A Harvested Bounty

Nicky Noxville

All my stories take place in a parallel world, very similar to our own, where STI’s do not exist, so my stories are filled with practices that are highly unsafe in this world. I’m not going to say don’t try this at home, but take care of yourself.

All my characters are of legal age, and you should be, too—do not read my stories if you are under the legal age in your country/area. Any resemblance to real persons, locations, or events is entirely coincidental.

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And now, our feature presentation…


Blinding white.

Can’t think.

Where am I?

Who am I?

I’m Fr… Fruhhh….


The fog filling my vision with diffused white light started to clear. I looked around at the strange little room I was in, at my naked body, at my little penis, a rigid inch waving at me as I watched and giggled.


The new sound pulled my attention away, and I looked up, drool running from the corner of my silly smile. The wall was lifting!

I looked down at the bottom to see what was on the other side. Someone was standing there. Feet were revealed, spread apart, and then legs—muscled, hairy, veiny legs. Drool continued to run from my mouth as I watched more of the body being revealed by the lifting wall.


Thighs, thunderously corded, and at the same time the tip of a massive, uncircumcised penis.

“Oooohhhh!” I gurgled, spit bubbling. My eyes fixated on the penis, following the thick, flaccid length up, up, up, muscled thighs fading to the background, until first balls, and then hips came into view.

“Biiiiiggggggg!” I squealed in excitement, and laughter echoed from outside my funny little room.

Abs, rock hard, ridged, coated with hair.

A chest, powerful, covered in a dark coating, nipples peeking through.

Powerful arms.

A thick neck.

A smug grin.

Green eyes that looked familiar for some reason.

“Hey, ‘big’ brother,” the beast standing in front of me said. I could smell him, a thick musk, and I was panting it in.

“Brotherrr?” I droned stupidly.

“Yeah, Franki, I told you I’d save you for your little brother’s 18th birthday. It’s here!” Another man said from over his shoulder.

Franki? I’m Franki!

“Brotherr!” I said excitedly. “Daddy?”

“That’s right, you’re so smart, Franki!” he said, and it made me feel so warm and good that I grinned wider and spilled out more drool.

“Wow,” I said, my eyes going right back to my new brother’s penis. It was even bigger now and getting bigger as I stared. “Biiiiiiiiiig.” I tried to move forward, and my legs turned to jelly, depositing me on my hands and knees. I looked up and it was right there, right in front of my face. I giggled. I felt my own little penis throbbing between my legs, like the faintest touch would make it start squirting all over the floor.

Fortunately, it was too small to so much as brush against my leg; I was safe.

“I told you he would need it more than you do. Now do you see?” Daddy said, standing beside us.

“Oooo, yessssss,” I purred, watching my brother’s erection stand up straight to tower well past his belly-button, veins throbbing, foreskin pulled tight, only the pink tip of his glans poking out, and it was starting to glisten and drip precum. My eyes followed the droplets down his massive erection. “Moooree.”

“I can’t believe this faggot was your first try,” my new Big Little Brother said.

“I know. What’s funny is that despite how much I was able to take from him and give to you, he’s not that much different than he was before.” They both burst out laughing. I didn’t really get it, but I giggled along with them anyway. My big Little Brother reached out and tussled my hair, and I felt a little squirt escape my penis.

“Haha, look at his clit leak!” Little Big Brother said, pointing down at the ground.


Daddy and Little Big Brother were laughing again, and, once again, I giggled along as I realized what they meant. My penis was so tiny, it really was more like a clit!

My clit!

My giggles trailed off into moans and more precum dripped from my clit as the thought rattled in my head; I don’t have a penis—I have a clit! I just stayed there, watching his penis, feeling my clit jerk and leak between my thighs.

“You like that bro?” He rumbled, reaching down to grasp the base of his erection, squeezing tight and wagging it in my face.

“Oooooooo! Yes!” I giggled. “My clit, unnnhhh,” my voice cracked, squeaking even higher as I said ‘clit,’ and it squirted again, thrashing about in vain.

“Well, now that we’ve established faggot anatomy, crawl on out here,” he ordered, turning and walking away. I took in his backside, and the corded muscles in his shoulders and back. I fumbled with my hands in front of me as I crawled after him, unwilling, or maybe unable, to look away from my new brother.

