"Come on, man, you've got to impress us here if you want to get into the frat," my sponsor explained to me in a reasonable tone. "If you can't reach the base of this dong, how can we expect you to overcome challenges?"

"But I'muuufff--" He pressed his hand to the back of my head and shoved my head down on the huge dildo. I started gagging and struggling a few inches from the bottom, and he let go with a disgusted sound.

"Are you even trying?" He snapped at me, and I blushed as I panted and wiped drool from the corner of my mouth.

"I am, I swear!" I reached out and gripped the dildo, trying to show him that I was willing to keep trying until I got it.

"Okay, fine," he softened. "The thing is, I like you, bro. I want you in, but the guys will never go for it if you can't get through this." He scratched his chin. "I suppose..."


"No, I shouldn't..."

"Whaaat?" I pressed.

"Well," he began, reaching into his pocket and pulling out a little pill box. "I do have something that might help you out, if you're willing to try..."