I was standing at a urinal in a public bathroom at my university. I had just started letting loose when I noticed the air freshener on the wall right in front of me, and right as I noticed the air freshener I heard a small mechanical hum and a fine mist sprayed into my face.

I blinked a few times, still peeing. It smelled… Like what? It wasn’t fresh… It was… It was like a locker room, I concluded. I felt a rush of heat rise from my feet to my head and started breathing heavy.

Maybe I was allergic?

I was soon distracted by the feeling of my cock swelling in my hand. Still spraying into the urinal, I gave my shaft a squeeze and gasped as it immediately went fully rigid. The muscles started to jerk outside of my control, blasting spurts of my piss into the urinal, but I couldn’t think about that for long.

It was hoooot!

I pulled my shirt up over my head, letting go of my dick, and dropped it to the floor. My cock flopped around, sending spurts of pee all over the place, but I didn’t care. I had to get my pants off! I pushed them to the floor, leaning forward, and ended up pumping a few powerful spurts of piss right into my own face.

Dizzy, I got down to my knees, the last of the contents of my bladder splashing across the floor in little squirts, leaving me hard, naked, and dripping piss onto the floor.

What is happening?

My head swam, and I shook it back and forth, stopping when I noticed a hole in the partition next to me. A hole that a huge cock was sticking out of. I stared at it, the heat rising, and me panting to keep up.

It’s so big!

I’ve never seen another guy this close before.

It’s so hard!

I didn’t realize cock’s were so cool…

I wonder what it tastes like?

With that final thought I leaned in and took the stranger’s cock into my mouth…