“Here you go, little big bro, suck on this for a minute,” he said, turning around and putting the head of his enormous penis right at my lips. I gasped, giggled, and then leaned forward, my mouth open in a wide O, and my tongue extended just beyond my lips. I felt warmth first, then heat, then my tongue touched flesh, making contact with the dripping head of his erection, my saliva mixing with his precum andthe taste exploding in my mouth.

“Mmmmm,” I started kissing and licking at the head of his penis, desperately seeking out more of my new brother’s precum.

“I said suck on it, not make out with it, stupid. Suck. On. It.” He repeated, emphasizing his words with slaps to my face from his heavy cock.

“Huuuuuummmmmmmhhh,” I cooed, diving forward to take several inches of his cock into my mouth. I started nursing on it, just keeping what I could in my mouth while I sucked and swallowed.

“There you go, just like that. Did you know you’re sucking on my penis AND your own penis at the same time? Yeah, just like that. Juuuuuust like that—swallow it all!” He commanded. I moaned and got ready.

He’s cumming already!

My mouth filled with burning liquid.

So much cum!

I kept swallowing, and swallowing. Big Brother and Daddy were laughing.


Again and again I swallowed, moaning, my clit twitching.

That’s not cum!

My eyes rolled back into my head as understanding finally hit me—I was drinking my new brother’s pee! Everything about him, his penis, his pee… It was all so masculine. I could feel myself opening up to it, desperate for it, needing more, but it had taken me so long to figure it out that he was already finishing! I sucked at his penis, moaning wantonly, as the flow slowed until he pulled out of my mouth with a pop and the final few spurts blasted me in the face.

“Good job, little big bro. Ready to get fucked now?” He asked, stroking his cock in front of me. I squealed in excitement and crawled around in a circle, spreading my legs and keeping my ass presented as I lay my chest and head on the floor, my arms splayed over my head.

“Fuuuuuuck!” I purred, wiggling my hips. Daddy and Big Little Brother laughed again, but I didn’t mind. I just giggled along with them, waiting to get fucked.

“Your clit,” Big Little Brother said. I gasped as a finger tapped my clit, and felt myself give up more precum, dripping all over it. “Your pussy,” he said, and I felt his finger meet my hole, slick with my own precum.

My clit.

My pussy.


My clit!

My pussy!

“Awwww, pussssssssyyyyyyy,” I gurgled on the floor.

“Yeah, pussy,” he mocked me, and I felt something heavy, hot, and blunt press against it.

Against my pussy. Big Little Brother’s big cock, my pussy, gonna fuck it!

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh,” I groaned, relaxing, desperate to get it inside me. My pussy relaxed, and his cock started to stretch my pussy open, sliding into me at a steady pace, going on, and on, and on. “Biiiiiiiiiigggggggggg,” I cooed. Finally, he pressed his pelvis against my ass

“Your pussy was made for this,” he growled softly in my ear, the stubble on his chin like sandpaper. I felt him shift around, and then he started to rock his hips back and forth, keeping his massive penis mostly buried inside me, squishing through my insides and driving wanton, bubbling moans from my drooling lips.

“Happy birthday, son,” Daddy said to Big Little Brother as he fucked me. I hope you like it.

“Thanks, Dad,” he said conversationally as he fucked me. “Why don’t you get in on this? Here…” He pulled out of me, leaving me groaning in disappointment. “Stay,” he barked, and I did. “Here, Dad, sit in front of him and scoot forward.” Fingers tangled in my hair and lifted my head, bringing my Daddy’s penis into view. It was a lot smaller than Big Little Brother’s. He positioned it at my lips, and then let go of my hair, letting my head fall onto Daddy’s dick.

“Faggot,” Daddy purred to me as he grabbed my hair and used my head to make his penis feel good.

“Here, let’s take a shot to celebrate,” Big Little Brother said. I heard glasses clink together over my head, but I just kept sucking, wiggling my hips, waiting for my new brother to shove himself back inside me.

I want him to cum inside me!

I moaned around Daddy’s penis, sucking, swallowing, and then I felt it get even more rigid, and I tasted precum as he started to ooze into my mouth.

