New Releases

10-31-21: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

Arch thinks he's experiencing an unexpected side effect from the new protein powder he's been trying from Euphrates Pharmaceuticals. Fortunately, there is a number for a help line right on the package. #drugged #handsfree #humiliation #doctor #multipleorgasm

09-25-2021: Looking for Blackmail

Trace plans to blackmail his stepbrother, Grady, with the dildo he found in his room... But things don't always go according to plan. #stepbrothers #straighttogay #oblivious #doubleanal #handsfree #humiliation #domination

08-06-2021: The Eight World Wonders

Note: The First and Second Wonders are available now; the remaining Wonders will be revealed over the weekend.

When Paxton King let his older brother, Maddox, drag him to a hypnosis convention, he never would have guessed he’d end up in a lecture on homoerotic hypnosis, or that he’d be hypnotized. But he’s not hypnotized, is he? No, definitely not. #StraightToGay #Hypnosis #Oblivious #Penis #Brothers #Pics

07-11-2021: The Game

This is Nicky's entry into the current GSS story contest.

07-02-2021: The Hands-Free Massage Co.

Gaige is thrilled to start his job at the new, popular, automated massage company. Their technology was proprietary, fist developed by the Euphrates Pharmaceuticals research department, and the massages were supposed to be better than even the most skilled massage therapist could provide. #massage #pleasure #milking

05-12-2021 (Updated 05-22-2021): Please Don't Beat Me Up

This story is being updated in parts, and this description will be updated when the chapter is complete.

04-30-2021: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

Word reached management that an employee was speaking to a reporter about confidential Euphrates matters, so doctor Delaney put the head of Euphrates Security on the case and identifies a new doctor, Wayne Moody, as the leak. What will doctor Delaney do? #drugged #straighttogay #horny # hyperarousal #dumber #brainwashing #VR

04-17-2021: You Really Should've Fucked Me

When the first human trial for a drug to combat muscular atrophy in coma patients goes terribly wrong, Bobby Hamilton deides to make some metaphorical lemonade out of the lemon by stealing one of the soon-to-be-destroyed-vials for his own use... Well, for his friend to use.... #drugged #musclegrowth #straighttogay

04-03-2021: Please Don't Beat Me Up

Scott corners Matt, his preferred target for bullying, in the bathroom one last time before graduation and beats him up... At least, he's pretty sure he did. What else could have happened? #hypnosis #masturbation #humiliation #caught

03-26-2021: Turkish Delight

Conner's sister gives him some Turkish delight not long after he turned her hair green as a prank. Turns out it's good, and he really likes the flavor. Now if only he could guess what that flavor was. #drugged #revenge #oral #cumaddiction

03-12-2021: Pop Goes the Weasel

What's the point of having a brother who works at Euphrates Pharmaceuticals if you don't get to try out experimental penis growth pills? Just be sure not to take too many. #drugged #euphrates #edging #cockgrowth #cockshrink #anal #hookup #horny

03-05-2021: The Double Date

After he turned eighteen, Benji's young, attractive mom started dating again. While he doesn't mind, her current boyfriend, Jared, is a real asshole and only a few years older than Benji himself. Benji can't stand him, but all that is about to change.

02-18-2021: TITLE HIDDEN

This will be Nicky's entry into the fallen hero story contest, so the title and description will remain hidden until the results are in.

02-18-2021: CARNivAL

Jackson and Jason split up to find Elijah, and Jackson learns that no good deed goes unpunished. #carnival #freakshow #bumpercars #drunk #shrinking #theft #tinydick #horny #humiliation

02-06-2021: CARNivAL

When a mysterious carnival suddenly appears in a vacant field after midnight, Elijah and his friends are drawn in by the lights and decide to check it out. Will they leave the same or be forever changed, or maybe not leave at all? #carnival #freakshow #magic #hyperarousal #milking #multipleorgasm #bondage #exhibitionism #voyeurism #homophobe

01-30-2021: Jack'd Off

Warren's performance on the job has been falling, so his boss suggessts he try working from home, now that he has a jack. #VR #slutforcock #straighttogay #oblivious #mindhack #coworkers #lockerroom #humiliation #jackoff

01-16-2021: The Ins-Erection

When an insurrection attempt strikes the Columbian capitol, overwhelmed security forces resort to using an experimental gas to get things under control. #drugged #gas #straighttogay #gaytogayer #virgin #orgy # humiliation #submission # doubleanal #twins #incest #USC

Please note that while this story uses a scenario inspired by current events, I have attempted to limit political content within it.

