I’ve always been a fan, in general. My first orgasm happened the first time I decided to try using baby oil, so that’s always been a favorite. I like the way it’s slick while still leaving you with a pleasant amount of friction. The downside is that it’s messy.

I’ve used baby oil a lot over the years.

What I’m not a big fan of is water based lubes, like KY Jelly. It’s slicker than I want at first, and then it gets sticky and makes me feel like I need a shower. Sometimes I have to stop to clean up in the middle of things when I use water based lube.

My favorite kind of lube is silicone based. The first one I ever tried was Swiss Navy, and I was in love right away. It feels fantastic, lasts the whole time (maybe needing an additional little squirt here or there), and a little goes a long way. In fact, I have a bottle of Uber Lube on my desk right now.

Silicone lube is a little more messy, a little harder to clean up, but it also leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

I’ve tried so many other lubes over the years.

Lotions, of course.

Olive oil–Feh.

Vegetable oil–Meh.

Canola oil–Ehh.

Coconut oil–Not bad, a little friction heavy.

Vaseline–messy, but another one of my favorites.

Karo Syrup–I do not recommend this… It’s a sticky experience.

Shampoo–Don’t do it… It stings.

Conditioner–Will do in a pinch.

Soap–Don’t, just don’t.

And I’m sure there are a lot of things I’ve tried that aren’t coming to mind. How about you? What’s your favorite lube?