When I woke up, there was a strange, musky smell in the air, and my dick was rock hard. I peeled my eyes open and looked across the dorm room to my twin brother’s bed. He had come in from his workout last night, peeled off his sweat soaked shirt, tossed it to the side–very close to the head of my bed, actually–and laid back in his loose shorts, quickly falling asleep.

I breathed deep.

The smell was my brother’s sweat? Why did I like it? And why am I so hard? I looked down at his wadded up shirt, and then back over at him, watching his chest rise and fall a few times. We had been identical for so long, but now that he was so focused on working out he was changing.

My body doesn’t look like that, I thought as I brought the still moist wad of cloth up to my face, my eyes sliding into my brother’s pits and getting stuck there. I breathed deep, my eyes going wide before drooping as I moaned into the bundled shirt, still staring at his pits.


His pits.

That smell!

So horny!

I kept panting into my brothers shirt, staring into his pits, and then he moved. Just a little. Shifting, bending his arm, exposing more of his pit and making his growing muscles stand out more. I took another huff, and as my eyes started to roll back into my head I noticed that his eyes were open.

I moaned, reaching back to grasp the bed with my left hand, my right slowly relaxing, letting my brother’s shirt fall back to the floor. I panted, staring at my silent no-longer-so-identical twin, and drool ran from the corner of my parted lips.

“You like that bro?” He asked in a sleepy, sensual voice. I struggled to speak, to find the words, to get them to my mouth.

“I, uhhhn, fuuuuck,” was all that came out as my face burned with shame, my lustful gaze fixed on his exposed pit.

“Come and get a taste, bro. You’ll like it even more up close.” I thought about his words, but by the time I understood them my knees were already on the floor. My hands followed, and I crawled, scrambling over to my brother.

I was panting, breathing deep, taking delight in that musky scent that surrounded him in a cloud, getting stronger as I came closer, closer, closer…