01-09-2021: Interception

Evan and Harry give Jay some new toys to play with; it's a trap!

01-01-2021: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

Saul volunteers for a vaccine study and learns how much he likes banana.

12-27-2020: Dominoes in Motion

The show goes on, and the final pieces start to fall.

12-19-2020: Dominoes in Motion

Chet hires a stage hypnotist to provide entertainment for a special bonding night for the Beta Omega Alpha brothers, and the entire frat soon finds themselves very relaxed.

12-11-2020: Interception

A few months have passed, and Harry is tired of Jay's desperate beging for more cum. Fortunately for Jay, Evan and Harry come up with a solution.

12-04-2020: An Invasion of Privacy

Grover is fed up with his personal posessions moving around when he's not there, and he's tired of his roommates teasing him about his ghost. What will Grover discover when he sets up a camera to catch any motion in his room while he's out?

12-02-2020: Feeling Knotty

Isaac returns for his second therapy session and is thrilled to hear that he's made great progress in a very short amount of time. Is Isaac ready to take the next step?

11-24-2020: Feeling Knotty

When Isaac could no longer handle his dark, depraved desires, he decided to try and get over it with the help of therapy. But will he succeed when a new doctor takes over his case and decides to take his treatment in an entirely different direction?

11-12-2020: Thinning the Herd

Beta Omega Alpha's holds an annual squirt-gun competition to determine which pledges make the cut. Little does the college know that those innocent squirt-guns are filled with a special, drugged cream. When Wells looses his temper and gives his younger cousin a face-full of the cream, he learns exactly how high the stakes of this competition really are.

10-26-2020: Say Daddy

Stanly gets to know his Daddy a little better.

10-17-2020: Say Daddy

Stanly wakes up the morning after the conclusion of Say Uncle, and he's been promised a special surprise.

10-10-2020: Coffee at the Broasis

Abraham gets over his annoyance with bro jokes as he experiences the delights of a bro themed cafe and learns that he is a Very Important Bro.

10-02-2020: Getting Fag-Checked

Jensen's teammate, Will, catches him staring at his crotch and hits Jensen with a dose of the drug fag-check drug just moments before his wrestling match. Will Jensen succeed at resisting the effects long enough to win his match?

09-25-2020: The New Proud Boys

A fascist gets put in his place in this story that comes with a political warning.

09-19-2020: Gateway

A ritual gone wrong. Or right, depending on your perspective.

09-12-2020: Little Ball of Lust

A freed genie comes to the aid of a poor human who has given up on living, and makes his happy wish come true.

09-05-2020: An Alternative Sentence

A violent criminal is rehabilitated and begins his life as a new man.

08-28-2020: Innocence is Piss

Max didn't know what he was getting into when he checked "watersports" on the dating profile his friends' had him set up, but it promises to be an eventful trip to the lake regardless.

08-21-2020: The Fucking Living

Elias meets some people and learns some stuff.

08-14-2020: The Fucking Living

Realizing that his home is no longer safe, Elias continues to make his way out of the city.

08-07-2020: The Fucking Living

Elias Drake wakes up in the hospital after volunteering for an experimental treatment, and the entire world has changed. Can he figure out what's going on before it's too late?

07-24-2020: Smoke and Drums: A Halfling’s Hole

Tel meets the Shamans of the Orc Nations. Did he really have anything to be afraid of?

07-17-2020: Smoke and Drums: A Halfling’s Hole

Telemicus Bradley Burrows IV is determined to be the first halfling to cross the ocean and visit the Elf Kingdoms. But will he succeed when invading forces from the Orc Nations stand between him and his destination?

07-10-2020: Wormholes

Beau's strange, incense burning, gay roommate convinces him to be the model for a revolutionary new sex toy he's developed. What could go wrong?

07-04-2020: Porno, He Wrote: The Journal

The journal continues...

