I wrapped my fist around the base of his cock and squeezed it, feeling his shaft swell to push back against the pressure. I stared down at it, gasping, noticing the string of drool that still connected my mouth to his dick.

“Your minute is up. You can stop now, unless you’re a faggot and want to keep sucking it,” he teased me. I froze, my mind racing. I had only agreed to suck him for one minute, as a dare. I could feel the other guys watching me, expecting me to pull back and laugh with the rest of them, but I… I couldn’t… I need to stand up… I…

“Woah!” Someone cried out, and then I realized his dick was back in my mouth. I moaned and started moving my tongue, getting into it… again.

“Hey!” A hand slapped the side of my face, hard, and I pulled off, staring up at him, confused. “If you want my dick you have to say it,” he said.

“Say it? Say what?” I asked, my words drawn out dreamily.

“That you are a faggot, faggot,” He explained, grasping his shaft to slap me in the face with his cock.

“I… I…” My eyes lowered to his cock again, taking in the thick, veiny shaft that was glistening with a mix of precum and drool.

“You… You…” He pressed.

“I’m a faggot!” I cried out, almost not noticing the laughter as I rapidly pressed my face into his pubes, taking his cock all the way down my throat.