“What did youooooooo,” Daddy moaned. “Franklyn, did you, ohhhhhh,” he said, rocking his hips against my face.

“Well, come on, Dad. My education’s complete now. You taught me everything you know, so I don’t really need you around anymore. We’ve got to give you a new purpose if you want to stay relevant in my life. Don’t you want that, Dad?”

“Yes!” Daddy gasped.

“I know, Dad, that’s why I’m doing this. Besides, what you took from Franki here wasn’t really enough for me. You won’t miss it if I just take a little.”

“Take? Noooo!” Dad gurgled. “Don’t do that! Take them out!” I couldn’t see what was happening, so I just kept sucking on Daddy’s penis.

“Shhh, look how much Franki is enjoying himself; you will too, just relax.” I felt the cold, glass bottom of a beaker meat the small of my back, resting there, and then I felt Big Little Brother move back into position behind me.

“Ohhh, oh fuck, don’t do this, Franklyn! P-please don’t do it!” Daddy begged, still humping my face.

“Shhhhhhh,” He answered, squishing back into me. When he was all the way inside again, I felt him fiddle with the beaker on my back and heard a little squeak. “Keep sucking, Franki. As long as you can.”

He started rocking his hips again.

Daddy kept fucking my face, moaning incoherently.

I felt his cock swell and then… It was still hard, clearly, but it was fitting in my mouth a little easier. I felt a splash against the glass on my back, and something about it was familiar.

I bucked.

I sucked.

I wracked my brain.

It’s what Daddy did to me! I realized, and my clit throbbed. He’s taking Daddy’s penis, too!

“S-s-son! S-s-s-stop it!” Daddy whined. “That’s enough!”

“A little more, Dad. My dick’s so big already that it’s going to take a lot of yours to make any difference.” Daddy’s penis jerked against my tongue, and then there was a little more room in my mouth.

I felt more liquid splash into the beaker.

“Nooooooooo!” Daddy squealed. “Ohhh, Goddddd, it’s so good! You have to stop!”

“Noooooot yeeeeeeeet,” Big Little Brother sang.

It’s smaller than my clit now!

I swirled my tongue over it, pressing my lips against his pubes, feeling the splashing come to a halt.

“Ooooooo!” Daddy moaned, and his tiny little penis squirted cum into my mouth. I just moaned and swallowed, thinking about how his penis had been when we started. Big Little Brother shifted back, pulling me away with him, and Daddy’s penis appeared right in front of me. It was like a little button.

I stared at it and giggled, and Big Little Brother joined in.

“Son, nooooo!” Daddy said as he took in the sight of his new micro-penis and started crying.

“Oh, Dad, I’m sorry,” Big Little Brother said sincerely, pausing in his fucking. He removed the beaker from my back, and I felt a lighter one take its place. “It’s got to be hard having a little button like that while you’ve still got your masculinity. Let’s fix that.” Once again I felt him fiddle and heard the squeak, and then a fresh splash fell into the beaker.

“Noooo-ooo!” Daddy squealed, his voice breaking in the middle. “Ohhhhhh, Franklynnnn! Oooooooo!” He cried out as the beaker filled, his pitch going higher and higher.

He sounds like me!

I was so close to daddy’s clit that I could see the little thing stand up and start to wave about, like my own bigger clit was doing right now.

“Ohhh, noooo, Franlyn, you shouldna done that!” Daddy whined. “Why did you do that?” He squealed in anger.

“Stop thinking about it so hard. Here, I’ll help you,” Big Little Brother said, once again replacing the beaker.

“Noooo! Not thaaaat!” Daddy squealed.

“Like father, like firstborn,” Big Little Brother answered, opening the valve and sending fresh liquid splashing down into the beaker on my back. “The good news is, like firstborn, like father,” he chuckled.

“Franklyn, stop before it’s too late! Please, son, you have to, uhhhh. Have to… Uhhhhh. You, uhhhh, huhuhuh,” he trailed off into stupid laughter.

“There you go, Dad! Just sit there and think about what it’s going to be like to get fucked by three dicks in one while I finish up with Franki here…” The beaker was removed from my back, powerful hands gripped my hips, and then the fucking started for real.

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