06-26-2020: Porno, He Wrote: The Journal

In this story formally known as The Story That Cannot be Named, a straight guy wins an enchanted cock-cage after reading a gay chastity story. He gets curious and puts it on; what could go wrong?

06-19-2020: The Chamber of Mirrors

Students unable to stop masturbating keep turning up around campus. They say that it's because of stress, that they had a nervous break. That makes sense, right? And, anyway, you don't need to worry... You aren't stressed, right?

06-12-2020: To Protect and Serve

Officer Alexander decides to go for a swim after his shift and ends up participating in a new and unexpected form of exerciese instead.

06-05-2020: To Protect and Serve

Officer Layne Alexander completes his court mandated therapy for abusive and homophobic behavior. Was his treatment a success?

05-29-2020: Street Rat

In this folk tale inspired story, Aladdin has married the princess Badrulbadour, and just when he thinks happily ever after has begun, the man he thought was his uncle returns to take what is his.

05-22-2020: Smoke and Drums, The Knights of Simimaer

Alre steals more herbs for the Orcs, and Therwyn stumbles into an unexpected situation.

05-15-2020: Smoke and Drums, The Knights of Simimaer

Alre gives the Orcs everything they want, and in return they give him what he never knew he needed.

05-08-2020: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals: Back-Door Medicine

The second day of the study begins.

05-01-2020: Smoke and Drums, The Knights of Simimaer

New desires have been awakened within Alre, and he gives the Orcs more drums as a gesture of gratitude.

04-24-2020: Smoke and Drums, The Knights of Simimaer

The Knights of Simimaer, priests of the elven god of battle, hold the front lines against the invading Orc Nations--but will the course of the war be altered when six captured orcs are imprisoned beneath the knights' Mother Temple?

04-17-2020: A Study of Sensimilla

Freddy Stone participates in a cannabis study with his cousin and their friend, and the three experience the high of a lifetime.

04-10-2020: The End of Infinity

The Architect finally helps Danny liberate his engorged penis from the radioactive ring.

04-10-2020: The End of Infinity

Nine takes out his personal revenge on the former hero known as Infinity in this Super Kinky+ bonus.

04-03-2020: Howl

Alex makes an attempt to go to class, but it turns out class isn't what he needs.

03-27-2020: The Perfect Body

Archer has body issues, and his therapist has the perfect treatment in mind.

03-20-2020: Porno, He Wrote

Thunder rubles over the town of Cumbut Cove, a flash of lightning casting harsh shadows across the picturesque streets. Though only early evening, the roads seem deserted during the Aurora-virus quarantine, as all citizens are hunkered down in their homes. With nowhere to go, and nothing to do, they must find new ways to entertain themselves during these tough times of voluntary isolation.

03-13-2020: No Hands

Your lesson continues, and your captor brings a special guest to the party.

03-06-2020: The Student Becomes the Master

Toby is so turned on by Mr. Bruke's fate that it has become his only fantasy. What will happen if his classmates learn his secret?

02-28-2020: Cocktails

Samir continues to fall deeper under Shawn's control, and he can't hate it, no matter how much he wants to.

02-21-2020: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

Sydney keeps messing up at his new job. His friend warned him about being fried, or even demoted, but he didn't listen.

01-14-2020: It's Just What You've Always Wanted

The dynamic between Mickey and his little stepbrother, Blake, changes drastically after Blake turns 18; turns out, it's just what Mickey always wanted.

02-07-2020: Jack'd Off

Warren's adventure into the world of VR porn continues, opening his mind to more and more new things.

01-31-2020: Jack'd Off

01-24-2020: Cocktails

01-17-2020: Cocktails

01-10-2020: The Witching Hour

01-03-2020: Lines Written

12-27-2019: The End of Infinity

12-20-2019: The End of Infinity

12-13-2019: The Volunteer

12-06-2019: Euphrates Pharmaceuticals

11-29-2019: It's Perfectly Normal

11-22-2019: Freshened Perspective

11-22-2019: Penetrating Flesh

11-15-2019: It's Perfectly Normal

11-08-2019: It's Perfectly Normal

10-25-2019: A Harvested Bounty

10-18-2019: Creature-Features

10-11-2019: Under Construction

10-04-2019: A Bountiful Harvest

09-27-2019: The Deep House

09-20-2019: Seven Minutes in Devin