over to see the redhead in hunter green scrubs, I felt my cousin’s ass start to jerk as he pumped a second load into Chance’s ass.

“Unhhh, still really high,” I answered, absently rocking my pelvis. “Uh, when… When will it wear off?” I asked, grabbing Wyatt’s hips to try and hold him still so I could concentrate.

“Oh, well, we’re not exactly sure about that, it’s kind of why we’re having human trials; the high outlasted the lifespans of our test animals.”

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