I stared at the screen of my little cousin’s phone in disbelief. That cock! My eyes followed it from base to tip, taking in how hard it was, the veins engorged. Something about that dick was so demanding. I’d just turned on the screen, and there it was.

The thing was, even though the angle of the shot covered up his face, I recognized the clothes that he was wearing when I’d seen him a few moments before, before he’d gotten in the shower.

It’s his cock. I couldn’t pull my eyes away from it, and I blushed in shame as I realized that I had gotten hard in my pants from looking at my cousin’s dick.

This is so fucked up!

But I can’t look away.

I was imagining what it would be like to run my tongue along it. I could imagine the heat of it against my tongue, and the firmness of it, softened by the velvety texture. The taste of it! I moaned and switched my phone to my right hand, reaching down with my left to unfasten the front of my pants. I freed my hard cock and started to stroke myself, all the while staring at my cousin’s penis in fascination.

I heard the familiar rumble that the pipes make when the water gets shut off. He was done with his shower. He’d be back any minuted! I stroked more frantically, staring at his cock.

I’d do anything to taste it.

I could hear footsteps coming, creaking down the hallway, but I couldn’t look away from the screen of his phone. I knew he was going to catch me, but all I could do was stare at the screen and jerk off.

The door creaked open behind me, and I heard him laugh…